Let's roll with it!

My latest movie is HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2, which is opening today 2/20 in theaters everywhere.

Victoria's helping me out over the phone. Let's get started!

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Update: Thank you all so much for your questions. Wish we coulda gotten to everybody. Hopefully they'll let me do another one in the future. But I really appreciate you sharing your time with me and enjoy the movie - MUWAHH!!

And Tamron Hall is my Great White Buffalo.

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TheBearPieceCometh1051 karma

Do you give a fuck about discretion?

Craig-Robinson1194 karma

HELL naw!

Lionelchesterfield819 karma

Craig! Big fan of The Office and Pineapple Express. My question is how do you spend your typical day?

Craig-Robinson3791 karma

Typical day:

Get up, go to the gym.

After driving past the gym, go get some breakfast.

Field some emails and phone calls.

Go back to the gym, and say "I'm doing it this time."

Get distracted, remember an appointment, go to said appointment, get some lunch.

Wallow in pity about not going to the gym.

In the evening, I will probably prepare for tomorrow. Focus on going to the gym the next day.

GHarriott770 karma

Craig is anyone allowed to touch your Dodge Dart?

Craig-Robinson1060 karma

Absolutely not.

MrRoyalScotsman656 karma


Huge fan of your work. I especially loved This is the End. How hard was it to keep a straight face with so many hilarious people in the cast? Who was the person that made people break the most during takes?

Craig-Robinson1250 karma

It was next-to-impossible to keep a straight face, but at some point, you realize it's what you're paid to do. And Danny McBride was the one who cracked everybody up the most.

kylethewild582 karma

What do you miss most about playing Darryl and being a part of The Office? I'd imagine it was very emotional while shooting the finale. 

I loved you in This Is the End as well! You're hilarious. Can't wait to see more of you, especially Mr. Robinson! 

Craig-Robinson769 karma

Thank you so much!

Hope you enjoy HOT TUB. Darryl, I miss Darryl and everythin' about playing him. It was the character that pretty much introduced me to the world. So yea, it was very emotional, and just the fun of being entertained on-set everyday by those caliber actors, and being counted as one, was awesome.

But I am headed into a new venture with NBC called "Mr. Robinson," so Darryl has propelled me to that height.

_tothesea531 karma

Craig, I have to let you know that your line "Now who the fuck brought alligators??" as DJ Request in the goods is by far the funniest thing I've ever heard you say. What's the one line fans recite the most when they bump into you?

Craig-Robinson1127 karma

"I seen't it"

yourparentsliedtoyou424 karma

Craig, who is your great white buffalo?

Craig-Robinson788 karma




therageriscrisp382 karma

Are you going to do more work with Franco and Rogen?

Craig-Robinson606 karma


Alexbryant23315 karma

So Craig, what was the first joke you ever told on stage? How did it go?

Craig-Robinson1400 karma

I said "Jesus musta been black, and had an Afro, because where else did he hide all that fish and bread?"

It didn't go that well.

slackjackal298 karma

What is the best burger you have ever eaten? What is your favorite beer?

Craig-Robinson674 karma

Oh, hamburger...gosh, what's the place? It's a place in... not Iowa...just outside of Columbia, Missouri, there's a place with a burger - I can't remember the place - but the burger was insane. I can almost taste it right now, and this was like, 7 years ago! It was pretty incredible. I just probably got plain lettuce, tomato, and ketchup, and cheese but WOOO! It was insane! And the bread - oh, dear God, the bread...

Favorite beer, right now, is Kronenberg.

AvsJoe287 karma

Hello Craig. Big fan.

Your performance in Rapture-Palooza is among the funniest of your career but it also stands out as one of your most unusual film choices. What led you to choosing to play the Antichrist in this amusing, overlooked film?

Craig-Robinson279 karma

I liked the way his brain worked. He would contradict himself, and take a whole paragraph to do it. I thought that was pretty funny!

njlax1255 karma

After your role in Knocked Up, do bouncers at clubs ever thank you for being the face of their nightly struggle?

