yo! my movie Wards Wife is out in select theaters today and on Itunes...and on VOD. To promote, I'm doing a reddit. Ask me anything.


Hi guys, Donald Faison back again on reddit. My latest movie is Let's Kill Ward's Wife which is on demand now and opens in NY and LA today. Check out the trailer (http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/letskillwardswife/).


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tluck812799 karma


What is it about Zach Braff that makes you two such a perfect match?

donald_faison4394 karma

his tight anus.

zachinoz4173 karma

I wish it were tighter. Just had a physical and the doctor had to aim for the side.

donald_faison4090 karma

left side strong side

beluga_whales2099 karma

Hey Donald! Huge fan of Scrubs here. I have three questions to ask. Would you ever be up to doing a special reunion episode for Scrubs?

My second question is, if I sent you this would you want it? I made this out of perler beads and have been wanting to send it to someone from Scrubs but didn't know how to go about something like that.

And, if you didn't want it would you be willing to sign it for me and send it back? :D Thanks for all the laughs.


donald_faison1931 karma

That's dope! message me on twitter and we'll work it out.

LunchBokks1699 karma

If someone crowd funded enough money to make Dr.Acula, do you think you and Zach would be down to make it?

zachinoz2768 karma

Donald doesn't know this (WEED), but those characters are all owned by Disney who produced the show. We can never do anything independently with JD/Turk or Acula without the mouse.

donald_faison2713 karma

i know this - and i'm on a break from weed.

Crazyblazy3951544 karma

Would you rather give up weed or Zach?

donald_faison2320 karma

that's a tough one.

Crazyblazy3951515 karma

Did you know when you signed on for clueless it would be as big of a cult classic as it was?

donald_faison2821 karma

i was clueless...

zachinoz2325 karma

Tell them about how you took Alicia's Brown-virginity.

donald_faison2174 karma

who the hell is Alicia???

zachinoz2297 karma

Silverstone! How high are you?!

donald_faison2285 karma

I'm not high just REALLY dumb.

donald_faison2431 karma

btw - my wife is typing for me everyone.

juliusbb1341 karma

whats your best moment in scrubs?

donald_faison2569 karma

the whole thing.

zachinoz3979 karma

Well thought-out answer. On behalf of the whole community, thank you.

donald_faison3726 karma

eat a dick

donald_faison2905 karma

how's that?

donald_faison1159 karma

guys - i gotta bounce but i will be back on later. it's been fun. please see Let's Kill Wards Wife in select theaters now and on itunes and VOD. i love you like crazy. thanks for making this so much fun!!

trdz1090 karma

So when is Zach Braff joining?

donald_faison1703 karma

he's not this time. sorry buddy you're stuck with me.

zachinoz2399 karma

False. There is a rumor on the web that you are not actually African American, but that you've been taking those pills C. Thomas Howell took in the film "Soul Man." Is there any truth to this?

donald_faison1962 karma

i'm not much of a pill popper. maybe it's because i spend too much time with your white ass

zachinoz2001 karma

So you deny that you are actually white and actually look like Eddie Murphy when he was in white face?


donald_faison1400 karma


donald_faison1401 karma

YOU know i'm brown.

napulitano911 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA!

In 5 words, how would you describe the guy love between you and Zach?

donald_faison2347 karma

Moist. Moist. Moist. Moist. Moist.

v_ronatron885 karma

Will you have some sort of part in Pitch Perfect 2? I very much enjoyed your barbershop quartet.

donald_faison1278 karma

Unfortunately, we couldn't make it work with my shooting schedule. MAJORLY disappointed.

Couchmovietime817 karma

Thanks for the AMA! You're hilarious and awesome. If you could make a cameo appearance on any tv show, what would you pick?

donald_faison1770 karma

Arrow or The Flash!

donald_faison1426 karma

arrow - but why can't i have both?

