Alritey gang, I gotta get back to the studio. We've been doing this since 9 AM, my fingers hurt.

Thank you SO MUCH for your continued support. Reddit has played such a big role in launching my career, you guys are clearly pulling for me, and your support is what's getting so many of these eyes on my material.

I remember the first day I put something online as Lil Dicky. It was Ex-Boyfriend. With nothing behind it, within 3 hours, it was on the front page of reddit, and my friends were going crazy. I wasn't too familiar with reddit so I didnt know what it meant really, but when I woke up the next day and that video got a million views overnight, it meant everything.

I had been working harder leading up to that day than I had ever worked in my life. My friends thought I was going insane. I had an idea about what I could be, and I honestly think I was the only one who fully believed in it. And for you guys to gang together, and show me that you all believed in it too, on the very first day I put myself out there EVER, it was a truly life changing event. And instant validation. And it gave me immediate confidence to keep doing what I was doing, and now we're here.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, you guys will always be the community that found me. Let's definitely do this again sometime, I'd love nothing more than to describe my penile dimensions to those that may have missed it. And maybe they'll be different in a few months. This was fun.

Professional Rapper drops early 2015. Let's have ourselves a year. Thanks again, Dave

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gray_appeal2980 karma

Would you say that being a rapper has had any impact on how you relate to animals on an emotional level? If so how?

Lil-Dicky3575 karma

I have no idea what you're talking about, but I like you.

abh12341947 karma

How big is your actual dick? Talking in terms of girth and length

Lil-Dicky4401 karma

Great question.

Length - 5 inches, max. On its best day. I did some research back in the day, that would put me in the 10th percentile in America - but I believe 5.25 inches is the 50th percentile. So, when you say 10th percentile, it looks terrible, but when you think about how it's only a quarter of an inch away from the industry standard, it's easier to swallow.

Girth - I have rock solid girth. Great girth even. That's the key to me surviving out here. I don't know the exact dimensions, but back when I was researching this stuff, I tied a string around my boner and measured the circumference and learned that I was 90th percentile in terms of girth.

So 10th length, 90th girth, that puts me somewhere in the middle of America. I used to be really self conscious about it growing up, but in my young adult years, I've found it to be completely capable of creating the female orgasm. It's just a bit limiting positionally.

xKosher1620 karma

Dickory, this is the question we all came for. If you were to have a threesome that was 2m and 1f, who would be the other male?

Lil-Dicky4153 karma

What a good question.

Immediately, my mind went to guys I think are super good looking, like Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, etc. Then, I realized how a) gay of a thought process that is (not that there's anything wrong with that) and b) how inadequate I would feel in that threesome.

So, someone a bit uglier, a bit less threatening makes more sense. I think Jonah Hill would be a good guy to do it with. He'd make some jokes, his dick probably sucks, and it would be fun.

Marty_McFrat1165 karma

Mr. Lil Dicky,

Do you think that Reddit has had any sort of impact on your career? I first came into contact with your work when Ex-Boyfriend was on the front page last year.


Lil-Dicky1791 karma

100 percent. I think the community has really embraced me, and it's such a vehicle to get eyes on your stuff. Essentially, redditors have been pioneers for my movement.

And ex-boyfriend blowing up was due to reddit, and that happened on my first day on the internet as a rapper, and was easily the most important domino to fall right for me.

Shy__RedheadV2967 karma

Hey Firm Handshake! Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I'm a huge fan here, and I can say with confidence you're my favorite rapper. I was just wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a couple questions, and maybe saying "Ay gurl."

  1. What was your favorite music video to make?
  2. Marvel or DC?
  3. How do you feel about redheads?
  4. When can we see you in Vancouver? Us Canadians love you too!

I hope you have an awesome time here, and thanks again for stopping by.

PS I have a huge crush on you, so just lemme freak.

Lil-Dicky1174 karma


  1. My favorite music video to make was Ex-Boyfriend. I just knew how perfect and true to my vision everything would be once I saw that guy and that girl. So as soon as I saw them, I sighed a big sigh of relief, and had fun making it.