Craig-Robinson275 karma


brothermonn248 karma

What is Dwight like off set?

Craig-Robinson464 karma

Focused. Focused, with a wicked sense of humor.

AlbinoStepchild243 karma

Whats your favorite NFL team?

Craig-Robinson986 karma


mpls_hotdish219 karma

What happened in Cincinatti and what's in the shoebox in the closet?

Craig-Robinson287 karma

Now, you know there's no way I can answer that.


Let's make HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 3 happenin' and then we can answer those questions.

HannShotFirst210 karma

Hey Craig, love your roles on Office, HTTM, and Brooklyn Nine Nine!

Is there a song you like to play on the piano that people wouldn't expect?

Like, I'm talking My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion, 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton, I Can Tell That We Are Gonna Be Friends by the White Stripes type stuff.

Craig-Robinson445 karma


The_Eagle_Has_Landed184 karma

Craig... When was the sweatiest you've ever been and how sweaty was it? Like in terms of liters of sweat and what brought it on?

Craig-Robinson337 karma

Um...probably 100 liters? And I had lied to my father, and I was awaiting punishment.

CharlesCat125 karma

What was the punishment?

Craig-Robinson394 karma

A beatdown. Is that too sad to say? It was a different time.

gomerlicious180 karma

Hey Craig, want to kick it in Madison, WI?

Craig-Robinson284 karma

Whadyou mean, would I like to? I have kicked it there, and it's awesome!

jerekdeter626179 karma

Who can handle your midriff?

Craig-Robinson261 karma


There's only a few. And they are chosen.

Death_proofer173 karma

If you could collaborate with any artist and make a full album who would you chose?

Craig-Robinson487 karma

Earth Wind and Fire.

buffalo4293161 karma

Who is your best smelling co-star of all time?

Craig-Robinson496 karma



Kerry Washington. She smells like rainbows and sunshine.

conel11161 karma


How did you get your voice to be so smooth and soulful?

Craig-Robinson225 karma

Hehe! Thank you.

It's a gift.

Frajer147 karma

why do you think Darryl fucked with Michael so much?

Craig-Robinson349 karma


Because Michael needed it.

TheTreelo138 karma

Hi Craig!

Just wondering, is there such a thing a free titties?

Craig-Robinson248 karma

No. Not at all. Not even if you have beads, in some cases.

EducatedCitizen136 karma

CRAIG!! I feel like there has to be a good story behind the name “ The Nasty Delicious” . How did it come about?

Craig-Robinson190 karma

"The Nasty Delicious" is... the "nasty" is for funky. And the "delicious" is just cuz they play so good. Yeah. I wish there was a better story, haha!

Leoncelli_3388126 karma

When are you going to host SNL?

Craig-Robinson234 karma

When I get the invitation!

StevenO45112 karma

Whats the 1 role/movie that got away? or a career role?

Craig-Robinson290 karma

The 40 Year Old Virgin, the manager.

graymatter86110 karma

Have you ever thought of releasing a full length album of original and covered songs? Possible celebrity duets?

Craig-Robinson223 karma

There's definitely an album in the future.

djTrip9110 karma

I saw you in New Orleans this past week. Can you just give us a little glimpse of how fucking epic your Mardi Gras was?

Craig-Robinson159 karma

It was absolutely incredible. The energy was BEYOND anything I've ever experienced.

jgilfoyle110 karma

Do you actually own a Dodge Dart?

Craig-Robinson269 karma


Stinktiere91 karma

Say I'd never seen anything you were in. What one thing of yours would you recommend I watch and why?

Craig-Robinson249 karma


Because of the emotional roller coaster I take you on.

KillerGoose80 karma

You play an exaggerated version of yourself in This is the End. What parts of your actual personality did you want to make sure came through in the performance? What was it like adding fictionalized personality traits that might differ greatly from your actual self?

