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California's finest. AMA.

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Dj680723 karma

Is there any correlation between having a track called "Father" on Boy Meets World and "Mother" on The Ecology? Or was that just a coincidence...

IamFashawn26 karma

that was very intentional. i'm glad you noticed that.

yoga_dogg16 karma

Hey Fashawn, big fan, Boy Meets World made me fall back in love with hip hop.

Any plans to head to England? We love you over in Europe but I missed you when you were over with Murs.

Also, what's your favourite track you've done?

Keep making the type of music you do, it always lifts my day.

IamFashawn11 karma

I don't really have a fave my g. I love all of my records as if they were my children. Glad i can rejuvenate your love for hip hop though brother. Be back in the UK soon. one love!

Yourboyjesse13 karma

Did you get a drivers license yet?

IamFashawn18 karma

In due time.

2naFied10 karma

When are you, Ev and ALC gonna link up for a project together? The Far Left is outta this world.

Also congratulations with the release of The Ecology. It lived up to every expectation I had. Five mics.

IamFashawn9 karma

thank you. my step brothers and myself always work on records. Who know's one day something might come together. We shall see.

Mavericks4Life9 karma

What can I do to get a feature from you on a track?

IamFashawn12 karma

soldado37 karma

CONGRATS ON THE ALBUM - my personal album of the year... yes already.

More of a request than a question but please please please make a project with BOTH Alchemist and Evidence??? You guys work together so well.. from what I can remember The Far Left, the second one to that with a different name, Wassup Wassup, Dreams and loaads more incredible songs!

IamFashawn7 karma

thank you g. appreciate that.

iamrunning6 karma

Hey Santiago, huge fan, I'm so glad you and Exile synced up again for the majority of the new album. Who's someone (or a band/group) you listen to that people wouldn't normally expect?

IamFashawn7 karma

The Doors.

Shaz2016 karma

Do you have anything special planned for your Toronto show? (Like guests)

Who would you like to work with that you haven't yet?

IamFashawn11 karma

I have friends out there so who knows who my special guest might be that night. But I know Exile and myself are going to give you all a show to remember forever.

Andre 3000

PJLambert936 karma

Yo man, really like The Ecology- what effect do you think Nas has had on your career and what was it like recording with him for the album?

Wish you all the best, man.

IamFashawn6 karma

thank you. nas impacted the album in a really major way. even the smallest amount of advice from Nas will make the biggest difference and it did on this album. peace and love.

tmart47756 karma

What's up man, big fan here. I grew up on Sheilds Ave, went to Ericson and I remember seeing you around my neighborhood as a kid. I knew you as Sam. Just curious, what caused the release date of the new album to get pushed back? Anyway, thanks for representing Fresno and showing us that it's possible to make it out and do big things.

IamFashawn3 karma

politics with sample clearances, etc. been trying to get this album to you for a long time. just happy you finally have it. Appreciate the kind words though fam.

koser225 karma

Did you get a lot of studio time with nas or was it mostly communicating over the phone? Met u in fresno the other night at the album release it was so crazy! Never thought my favorite rapper would be from around here. Thanks for signing my copy! Hope to produce for u one day.

IamFashawn4 karma

thank you.

I chilled with Nas a few times in the studio. But Something to Believe In we both wrote on a flight back from Europe and knocked out as soon as we got back to the states.

Aadame215 karma

When was the first time someone asked you for an autograph? How did it feel?

IamFashawn6 karma

back at Orange Cove skatepark in 2007 I believe. Felt pretty cool.

Spoonsy5 karma

What inspired your new album?

IamFashawn20 karma

The lack of authenticity and originality in today's hip hop scene.

IamFashawn11 karma

pressure of sophomore jinx and following up my first album.

run4fun24 karma

are there any songs you wouldve preferred to hold onto, instead of releasing earlier in your career?

songs you couldve saved for The Ecology, or for this point in your career (or later) that youre in the spotlight and have nas behind you.

"worldwide" off champagne and styrofoam cups comes to mind. "relaxation" "nothin for the radio" "strange love" "going home" etc.

IamFashawn5 karma

back to the block produced by Hecktik.

HardknoxRucis4 karma

I am a beatmaker from fresno currently living in SD. Can u give me an email to submit some beats to?