TheBlueEst809 karma

What is your favourite type of sandwich?

donald_faison2464 karma


Crazyblazy395786 karma

First, thank you for making scrubs so amazing, you and /u/ZachInOz are the best couple ever!
My question is: Who would win in a fight between The Janitor, Dr. Cox, and Hooch?

donald_faison1873 karma

Hooch is crazy

juliusbb772 karma

did you need to take several takes on the bball scenes in scrubs or is everything "real" ?

donald_faison1575 karma

My Basketball skills are like the NY Knicks right now!! they SUCK!!!

cassiebanaszek699 karma

What does 'Still hitting them corners and those ho ho's girl' mean?

donald_faison1460 karma

it's "lo lo's" fool

Andshu555 karma

"Takin my time to perfect my rhyme"

donald_faison824 karma

it's the beat fool

Prunus_653 karma

What's your favourite movie/TV show? (sorry for the somewhat boring question) Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm a huge fan of your work! Hoping to be able to see your movie soon! :D

donald_faison1376 karma

Movie: Empire Strikes Back TV: Game of Thrones

elombardi564 karma

Favourite GoT character?

donald_faison3411 karma

khaleesi's titties.

JugglingPolarBear651 karma

What would you do if your son wanted to take dance classes when all of his friends were playing football?

donald_faison2268 karma

he can dance if he wants to. he can leave his friends behind. cuz his friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine. safety.

gr0c3ry571 karma

Turkleton! Been a fan of yours since Remember the Titans! I have a couple questions for you:

1) In all of Star Wars, who is your utmost favorite character?

2) If I were to ever build a functional YT-1300, would you be my co-pilot?

donald_faison801 karma

Lando! if you build it i will come!

fortunatedad546 karma

Loved your Nerdist interview! If you get another chance, will you re-ask George Lucas the question that you missed the answer for?

donald_faison622 karma

YES!! if i ever see him again!

MttChlk401 karma

Hi there, I'm a big fan,

Thanks for doing an AMA, you're most famous, in my eyes, for playing Turk from Scrubs. In a Movie or TV Show, which character would you have liked to play most?


donald_faison1005 karma

Lando Calrissian

Rosscko55381 karma

5 favourite video games?

donald_faison1075 karma

GTA 1,2,3,4,5.

Ho-ohsMeMoney364 karma

What is the most quoted thing fans say to you when you meet them?

donald_faison845 karma

petey jones...running back...the running back y'all

kaitlyn_rae328 karma

Donald, do you and Zack Braff do eagle every time you reunite? Also, would you ever consider coming to boring banor maine and have beers with two guys who have guyyy love between two guys like jd and turk and their significant others?

donald_faison485 karma

next time i'm in Maine i'll Holla!!

mattyrrp326 karma

I've been trying for a while now, will I ever find a Brown Bear of my own?

donald_faison1005 karma

stop looking. you can't force it.

YourShoeIsUntied296 karma

Who would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese?

donald_faison697 karma

Taco would fuck grilled cheese up!!

scottjamescop265 karma

What was your most memorable on set experience during Scrubs?

donald_faison795 karma

everything comes down to poo...

ThehaonmeisterGG243 karma

Is there anyone else from the cast of Scrubs you still hang out with except Zach? Who's the funniest one on the set from The Exes?

donald_faison561 karma

zb and i just hung out with John C. and Neil...good times. the wife and i do dinner with sarah every now and then. everything always so busy - which is a good thing.

checkert204 karma

When will I be able to see you gracing my television/movie screen next?

donald_faison327 karma

watch the Exes! and go see Let's kill Wards Wife! out now

juliusbb197 karma

who was the guest star in scrubs that you were most excited about?

donald_faison510 karma

Billy Dee Williams (naturally) and Dick Van Dyke. Lando and Bert from Mary Poppins - Best Days Ever.

mindbreaker_93177 karma

Hello Donald. I have one question for you: did you ever regret taking the path of acting? As a teenager, did you ever think of doing something else, or being an actor has always been your dream job?

donald_faison308 karma

being an actor is always what i wanted to do. i think that's why I've been so lucky...i never imagined myself doing anything else.

