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Upvote_My_Everything1 karma

Didn't you hack a certain youtuber and kind of gave him 'protection' from other hackers. Also what's your view on lizard squads DDOS attacks on Xbox Live and SEN?

bleachedsleet3 karma

No, that wasn't me.

The recent xbox hack (et al.) was meh. It was a DDoS attack plain and simple which is easy to do providing you have either the power (owner of a botnet) or the money to buy the power. It's not really "hacking" in my opinion. It's just simulating a flood of traffic and overloading computers. Nothing special and it's been going on with minor tweaks in methodology for decades now.

ChiefRunsWithDildos-2 karma

Were you smart enough to hide some money? feel free to pm if youre not comfortable.

bleachedsleet4 karma

Perhaps. Why would I PM you with details about my financial situation? :P lol