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closest6 karma

Hey Charli!

I love the new album, it's a real cohesive and fun piece of art! I have two questions for you. In "Boom Clap" and "Kingdom" you use the imagery of bones illuminating and glowing in your lyrics, is there any reason why you chose bones? I think its pretty cool and paints a surreal picture. Lastly, what are your favorite songs by Kate Bush and Bjork?


charli_xcx_4 karma

hey. i'm not sure why i chose bones. i always try to make my lyrics cinematic and this song in particular felt like it needed to have a hint of darkness. i don't often think much about my lyrics until after they're finished. i try to just write in the most free way possible. and my favourite bjork and kate bush songs.... like someone in love and heads we're dancing.

raremustache4 karma

Hey Charli, after reading some of your comments on Yung Lean, Yung Gud and the Sad Boys, I was wondering if you've done, or have had plans to do any work with them? Big fan of both you and them so i'm curious if it's a possibility.

charli_xcx_2 karma

i'm working with young gud in january in the countryside in sweden. its going to be weird but something goods gonna happen i can feel it.

kenneyy884 karma

Whats the craziest/funniest thing a fan has given you?

charli_xcx_10 karma

a blow up justin bieber doll!!!!

jimmytruck3 karma

Do you think you'd do a sucker part 2?

charli_xcx_8 karma

perhaps. i really want to release the punk album i made earlier this year... so who knows... maybe there will be a part 2 ;)

ljanicx2 karma

Finally there's a chance to talk to you [since angel phone won't work for me because I'm not from the USA :(] First, I want to say that you're just awesome, your music rules and your so nice to your fans (you actually answer them and take your time to talk with them) Since I'm also an VW fan, what was it like working with Rostam? You seem like such good friends :) You're an angel, see you next year when you'll tour with Katy, stay awesome! xx

charli_xcx_4 karma

thank you ! nice to talk to you!!!! Rostam is incredible. He's such a talent and really challenges me as a writer. i have so much respect for him as an artist and a person. See you in Europe!!!

coveredbyroses1 karma

Hi, Charli! First of all, congratulations on your new album, it's pretty awesome!

I've noticed you thank Britney Spears in "SUCKER"'s booklet. Is there any chance we will be able to hear the song you've written for "Britney Jean"?

(plus, can't wait for you to come back to Brazil!)

charli_xcx_3 karma

haha i don't think so !!!! i'm not sure the song i wrote was ever really that good anyway haha..

(also - i can't wait to come back to brazil too!)

julesdemario1 karma

charli i love and admire you so much! i just want to know what inspired your album and how long did it take to write and record it? xx

charli_xcx_7 karma

thank you so much. i started recording the album right after i released my first record - true romance. so it has been just over a year and a half since i began writing it. i was inspired by movies and music videos like ladies and gentlemen the fabulous stains and robert palmer music videos. it began being heavily inspired by 60s french pop music in particular yeye pop and that sort of led on to the ramones and bow wow wow as well as punk bands like the vibrators. overall its kind of just the thoughts in my brain that pour out of my mouth. i don't really think too much about the songs i write until after i've recorded them.

starstunning1 karma

have you done more songs with Ryn Weaver?????

charli_xcx_2 karma

just the one.... but we worked on the gwen stuff together. she's so talented

MarcoVitta1 karma

Charli , have you repaired your Angel Phone ? <3

charli_xcx_2 karma

i'll be back on it soon. either today or tomorrow !!!!