Hi, I'm Colleen Green.

I make pop music.

My new album for Hardly Art came out today. You can check it out here: http://www.hardlyart.com/colleengreen.html

I took the bus here. I'm happy that the beagle won the dog show. And I'm really hungry. AMA!


Thanks everyone for participating and thanks for your thoughtful qs... stay chill.

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uninamible7 karma

Here in Chile you're so popular in the indie scene, when you're gonna come?

ColleenGreen7 karma

Whoa no way! Me and Cassie Ramone have been talking about it, so hopefully soon!

_AldoTheApache_6 karma

First off, Love your music! You're one of my favorite artists and I'm stoked to check out the new album!

Last year at Burgerama you were playing with a guitar that said "happy birthday Jeff" who is Jeff?

ColleenGreen5 karma

Hell yeah! Thank you. Jeff is my friend from Oakland. He used to play in a band called the Pentacles and was one of my first new friends when I moved to CA.

roomtemphotdog5 karma

Hey Colleen , you may know me from being your friend matty mc. When you coming to Austin to hang out? Tell me a cool story from your time in Japan. What's your favorite Doritos flavor? Is it true that cool ranch Doritos are call cool american Doritos in Japan? Hurry up, I've got tv to watch.

ColleenGreen5 karma

MATTY!!!!! I miss u buddy! I hope Austin is treating you well. I will be in Austin in April! A lady at a restaurant yelled at me for trying to use the pitcher of water to fill my water bottle on my first day in Japan. I got a flavor of Doritos there that came in a yellow bag, and the picture on the front was of a cheese wheel. They were v yellow. They were v good. But I left them at this guy's house. :(

acolleengreenfan5 karma

What is your favorite Dinosaur Jr. song?

ColleenGreen5 karma

Puke & Cry

acolleengreenfan1 karma

I love that one! Thanks, Colleen! Ever met or considered working with J Mascis?

ColleenGreen2 karma

I haven't met him but I am going to try at this year's B-Rama because I want to ask him to sign something for my best friend.

Mondeaux4 karma

what's your favourite cereal? and why?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Historically, my favorites have been Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Frosted Mini Wheats, Frosted Flakes, anything frosted really. I will eat any type. But now that I'm a boring adult I only eat boring cereals like Special K and Granola and shit.

robbybelmont4 karma

Why does it seem like everybody is moving to L.A.?

ColleenGreen2 karma

I don't know, but I can assure you that not every body is moving there.

highordie4 karma

Hi colleen! i don't know what to ask, what is your favorite way to smoke weed?

ColleenGreen12 karma

Preferably surrounded by 2-3 good buddies.

mykecameron3 karma

Which 2 - 3 good buddies are the best buddies to smoke weed with? BE HONEST.

ColleenGreen3 karma

Also hey Myke!

ColleenGreen2 karma

Haha. I'm gonna go with Kelly, Patty, and Rikky.

kurtneylove3 karma

hi colleen! who are you sitting next to right now?

ColleenGreen7 karma

you, bitch!

BullMarketWaves3 karma

Hardly Art seems like sweet little label, how much freedom do you experience being part of a small label?

ColleenGreen6 karma

They are the best and totally support me and let me do my thing, which I appreciate.

CalvinJohnsonofK3 karma

What is your favorite Metro bus route?

ColleenGreen2 karma

The 4. It's taken good care of me over the past 5 years.

romyhomy00143 karma

Hey, I hear comedian Jonah Ray talk about you often on his podcast, do you guys know each other?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Yes! He is performing at my record release party on Friday in L.A.

smongboker3 karma

Descendents. Great band or greatest band?

Really dig your Good Good Things cover btw.

ColleenGreen3 karma

Greatest band! Thank you.

SleazyPseudonym3 karma

Love the new record can't wait for the vinyl to arrive so I can get really stoned and listen to it as instructed. What are some of the records you’re looking forward to this year?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Haha hell yeah. JEFF's record is my most anticipated.

MickMickey2 karma

Hi Colleen Green! Love the full band sound on the new LP. Like a JEFF+Diarrhea Planet+Colleen Green supergroup. Are you gonna be performing any shows with them?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Hey thank you! Yes, Casey is coming on tour with me in Europe this summer and we've been talking about doing it in the states as well.

zuwatesatan2 karma

How did you get together with the JEFF dudes?

ColleenGreen2 karma

We've been buds since playing together in Brooklyn in 2011. Then they took me on tour in 2012. I love them.

lonerstonerdopebody2 karma

Dig your stuff like none other. Waiting for my I Want To Grow Up vinyl to come in. Anyways, can you recommend some good tunes? Keep rockin'

ColleenGreen6 karma

Funk yeah. I recommend The Carpenters! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqkVNHwJfKc

cpfej772 karma

First off, dig the new album! Two questions: What made you choose Nashville as your recording locale for your album? If you had to collaborate with any artist or group living/dead, who would you choose?