  2. Marvel - I'm actually an X man.

  3. I have never hooked up with a redhead but I would love to. A part of me sees my wife as a gorgeous strawberry blonde chick.

  4. I hope soon! I just go where I'm told by my agency, but I imagine it's a must that I go at some point in my career.

LastPinkStarburst959 karma

sup yung dick, what's the strangest encounter you've experienced from tinder?

Lil-Dicky2398 karma

I've fallen in love with a few different Bots, by accident.

Like, reasonably long conversations.

samboo36912 karma

Do you ever bang those girls in your videos? Especially in Ex-boyfriend and Lemme Freak.

Lil-Dicky1814 karma

No, I never do, and I always fall in love. It's never an option, from what I can tell.

dmcmasterr836 karma

how many times do you get a boner when you're fake banging one of those chicks in your videos?

Lil-Dicky1285 karma

Every time. i make sure a pillow is in house, and between her vagina, and my penis. I have a pretty unobtrusive boner, but still - it's weird.


Unobtrusive Boner would be a great band name

Lil-Dicky103 karma

goddamn so true.

DrNastyHobo783 karma

You and dirt nasty are in a hug fight, who gets the first boner?

Just kidding, I know it's you.

Lil-Dicky963 karma

It's me, he's better looking

DinosaurRigby9714 karma

Whats the best way to wipe your butt? I gotta know my friends think I'm crazy for standing up then wiping.

Lil-Dicky1517 karma

I can't sit up here all high and mighty and presume to know the best way.

I will say, I too stand up. What the fuck do people do when they sit down?? Do they go between their legs, like past the grundle like goddamn cavemen?

It's that, or like, half standing/leaning to get in from a side angle, which seems more difficult than standing. Like, crouching is way harder than standing tall.

Japancak3632 karma

Do you jerk off mobily?

Lil-Dicky742 karma


Ceedeekee590 karma

What is one fetish you don't understand?

Lil-Dicky1516 karma

the one where people dress up in animal mascot costumes. furries or whatever? I forget what it's called. I just hate sweating when I'm having sex, and it seems like that's a guarantee when you're in a huge suit.

MrMertle14558 karma

Exactly how Jewish are you?

Lil-Dicky1200 karma

I'm not religious in the slightest. I was raised reform (and believe in the value of taking part in the religion from a family bonding, cultural perspective), got a Bar Mitzvah (never actually believed in the stories within judaism) then was out of the game.

But I am very culturally jewish I suppose. If that makes sense. Like, I just act a certain way. Maybe it has to do with being jewish, maybe it doesn't.

I think I've misrepresented myself/overbranded myself thus far on my level of jewishness, and I really don't know why I did that. Like, why am I in the center of a flaming jewish star on my mixtape cover (actually it was because I had no cooler image to use).

Looking back on things is weird, I feel like the guy making the decisions on So Hard isn't necessarily the guy talking to you right now.

picturesouth514 karma

If you had to pic the body of any other rapper to have as your own, who would it be, and why would it be Rick Ross?

Lil-Dicky874 karma

It wouldn't be Rick Ross, only because I'd worry about heart issues - no disrespect to Ross. I know he's out there losing weight, but I wanna live until I'm like, 96.

It would probably be DMX. Dude's body is dope.

M16andPregnent494 karma

Dicky. I was at the New Orleans show. After you did Lemme Freak, the blonde girl on stage clearly wanted to smash. It seemed like you "encouraged" her off the stage. Why did you not hit that homie?

Lil-Dicky1975 karma

I don't know, I need to mentally connect with/respect a girl before hooking up with her. So the idea of a girl not knowing me at all, yet throwing herself at me, is kind of bizarre, and ultimately a turn off that I haven't yet been able to get past.

MMMWWW50445 karma

Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

Lil-Dicky1373 karma

Man, hopefully in deep, deep love.

