What's up guys! This is Ashley. I've been acting and singing from a pretty young age. I joined O-Town through MAKING THE BAND when I was 18 years old, and I've continued to sing and dance ever since. Currently out in Oz with WICKED on tour.

Victoria's helping me get started. AMA!


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Frajer33 karma

is Liquid Dreams about wet dreams ?

AshleyParkerAngel29 karma

Definitely. Was it that obvious? Haha!

beeinyourbonnet23 karma

Between the amazing Clone High episode back in the day and your reaction to the recent SNL sketch where they spoofed you, it seems like you can poke fun at yourself and not take yourself too seriously. Have you always been able to do that, or is it part of having a thick skin because you're in the public eye?

AshleyParkerAngel30 karma

Clone High!! That was such a fun episode to be a part of. I think if you're going to work in this business, you have to realize you're going to probably get parodied or spoof at some point (especially when coming from a boyband) but I take it as a total compliment... I mean who wouldn't want to be spoofed by SNL?? :)

jessicaneuman15 karma

Ashley! I am beyond excited to even get to message you and i cant begin to explain how much my inner child neeeeeds this convo with you! Meeting otown on the 9th was a dream come true! I wish i couldve met you too! Truly a man with many many talents and i cant begin to tell you how much i love you! My question is would you attend my wedding on Oct. 3rd 2015? Its a longshot but we would love for you to come! I love you!!! Thank you so much for your time!

AshleyParkerAngel9 karma

Wow! Thank you so much for the kind words Jessica and Congratulations on getting married! Thats amazing - if I'm in the area, I'll be there!

ArturusRex9 karma

Was Cleo really in your hot tub?

AshleyParkerAngel9 karma

She was in more than just my hot tub! Haha

astoldbyam8 karma

You have an amazingly sexy body, would you ever do Playgirl?

AshleyParkerAngel6 karma

You what they say... never say never ;)

bridgetkaty6 karma

Would you ever consider dating a fan ? Why or why not ?

AshleyParkerAngel17 karma

Yes I have and I would again. :)

cassiebanaszek5 karma

I was very surprised (and happy) to learn you took on the role of Fiyero! What is your history (I'll take a "Reader's Digest" version) with theatre and what drew you to role itself?

AshleyParkerAngel6 karma

I realized I loved theater when I saw a production of Little Shop of Horrors in my hometown that actually had my drama teacher as the lead, and I was hooked. I did a local production of Grease playing Danny Zuko about 3 months before I auditioned for Making The Band, and if I hadn't joined O-TOWN, I was all set to study theater in college.

laurencatherine5 karma

Whatever happened to Shelli? Are you still friends?

AshleyParkerAngel4 karma

She lives in Northern California, and we will talk every once in a while although its been a little while since we last spoke.

tculpepper4 karma

Favorite actor/actress to work with?

AshleyParkerAngel14 karma

Danny Trejo was amazing to work with... The guy is the real deal!

Max70494 karma

Hey Ashley huge fan I just wanted to ask how old is lyric now?

AshleyParkerAngel7 karma

Believe it or not, he is 9 years old now and in the 4th grade. Its crazy! Feels like just yesterday he was born on MTV.

astoldbyam3 karma

What are the chances of us getting an APA calendar? ;)

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Hmm... I haven't thought of that - now I'm going to have to seriously consider it.

Richard-Rider3 karma

What are your thoughts on Lou Pearlman and how did he treat you guys while you were together?

AshleyParkerAngel15 karma

I think Lou Pearlman was a genius entrepreneur and an even more genius criminal... But in all seriousness, its too bad because he had so much legitamate success, its a shame that he felt he had to ruin all that by getting greedy.

AmberLeaG3 karma

What is your fitness secret?! You look great! What do you eat and not eat to look like that?!

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Thanks so much Amber! I think the secret to fitness is being as consistent as you can be. Putting one foot in front of the other and really making it a part of your lifestyle. Also, I don't think people realize how important diet is when it comes to either gaining muscle or losing fat. I eat 5-6 meals a day spaced 2-3 hours apart, and I try to stick to clean healthy food sources like lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables and complex carbs like brown rice and potatoes. Lately, I've been trying to go gluten free because everything I read says that Gluten can lead to unnecessary weight gain.

phoenixphlames3 karma

Hey Ashley! I absolutely adore your work! You're currently on tour with Wicked as Fiyero right? What has been the hardest part about touring so far?

