I'm DeStorm. I'm a musician and a content creator, continuing to inspire and create in the digital space. I've done everything from EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY to winning an American Music Award to being an Olympic-level athlete.

I appear on the latest episode of the official reddit podcast, UPVOTED, which you can check out here or on iTunes sharing my story.

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Trentl1418 karma

What is your procedure for making a Vine? Is it a big ordeal or is simple and fast?

DeStorm_Power35 karma

some vines are simple as two takes, while others take hours to shoot and edit. it's about executing an idea in a fashion where million of ppl will get it, and laugh.

jaysonk9415 karma

What's up DeStorm!

Who are some of your favorite rappers currently in mainstream hip hop? If any

DeStorm_Power9 karma

Myself, Kanye, JayZ, Drake, Kendrick, Wayne, Cole to name a few.

TisTheWalrusMan15 karma

Which of your original songs is your favourite and why?

DeStorm_Power19 karma

probably King Kong because of the meaning behind it!

KevinDurden11 karma

At what point did you realize you would be doing what you're doing and not having a regular office-type job?

DeStorm_Power10 karma

When I tried so many office-type jobs...lol. they wasn't for me. believe it or not this is much more difficult.

faisal7898 karma

Hey DeStorm! Nice one for doing an AMA

me and you both have the same birthday, 30th jan, happy birthday bro! I just turned 18

Your vine/YouTube content are both funny and motivating to me because they show how you make your passion and work into one. How do you keep going and creating new bits of work?

Nice one

DeStorm_Power9 karma

Happy Birthday! i just let the content come to me. ppl inspire me most. their mistakes, their triumphs, their action ALL make a great story.

atozz6 karma

if you could make one animal horse sized, just to ride, what would it be?

DeStorm_Power26 karma

a fucking chameleon so we can blend in with our environment

DeStorm_Power5 karma

thank you everyone for leaving your questions. I will definitely try and get a few more but for now I'm gonna go get my workout in.

Zeroswag14 karma

What's your workout routine? How has it changed?

DeStorm_Power5 karma

I went from working out twice a day professionally, to training ppl...to getting it in when I can. I sill workout about 4 times a week

_ALLDEE_3 karma

Hi DeStorm! I know you have your usual cohorts that you make videos with, but how open are you to working with new people?

DeStorm_Power7 karma

I'm always open to working with new ppl, especially on vine. if an idea is good we shoot it. i work with my crew because we have a great chemistry and almost an unspoken language.

SheltonFern3 karma

Now you were one of the early cats Youtube game. How has Youtube changed since you started way back in 06?

DeStorm_Power4 karma

it's corporate now. which is not exactly a bad thing...just different.

cw7573 karma

Hello DeStorm! I have been a huge fan since your unique rapping videos on Youtube! A few questions for you! 1-What was your favorite 'Rap Challenge' to complete? 2-What are some of the challenges you face now? 3-When faced with a difficult challenge, who do you look to for wisdom? Thanks in advance!

DeStorm_Power1 karma

1- Rubick's cuz i didn't think I could do it. 2- putting out great content daily. 3- just moments to inspire me.

niller103 karma

I remember being a huge fan og you in your early YouTube days, my all time favorite song is sexy abc's and 123's heard it non stop when i was still in highschool. I got one question, back in the days i loved your fitted cap collection, but you would never tell where you got all your fiited caps, is that some thing you would reveal today? Best regards a huge fan from denmark :)

DeStorm_Power3 karma

haha, twas never a secret. they came from Lids and others from fans

kavortino3 karma

You got Youtube content planned ahead or are you just going to go with whatever happens?

DeStorm_Power8 karma

i have an interactive action packed series I'm dropping called "Trouble" that will debut on DeStormTV in Feb. I'm also dropping new music ALL year long.

Bubblegum4053 karma

Hey destorm, I'm a big fan. I have just recently been getting involved in film and whatnot, You're actually one of the main reasons why I decided to take up film and stuff. I watch your vines all the time to help inspire ideas and create ideas. The only trouble I seem to be having is editing my skits to where they flow really well like yours. So I my question would be, "is there any thing that I can do to get the flow of the video better or any tips/ pointers at which I should check out? Thanks man!

DeStorm_Power0 karma

no thank you...i think the biggest help is watching other who inspire you's content and how they editing their punches and jokes then coining your own style.