I'm crazy ambitious, and have a lot of boxes to check in terms of my own personal fulfillment from a career/i've done the best I can perspective.

But that's only half of what will provide me happiness. The other half will be finding my dream wife, and starting a family with her.

I'm a slave to my ambition, and I need my wife to save me at some point. She's the only one who can save me.

vampirelord54434 karma

Mr Leftward Sloping Penis

Thanks for doing the AMA! I loved So Hard and I'm happily anticipating Professional Rapper.

My question is with the rise of "comical" hip hop in the last 5 years (Reggie Watts, Lonely Island, etc) where do you think the future of hip hop is (perhaps studio produced and traditional distribution vs home produced and distributed)and what kind of effect do artists in your situation have on the industry at large?

For a less serious question why do all your videos get me hot and bothered?

Lil-Dicky656 karma

I think the artist just has more control now than ever. The evolution of music, along with the industry, is leading to a place where artists can really be exactly who they want to be, without worrying about appeasing higher ups at a label for example, because labels are no longer critical for success.

So I think the future of hip hop isn't just about comedy, it's about weirdness in general. For so long, rap has been a certain type of way, and now more than ever, it's actually looked at as cool to be your own person.

My videos probably get you all hot and bothered because I tend to have scantily clad video girls running amuck in their panties. Although, maybe you're a girl. And my videos get you hot and bothered because I myself am learning how to dress, style my hair, and be the most physically attractive I can be, right now. Like, I think i'm peaking, right now. Physically.

Mentally, I was the funniest I ever was in 8th grade - you can ask anyone. I was so much braver.

__CAPTAIN__404 karma

  1. What are your feelings on Mrs. Berta Lovejoy?

  2. Why you cryin'?

EDIT: Fuck Berta

Lil-Dicky821 karma

It appears I got trolled :/

I knew that the person was simply trying to get a rise out of me, but I love arguing, and I hate people thinking I'm anti-women. So I wanted to publicly defend that stance.

reifdog358 karma

Whattup Yung Dick! Huge fan since your earliest videos here. What's the funniest experience you've ever had with a girl, in Tinder or in real life? Club Night comes to mind. PS: when's the best time for me to work you in 2k?

Lil-Dicky1609 karma

Umm. Man. There are a lot. One time, this girl was coming over to have sex with me. To avoid premature ejaculation, I jerked off 5 minutes before she came. Take note. That's 1.

She comes in, we are in my bed, kissing, naked rolling around. Simply rolling around. And I came again. That was like 20 minutes after I jerked off. That's 2.

Obviously, I didn't let want her to know I came during the foreplay, so I just kind of came on my own mattress, then immediately flipped the angle of our bodies in a way that my stomach rubbed against the semen so she wouldn't find out. It worked.

So in her mind, I haven't even cum yet. She starts giving me head. I somehow cum in like 20 seconds. I have no idea how. That was my third ejaculation of the past 22 minutes.

She wasn't expecting me to just cum either, she wanted to have sex. So I was like, no no, it's okay. I can still have sex. And we had sex twice, and I came twice, over the next 40 minutes.

Allow me to do the math. I came 5 times in an hour. I don't think I could do that today, the 20 year old version of me was either way hornier, or had a way quicker turnaround period.

lockd0wn322 karma

Do you ever ride the bus and jot down lyrics like Eminem in 8 mile?

Lil-Dicky872 karma

LD doesn't ride no goddamn bus.

Just kidding (well, I don't though, I use lyft.) But no. I just jot down funny things all the time. My note pad is more like a comedian's notepad.

Dontquestionmyexista310 karma

Mr. Dick,

According to’s article titled “What is the Average Penis Size?” the mean male (erect) penis length is 5.1 inches. Now, in your new single, you state “Then I drive wild very fucking high by everybody while my lady licking my five inch dick.” However, your name, “Lil Dicky”, suggests that your penis is in fact below average. The statistics say otherwise. Why are you giving men unrealistic standards by which they are basing their genitalia on? What if someone (hypothetically of course) has a 4 inch penis, and he learns that his member is even smaller than a “lil dick”, when in reality it is only slightly smaller than the average? I think if you were completely dedicated to your art you would chop at least an inch or two off in order for it to qualify as a lil dick. It’s only fair.

