It feels like my last AMA was 8 months ago, or something. But it's been 3 years.

SoulPancake has erupted as a very popular YouTube channel in the last several years and as a very popular respected media company. We have 1.5 million subscribers. There's a Kid President TV show, a Kid President book coming out, and many other creative works in the pipeline...

I have 2 movies coming out this next year - one is called "Cooties" and the other is called "The Boy," which is premiering at SXSW...

My new show BACKSTROM has an episode airing tonight on FOX at 9 o'clock, 8 o'clock central...

And my wife and I are now proud owners of a Zonkey, named "Derrick." A Zonkey is half-zebra, half-donkey. He comes from I'm not kidding.

I've already uploaded proof:

Victoria's helping me get started, for no good reason. AMA!


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Ok, Rainn we will!

Ableyoungthug1434 karma

Which do you prefer Asian Jim or regular Jim?

IAmRainnWilson2508 karma

Asian Jim isnt a Patriots fan.

magentasoul1047 karma

"You said we could ask you anything... Where is the clitorous?"

IAmRainnWilson1742 karma

Its somewhere near "the female vagine"

Frajer919 karma

What kind of bear is best?

IAmRainnWilson1768 karma

The Reddit bear

shinandfin780 karma

Hi Rainn, I'm a massive fan of The Office - it's the greatest comedy to ever air. What was it like to finally step away from that project and your castmates/co-workers after 9 seasons of filming? Do you still keep in touch?

btw sorry about the Superbowl

IAmRainnWilson1357 karma

WE all really loved each other on The Office and still keep in touch. I mainly talk to Jenna Angela Brian and Oscar but I love them all. I text Creed occasionally as well as Steve and John. Someday I hope for a reunion. Would be so fun.

zenithica550 karma

What's the weirdest thing about you ?

IAmRainnWilson1977 karma

I snore. I wipe standing up, in a kind of feral crouch.

TheKeegmeister546 karma

Since you are a long time Seahawks fan, How was the emotional roller coaster from the circus catch to interception in the Superbowl? Thanks for doing the AmA!

IAmRainnWilson1583 karma

That was one of the most tragic few minutes of my life!!! Such a bad call. I don't care what you say. When you've got Lynch and Wilson's legs, you run it at their pussy little linebackers. (except Wilfork)

uncamad486 karma

Hi Rainn. First, I wanted to apologize for hating you for a time. And secondly, I wanted to thank you for the masterpiece that is Super. Amen.


What did Mose smell like?

How about a phoner for my podcast?

IAmRainnWilson1726 karma

You are forgiven. You're welcome. Manure and tears. No chance, loser.

BrunoGrand430 karma

What is the best current tv show in your opinion?

IAmRainnWilson1474 karma

TIE: Game of Thrones. Mad Men.

Also: Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders.

inevitablescape357 karma

How fun is it being the lead role on BACKSTROM?

IAmRainnWilson754 karma

It's HARD being the lead role. Have a new respect for Steve Carell. So much pressure - so many more lines. Long long hours and the intenstiy of having to drive all the scenes. But BACKSTROM is a truly great role. Very complex. Hard to define. SO many colors and textures - from self-hatred to addiction to traumatic wounds to a Sherlock-esque brilliance. ITs a role any actor would jump at.

mattyrrp345 karma

Are you planning to do anymore films like Super?

IAmRainnWilson638 karma

SUPER is the best and most fantastic movie I've ever done. Now that people are seeing it and loving it, it lives on as a cult classic (not to mention the incredible career of James Gunn) - I would love to do more cool, edgy indies that really try and go for something original. Hesher was another great indie i did. ANd Cooties and The Boy are coming out this year. They're both super cool and really GO FOR IT.

_Kessa337 karma

Hello Rainn! What's your most bizarre interaction with a fan?

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phyllop23321 karma

Who would win in a fight to the death, Dwight or Backstrom?

IAmRainnWilson673 karma

Backstrom would shoot Dwight in the face when no one was looking and frame a bad guy for doing it.

mbendall312 karma

What was your favourite prank to film with Josh Krasinski?

IAmRainnWilson859 karma

My desk in the bathroom with kevin taking a dump.

Marlboro_Gold291 karma

What are you most proud of in your life?

IAmRainnWilson949 karma

I'm most proud of fathering my son with my beautiful wife. He's amazing and I love being a dad more than anything. I would give up all this Hollywood crap to have a family. It's so rich and difficult and satisfying to the soul. Also, I'm proud of hosting SNL. And of my dragon kick.

samsterino286 karma

What do you have in common with Dwight? Other than looks.

IAmRainnWilson620 karma

We are both proud owners of a zonkey.

