After my separation from SiriusXM and The Opie and Anthony show, I now host The Anthony Cumia Show. We just finished our 100th live episode!

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boomgoesthemike209 karma

Did you try to get Jimmy to be co-host of your show before he re-signed with SiriusXM?

anthonycumiashow188 karma

YES. Yes. Jimmy is an amazing talent. He would have been an absolute coup to get on this program. Didn't work out that way. I would have loved to have him as a cohost.

Edit: coup is not spelled "kuuuuu"

LC_IS_GOD172 karma

How is your relationship with Opie now, and would you ever get together on another medium for a show?

anthonycumiashow233 karma

Our relationship right now is in a very weird place. We had done radio together for 20 years, and that was pretty much a daily get-together. Over the years, we had grown into two remarkably different people, and I think things that each-other did that annoyed us became a lot more pronounced. We didn't get into any huge arguments besides the 2 on air. As time went on, like any relationship, it just became tougher. We weren't as close as we were at the beginning. Once I got fired, I think we both just decided to spend some time away. Even through the firings, we would talk/text/email. With this circumstance, I knew I was out of that picture, and we just really didn't talk. We've had a couple of text conversations, also the stress and strain of having to change the show on his show and come up with a show on my side gave us little chance to wax fantastic about the olden days of radio!

The relationship is fine, but we really haven't spoken about it.

shakedatbooty144 karma

What do you think of all the hate Opie is getting on the opieandanthony subreddit?

anthonycumiashow334 karma

He was put in an awful position, as was I and Jimmy and the entire staff. I was fired from SiriusXM for what I see as no fucking reason at all. I had spoken out for years (like I had on twitter during the times square incident). This wasn't anything new - somebody that they didn't want on the air. I've been with them for 10 years. It put everyone in a very weird position. They throw me out, now Opie had two choices. Bail, or stay on and do a show without me. He chose the latter of the two, with Jimmy. That's now what people have to listen to that were used to hearing the three of us. Some people do not like it! Some people don't like all of the circumstances of the firing and they feel a disloyalty to the group. I think a lot of that anger comes from that. You're continuing after this corporation busts the show. I've pondered it, thinking "I'm human" or "i'm pissed", or "how else was it going to end"? What was I going to do after the show?

I've had thoughts also that Opie and Jimmy should have walked if they wanted to get me back, for them to say "we're not coming back till the three of us come on".

Or... fuck it, i'm doing a show now and it's cool.

or... who am I to tell them how to make money and live their life?

The truth of the matter is that the real way i feel is a mixture of all of the above depending on the day. I'm not happy about being fired or that the show I was with for 20 years was so easily dismantled.

I think a lot of the hate comes from the people on the outside looking in. People get pissed, what am I gonna do? People get pissed at me too! I get bad comments about myself! Sometimes I answer, get deeper in a hole, but it's a part of the deal you make with satan.

opieanthonyjim109 karma

What are the odds you 3 get back together? I'm sorry but nothing is as good as O&A&J. Nothing.

anthonycumiashow80 karma

Under the proper circumstances, sure, I would be for it. As far as the odds go, I have no clue. We're all doing our own thing right now, which can't just be stopped. I can't just pull the plug on this, and I'm sure Opie doing his show with Jimmy doesn't just want me to plop back in that seat again and start doing O&A again.

DrLyleChipperson95 karma

Who do you consider the greatest radio host in the world and why is it East Side Dave?

anthonycumiashow71 karma

Dave, is that you?! I LOVE ESD. I don't think anyone even doubts that! One of the most talented person on the radio. Full of energy, anger and emotion. If he hadn't gotten hired when he did, I was trying to snatch his ass up too for this platform!

billisinthefridge94 karma

Would you be a guest on Stern if you were invited?

anthonycumiashow178 karma

FUCK YEAH! In a second. That's some publicity! I don't have a problem with Howard Stern. Howard is an amazing guy. He made radio - changed radio! He made a show that became the benchmark for that kind of anti-zoo-crew radio. He entertained a lot of people for a long time.

As far as our battles - that's how you deal with him. If you use any other tactic on Howard, you lose. It made for interesting radio and interesting conversations with management. As far as a personal issue? No. I'd see the show in the halls or the streets - couldn't be nicer!

Fred and robin and gary have all been great.

mnabd71 karma

How is the situation with the Patrice benefit next month? Is there a chance you will make an appearance?

anthonycumiashow144 karma

There is a Patrice benefit, which has gone on every year since his demise. This year in February there is another. I have not been invited, but I don't know if that's a snub or politics or a personal problem. I have been instructed by KtC to give Bill Burr a call. I am scared! I love Bill. Bill has given us some of the best radio ever over the years. He is a very talented comic, and very fucking funny and quick witted. And a great actor, also! But there is something about him that frightens me, and I think he is mad at me. I don't even know! I think he's mad at me for what happened that brought my firing, or what he heard second and thirdhand about what happened that brought about my firing.