Craig-Robinson175 karma

Well, there's a part in there where I say I gouged a guy's eyeballs out? So that's not real, you know. That was weird. But the other stuff, you know - as far as the real stuff, I wanted to make sure I said "Take your panties off" in my song.

Kdean50979 karma

Hi Craig! I want to make my husband a special dinner, what do you suggest?

Craig-Robinson203 karma

Sushi. Sushi, and shape it in little hearts.

drewbulubu60 karma

Do you think you would be responsible enough to have a Gremlin as a pet? How badly would this end? What I am trying to say is you should be in a Gremlins remake.

Craig-Robinson99 karma

I would love to be in a GREMLINS remake. And I actually own 3 Gremlins. I have no idea where they are now.

Wickedly_Awesome60 karma

What's your favorite type of pizza?

And, would you eat this pizza in a hot tub?

Craig-Robinson117 karma

Um...sausage pepperoni.


LiterallyRandyMarsh58 karma

Do you prefer waffles? Or are you a pancake kinda man?

Craig-Robinson142 karma


Waffles. Pancakes fill me up, so fast.

tqdomains57 karma

Love you in This is the End. What does Emma Watson smell like?

Craig-Robinson114 karma

Hehe! I don't recall? Hehehe! But I can tell you she is super-sweet, and super-fun.

dmwe22554 karma

Craig, who do you think is going to end up winning the throne in Game of Thrones? Would you want to act in a serious drama like that? Also, you're kinda funny. Keep up the good work champ!

Craig-Robinson106 karma

Uh... I'm on the second season, so please don't spoil it for me.

Lannisters, is my hope! Because, first of all, I wish what'shisname would come back, the one they killed. But I mean, Lannisters just seem so noble - wait, no, it's the Starks, yeah. That's what I meant.

I'm like, one episode into the second season. I'm really behind! I need to do some binge-ing!

And yes, I'd love to act in something like Game of Thrones. Absolutely.

Fulker0149 karma

Your musical improv ability has been used to great comedic effect on screen with The Office, Hot Tub Time Machine and the Dodge commericals but is that also something you bust out on set just for fun or at parties?

Craig-Robinson73 karma

Yeah, if there's a piano around, then that's where I'm going. So yes.

ThisBeBre47 karma

Hi Craig!

I've met you a few times at the comedy store. As a huge huge office fan, and a fan of people having their privacy, I was wondering how you personally feel about all the people you get coming up to you when you're just trying to enjoy a drink, a smoke, or a sandwich? You always seem to get tons of attention.

Also sorry about nervous blonde girls - one of them was me.

Craig-Robinson71 karma

You know, I know where the people are coming from, you know? I feel it's like little flowers blooming everywhere, when they come say hello. And for the most part, you know, people respect when you're eating, or stuff like that, so it's cool.

NickCook77746 karma

Was that close to how you looked when you were younger in real life when you looked in the mirror in HTTM 1?

Craig-Robinson84 karma

I did have a hi-top fade like that, in college. So if I can find one of those pictures, I'll post 'em, but yes. But I wasn't as handsome as that dude.

HeyYoPaul46 karma

Hi Craig, Flippity floppity give the boppity has grown a little stale, what are some new cool slang terms I can start saying around the office?

Craig-Robinson49 karma


Um... I can't offer that up, in honor of THE OFFICE having wrapped.

Addyroll44 karma

favorite place to eat in Los Angeles?

Craig-Robinson91 karma

Sushi Central!


tdstash43 karma

Would you be willing to be in my film "Dark Country"? A fictional movie about the first famous african american country star (your co-star would be woody harrelson playing a washed up drunk former star)


Craig-Robinson50 karma

Send it to my manager.

OfGodsandMan36 karma

How much fun was doing the PG porn?

Craig-Robinson49 karma

Oh, we had a great time! James Gunn, you know, I didn't know what I was in for, but we were crackin' up the whole day.

petal1431 karma

Hi Craig - when was the last time you had a chimichanga?