Harker93160 karma

Do you prefer working on films or TV shows and what's the latest with black storm trooper?

donald_faison278 karma

i love working on films, but i've been very lucky and blessed to be on so many great tv shows - and it keeps me home with my family.

Blackstormtrooper is another story right now. Trying to get my studio setup.

juliusbb157 karma

were there some parts of the whole scrubs storyline that really surprised you and got to you emotionally while reading the script?

donald_faison679 karma

what's a script? jk

I really thought JD and Turk would wind up together. It broke my heart when it didn't happen.

vertson146 karma

What was your relationship with Brittany Murphy like?

donald_faison365 karma

i love Brittany. She is missed.

teenagerpie138 karma

If you had the chance to live the life of a Scrubs character for a day, who would it be? (apart from Turk, but lets face it most people would pick Turk)

donald_faison361 karma

Hooch - he's crazy

mattrecc127 karma

Do you have any plans this weekend?

donald_faison434 karma

house hunting and home depot. I'm not sure we'll have enough time.

whysopositive125 karma

What's your favorite scene from the original star wars movies?

donald_faison636 karma

Yoda: Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes. Even between the land and the ship.

juaninamil101 karma

Hey Mr. Faison huge fan I'd like to ask you what your Favourite snack is?

donald_faison241 karma

doughnuts. just doughnuts.

mattyrrp100 karma

Are planning to visit the UK any time soon?

donald_faison336 karma

i love the UK...no plans right now - i got a baby on the way.

AberforthsGoat83 karma

Yo Donald, fuck marry kill? Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke and John C McGinley? Thanks chocolate bear ;)

donald_faison266 karma

marry zach. fuck johnny. kill sarah. but only because she has a vagina.

BreadPad83 karma

Hey man!

I once met you when you stopped in Meltdown Comics in LA to buy minis and paints from my buddy at the Dragon's Den, in the corner of Meltdown. You were totally chill and it was great to meet you, since I am a huge Scrubs fan. You even bought painting classes which was a big sale for my buddy!

What did you end up making with those minis, and how come you didn't come back for the painting classes?

donald_faison143 karma

y'all left before i could come back for painting classes!

sikkcaden63 karma

Donald, Thank you for taking the time to do the AMA! I wanted to say that I really enjoyed your movie Homie Spumoni. I know it doesn't get great reviews and isn't very well known, but I was wondering what your memories and feelings are about that film? Thanks!

donald_faison103 karma

I had a great time working with Whoopie and Paul. off camera they would tell some of the best stories about old movies, actors/actresses that they had worked with and admired. it was just great being in their company.

ebauman46 karma

What pursuits outside of acting do you want to / are you working on? We all know you for acting work, but what other things are your passions besides acting and messing around with Zach Braff?

Thanks for stopping by!

donald_faison125 karma

Stop motion animation is my other passion. for some reason I've always been attracted to the art of moving pictures.

Ableyoungthug42 karma

Donald, indica or sativa?

donald_faison233 karma


wootpartythyme34 karma

Hey man, love you in everything from nerdist podcasts to the exes and of course scrubs, but I want to know the real Donald. That said, would you eat the booty? And if so how much her booty stank if you say no

donald_faison129 karma

you're gross - signed: his wife.

teamregime33 karma

Hey chocolate bear, how's the golf coming? Any courses you can recommend?

donald_faison59 karma

like everyone else, i suck at golf but it's coming along.... I'm a course hopper right now.

Artemisia8827 karma

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? Big fan from the UK 🇬🇧

donald_faison62 karma

Harrison Ford.

Harker933 karma

I recently got a signed photo of Robert Mashcino as the Todd, made my year (2014). Any chance you could come to the UK and hook me up with one of you? Would make 2015 and were not far into it!

donald_faison7 karma

DM me on twitter or fb.