RapperBugzapper259 karma

What is the funniest blooper you witnessed on the set of The Office? You're the best!

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CosmosAwaken237 karma

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

IAmRainnWilson835 karma

I play Destiny on Xbox. And Wolfenstein.

Ableyoungthug230 karma

What is your favorite place to eat in L.A? And do you smoke weed?

IAmRainnWilson846 karma

I like Asenabo Sushi. And no. I quit weed in 1990 after I smoked some laced with PCP or something and had a paranoid trip and saw the face of God and swore to God that I would never smoke it again.

I actually think weed dulls every single sense, and the heart and the brain and the libido and the... etc...

eighthofeights208 karma

What was it like working with Elijah Wood in "Cooties"?

IAmRainnWilson443 karma

Elijah is literally the nicest person I've ever worked with. He is so kind its kind of weird. Smart and cool and tiny.

The movie is SUPER DUPER FUN. you Redditors are going to totally dig it.

It's like Sean of the Dead. It scares you occasionally through the laughter.

I play a gym coach with a big truck and handlebar moustache.

trillingston187 karma

Is it weird going from the office to this new show? do you think the fans will only see you as dwight?

btw im a huuuuuuuuuuge Office fan, im looking at my poster right now<33333 awwwww

IAmRainnWilson507 karma

I will always be known as Dwight first and foremost. I have no problem with that. He's the best. So grateful for that role.

Buuuuut, I know as an actor I'm capable of transforming to a lot of different kinds of roles and I think if you check out Backstrom you'll really dig the show and the guy.

dj88masterchief165 karma

Hi Rainn! Thanks for doing this AMA, I got just one question, what's your favorite beer?

IAmRainnWilson404 karma

Dont drink either.

I_Am_Orange158 karma

What is your opinion on Tom Brady? Is he the greatest quarterback of all time?

IAmRainnWilson856 karma

He's got soft balls.

SMTII231133 karma

Does your penis look like an acorn glued to the bottom of a torso?

IAmRainnWilson256 karma

I will meet you at Grubbs tavern.

nlmuvaney126 karma

Hey Rainn! I'm a huge fan of your work on SoulPancake and I have watched the complete series of The Office multiple times. However, my question is about Rhett and Link, with whom you recently did a EarBiscuits podcast with: What are Rhett and Link like when they camera isn't rolling? Thanks for answering if you do.

IAmRainnWilson174 karma

Rhett and Link are so thoughtful and kind. Truly. I was expecting more smart-asses but was very impressed with them. Been a big fan of their stuff for years.

ajlposh119 karma

Hello, Mr. Wilson! Have you ever been offered a movie role that you turned down?

IAmRainnWilson416 karma

Is that a slam on the movies I've done??? jk

I just turned down a big role in a big comedy because it was so grossly crass and disgustingly pornagraphic it actually made the world a worse place. With some big actors too!

DrunkNASA89 karma

What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years?

IAmRainnWilson252 karma

Hopefully Backstrom gets enough viewers to continue for several more years. I'm also writing a book that will come out this fall or next spring. Very excited for people to read a comedic take on my life's story. I look forward to raising my son through his difficult teenage years. And to challenge myself to seek an ever deeper spiritual evolution. Also, my wife and I have an educational initiative non-profit in Haiti called LIDE that is super cool. We go down there a ton. We want to reach even more girls with our arts and literacy programs.

AKABindz78 karma

First I would just like to say I listened to you on "Earbiscuits" and thought you were awesome( I mean I already did.) I thought you just seem like a cool dude. Also it amazed me how you could just talk about you religion in a non forceful way, and it genuinely made me look up and research it. Which side note had really awesome beliefs. I also sent in a few questions to stump you for stump the star( is that what it was called)"?)

Either way. My questions are (variety for variety sake)

If you were to teach any class , what would your class be about?

Favorite pizza topping?

what was it like working with David Costabile, who went on to play good ole Gale in Breaking Bad?

IAmRainnWilson95 karma

Thanks for checking out the Baha'i Faith. It really is a beautiful religion.

David Costabile is one of my oldest friends. We went to Tufts and then NYU together and I've known him since 1985. He's on the new show DIG and then the Showtime show BILLIONS. Great guy and a great actor.

narmold77 karma

Rainn, what was the best movie you saw last year?

IAmRainnWilson377 karma

Boyhood. It's long and slow. (thats what she said) but MAN does it pay off at the end. What a journey. I think being a parent makes you appreciate it more. Loved the performances. I'm a HUGE Ethan Hawke fan. He's so watchable and interesting. I was left thinking some really deep shit at the end of it. And feeling deep shit too.

magnetspaper76 karma

Hey Rainn!