ColleenGreen4 karma

Thank you! I chose Nashville because that's where Jake and Casey were, and I thought it would be a fun experience. Dream collaboration, probably Akon.

SleazyPseudonym2 karma

Hey Colleen, what's the hardest drug you've ever done?

ColleenGreen3 karma


jakethespectre1 karma

Any interesting stories? How many times? Was it hard to get over the addictiveness?

ColleenGreen2 karma

I only did it once, so I didn't get addicted to it, but I was pretty fucked on OCs for about a year. They are my least favorite opiate.

_mc2 karma

Britney Spears or Madonna??

ColleenGreen5 karma

Brit. Ney.

gladtobeblazed2 karma

You've managed to make the kind of music that I wished I could make. When did you start writing and recording?

ColleenGreen3 karma

whoa that's sick. I started writing at age 5, and I recorded on my own for the first time at age 18.

robbybelmont2 karma

What advice would you give to someone trying to make music for a living?

ColleenGreen4 karma

If it's what you really want, you'll make it happen. But if you aren't that talented, don't force it. There are a lot of things to do in this world.

jakethespectre2 karma

You're hungry so... What food are you craving most right now?

Question #2: What is the process you go through to make a song? Music first? Lyrics?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Vegetables. It depends, but nowadays it seems like I mostly write the lyrics first.

jakethespectre1 karma

Have you tried LSD? How was the trip? What about shrooms?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Yes and yes. I have had a wonderful experience every time I've tripped. Although one time after getting wasted and taking ecstasy, I stayed up all night and then did acid at 7 am. It was sort of fun, but I don't think I would ever do it again.

centograph2 karma

Hey what albums are your favorite?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Every Sublime album.

centograph1 karma

Haha nice which one is your favorite?

ColleenGreen1 karma

The acoustic album may be my favorite at this point. It's so beautiful.

acolleengreenfan1 karma

Most memorable celebrity encounter?

ColleenGreen2 karma

I remember and will treasure every one until I am dead.

uninamible1 karma

what is that happy birfday jeff on your guitar? who is jeff?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Jeff is my friend from Oakland whose birthday it was one time.

zuwatesatan1 karma

1 When are you going to come to a Half Goon show? We're playing with White Night tonight, but you've got a show, I think.

2 Do you want to see Blink play with Matt Skiba replacing Tom? Thoughts on that?

ColleenGreen1 karma

1) I never thought about it! I have heard the name, but never listened 'cause I only care about myself. Where is the White Night show? I love them. 2) Nah. It's weird.

zuwatesatan1 karma

We're playing at Conti with White Night for their Taco Tuesday residency tonight. Come to Fullerton after Amoeba, if you can.

ColleenGreen2 karma

oh noooooooo

ShamblesMusic1 karma

Hey Colleen. We played together at WWTA in Allston back in 2012. It was rad. Digging the new tunes. They sound a little bit like that album This Summer by Noelle. I guess my question is... remember Noelle? How much did that album rule?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Hey! I remember that album well and think of it often, in fact was just thinking about it yesterday and how amazing and perfect it is.

enginesofenemies1 karma

In your life as a redhead chick... privilege or handicap?

ColleenGreen6 karma

I'm not a redhead!

evanpeterparker1 karma

Hi Colleen! Do you think you'll ever move back to Boston or post on needleandtwine.com?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Hey Evan! I don't know if I will ever move back to Boston, but I think about it often. And no. No, I don't think so.

[deleted]1 karma


ColleenGreen2 karma

Maybe, maybe not.

ReturnOfTheBurn1 karma

Hey Colleen, I never heard of you before today, but I just bought your new album today at artistxite, cuz they twittered something about you and I checked it out and whammo! Instant Fan! And now I just happen to find you on Reddit? All on the same day? (puff, puff) That shit is crazy, man.

Anyway, my questions:

How many instruments do you play?

Have you ever hurt yourself from rocking too hard?

ColleenGreen2 karma

I only really play guitar, and I guess I can fumble my way through a bass or keyboard line now and again. I've never really hurt myself from rocking too hard cuz I usually don't rock that much, but when I was young I used to rip up my fingers a lot on my guitar strings.

litswd421 karma

Where are you in LA? Have you lived in different parts of LA?

ColleenGreen1 karma

I've been living in the same spot since I first moved to LA. It's on the west side near Santa Monica.

acolleengreenfan1 karma

Favorite movie? GO!

ColleenGreen2 karma

I don't have a favorite, but if I HAD to pick, it'd probably be "Screwed".

cypne1 karma

If you were to write songs as "The Beautiful Suzanne Grace", what would it sound like?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Probably like a washed up alcoholic lounge singer trying to do drunken Anita Ward karaoke.

JoshS421 karma

Hi Colleen, Have you plotted out any East Coast tour dates yet? Anything all ages in PA would be rad.

