It's Billy on the Street here, with my friend Chrissy Ferraro who helps Big Bird with his words! We had a new video come out today, with the First Lady. It's on Funny Or Die and we're here to answer questions about it.


We've run out of time guys! Thanks for joining me and my friends from Sesame Street for this AMA and check out my new Billy on the Street video with the First Lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird on!

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kerj34 karma

Hi Billy!

My wife and I are huge fans of Ratatouille, so of course we loved your rant about it with Patton. We also looked everywhere for references to that at Disneyland the one time we've been, and only found a diorama on Main Street dedicated to it. Lame! HOWEVER did you know about the ride at Disneyland Paris? Maybe pull some strings and have a Billy on the Street segment filmed ON THAT RIDE? I'm sure Disney would be cool about it.

BillyontheStreet40 karma

They need to bring that damn ride to AMERICA!!!!

keepitonehundred22 karma

Billy, how did you end up on Parks and Recreation? Craig is absolutely one of my favorite characters on the show.

BillyontheStreet19 karma

I had a mtg with Mike Schur and Dan Goor who created the show and they were fans and asked me to do it!

LKool9820 karma

What did Elena REALLY MEAN when she said you could eat lots of other stuff too?!

BillyontheStreet43 karma

i never have any idea what she's talking about

andrewtabs17 karma

How come you keep bringing back Elena, who is amazing, but not Mr. Singh, who was also potentially equally amazing?

BillyontheStreet28 karma

Sadly we can't find Mr Singh - we've tried!!!

conbini_nikuman16 karma

Did FLOTUS require any rehearsal/run-through? She seemed super natural in her responses so I imagine it was all first-take stuff, but with the need to control image, I wonder...

Also, Big Bird was killin' in on Facts of Life.

BillyontheStreet29 karma

We never rehearse anything on Billy on the Street and we didn't rehearse with FLOTUS! She had no idea what I was going to ask her! She was awesome.

uberlad15 karma

  • Do another another Billy on the Street with Amy Poehler. That's not a question.
  • What's your very best life advice?

BillyontheStreet21 karma

Don't be a moron.

batmanbaggins713 karma

Billy what effect do you feel your handing out of dollars willy-nilly is having on the economy?

BillyontheStreet37 karma

It solved it

Jfm50912 karma

Have you visited Elena's sisters erotic art gallery yet?

BillyontheStreet21 karma

No but I am very much looking forward to it!

GeezerMuldoon11 karma

What is your favorite song from Jesus Christ Superstar?

BillyontheStreet17 karma

Hmm...Gethsemane probably

Im_the_Zeppo10 karma

Have you gotten any closer to having Meryl on BOTS? i know you've met her -- did you pitch it to her?

BillyontheStreet8 karma

it remains a dream.

therealabefrohman9 karma

Is Parks and Rec going to make me cry tonight?

BillyontheStreet16 karma

Maybe not tonight...but get ready for the finale next week! :(

googly00058 karma

Hey Billy! I think you're very very funny! Thank you for being very funny. What are your opinions on Natalie Portman? Why does she not seem relevant right now? Do you wish she was relevant?

BillyontheStreet14 karma

She took a break - she was entitled to!! She's coming back!

rexington248 karma

Billy, when is judge judy going to be on the show? And away. we...........GO!!!!!!

BillyontheStreet14 karma

Ohhh I would love that!!!

davemello848 karma

Hello, Mr. Eichner. I admire your work! Which was your favorite moment from Billy on the Street? I always loved you playing in the rain with Seth Meyers or Elena saying, "Whertle." Additionally, when will the blue t-shirt be on display in the Smithsonian?

BillyontheStreet12 karma

Yes I am a part of American History

Ryno36398 karma

What would be your ideal date night with Elena?

BillyontheStreet18 karma

i already spend plenty of time with her

RespectableYoungMan8 karma

Kanye West or Taylor Swift?

BillyontheStreet12 karma


LKool987 karma

Now that you've been in a grocery store with Michelle Obama, when will you be doing an episode with Joe Biden on a TRAIN?

BillyontheStreet12 karma

one can dream.

trioprice7 karma

Why does everyone hate Blair?


BillyontheStreet7 karma


clothesguy187 karma

Billy can you call my professor and scream at him? Also why can't i find your tv show anywhere on the internet?

BillyontheStreet10 karma

All episodes are on Amazon!

Illyriana7 karma

Elena is hilarious. Her comedic timing is perfect? Where did you find her?

BillyontheStreet9 karma

I just ran into her on the street one day while filming Billy On the Street and she was on the show!

Twils2157 karma

Hi Billy. Big fan! You're YouTube videos are addicting. My favorite moment is your guest appearance on Letterman when you got him all jazzed up during a round of questions.

So you're show is set in NYC, but have you ever considered going to other cities such as Philadelphia?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

Yes i really want to travel with the show for the new season!

krakronyz446 karma

Will you be on bobs burgers again?