IamFashawn7 karma

come holler at me at the 9five instore Friday in Northpark area of SD.

RegularRy1014 karma

One of my favorite songs from you is 'Stars'. Where did the inspiration for that song come from?

IamFashawn5 karma

The childish dream of wanting to become a star and wanting to express that on a record.

CannaSwiss3 karma

Big fan of the new album, especially Something to Believe In. I was kinda hoping for a Blu feature cause I feel like you guys complement each other nicely on tracks, any chance of doing a full collab project with Blu in the future?

IamFashawn8 karma

That's always a possibility. Blu is my brother.

3beezy3 karma

Fash...Congrats on all the love and support you are getting with the Ecology release. Q: While writing and filming for the documentary was it hard to keep your emotions composed when discussing your mother's addiction? I mean off camera of course. I'm working on a project to bring awareness to my family of my father's addiction and I'm finding the task to be hard as hell. Thank you and Keep the real hip hop coming.

IamFashawn5 karma

it was very hard. even harder sharing the story with the world. but i felt it was important for people to see so we can change these types of problems happening the future to other children worldwide.

LungLord3 karma

Where does the name Fashawn come from?

IamFashawn6 karma

Rakim song called "When I be on the MIC". give it a listen if you havent already.

fergusuck3 karma

What artists, outside of the Hip-Hop universe, do you draw most inspiration from?

IamFashawn5 karma

pearl jam, bob marley, marvin gaye, stevie wonder and Bjork.

LungLord3 karma

What made you want to learn to skate?

IamFashawn11 karma

bart simpson

musicworld133 karma

will you be in asia anytime soon?

IamFashawn5 karma

no clue. would love that though. you got me a plane ticket? lol

JayWulf3 karma

Why do you think Fresno is the screwface capital?

IamFashawn8 karma

what is the screwface capital. never heard of that one. lol

Nimpeo3 karma

I've got 2 questions for you:

  1. I've enjoyed a lot of Dirty Science projects and wondered for a while: What exactly is Dirty Science and how did you guys get together? Would is be classified as a label, a collective or something else?

  2. Any artist you are a fan of or inspired by which may surprise some people? Can be both hip hop and other genres...

IamFashawn5 karma

  1. just a mega group of dope artist.
  2. Kurt Cobain

KoreaNinjaBJJ3 karma

Hey, F!

Are we getting digital downloads us that bought the LP bundle? Can't wait for it to ship, man. Have been waiting on this album since Boy Meets World.

And which producer do you think you would like to work with next? Any dream projects?

IamFashawn3 karma

not sure. gotta hit up mass appeal about that one. Kanye would be a dream collaboration project.

dj_pudding_pops2 karma

Hey Fash,

What was time frame for recording this album? I vaguely remember you saying something about putting The Ecology on hold to do the joint album with Murs. Was the process split up or was most of it in the last couple years?

Can't wait to see you in Sacramento!

IamFashawn5 karma

I wanted to start in 2010 but Exile was working with other artist so it was a slow process at first, but really it was making sure I got the right production from Exile and secondly finding the right home. I didn't like the offers I was getting at the time to make sure this album was really heard. See you in sac homie.

TheRealElRafa2 karma

Are you cool with any of the other XXL Freshmen from when you were on the cover, and where do you see yourself compared to them? You no doubt have the best album out of any of them.

IamFashawn8 karma

Wiz, Freddie Gibbs, J Cole, Big Sean, Donnis. Those guys got their own lane, I had to build my own highway. Appreciate the love.

tennisplayer22912 karma

Yea! My first time being early to one of these and it's of course for my boy Fash!

Fashawn, I've been a huge fan since you first released Boy Meets World back in '09. Ever since I dug into your old mixtapes and have given everything you put out a good listen. I've hit you up on Facebook and you've actually responded, which was awesome, so thank you for that; very humble on your part. I too am from Northern California so it's awesome to keep seeing you succeed.

A couple of questions:

1) When was one moment of realization in which you recognized that you were finally a recognizable part of the game and becoming a larger influence of it?

2) Obviously you're not going to talk negatively about Nas, but what would you say is the most down-to-earth thing you've personally seen him do (towards you or someone else)

3) How did you end up in connection with Nas and his record label?

4) What is your favorite hip-hop song to listen to at the moment, besides your own work? And what is your favorite non hip-hop song to listen to at the moment?

