Hey Reddit! It’s Justin, Josh, Jesse, Matt and Claudio from Motion City Soundtrack here.

We are currently on the road for the “Commit This To Memory” 10 Year Anniversary Tour.

If you want to check us out on tour, you can grab tickets at motioncitysoundtrack.com/events.

If you want to hang out, converse, take a photo, and sing a couple songs together while staring longingly into each others eyes, you can pick up a VIP package at motioncitysoundtrack.groundctrl.net/events

We will be here answering all your questions starting at 3pm EST, so get to it: Ask us anything!


We are: joshuaallencain (Josh) elvisdechico (Claudio) jcpmcs (Justin). Matt and Jesse will answer from this account!

Edit: Hey guys, we gotta wrap it up, but it's been awesome! Josh, Justin, and Claudio will continue answering questions throughout the future and all eternity, perhaps...

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twentysixtwo55 karma


MotionCitySoundtrack30 karma

Thank you so much! Pizza Luce! By far! - Jesse

Pbart51954 karma

I ran in to Matt at the Jimmy Eat World show at the NORVA. Tapped him on the shoulder, and he seemed happy to take 5 minutes out of his night out with his wife to talk to me. Meeting them at WT was also a very pleasant experience. They all seem genuinely pleased to speak with fans, and I think meeting these guys has made me such a dedicated fan over the years.

MotionCitySoundtrack14 karma

Matt: We couldn't do what we do without you folks coming to see our shows. So it's our pleasure to meet the people that make it possible! So thanks!

mynameisquatron50 karma

Justin, what is it exactly that you hate about theme parks?

MotionCitySoundtrack108 karma

The anxiety that comes from imagining my possible death from a great height. -Justin

LivingNewt49 karma

Just want to say that lyrically I've always thought you were one of the best bands around, some of the stuff you write is pretty awesome and I've always found a lot of stuff relateable. Particularly LGFUAD, Hold Me Down and Hangman. So my question is what's the inspiration for most of the stuff you write, is it based on personal experience or do you just write what comes to you?

Also do a tour of the UK please.

MotionCitySoundtrack67 karma

I am not that imaginative. So yes, most of the words come from personal experience. It always fills me with joy as well as sadness that people can relate to the words I write. Joy because it is good to have someone or something to lean on, but sad that they've gone through the same miserable shit, you know? Fingers crossed we will be able to get there sometime this year! -Justin.

Vinegarface3832 karma

Did u really quit smoking weed/ learn Japanese?

MotionCitySoundtrack36 karma

Yes and No. Quit the weed (but I never really partook in that). The Japanese is SLOW GOING. My memory is just not what it used to be. -Justin.

Saccam198927 karma

What is the secret to making songs like "Lets Get Fucked Up and Die" and "Everyone Will Die" sound so damn happy?!

Love your work guys!

MotionCitySoundtrack42 karma

No idea. But we have always been fans of the music sounding one way and the lyrics being wholly other. -Justin.

jcs55123 karma

Hey guys, big fan of your music. My name's Justin, I have asthma, played hockey, was a screwup in school, and have a fractured relationship with my father so Time turned Fragile will always get me. Just wanted to say thanks for helping me sort through some shit and things that my father doesn't say but probably thinks.

My question to Justin is: what is the weirdest thing you have gotten your huge hair stuck in (tour van window, etc.) or stuck in your huge hair (guitar strings, birdshit, etc.)?

MotionCitySoundtrack36 karma

I am glad that song speaks to you! Yeah, Rick (my dad) is a fan of that one. As for the hair, I take it off when I'm not on stage. ;) Never been caught. -Justin.

theotherguy199722 karma

Justin- are you still playing xbox with fans and changing games every couple of months or so? because it would be awesome to play with you:)

MotionCitySoundtrack40 karma

Yes and No. I haven't had much time for video games as of late, but I plan a grand return sometime in the summer/fall once I sort out my username(s). Be patient. -Justin.

BlankJebus116 karma

I thought you sold your xbox to Jimmy down the street?

MotionCitySoundtrack174 karma

Go fuck yourself. ;) -Justin.

jdantz22 karma

Any chance of a reissue of My Dinosaur Life on vinyl?!

MotionCitySoundtrack21 karma

(josh) We would love to do something rad with MDL. Don't think it is currently in the cards since it was on a major label. SO for now it is only available online. :(

camkeys22 karma

What are your thoughts on the blink-182 news?

MotionCitySoundtrack42 karma

It's always sad to see a band have difficulties, we love them all and wish them the best!

thy1220 karma

Who is the inspiration behind "Antonia"? Is it Lindsay?