EggplantPower2 karma

Oh wow! Destorm! You're definitely one of my favourite musicians, I've been following you since 2011!
Well, since you started out with YouTube and then focused on Vine, what are your plans for the future? Is there any new form of social media you might start investing your time in?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

I've been on Shots and Snapchat a lot lately

Cokeroot2 karma

On your draw my life you show a bit of your track and field sports, would you ever pursue Track as a career?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

i did that professionally for years, then moved on to coaching and training.

silentwinterz2 karma

How'd you start learning how to rap?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

me, my brother and my homies used to freestyle about the cars riding thru the hood. hahaha

SheltonFern2 karma

Hey DeStorm, Big fan here even from your Youtube days. EDM is quite big right now, have you ever considering collaborating with an EDM artist?

DeStorm_Power5 karma

i been throwing around ideas of working with DJ Carnage

EnixXIII2 karma

Hi DeStorm,

Followed you for ages good tovsee you do an AmA!

What is your most favorite country you have visited?


DeStorm_Power3 karma

i would have to say Japan. just looking at the technologically advanced society still boasting their ancient temples was mind blowing

Valentino8892 karma

Hey Destorm! loved your King Kong album (I believe that was two years ago?). Do you plan on releasing another in the near future?

DeStorm_Power0 karma

right now, I'm just dropping singles til' one sticks then I'm back to an album.

legend59922 karma

No more parkour?

DeStorm_Power4 karma

not after i broke my leg.

Vixiss2 karma

Has Vine changed something about you? Like making new friends or finding new inspiration?

DeStorm_Power1 karma

nope. most of the ppl I work with on Vine, I knew before vine or put on to Vine. inspiration YES!

SheltonFern2 karma

What is your parents reaction to the career path you have chosen?

DeStorm_Power14 karma

my parents are no longer here but my family loves it! i'm happy and successful so they're happy.

jjdxnyjj2 karma

Hey Destorm, thanks for doing this. If it wasn't for YouTube or even Vine, what do you think you would be doing with your life right now?

DeStorm_Power4 karma

I did music before Youtube and Vine and I'm still doing music...so probably music. just would be looking for the best platform to push it.

muthafunkah2 karma

Hey man, my name is Luke, I was a finalist in your Watch Me Contest a few years ago.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to be a full time YouTuber, and hopefully one day move on to making moves outside of YouTube and on bigger platforms?

DeStorm_Power3 karma

I always advise ppl to create, create, create. the more content you put out the better it get's and the more you are seen. whatever avenue you decide to pursue, make sure your content and material highlights that.

jasonpstolken1 karma

What percentage of good content vs. self promotion (networking/social media) should someone that is just starting out dedicate their time to? 50/50? 70/30? Thanks

DeStorm_Power2 karma

should be all good content with subliminal self promo as well a blatant.

sleepysnowboarder1 karma

Hey Destorm I've been watching your videos since you made "Fitted Caps" with KeepTheHeat. I was wondering if you're going to be doing anymore challenge videos anytime soon?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

the challenges ended years ago and I don't plan on brining that series back.

I_AM_GROO_T1 karma

Hey DeStorm! How close are you with all the other people you do vines with? It seems as if you guys hang out a lot! Is it just for promotional purposes or are you guys all really good friends?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

we're definitely friends. we even roast each other in an ongoing group chat.

awftyy1 karma

For up and coming viners, YouTube videographers that want to collab with you, what determines whether or not you'll work with them? What do you look for? Like follower count, content, etc

DeStorm_Power1 karma

its always attractive when someone can trade audiences but there are rare occasions with great ideas prevail.

17dcrouse1 karma

What do you think of the rapper Joey Bad a$$? And his new album?

DeStorm_Power3 karma

I like Joey. my son rocks his music

EdAnoj1 karma

I followed you since you started and I am amazed at what you have achieved. Keep it up! My question would be: You collaborated with many vine celebs. Just as you used to with other youtubers. Do you still stay in touch with the youtubers you have collaborated with? for instance with freddiew, megan nicole etc.

DeStorm_Power1 karma

I actually seen them both at an event the other day :-)

gomojofilms1 karma

Would you consider portraying Bob Beamon in a feature film?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

i heard it was in the making. actually one of my favorite athletes of all times

IAmTheWorldLeader1 karma

What's the hardest challenge that you ever completed?

DeStorm_Power2 karma

picking myself back up after losing it ALL.

Hobo-man1 karma

Destorm, what's your perfect breakfast?

DeStorm_Power1 karma

whatever i'm feeling that morning :-)

Tryce260 karma

Happy Birthday to a fellow Aquarian (my 33rd b day is Feb 6th-we should party together one year). I think you have amazing talent and your ability to reach millions and be an inspiration is well documented. Which brings me to my question: You're a member of Phi Beta Sigma (happy belated founders day). Do you work with them on community outreach projects to help inspire younger men?

DeStorm_Power3 karma

I am not a member of any Fraternity but a lot of my friends are.