AshleyParkerAngel7 karma

Hi! The hardest part about touring so far is just trying to keep a normal daily routine... going to the gym, eating right etc - those kinds of things get really hard when you're living out of hotels... Since I'm really into fitness, it gets a bit frustrating. And of course being away from family is always tough, but they have come out to visit already!

Jen19813 karma

Saw you in Wicked on Saturday. Was the one that drove 7hrs & said that I had been to see you in Hairspray, on GMA, in Vegas, etc. So great to see you. What did your sweet mom and Lyric think of Wicked when they saw it this past weekend?

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

They were spellbound! So great to meet you Jen!

AmberLeaG3 karma

I just saw O-town in Pittsburgh last weekend and I was sad that you weren't there...I'm sure you get this ? all the time but why didn't you come back?!?! You were my fave O-towner!

AshleyParkerAngel5 karma

Hi Amber! Thank you for the kind words. O-TOWN was one of the most amazing chapters of my life filled with so many incredible memories, I can't even tell you. Whenever I work on something, I want to make sure that I can put 110% into it. Especially with something as important as O-TOWN. I just knew that I wasn't in a place where I could devote myself fully to it and I felt like that wouldn't do it justice or be fair to the rest of the guys.

theatrekid163 karma

Hello! I am seeing you in Detroit on closing night January 4th!!! There have been many Fiyero's. Did you take inspiration from any other actors that previously played the role?

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Yes, I think every actor that has played Fiyero has brought something unique to the role and I try to take a little bit of inspiration from each of them while bringing my own essence to the role. Can't wait to see you on January 4th!

KendellAnn3 karma

Hey Ashley! I met you in Detroit the other night and you were so genuine and down-to-earth! How are you liking Detroit so far?

AshleyParkerAngel5 karma

Its been really cool to stay in Detroit and am loving all the museums here. Recently checked out the Henry Ford Museum and was completely blown away!

gimpisgawd2 karma

Have you seen the movie The Goods Live Hard Sell Hard? Were you happy they talked about how great O-Town was.

Also what is your favorite Cam'Ron CD?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I was laughing so hard when I saw that, I thought it was such a great name drop. :)

Mantisbog2 karma

Hi Ashley what do you think about Jeb Bush running for president in 2016?

AshleyParkerAngel18 karma

Considering he just completed 2 pillars of a presidential campaign - launching a E-Book and losing weight... I think its safe to say he is running!

maliboo10222 karma

You have an incredible body and I love when you post the pics on IG, FB and Twitter. I can't help but to get hot and bothered when you post almost nude pics... You know you're hot, but, do you ever get self concious about your body?

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

Thank you so much! You're so sweet. Yes of course, I'm always trying to improve my physique and I never feel like I'm really satisfied which is what keeps me motivated to set new fitness goals and keep getting better. Also, the first time I posed in my underwear which was recently, I was extremely self conscious, more so than I thought I would be.

astoldbyam2 karma

What are your biggest turn-ons?

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Whit, and there is something about a girl working out thats very sexy to me...

jamesthedolphin2 karma

Ashley, when you wanted to "throw in a body like Jennifer," was that in reference to Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Lopez, or some other Jennifer of the 90's?

AshleyParkerAngel6 karma

I believe there were so many Jennifer's at the time that we meant to keep it ambitious, but we always took it as J-Lo.

Penngrad022 karma

If you weren't able to stay in entertainment or opted out at some point, is there any "regular" job you find appealing?

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

Well, I'm not exactly sure what you mean by regular, but I don't like the idea of doing any regular. If I worked outside of entertainment, I'd still probably have to find something really creative and outside of the box in order to be fulfilled :)

scdm901 karma

On your show There and Back, you mentioned you had a Camaro 69ss and a motorcycle do you still have them?

AshleyParkerAngel6 karma

I owned the motorcycle for many years but after being the first person to arrive at a motorcycle accident and seeing what happened to the driver I decided to sell it. It really impacted me.

KendellAnn1 karma

I have to ask, are you commando under those jeans in you new photos? ;)

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

100% and I don't do that just for photoshoots ;-)

b4robinson1 karma

A few years ago you launched a new website with Video Diaries on YouTube and a planned Hairspray backstage tour (going way back now) and studio days with you, but nothing took off. Now the world is really influenced by online and social media, YouTube being a huge platform now more so than ever, will we see you back on there with videos?