5) Last but not least, what do you do to physically/mentally prepare for a performance or practice session?

Thank you in advance and great album you put out so far. Still need to give it 10 more hard listens though. Good luck with all your future endeavors!

IamFashawn3 karma

1) When i made the 2010 xxl cover 2) After in Vegas how he embraced me and my whole team and made us all feel like family and took care of everyone. 3) started at a meeting with tunji from Interscope Records. He made the connection happen. 4)Hozier - take me to church and Love Yours by J Cole 5) Drink hot tea with Honey and Lemon and just listen to my favorite music or beats at the moment.

ReyOrdonez2 karma

Hey Fash, I've been a huge fan for years and love The Ecology. BMW is one of my favorites ever and seeing you team up with Nas (my all-time favorite) is amazing.

Is there a chance you'll be on his next LP?

IamFashawn3 karma

Thank you fam. we shall wait and see.

Brooklyn_Hectah2 karma

What's your favorite sandwich?

IamFashawn9 karma

foccacia bread roast beef and turkey sandwich from Sam's Deli off First street in Fresno.

Almcdavies2 karma

Fash, who's going to be playing with you at the Boston show in a couple weeks? Also what was the creation process like for the fashionably late project? G's up

IamFashawn3 karma

Myself, Exile, Earthgang and Sonreal.

Process was just me and Alchemist smoking and listening to a lot of records and just trying to do something different. took us a week to do.

RiskyLunchbox1 karma

Hey Fash.
Big fan of Boy Meets Word, Why is one of my favourite songs.

Anyone you're looking to work with in the future producer/artists?

IamFashawn6 karma

Hozier would be different. Andre 3000, Scarface list is really long. Maybe a Kanye beat. Raury from Atlanta is pretty dope.

ctown10121 karma

Looking back on Boy Meets World what track means the most to you off that album? (my favorite album of all time)

IamFashawn4 karma

battle between the intro and the last track.

PsuedoLaw1 karma

Hey Fashawn I live in Fresno and it was really cool when I first discovered your music cuz I was around all the same places I'd hear in your music or see in your videos and what not. Your vid in Grizzlies stadium was dope btw. When I first started listening to you I then found out you worked with one of my favorite rappers Sean Price. What was that like since that started earlier in your career? Especially with Sean P's level of freestyling? Your freestyle game on point

IamFashawn3 karma

SEAN P is my "ATL" brother. That was a dope moment in my career. P has always been one of my favorite MC's. Real Barbarian.

[deleted]1 karma


IamFashawn3 karma

we got plenty. stay tuned.

Cfmurch1 karma

Yo Fash i've been a huge fan since Boy Meets World, fantastic album. Just wondering how you linked up with J. Cole and if any collabs are coming soon?

IamFashawn1 karma

he reached out to me in early 2009 when i put out Life as a Shorty video. He was a fan of the song. Been my G ever since.

soltrian1 karma

Hey Fashawn, I enjoy your music, especially "Father" off of Boy Meets World. Thanks for doing an AMA!

1) Were major changes made to the album after you signed?

2) Do you ever connect with Blu through Exile? Blu is one of my favorite MCs but you don't hear much from him these days.

Also, Exile is the man, I'm happy you continue to work with him.

Thank you.

IamFashawn2 karma

thank you. Nothing much. just knew Esco was watching and had to make him proud.

Hargules1 karma

What are the chances you have some Boy Meets World vinyls stashed away? :)

IamFashawn1 karma

none at the moment. just personal collections.

Ksprague84911 karma

Why did The Beginning not make the album?

IamFashawn2 karma

didn't fit the album and was never intended for the album.

nish251 karma

fashawn how are you?

IamFashawn3 karma

i'm great. thanks for asking.

Aadame211 karma

When you're out of rap game and in the next world... what will you want your legacy to be?

IamFashawn1 karma

someone who left the world better than the way he found it.

Brooklyn_Hectah1 karma

What Name would you choose if you were a member in Wutang?

IamFashawn2 karma

lmao. Old Dirty Bastard hands down.

Bu5ybee1 karma

Can you tell us what music videos we can look forward to from this album or which ones you would want to do?

IamFashawn3 karma

Higher is coming next. Maybe out the trunk. God willing something to believe in.