My roommate and I saw you speak last year at UNT promoting Soul Pancake and it was honestly one of the best "inspirational" speeches I have ever been apart of. How did you get started with the Soul Pancake movement and what motivated it?

IAmRainnWilson193 karma

My Faith urges me to try and serve humanity and make the world a better place. Faith shouldn't just be a once a week thing but reflected in action. Soulpancake was one of those actions. I've made a ton of dumb selfish mistakes in my life but I try and get better. What can we do to make the world more awesome? That's truly what God wants from us.

Alexanderbander71 karma

Hi Rainn! Just want to say that you're the man for doing this! Just one question for you:

How would you describe your experience shooting Seasons 8 & 9 of The Office? Was going without Steve Carrell something that allowed you to develop more of your character or was not having him on a real challenge? I personally loved those two seasons and would love to hear about your experience with them.

IAmRainnWilson212 karma

We struggled to find our footing for awhile and I don't think Spader was the right fit for our show but there are some HYSTERICAL episodes in the final two seasons and I TRULY think that the last 6 episodes we shot are some of the best stuff in TV history. If you didn't see those last episodes you really need to check them out.

atych53 karma

Hi Rainn,

Huge fan here, but I have no tv so I just started watching Backstrom 2 days ago (online). I am hooked. I think it's hilarious, and also just really good tv.

I especially appreciated how in the last episode (I think) they addressed bullying problems your character had as a kid, and there was a part that really stuck out to me. When the D'Agostino brothers made a remark that was along the lines of "We're not the mean/bad ones, he is". It just really made me think about how skewed some people's points of view can be and I appreciated how honest it was to real life.

Anyway, now that I've rambled on:

What was it that drew you to this project?


IAmRainnWilson113 karma

Thanks for watching it. The episodes keep getting better and better. A lot of the shitty, snarky reviews just said "OH ITS HOUSE WITH A BADGE" but that's really not the show. It has a lot of nuance, feeling and subltely. You just wouldnt know it from the marketing campaign.

you go on a journey over these 13 episode with Backstrom and get to delve deeper and deeper into his past and psyche. Plus its F***ing funny.

babybraj34 karma

How does it feel to work with Page Kennedy and the rest of the excellent cast of Backstrom?

IAmRainnWilson60 karma

Honestly, Page Kennedy is one of the best and funnest actors to work with. He can do outlandish comedy and really dark drama. He's the real deal. A great heart and super smart. What an assett to the show he is.

The whole cast is amazing. Truly. Dennis Haysbert is one of America's finest actors and this ensemble is one you'll (hopefully) fall in love with.

Backstrom is on in 40 minutes on the east coast!!! Hit it guys! (or at least hit your DVRs.

thebageljew32 karma

Mr. Rainn Wilson, I was chosen on your Youtube channel a while ago to be apart of your first group Google+ Webcam chat but I was unavailable to be apart of it because I was confused how to use Google+ at the time. I am wondering, will you ever be able to webcam with me so I can have a second chance?

IAmRainnWilson166 karma

Not a chance, dingbat.

marcellaellaa30 karma

Hi Rainn! Thanks for doing this AMA, and thanks for the gem that is SoulPancake! I really enjoyed watching The Science of Happiness. How do you personally practice gratitude every day (i.e. journal, call a loved one, something more creative)? Thanks!

IAmRainnWilson109 karma

Every time I feel a negative or resentful thought pass between my ears I try and counter it with something I'm grateful for. It can be simple. LIke the breeze. Or popcorn. Living in gratitude is the simplest, fastest, easiest way to transform your life into a positive force. The next step is to make oneself something that other people are grateful for.

tplusp30 karma

Any plans to release Backstrom in the UK?

IAmRainnWilson104 karma

Its in Canada and India of all places. It has to do well in the States first before it airs in other countries.

Took a LONG time for the Office to air overseas. At first the British HATED it (of course) and it was even cancelled in Australia. Then they brought it back by popular demand a year later.

missing_eyeball19 karma

Hey Rainn. What's your favorite pre-1980 movie? Lev Novak responded with Annie Hall.

IAmRainnWilson70 karma

Animal Crackers.

ikemichigan9 karma

does Ellen page kiss well?

IAmRainnWilson20 karma


RealAssBitch7 karma

I've read you and your father are both art enthusiasts and like to collect pieces, what's your favorite piece in your collection?

IAmRainnWilson16 karma

Theres a Haitian artist that my wife and I collect named Franz Zepherin. Google his ass. INCREDIBLE stuff. Like the dream of Haiti. The art is Haiti is incredible. My favorite stuff in the world. Voodoo fever dreams!