ColleenGreen1 karma

Hell yeah, I'm coming with UPSET in April. Not sure where we're playing yet though. Oh hey Josh!

highordie1 karma

Hi again, what is your favorite song of yours to perform live?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Typically Worship You, but I've been liking playing I Want to Grow Up. lately.

NotOnFlux1 karma

How are you?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Pretty ok despite the cough I have at present.

petsounds941 karma

Hi Colleen!! I only discovered you about a week ago, but I'm already hooked on your new album (which I found via www.flavorwire.com).

I have a couple questions, feel free to answer some or all of them...

  1. Would you recommend living in LA? I'm considering doing grad school out there
  2. Do you know your Myers-Briggs?
  3. Do you have any drugs-of-choice beside good ol' cannabis?

Thanks so much for doing this, and keep making great music!!

ColleenGreen3 karma

  1. L.A. is tight but not for everyone
  2. INTP i think?
  3. Dilaudid

zeedevile1 karma

What bands/artists do you listen to that might surprise fans of your music?

ColleenGreen2 karma

People are usually surprised when I tell them I listen to stuff like Akon, UB40, and Sublime.

nate5001 karma

Hi Colleen! I love your shit (like, music no actual shit...) and I'm wondering when you're gonna come up to Toronto/Canada? The weather isn't as nice as CA but we're pretty chill

ColleenGreen2 karma

hey! hell yeah, I love playing in canada, but I'm really lazy so it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. Hopefully this year though!

davidly6661 karma

You seemed to like playing the Telecaster in Seattle. Are you going to switch?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Yeah that guitar was really nice! I played it in San Francisco the next night too. I've been thinking about making a switch but I don't have much money so we'll see.

dacadac1 karma


three questions;

1) who are your best friends that are signed to hardly art that are not your band mates?

2) who are your favorite artists of all time?

3) what is one thing that you like talking about a lot that not everyone knows about that you could talk to anyone about?


ColleenGreen1 karma

1) I think Katy is my best Hardly Art friend. 2) Sublime, Drexel, Blink 182, UB40, The Lot Six, Picasso
3) I don't really like talking about anything a lot.

1928901 karma

I saw you a couple years ago and loved your Blue Oyster Cult cover. Do you have a recording of that anywhere?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Thank you! They rule. Sadly I do not.

dessiccant1 karma

Hey Colleen. New record sounds great. Been a fan for a while.

The last I read, your old band The Have Mercys were in the process of recording an album before breaking up. How far along did you get? What happened to the recordings?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Thank you! We actually recorded and released a tape called "Great!" which I sometimes give away at my shows.

CalvinJohnsonofK1 karma

Have you viewed Rock'n'Roll High School? If so, what ids your favorite character/scene?

ColleenGreen1 karma

Never seent it. I want to though!

enginesofenemies1 karma

Of your labelmates at Hardly Art, which album is your favourite?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Jacuzzi Boys.

GoodEdit1 karma

Hey Colleen! Love the new album! I have a couple Qs: First, do you ever think you'll want to get a live drummer? And second, what was your impressions from your last swing into Seattle?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Hello! Thank you! I would totally want to be in a band with Casey. Every once in a while I'll have a friend play drums with me, like last week at The Smell in LA my friend Nicole from the band Slutever played drums for me and it was really fun. I had a blast this past time in Seattle.

dennnnnnis1 karma

Are you gonna play Mpls this year? Can I smoke with you?

ColleenGreen3 karma

Yes! I'll be there in April. Purrrrrrrrr-haps!

joewhistle1 karma

Saw you at the Chapel in SF over the weekend. So sick. Can I buy you a burrito the next time you're here? Like, seriously?

ColleenGreen2 karma

Thank you! Sure, you're welcome to give me free food any old time.

pjayb1 karma

When you tour this time around, is it going to be with the drum machine or a full band?

ColleenGreen2 karma

This tour I'm doing in April will be with the machine. But for the future.... who knows???

Ilovethemall3111 karma

Hey Colleen! How do you feel about

A) the mall


B) 311?

ColleenGreen2 karma

RZ! I love the mall! I really do. And I like every 311 song that's ever been on the radio, except the Cure cover.

useewhathappenslarry1 karma

Hi colleen it's christina! remember that time we smoked out of a potato when you slept on my couch in watertown? I don't.

ColleenGreen3 karma

Hey Christina! You rule! I remember that, thanks for letting me stay with you. Budayduh.

agnardsotomayor1 karma

Hi colleen, my I'm addison and I'm a big fan. When you recorded your first couple albums, were you using like a tascam 4 track or somethin? Also I'd like tO show you something songs of mine if that'd be coool

ColleenGreen2 karma

hey! cool! I just used garageband!

amai440 karma

Where are you the most ticklish?

ColleenGreen4 karma

It's not fun if you just ask.