Also please post more shoot photos from the Adam shoot - they are great :)

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Yes, absolutely I definitely have plans for more video content soon! Thanks for the kind words on the Bouska photoshoot.

bartendin1 karma

Are you proud of your stints in a boy band and in reality TV, or are they embarrassing like bad high school photos? Did you actually enjoy it or was it like being a show pony?

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

I'm very grateful for those opportunities because they allowed me to do some pretty exceptional things and I like to always come from a place of gratitude with everything in life. With that said, there were things that the producers wanted me to do on There and Back that started feeling so contrived, that I did start to feel like it almost wasn't really me but rather a character based loosely on my life.

AmberLeaG1 karma

If you weren't in O-town what boy band would you want to be in?

AshleyParkerAngel4 karma

The Beatles

bridgetkaty1 karma

Do you like playing guitar or piano better ? At what age did you start playing each ?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I grew up playing the piano more because my mom is a piano teacher, so probably the piano.

kaihavanna1 karma

How are you enjoying those Fiyero pants? They look so uncomfortable!

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Whats even more uncomfortable is the dance belt (g-string/jockstrap) that I have to wear underneath it...

reendawgg1 karma

How long did your hair take you back in the prime O-Town days? It was quite spectacular (and it's great now!)

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I think hair has memory because the more I styled it that way, the easier it became. It got to the point where I would just wake up in the morning and it would look like that... Haha.

locationsariel1 karma

You've obviously come a long way in the last decade, what is your most crazy fan story? What is the furthest someone went to meet you?

AshleyParkerAngel4 karma

One of the crazy stories I remember is when my parents came out to their front yard and saw a fan taking a piece of our front lawn and then explaining that she had drove across country to drive through my hometown and see the house I grew up in and take a souvenir.

astoldbyam1 karma

Hey, Ashley! It's Alicia(alliem19)-What is your favorite thing about performing up on stage? You're an amazing talent and I'm so thrilled that I'll be seeing you in Wicked in Atlanta in February!!!

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Hi Allie! My favorite thing about performing on stage is creating a memory for people that they will hopefully never forget. I love telling stories which happens both in music and in acting and too look out in the audience and see people moved to laughter or tears is an experience I don't think can be duplicated by anything else.

bridgetkaty1 karma

I know you have a son named Lyric what's it like being a dad and what has he taught you thusfar ?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Being a dad has really grounded me and taught me that there is so much more to life than just accumulating wealth or having a career - those things can be temporary but your family is forever. Being a dad has been the most rewarding experience of my life.

Nicole_811 karma

Hi Ashley, first of all, I love you. My question is pretty simple, will you be touring with Wicked to NC, if so which city? I'd love to go see you if you'll be there!

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Yes, WICKED will be coming to Raleigh/Durham in January - you can find a full list of the dates on Wicked's official site.

jaytorres71 karma

Saw you opening night. Amazing show!!

You've taken on leading men characters (i.e. Link on Hairspray and Fiyero on Wicked) have you ever considered taking on a different role? Maybe a villain?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Absolutely! I love stories that play with the idea of good and evil and I especially love the villains that you never saw coming. I think I'd play one of those really well, given with what both Heath Ledger and now Jared Leto have done playing the Joker - I know its possible for former heartthrobs to play the villain! Haha!

bridgetkaty1 karma

What is your biggest pet peeve ?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Slow drivers!

trina_otownforwhat1 karma

Hi Ashley. Not sure if you're getting my questions or not. But a lot of us townies (new and old) want to know what you think about their reunion? Have you listened to their new album? Would you ever consider coming to one of their shows? Are you surprised at the massive amount of fans they have (new and old)? Are you surprised with the success of their reunion? I just saw them in Columbus Ohio and it was the best show I've been to in years. Just want your input.

Also, some of us wanna know if you own any shirts? (Hint to all your shirtless pics):)

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Hi Trina! You know, I didn't want to be the reason that the guys didn't reunite and I couldn't be more happy that they went through with it. There was so much talent in O-TOWN that I'm not surprised at how great the album turned out.

stevenemy1 karma

Kristin or Idina???

AshleyParkerAngel4 karma


Letmeneckbeardbro1 karma

How much money did you get for that shitty reality show you were on like 7 years ago?