Regardless of which one these are, I'M SCARED! But I have to pick up the phone and talk to Burr at some point. WHY DO I HAVE TO?! KEITH?!

So maybe it'll be one of those last minute things. As of right now, I do not have an invitation to the benefit.

Frankie_1001_71 karma

When will you get a co-host?

anthonycumiashow81 karma

This has been a question thats come up many times during the 100 episodes of TACS. Easier said then done! It is nearly impossible to find someone that you can sit next to on a daily basis and discuss the minutia of the day. Everything from a major news event to your fucking laundry and make it fun, interesting for not just the audience, but for the person you're hanging out with! It's every day - there has to be some commonality between you, but there has to be a lot of differences. It's not an easy formula to just throw together. I've had great guests on this show - Nick DiPaolo, Colin Quinn, Jimmy Norton, or even someone like Stuttering John was great! So many people say "dude, you gotta be the cohost!" It's hard to tell from one show to see what the chemistry will be like, and if it'll work 1-2 months in the future, and see if it's still fun on a daily basis. I'm not opposed to a cohost, but it has to be the right person. I enjoy the solo thing - I know some perfer a cohost to me being alone, and that's totally reasonable. But until I find somebody that would work out for the long term, we'll have great guests come in! I love chatting with KtC, Rat and Stinky. It's only 100 shows - it's still a very growing item here. Very happy with where it is, and how fast it got here. If a cohost is in the cards in the future, so be it!

Jack41861 karma

When is Ronnie B getting on the show???

anthonycumiashow61 karma

He's the best in the business! Even a seasoned vet / radio guy is intimidated sitting at a console with him. I'd love to work with him - like some guy in little league asking to play ball with Jeter.

willkanator59 karma

How could you neglect Joe Derosa's fragile feelings?

anthonycumiashow145 karma

Another person I considered a friend, but unlike Danny Ross, I know what happened with Joe. Joe's an asshole. Joe has this notion that people will give a shit about him or who he fucking hangs out with in the showbiz world. He got angry with me and what I said on Twitter about the times square episode and firing. Instead of addressing me and asking me about it and my intentions and opinions, he just thought he'd talk about it on other people's shows and really put me in a bad light. The final straw was "what am I supposed to tell my black friends?" That to me is the dumbest most hypocritical racist thing I've ever heard - and I listen to my own fucking mouth! So in the words of David from Spinal Tap, We shan't work together again.

FancyAndImportantMan54 karma

Did you ever wear Mommy's shoes?

anthonycumiashow48 karma

I don't know where this came from! The O&A show? Slow news day? Someone was speculating that I wore mom's shoes, said it enough. The fucked up part about doing radio with a bunch of guys that can pound at you is that the lie becomes the truth! You say it enough times, and it becomes the truth! Things like this, and hands up don't shoot on the other end of the spectrum.

For the record, i NEVER wore mommy's shoes.

geoffkeegan51 karma

Did you know you can now purchase mugs at

anthonycumiashow111 karma

As you can at!

Koolaider49 karma

Anthony, is it true that you once fell down the stairs because you tripped over your own penis? Congrats on #100!

anthonycumiashow81 karma

NO. I've gotten quite the reputation over the years as far as my dick goes! It's a double edged sword. Not my dick, the reputation. While I am greatly proud of what the good lord has given me as far as reproductive organs go, the myth has led to embarrassing, disappointed looks on some girls faces that thought they were getting the white whale.

ScoundrelSteve46 karma

Why never bring up Steve C's suicide on the show? Do you feel any guilt?

anthonycumiashow74 karma

We talk about him all the time! I don't bring up his suicide, I don't know how personal of an issue that is. What are you going to say? He was so much fun, so talented, and so many people just don't see it coming. Just tragic. Steve was fantastic - a really good friend - I've known him for so long that it was terrible to hear, and he is missed.

Dsmith238745 karma

Do you plan to create a Carolla like Podcast network and if so, do you ever envision it being free rather than subscription based?

anthonycumiashow83 karma

I absolutely want to make a network out of this. We've approached and are in discussions with certain personalities regarding this venture! I'm amazing with my legal jargon!

As far as the subs go, I would love to be able to just put a free show out there. I can't while others can - I don't need a sponsor holding over my head what I said or want to say. I never want to second guess what's gonna come out of my mouth when discussing race or sexuality or women's rights or any other subject that will get you thrown in PC jail. Sponsors are like parents for your show! If they get mad at you, they can hurt you. I just never want that. Knowing that it's sub based, whoever watches wants to watch, knows what to expect, and I'm not being blackmailed to watch what I'm saying.