BillyontheStreet9 karma

Yes but not sure of the date

FailedNerdyReference6 karma

Billy: what am I supposed to do with my life now that I know you know so many lyrics to 'I don't want to miss a thing'?

BillyontheStreet10 karma

you should be grateful!

ThatOneGuyInTX6 karma

Hey Billy big fan! You are definitely my favorite person on social media.

My question is, how soon can we expect a Billy and Elena sex tape? And also is Elena the heir to your show?

Also very excited for your new show!

BillyontheStreet7 karma

God No

floodskaroony6 karma

Hi Billy, Thanks for doing this AMA. Can you yell at me over the internet? Please?

BillyontheStreet12 karma


TandytheBear6 karma

You and Nick Offerman should do a Billy on the Street about meats. I guarantee at least one person would watch it. Do you accept the challenge?

BillyontheStreet5 karma


SoltanPill6 karma

When Is Kristen Wiig gonna be on Billy on The Street?!!

BillyontheStreet12 karma

that's a good question!!!

mtthwas6 karma

Billy, why aren't you as mad at Murray Monster for blatantly ripping off "Billy on the Street" with his entire "What's the Word on the Street" segment on Sesame Street as you were with Burger King ripping off your show for a commercial?

BillyontheStreet7 karma


HerpDerp726 karma

Billy! Totally love you! What does amy poehler or nick offerman smell like??

BillyontheStreet16 karma

Peaches and bacon!

anastasiaromanov5 karma


And can you tell us a little about your experience working on A NEW BRAIN during your time at Northwestern?

BillyontheStreet8 karma

Oh, I loved A New Brain - huge William Finn fan here.

jakamalak5 karma

Hi Billy! Thanks for doing this AMA! Love Billy on the Street and loved your Emmy's segment with Seth Meyers. You always have me laughing with all you do, especially as Craig on Parks and Rec.

My question: if you could've been any other character (besides Craig) for an episode of Parks & Rec, who would it be and why??

BillyontheStreet6 karma

hmmm...i think it would be really fun to be April or Andy

The_Eagle_Has_Landed4 karma

What's the status of "Difficult People"?

BillyontheStreet9 karma

we're filming in it NY right now - premieres on Hulu later this year!

Jao-4 karma

Billy, I think you're hilarious and only discovered you through your YouTube channel, how else do I find you?

BillyontheStreet8 karma

WELL...the Billy On the Street TV show will have its 4th season on Tru TV and TBS later this year! We've had 3 seasons on the Fuse network which are available on Amazon and now we're moving to Tru!

hioscyamine4 karma

What does Elena think about the situation in Syria?

BillyontheStreet12 karma

I'm sure she'd have a lot to say about it

jakamalak4 karma

Billy, So awesome that you had a segment with First Lady Michelle Obama! Who are the top 3 people you would love to have on the show that you haven't had on yet?

Thanks for doing the AMA!!

BillyontheStreet12 karma

Well hard to say top 3 but 3 I would love are Meryl, Tilda and Mariah.

Rennn233 karma

Billy, will you ever be as famous as Madonna? ;)

BillyontheStreet8 karma

No one will be

stephenbawesome3 karma

Have you considered taking BOTS to a different street in a different city?

BillyontheStreet4 karma

YES - hope to to go to a new city this year!

RespectableYoungMan3 karma

Billy I just really want to know... Left shark or Right shark?

BillyontheStreet14 karma

Left, Always Left.

daftfunk963 karma

Billy, you're stranded on an island with a celebrity of your choice, who do you pick and why?

BillyontheStreet9 karma


merlinspants3 karma

Have you ever been physically assaulted by a surprised New Yorker that you yelled at?

BillyontheStreet13 karma

an old woman slapped me across the face in my youtube days but thats it

beckyschmegs3 karma

Billy! Such a huge freakin' fan. Has there been a "For a Dollar" contestant whose response just made you crack up?

BillyontheStreet9 karma

Oh yes many...the woman who thought Denzel Washington was the Phatom of the Opera killed me

bethanyharrison3 karma

What are your favorite fruits and vegetables?

BillyontheStreet7 karma

I like peaches, nectarines and the occasional plum.

aaaaa253 karma

Who is your favorite Hedwig? JCM right?

BillyontheStreet6 karma

Oh Yes - unstoppable! the best!

ME246012 karma

Are you related to the DC character Danny the Street?

BillyontheStreet4 karma

um no

Rubly2 karma

Billy, how do you feel about Tom Scharpling's rant against men named Billy?

BillyontheStreet5 karma

Tom has a point

TandytheBear2 karma

How does Big Bird remain so youthful?

BillyontheStreet9 karma

Big Bird is timeless.

mtthwas2 karma

Billy! Who is your favorite Sesame Street Muppet?

BillyontheStreet4 karma

Big Bird, obvi

AGallagher4102 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

BillyontheStreet7 karma

Soarin' over CA!

queeniebean1 karma

Billy - if you could be a character on Sesame Street, who would you be?

BillyontheStreet3 karma

That's a tough one...She's not on Sesame St but I would like to meet Miss Piggy