MotionCitySoundtrack47 karma

I remember the day well when that idea came together. I recently spoke about it on the Voice and Verse podcast. To reiterate here, I was listening to Ben Folds, The Jesus And Mary Chain, and Tom Waits throughout the day. Somehow that was the magic formula. The chords and melody just popped into my head. I knew I wanted it to be a laundry list type of love song. I just imagined what kind of things I would like someone to sing to me, the kind of love song I would want to hear, and I wrote those things down. Yes, the song contains things about a bunch of people. The hardest thing was narrowing it down to all the lines that now exist in the song. Funny enough, some things have come true that weren't when I originally wrote the words. -Justin.

stevewhitmer16 karma

Roughly 75% of the women I've dated have wanted to sleep with you Justin. Do you have an explanation for this?

MotionCitySoundtrack31 karma

I think there might be something wrong with your numbers. -Justin.

kaninepete16 karma

What is the meaning/origin of "point of extinction?

And why don't you ever play it live?

MotionCitySoundtrack26 karma

We've actually played it live on this tour! The origin story for the phrase, "point of extinction," comes from my friend Kitty and me. At a certain point near the end of an evening of debauchery, without fail, one of us would proclaim, "I've reached the point of extinction!" Which would signify the official end of the evening. -Justin.

songbird891816 karma

I've been a fan of Fall Out Boy for years now, and my favorite song is actually the one Justin did vocals on, 'Chicago Is So Two Years Ago'. Are there any artists that you guys would love to collaborate with?

Thank you!


MotionCitySoundtrack20 karma

Tom Waits, an Ben Folds come to mind. -Justin.

dinoparty14 karma


MotionCitySoundtrack11 karma

(josh) I really dig "So Long Farewell" and "The Worst Part" but it seems they do not make our live set ever.

BeefMitts7 karma

Have you guys ever played your cover of Wait So Long live? That song has been a gateway for a lot of my friends to check you guys out, you did an incredible job covering it!

MotionCitySoundtrack3 karma

Yes we have played it live ! (as u/knibz pointed out) Thanks for the compliment!

MotionCitySoundtrack4 karma

I think we end up playing our favorites on tour. But our favorites tend to change depending on our moods. Hopefully that makes sense. -Justin.

emelbee92312 karma

Dearest Motion City Soundtrack,

First, I was at the Fillmore show in Silver Spring, MD. It was phenomenal. For all that is good and holy, please return!!!

Justin, your voice is magical. Jesse, you are tremendously energetic on stage. Matt, your basslines are always fantastic. Claudio, your hair is as great as your playing. And boy is it great! Josh, you are excellent in everything

Second, I was part of the meet and greet crowd. It was great to briefly chat with everyone, but I think I may have been rude to Matt. I asked him a question and then kind of cut him off. For which I am sorry.

Third, when can your adoring fans expect that shiny new album to drop?

Fourth, what is your LEAST favorite song to play and why?

Fifth….Don’t really have a fifth…. I… Love you?

MotionCitySoundtrack29 karma

Matt: You're all about that bass, eh? Thanks! And no worries about cutting me off. I only ugly cried for a couple hours. 😉 (not really)

Ischaey10 karma

I always wondered; how did you guys come up with your name?

MotionCitySoundtrack19 karma

We didn't.

Tostecles10 karma

If I asked you when #MCSLP6 is releasing, would you tell me?

MotionCitySoundtrack15 karma

No! (this year working out the final details)

MehPsh9 karma

Does the future still freak you out?

MotionCitySoundtrack23 karma

Who told you it ever did? -Justin.

thesouthstar869 karma

On "My Dinosaur Life", there are a few songs that make references to Japan / learning Japanese. Is this just random, or is there a reason / personal story behind this?

MotionCitySoundtrack16 karma

Yes. I have been trying to teach myself the language for years. At best I can apologies for not speaking the language in broken Japanese. But Japan is my favorite place on earth and I hope to travel there much more in the future! -Justin.

Pbart51958 karma

First off, let me say that y'all are awesome, and I'm a huge fan. I fell in love with your music instantly at Warped Tour in Pittsburgh, PA 2003.

Matt - Jamie said that he will provide me "pictures from the golf course" if y'all don't answer my questions. Whatever that means, I'm not sure, but knowing Jamie I'll bet it's good.

First question: Why didn't you guys schedule an anniversary date in Richmond or Norfolk? Second question: Want to grab a beer with Jamie and myself some time near RVA? PM if interested. I've met you all in person before, with the exception of Claudio, so I can reasonably assure you I'm not a creepy stalker psycho murderer. Jamie can confirm this if needed.

MotionCitySoundtrack6 karma


A friend of Jamie is a friend of mine!

It just didn't work out that way, but we will be watching the Super Bowl there in the comfort of my own home!

DinkyPls6 karma

A question to Justin: What's your favorite thing about doing your podcast with your wife?

MotionCitySoundtrack10 karma

Getting to spend time with her. She's a 9-5er and I am a gone up to 6 months out of the year type of guy. But yeah, we both read a lot. We want to have a library in our future home one day. -Justin.

raradee5 karma

I don't have a question but I just want to let you know I love you guys. You've been my favorite band for like 13 years now, and I've seen you around 13 times. Plus Matt was my first crush.

edit: Actually I do have a question, why didn't you play Throw Down at Riot Fest?!