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Not enough... haha

KendellAnn1 karma

Do you like sports? What's your favorite sport?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I always to but I was never allowed to play school sports growing up so I never really became a huge sports fan, although I'm extremely athletic and love anything physical.

Lemeus191 karma

Do you know how long you'll be with the Wicked tour? I'm hoping you'll be in when it comes to Florida in March! Can't wait to see you as Fiyero! :) Do you have a favorite song from the show?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Yeah, I love the opening "No one Mourns The Wicked"

nkotbgal211 karma

On a serious note will u be with the Wicked cast next summer in Denver?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Can't say for sure, but there is a very good chance I will be.

Bryce_Wade1 karma

Which actor do you wish to work with in the future?

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

I would love the opportunity to work with Matthew McConaughey - he seems like such an interesting cool guy.

O_B_C_D1 karma


AshleyParkerAngel4 karma

No mostly they just assume I'm a woman with a really deep voice on the phone.. haha.

tarynor1 karma

What style of music are you most drawn to making?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I can't say that there is one particular style, because I am so open musically. I love traditional styles and I love very experimental stuff as well. My litmus test for good music is does it make me feel something and if it does, I'm on the right track.

Penngrad021 karma

In an industry where you may go for stretches without working or go through a half dozen auditions and not get the role sometimes -- how have you learned to cope with rejection? Advice for those of us facing times of struggle in other industries?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I've learned to almost completely ignore rejection. Sometimes it can be valuable if you get important feedback on what you can be doing better or what you can improve upon. But you can't take the rejection to heart and let it slow you down from what I think is the biggest determining factor in success: total persistence.

MandyyCV1 karma

Hi Ashley! Christmas is nearby, so what is your favorite all-time song?? And if you got any Christmas shopping done haha :) Much love from Mandy from NY! Xoxo

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

I actually just picked 10 of my favorites on a Spotify Playlist - you can check them out here


HabsBiznatch1 karma


AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

The Bahamas ;-)

mandyc0121 karma

Does your family mostly call you "Ashley" or "Ash"? Which do you prefer?

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Usually everybody that knows me just ends up calling me Ash

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

Thanks so much for the questions. You guys are awesome! Lets do this again real soon :)

SoltanPill1 karma

Are you a fan of Kristen Wiig?

AshleyParkerAngel4 karma

Yes, I thought she was brilliant in Bridesmaids and The Californians is one of my favorite sketches of all time on SNL.... You take the 405... to the 101... to La Brea down to Fountain Avenue... The traffic is jammed.

apadaily1 karma

Hey Ashley, Its APADaily here!!!

You released your first album back in 2006 and it's still not outdated and one of the best pieces of work i've ever listened to. Since then you've released 4 songs: Can You Handle It, Wanted, Switchblade with Danny McCarthy and Don't Let Me Down with MOA. When will we get another song or album???

AshleyParkerAngel1 karma

APADaily!! So good to hear from you - I appreciate everything you do - you're killing it! Music has always been such a huge part of my life and I am constantly songwriting. After Hairspray on Broadway, I switched gears and really putting all my effort into training as an actor, but music has and always be on my horizon - just waiting for the right time to release new music. But I promise I will :)

XtatiC111 karma

Are u still close with the o-town guys? whats ur opinion on their new album? Finally will you ever released a second album or you are going to stick to theater

AshleyParkerAngel2 karma

I'm close with most of the guys in O-TOWN... Its hard not to be, after you experience such a life changing time together. I think the new album turned out great!

YouLittleSweetie1 karma

What's your least favorite part of your body? What's your biggest flaw, personality-wise?

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

My least favorite part of my body is how many freckles I have... Damn genetics! If I stand too long with the refrigerator door open, I'll get a sunburn :).

playblacksabbathat781 karma

of all the Chuck Taylors you've owned, which pair was your favorite?

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Classic Black Ones

otown_rewind1 karma

Hey Ashley! What has been your favorite part of being on tour with Wicked so far? P.S Us Townie fans miss you! <3 Merry Christmas! Sonja-Leigh

AshleyParkerAngel3 karma

Merry Christmas to you too Sonja! Being on stage with WICKED has been nothing but phenomenal and being able to tell this story to fans who are seeing the show for the first time or returning to see it again has been so thrilling. The story of WICKED is such a powerful story that I am still getting goosebumps on stage.