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Thank you SO MUCH for this, hope you are still there

Weird question-

I am a guitar player. I love my guitars and since I have such a connection with my instruments I only buy American, Japanese, European, etc when I can. I just can't shake the idea of people being abused building something I love so much. Is this ignorant? Should I shy away from Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian instruments because of this?

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Chinese and Korean workers are more than often treated with respect when compared to shitholes in Southeast Asia like Indonesia.

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What is the hierarchy like from the perspective of a worker? For example, what is your opinion and understanding of your boss, their boss, even the actual shoe company (assuming name brand) that you work for?

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The shoe workers have almost no contact with those outside of their production line / management, unless they're in a sample room.

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Is working there as bad as everyone says it is? are you underpaid and overworked?

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It's not ideal, but China is a developing country (just like America was not too long ago) and there are some hardships that can't be avoided. We're not overworked, but maybe underpaid. This will change over time, I believe.

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can you hook me up with a box of jordans that "fell off" the truck?

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Cool story bro

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What are your thoughts on the allegations made by certain authorities that DJ ZakBroman had a hand in either instigating this strike or at the very least will be spinnin tricks and dicks this Friday at Hollywood Too and can get great drink specials for anyone who mentions Stella Shoes at the booth?

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Please post a trigger warning next time. Who is DJ ZakBroman?

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Why can't I find a date...ever...?

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Maybe you just have a small 鸡巴.