MotionCitySoundtrack5 karma

Aw shucks! 😊> Matt

bufffalove5 karma

Where's your love for buffalo? It's been forever 😩

MotionCitySoundtrack4 karma

Sorry buddies ! i am sure we will someday make our way back to the great city of buffalo.

ayfilm5 karma

Big fan since I saw you in '05. My favorite song is Alcohol Eyes, what was that song's writing process and how come it didn't make it onto the album?

MotionCitySoundtrack5 karma

(josh) Like life, records are full of compromises.

IfYouRun5 karma

Hey guys:

Justin: Favourite book/ game/ film?

Claudio: How has it been fitting into the band? And how does it differ from your experiences with STD etc

All three: Are there any songs you guys have played live and thought "This doesn't work"

MotionCitySoundtrack14 karma

(josh) Yes unfortunately sometimes a song you think is just going to kill live and it just falls flat. One that comes to mind is "Calling All Cops". It was such a bummer. Love that song but it never seems to work live.

MotionCitySoundtrack13 karma

Book: Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl. Game: Bioshock Film: Faces by John Cassavetes


blackbirdsongs7 karma

Bioshock yaaassss. What did you think of Infinite?

MotionCitySoundtrack11 karma

Loved it. -Justin.

RUFiO0065 karma

Hey Justin! Any news on Farewell Continental or is it still top secret?

MotionCitySoundtrack18 karma

Top secret. NOBODY knows about that band. ;) -Justin.

bkittykitty5 karma

If I send you guys snapchats to will you guys see them or is snapchat set up differently for popular people? :)

MotionCitySoundtrack5 karma

I try to respond to everyone, but recently it seems that randomly Snapchat views them on its own. It's really strange, but I was replying to them and suddenly 15 were no longer available. That ever happen to anyone? -Justin.

lookiammikey5 karma

Hey guys, I've always wondered about your relationship with "Trampled by Turtles". I see you guys covering eachother's songs and was wondering how that came to happen?

MotionCitySoundtrack6 karma

(Josh) We really don't know them at all. We just really dug that song and thought it would be super rad to do a old school split seven inch with them. So we called them up.

Circuits_And_Wires5 karma

Hi guys! You've been my favorite band since 2003 and have loved anything and everything you've released. I'll be seeing you guys at the Anaheim House of Blues coming up in a couple of weeks.

Will we ever see you guys perform some of your bonus tracks? Sunny Day and Alcohol Eyes are some of my all time favorite songs from you guys and I'd give almost anything to see them played live. I always had this fantasy about you going on tour just playing your bonus tracks.

MotionCitySoundtrack10 karma

I don;t think we have ever played either of those songs before. I really wanted Sunny Day on the record, but democracy at the time voted against it. IT HAD THE TITLE OF THE ALBUM CONTAINED WITHIN! I also felt the same way about Alcohol Eyes, but that was more because it was about my wife. -Justin.

Aubreyannna4 karma

So, Justin...

How do you get your hair so stylishly cool all the time? Like seriously... How does it stay that way through a whole show?! And will there ever be a plan to change your awesome hair?

MotionCitySoundtrack9 karma

I use equal parts shame and guilt. I don't think it does stay awesome through an entire set. But I plan to keep my hair as long as it will have me. -Justin.

laminatedsam4 karma

What is your favorite album in your discography? also what are your favorite artists to listen to? big big fan for many years now! keep it up homies

MotionCitySoundtrack8 karma

For me currently it is this one we are playing for #CTTM10. Hadn't listened to it in a long time and it was fun to investigate. I also love the new record that isn't out yet, but that naturally happens when you record something new. As for current favorite bands, mine are: Los Campesinos!, Lemuria, The Joy Formidable, Speedy Ortiz. -Justin.

stradivari3103 karma

I'm so happy this is happening, my friend introduced me to your music in around 2004 and I've been hooked ever since. I have two questions!

1) What characters would you play in D&D?

2) What kinds of guitar pedals do you guys like to use?

MotionCitySoundtrack10 karma

(josh) Well I am super pumped your friend turned you on to us!

1) i don't play D&D but i do play WOW and my main is a Rogue

2) Zvex Box of Rock, a MXR delay, a old Morley delay and a Big Muff.

MotionCitySoundtrack3 karma

matt: i'm a simple man. i use a tuner and a fuzz (earthquaker hoof).

MyOnlyAlias3 karma

Hey guys! Really love your stuff. You're one of my favorite bands. :D

How do you think your life and experiences has changed the sound of MCS? Are there any clear markers for when things changed? Your earlier stuff sounds pretty different from newer material. Is that just the band maturing?

MotionCitySoundtrack5 karma

(josh) Yes life brings many experiences that shape and change us and in turn shape and change our music. Sometimes it circles back again.