FabioElTacobutt1 karma

Been a fan for a while now Fash and I love that new album, it's all I've been listening too. I was wondering who are you going to and or hope to collab with in the future?

IamFashawn6 karma

maybe another one with Cole or K Dot. Or maybe Nas and AZ on the same record. Who knows. Appreciate the love and support homie.

FabioElTacobutt1 karma

Thanks for the reply man, I would love to hear a song with you and any of those guys on it, I'm sure it would be a hit

IamFashawn5 karma


sweetdeerocks1 karma

First off thank you for doing this AMA, second off thank you for all the music you make, it is all great. Now my question, I first started hearing about you when I was listening to Zion I and then found out you were from the 'no, when looking back on your time in Fresno, who was a local artist that really piqued your interest in hiphop? Thanks so much!

run4fun21 karma

Planet Asia. ...i think.

what up hek!? the arrrrrramenian lol

IamFashawn1 karma


IamFashawn1 karma

thank you for joining this convo.

second, Planet Asia was the one who really felt like he was speaking to me directly. That's my family for life right there.

ImpostorDoge1 karma

Hey Fashawn, I love your music coming from Fresno myself. I missed your show at Strummers and I wanted to know when the next time you'll be having a hometown show?

IamFashawn3 karma

Grizzly Fest 2015 at Chuckchansi Park. Don't miss that one. Tell a friend.

BlakePiffin1 karma

I know you just dropped but what's next for you?

You Ev and Al should do a Stepbrothers & Cousin project or some shit

IamFashawn1 karma

next is just campaigning and promoting this album. not focused on what's next just yet.

FifthGod1 karma

Peace FASH, I have something I want to give you at the NYC show. What would be the best way to go about that?

IamFashawn3 karma

just meet me after the show. I'll be around shaking hands.

ButtGardener1 karma

Hey man, love your work, so bored of what's on the radio now adays and your music is a breathe of fresh air. I saw you and murs at paid dues a couple of years back and you killed it.

What do you think of new up and coming guys who seem to be bringing some respect back to hip hop like Bishop Nehru?

Also any plans to collab with anyone in the future? It's great when you and Blu work together. Was hoping you would have been on recess a couple of years back because that was amazing.

Hope all is well with you bro, much love.

IamFashawn2 karma

Bishop is a dope young artist. there's a variety of mc's out now like Bishop and I appreciate what they all are bringing to the game. it's refreshing.

no thoughts on collabs at moment.

ctown10121 karma

I've seen Exile and Johaz talk about a Dirty Science group album being in the works? Is this still happening and if so how much would you be featured on it?

IamFashawn1 karma

we're working. who knows what will make what. DS is family.

Aadame211 karma

Yo Fash! Congrats on the new album my G... always caught you in Arizona and LA shows you prolly remember me!

Anything special in store for Thursday's release party in the City of Lost Angels? Still looking for an assistant my G? lol

IamFashawn1 karma

always need an assistant. never have too many of those. LA is going to be crazy. just don't miss that one.

century1971 karma

what was the biggest thing that happened in your life that really drove you to start writing? how old were you?

IamFashawn2 karma

being taken out of my mothers possession. i guess the pen and pad was my savior. around 9 years old.

DeathWalrus1 karma

Whatup F. How do you keep it so fresh all the time? The Ecology is probably my favorite project of 2015 so far.

Who do you want to collab with that you haven't and why?

IamFashawn2 karma

gotta stay fresh everyday. cleanliness is next to godliness my brother.

Andre 3000.

DeLaMugen1 karma

Hey Fashawn loved the Mass Appeal documentary and props to Punit Dhesi for doing his thing! I had question regarding the physical CD. Boy Meets World came with a CD + DVD (making of BMW), will You ever release something like that for The Ecology? Also is the bonus track "Just Remember Now" available anywhere else besides iTunes like on CD/LP? I ask because the iTunes version song quality max is only 256kbps while CD/LP can go up pretty high.

Thank you for the music. 2015 is starting stupendously.

IamFashawn5 karma

thank you. punit is amazing at what he does. don't know about deluxe version just yet. Just Remember Now is only on Itunes for now. Thank you

DamienSand1 karma

Peace Fashawn. I watched The Ecology documentary on YouTube that came out yesterday and have an even greater respect for you, knowing all of the struggles you've overcome to get where you are now. A lot of individuals who face hardships at a young age often become negative products of their own environment. What made you able to break away from this cycle and become the respectable man you are today?