Also - I will keep the price very low and try to add shows and material that I think is exactly what the subscribers are asking for. Quid Pro Quo motherfucker!

willkanator45 karma

What is the weirdest O&A conspiracy theory you've ever read?

anthonycumiashow58 karma

The one where the AAF firing was planned was planned so we could go to NYC so we could do radio.

We both kinda pushed that one (me and opie). It was like a crime drama thing! Made a great story, we weren't sorry it happened. We said the mayor was dead and he wasn't!

boomgoesthemike41 karma

What are your honest thoughts on Sam Roberts?

anthonycumiashow83 karma

Sam Roberts - I like him a lot. I think he is very talented. He is brash. He's very motivated too. Perceptive. He's able to take things he sees and turn it into on-air material. That's the name of the game! He'll do very well. He's likeable, not so much to reddit - but to regular people, yet he's abrasive enough. People that can get away with saying some pretty nasty things because they are so likeable go very far. I've seen some of the most horrible things i've ever heard come out of Louie CK's mouth - and he's one of the most adored comedians in the country! He's never getting called out on un-PC things he says (he shouldn't!) - that kind of personality helps in comedy and radio.

CCRed9539 karma

Can you have Colin Quinn on more?

anthonycumiashow35 karma


crustyruffles33 karma

Thoughts on self-heating soups and beverages?

anthonycumiashow47 karma

Jimmy loves those! It seems dangerous! I don't know what i'm more scared of - self-heating soups or Bill Burr! It's a scary thing. It's a chemical reaction - who needs that!

mnabd29 karma

What is your everyday carry weapon?

anthonycumiashow50 karma

I love my H&K P2000SK .40 cal

willkanator29 karma

What happened with Danny?

anthonycumiashow29 karma

Danny Ross was a friend that I would have called one of my best friends. I have no idea what happened! As you've heard on the show many times, he was a colorful person with a vibrant volatile personality. He got himself in a lot of jams with people at the show and at the company. I would always defend him because he was a good friend of mine. Then I guess I turned into an asshole. I don't know why! That was it. In the words of David from Spinal Tap, no no we shan't work together again.

Burrrat28 karma

How do you feel about ex-producers of the O&A show like Rick Delgado and Ben Sparks? Have you kept in contact with any of them? How about Black Earl from Ron and Fez?

anthonycumiashow26 karma

I had a dream that Rick Delgado was in, sitting at a table, talking to Opie! I don't see that ever happening in real life.

I've kept in touch with a couple of people, not many. Radio is a lot like every other job. When you're working there, you're with people every day. When you don't have that job anymore, you really just move on. I barely said eight words to Garrett in the 15 years we didn't work together, and now we chill over a beer!

There have been other people that have died like poor Steve C, who was very funny.

Rick, I didn't have any issues with, he fell out of sorts, being Opie's Ex's brother. Makes it a bit awkward!

Ben Sparks is certifiably insane! I was entertained by his crazy banter, I know he still talks to my brother and keith. He's a wacky guy, he and psycho mark.

I guess I was much more at odds with management and not who we were working with. I could not fucking stand having to deal with Steve Bladder working at Sirius XM. I had a problem with him - not at a personal level, I just don't think he appreciated what we were doing at the show. I never felt respected with him, and felt like I was supposed to give him the utmost respect.

I really honestly think that you can talk to anyone for the most part that I've worked with and I don't think they'd say bad things about me, and vice versa.

Danny ross aside.

E-rockComment27 karma

ME: What has your experience been like doing your own show from ‘the compound’ thus far? What are some of the unforeseen challenges that you have faced, and what has been rewarding in ways that you would not have anticipated prior to the undertaking?

anthonycumiashow34 karma

I was petrified to do this. I wouldn't have started this on my own if I still had a job at SiriusXM. I was making a good paycheck. I was building and using this studio every so often as a hobby. I love broadcasting and technology - it was just fun to do. Drunk karaoke, shit like that. I never had the confidence to think I could do this as a job and make a success of it.

That's still to be seen!

I couldn't be happier with the way it's going and progressing after only 100 shows. I was fired July 4. By the beginning of August, we were up and running. I had the studio, had an idea of what to do, but knew nothing of how to get it out to the fans, how to monetize, and how to get the right people in place to get it work. People i could trust in my house on a daily basis!

The way it progressed over 100 shows - couldn't have pictured it - very excited for what the future will bring. I can't wait for spring to get out by the pool and do shows from out there. More location shows!