Craig-Robinson89 karma

About 7 years ago, 8 years ago, 10 years ago.

10 years ago.

WAITWAITWAIT WAIT - they served them on THE OFFICE from time-to-time, so I bet about 3 years ago.

Mordby13 karma

If you were to be any superhero in any movie, who would you play?

Craig-Robinson35 karma


Booty Man.


Take Yo' Panties Off Man.

Craig-Robinson26 karma

He can make panties drop in a single song!

Craig-Robinson24 karma


McBrood5 karma

As a current Illinois State student I was just wondering what your favorite thing was about college or this school in particular?

Craig-Robinson7 karma

Lemme see... favorite thing about college would be the - it's like a fantasy world, there you go, where you have some responsibility, but really not.

joshcarp4 karma

Are you going to be joining us at Bonnaroo again this year?!

Craig-Robinson5 karma

I hope so! I'm not on the schedule, but I hope to at least partake in it.

Obie14 karma

Do you have any plans of doing a stand up special? Ive been a big fan since office, and loved finding some of your old stand up stuff

Craig-Robinson8 karma

There's some preliminary chatter about it right now. But I'm focused on the live shows, and this new sitcom, Mr. Robinson, on NBC.

missing_eyeball4 karma

Hey Craig, what's your favorite pre-1980 movie? Rainn said Animal Crackers, and Lev Novak said Annie Hall.

Craig-Robinson5 karma

WHICH WAY IS UP? starring Richard Pryor.

meatwerd3 karma

What's the one song DJ Request would play if it was requested?

Craig-Robinson5 karma

Anything by HorseDick.mpeg.

bugcatchercraig3 karma

Holy shit, I caught an AMA... anyways. Craig Robinson! Huge fan of your work! Out of the group of you, Seth Rogen , Danny McBride, Jonah Hill etc. I have to say you are the funniest. But maybe I'm biased since we have the same name and body type.

I have two questions good sir: 1. Since we are both named Craig, I'm curious. Who is the coolest Craig you ever met? And B. Who do you find to be the funniest person in your movie group thingy?

Thanks ahead of time if you get a chance to answer this.

Craig-Robinson6 karma

1.) Coolest Craig I've ever met? Craig Boyd, my longtime friend from grammar school.

2.) Corddry.

SeenMeB43 karma

Two moms going to HTTM2. What should we eat during the movie?

Craig-Robinson3 karma


GnawSun2 karma

Craig, thanks for stopping by. I'll check out that HTTM2 since you mentioned it.

You got into showbiz pretty late in life - what did you do before? Did you always want to be a comedian/actor? What turned you on?

Craig-Robinson12 karma

You know, I was a schoolteacher. I taught K-8 music. And I caught the comedy bug - and I'm a comedian - so I caught the comedy bug in college. And that led me to wanting to act, and all this other stuff.

Zemule2 karma

Hey dude, much love. What was it like being a comedian at Sasquatch? Any cool stories from the experience?

Craig-Robinson3 karma

Sasquatch was great! It was pretty legendary, actually.

eightslicesofpie1 karma

What's one of your favorite scenes you've shot, whether it be for the shooting experience or how the final scene turned out?

Craig-Robinson3 karma

One of my favorite experiences was shooting the movie PEEPLES - just cuz we would like sing harmony onset, and David Alan Grier is the funniest human on the planet.

DayWalkerRunner1 karma

Hi Craig, do you have any childhood pets you would like to fondly reminisce about?

Craig-Robinson3 karma

GIDGET! I had a cat named Gidget, who was awesome, and I miss, and you know, we had her for a few years. That was my li'l homie. She was gray.

skinsballr1 karma

Hey Craig!

I remember you visited the University of Maryland, College Park, a couple of years ago, for a comedy performance - what did you think about the university?

Craig-Robinson2 karma

College Park... Awesome.

ars1217981 karma

Do you ever get lost in the whole alternate future and real present timelines of the Hot Tub series?

Craig-Robinson2 karma