IamFashawn1 karma

An intense level of focus and determination but most importantly the birth of my daughter.

LouieQuestions1 karma

Ive seen you perform a couple times now and you always on point and have tons of energy. Its been great seeing you with the Dirty Science Crew and now with Nas. Who in the Dirty Science Crew do you like to collaborate with most? (outside of Exile) & can you perform 'Lupita' tomorrow night ? :)

IamFashawn1 karma

the whole squad has different energies so that's hard. Might do lupita who knows. appreciate the support fam.

Mazen171 karma

When are you touring in europe again? Great album btw

IamFashawn2 karma

thank you. This Spring/Summer

EvilKHANevil1 karma

Fash! Huge fan! I have met you a few times from a mutual friend and just being in FTK and what not, you have always been very humble and that is big for us fans. The new album renewed my love for the scene here in central cali. You always let the people know where you came from and Fresno appreciates that.

What artist from our town would you like to bring into a future projects? I know Omar is making good music, and you had Halo on the video but what about guys like diego and bwash? Does diego even still rap? lol

IamFashawn2 karma

i'm putting together a Grizzly City USA mixtape with my whole crew. They're all dope MC's to me.

kidcambow1 karma

Hey Fash.. On Boy Meets World track number 5 was Life As A Shorty.. On The Ecology track 5 is To Be Young.. I kind of feel like To Be Young is sort of a sequel. Is there any correlation to the songs??

IamFashawn3 karma

yup. glad you caught that.

der21251 karma

One of my favorite shows I have ever seen was you and Brother Ali in Wilmington NC, was personal venue. Got anything new in the works with him? Read an interview where he gave you glowing reviews as a MC and a person.

IamFashawn2 karma

i just reached out to ali the other day. we got something in the works when the time is right.

musicworld131 karma

if you can choose one super power, what would it be?

IamFashawn1 karma

the power of invisibilty

DeLaMugen1 karma

Samsonite trunks or Goyard trunks? illmatic or It Was Written? Richard Pryor or Bill Cosby? DJ Premier or Pete Rock? Michael Jackson or Prince? Sade or Janet Jackson? Food & Liquor or The Cool? The Wire or The Sopranos? Ever meet any of the Z-Boys? Peace & Thank you!

IamFashawn2 karma

Samsonite. It was written. Richard Pryor. Primo. Mj. Sade. The Cool. never met any of the Z Boys. Peace and love homie.

LilGrizzly1 karma

one of my Fav. parts from The Ecology was on the song Higher where you had your daughter speak on the song but was wondering What your favorite part about the album was?

IamFashawn3 karma

Being able to finally share it with you!

areyouhighbuddy1 karma

Fash ! Being from fresno and loving what you've done for yourself,your fam,and fresno I really want to know your opinion on why fresno hasn't adapted a music scene similar to so cal.. Or san fran.. Or bay area as far as mixture of styles.. Amount of places supporting good hip hop or lack of regular shows to be seen by locals? I love fresno but hate that i have to wait a good amount of time to see some good shows here and there.

Oh and btw.. Lupita.. Is my shit.. Ever think of remaking it or spicing it up ?

Ps met you at the talib kweli show in viceā€¦ gonna have to roll one up for you next time.

IamFashawn3 karma

because it's not the bay or la. our area is still developing our own identity and slowing will develop our own scene and sound. I'm just happy to be apart of the cultivation of that and do my best to bring others back home with me to share their art.

no plans on revisiting lupita. appreciate the love for it tho.

tittycloud0 karma

Yo Fash are we gonna get a followup to The Plantation track? I wanna know what happens next.

Also where can I buy your album? I want to pick up a physical copy but FYE didn't have it. You gonna have copies at the show in NY?

Also, also, you gotta stop by /r/hiphopheads and show some love.

IamFashawn1 karma

yes i'll have copies in NY. you might get the retaliation but i'm not going to do it without Alchemist. see you in NY.

Saiyaman0 karma

Out of everybody you met in your hip hop career, who had you the most star-struck?

IamFashawn2 karma

The Don