We already did a freaking remote from a casino with fans and it went off without a hitch! I couldn't have asked for more, and it wasn't something we could do at SiriusXm with the roadblocks. I was incredibly happy we were able to do that so quickly. A lot more of that is coming! I'm very excited about this - it's a lets try new things and lets have fun doing this kind of show.

N0dripwindex27 karma

In pounds, what was the fattest girl you ever made coitus with?

anthonycumiashow27 karma

I've never been into chubby girls, I guess. So there haven't been many. Maybe 160? Not very tall, so there's that.

DrLyleChipperson26 karma

After your tirade, did you at any point feel bad that your behavior would potentially have a profound negative impact on Sam, Erock, Roland, etc (and to a lesser extent Jim and Opie since they're more well off)?

anthonycumiashow52 karma

YES, absolutely. If there was one regret I had in this whole thing, it was that I interrupted so many people's lives with this whole thing. But people know the business they're in, and they know the show they were anchored to. You gotta expect the worst sometimes. This was a program that had been fired and suspended on occasions, staff thrown out the door, it's not exactly the most secure living that one could attach themselves to. But I did feel bad for the staff, especially when I was unsure if the others would have a show, and if anyone there would be a part of the staff.

grocery_man24 karma

What's your favourite season of seinfeld?

anthonycumiashow34 karma

I like the early seasons, but not the first one. It had some great episodes.

2-3-4. It's just an all around good amazing show - some are so classic from every season. The earlier ones when they started to get and use their personalities were amazing episodes.

bigp5822 karma

Where is the wiffle ball bat?

anthonycumiashow38 karma

Dunno! We used to put this inside girls vaginas and see who could take it the furthest by marking it with a sharpie. I don't know what happened to it - but it should have gone into a red biohazard bag and been taken to a hospital landfill.

XenonDown21 karma

Would you consider doing something with Artie Lange?

anthonycumiashow44 karma

I fucking love him! He's funny as fuck. Even when he was destroying me and opie on Howard's show one day, we were in the office and turned Howard on during the commercial break. Artie was going off and I couldn't stop laughing! It was kind of an O&A bit where he replaced one of us with other characters. It was brilliant and very funny. I think he's very talented. I'm not one to talk about someone's psychological condition, I know he's had his issues. I'd love to do something with Artie - either as a guest on eachother's show, or maybe some type of collaboration. Open and welcome!

roscoe_p_soultrain21 karma

Congrats on #100... what's been your favorite moment/show so far?

anthonycumiashow33 karma

There's been so many over these many hours! Dice - when he was here, that really made me feel like this has a shot. Technically, we absolutely weren't where we are at now. We had mic problems, camera problems, but to sit at that outside table with the pool, some girls serving drinks, and Dice and his whole family in my yard - it was "I think this is pretty fucking cool!". That was followed by karaoke until about midnight, which never even aired. Everyone was just hanging in my basement. That was a cool moment for the show.

Colin Quinn spilling his diet coke - a close number two!

kace_iwp18 karma

When you have a New York City studio set up, are you planning on expanding by adding new talent and starting an HD video podcast network?

anthonycumiashow26 karma

We're working on a NYC facility. It's become imperative that we have a presence in the city for interviews and live shows, things like that. We're working on it. That would add new talent and potential guests, and even shows.

richardc-uk18 karma

Ant, what is the one thing that sticks out as the most cringe/horror/self hatred inducing moment of the O&A show?

anthonycumiashow39 karma

There's a couple! Early on, at AAF, anything I said!

So hard to listen to now because I was so happy to be there, and just be doing anything but construction work that I would blurt out, laugh too much, just to be on the air and talk. very embarrassing!

As far as modern day stuff, when I would heat up, with a guest talking, I would feel my face heating up about what was going on.

When I fell asleep on the air, it was really embarrassing. i was probably hungover. Just fell asleep! They put the mic under my nose, and left the studio. Very embarrassing.

Having to strap on padding so I could go to a golf course and get golf balls hit at me.

The bra bombing when we said we were dropping bras full of water balloons on an enemy station. I can't even say it now it's so silly!

Ya gotta get here from there, so I'm sure in the next 100 shows there'll be plenty of embarrassing moments.

mrnonsenseny15 karma

Would you consider having Spaz on the show?

anthonycumiashow23 karma

That ship has sailed! Spaz was very funny during the NEW days, a goofy character. Frightening though - he used to do a week in review. He'd take news stories and comment on them. They were crazy stories about things like robot doctors and how to get rid of mosquitos, and how to use absorbant on hurricanes to dry them up, etc. He'd come up with these wacky ideas - i swear I've read all of these in the last few years! A savant? He became a cop. That's all I know. They allowed him a gun.