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fuckyolaws11 karma

Is it true that you( Netflix) won't show South Park episodes 200 and 201? If so please explain.

nflxstreammachine45 karma

It's all copywrite shit that not many companies can stream. It sucks, but we are a public company so we gotta be smart about our content.

iJohann3s10 karma

  1. Why are there pretty much no (good) Series in Germany atm? Like... GoT or something like that? Supernatural would also be cool currently watching on Amazon Prime Instant Video, but I wanna watch it with Subtitels in english. Currently I "have" to watch it in german. :)


nflxstreammachine51 karma

Germany is still new, so it will get better!

GoT is pretty locked down by HBO. I wish it was on Netflix!

SpartanZX75 karma

Any news about Netflix supporting In the Flesh (BBC Three Drama which got dropped) yet?

Why if Netflix doesn't stop you using VPN's that they just wont make everything worldwide rather than region locked?

nflxstreammachine38 karma

Netflix doesn't region lock. The content owners do.

Most people don't know this, but sometimes content is owned by different companies in different regions. For example, frozen might be owned by Disney in the US, but in the UK might be owned but a subsidary that's more willing to work with Netflix.

beurrebeurre3 karma

Why do some shows not have all the seasons? For example "Murdoch Mysteries" only has 3 seasons but they are seasons 5, 6 and 7! Where is season 1? I just want to watch from the beginning! :-)

nflxstreammachine12 karma

Some shows have seasons that are owned by different studios. The seasons not on in these instances are because those studios don't have a licensing deal with us.

samprog1 karma

Have you ever used the Netflixsupport in private? (Like you had a problem and needed help)

And how come you got employed there? (I'm sorry if already asked)

nflxstreammachine2 karma

No, never needed to call myself.. But I don't think I've had many software issues, mostly hardware.