I'm hyped as tigger on speed for the album by the way.

edit: a word

Lil-Dicky623 karma

my soft dick sucks. It hasn't grown since I was like, 8.

IamaDan299 karma

LD, I'm a huge fan. Russel Westbrook as a song has legitimately made me think about my own life and whether I want to follow the "plan of practicality" that everyone expects of me. Would you advise others to explore completely different careers like you have? Do you have any regrets?

Lil-Dicky844 karma

I certainly advise people to go after whatever makes them happy, absolutely. Circumstances are always different though. It may not be easy for someone to just drop a job and go for it.

That's why I'm a proponent of using all of your spare time towards achieving your dreams, while using your 9-5 time to stay afloat/practical.

I'm certainly a dreamer, but logic and reasoning are my gods. So, just going for it at the expense of everything can be a bit reckless. If you want something bad enough, the key is to figure out a way to get it without throwing everything else down the drain should that not work out for you.

I definitely think people should be cognizant that we only live one life though, and rather than doing things the way society would tell us to, it's totally fair to live it with your own personal happiness at the forefront of your decision making process.

rohitknhs265 karma

Why did you choose the stage name 'Lil Dicky'? Any specific reason?

Lil-Dicky818 karma

It randomly came into my head the first day I got my macbook pro and began rapping. I thought it was funny, obviously playing off other rappers' Lil's, but putting my own ridiculous twist on it.

Then, when I decided I was going to pursue this for real for real, I made a word document with tons of names - but none of them beat Lil Dicky.

I like it because it really encapsulates what I stand for as a rapper. It's kind of the antithesis of the traditional rap mindset of hyper-masculinity, acting like you are cooler than everyone, etc. Like, I've literally heard rappers brag about how big their dicks are. I find that state of thinking to be a bit archaic. So I wanted my name to reflect the parodying of such behavior.

Truthfully, I can't wait for the day where every rapper/fan has to be like yeahhhh, Lil Dicky is dope. Making everyone that initially squirms at my name have to say it when listing the best out is certainly a personal goal of mine.

A part of me wishes I went with Young Man though. Young Man would have been hard.

Hard_Time_EXTREME814 karma

Young man stops being true at some point.

Lil Dicky is probably forever.

Lil-Dicky1186 karma

damn. that's so painfully true.

WillchairJimmy262 karma

Dick, How many NBA jerseys do you own?

Lil-Dicky520 karma

Couldn't tell you NBA specifically, but overall I've got like 54.

Dollarama257 karma

Hey LD. You're lion king rap is seriously great. Any more film inspired raps like that coming soon?

Lil-Dicky499 karma

Thank you! I appreciate that.

I'm going to disappoint you though...because the answer, is no :(

Why, you ask...why?

Well. I'm trying to become the rapper I want to be, and that rapper makes my favorite kind of music. So things that are a bit gimmicky, like the lion king, or sports for example, aren't necessarily things my current rap inner spirit animal is interested in.

I started this thinking it was just to get noticed for being funny, not to become a rapper. But now that I've learned I'm in the rap game for the long haul, I have a serious ambition to make music on the level of my favorite rappers. And those guys aren't rapping 5 minute verses about disney movies. Not that I care what other people are doing, but I myself don't even value that type of music, as a fan of music.

As a fan of comedy, yes, I value it. But now more than ever, I'm letting LD represent me as strictly musically as he can, while Dave takes over the comedy side via other mediums (like I'm working on writing a TV show).

Sometimes I refer to myself in the third person like I just did, but I don't think it makes me a bad guy.

RandyDanger189 karma

Yung Dick,

Who are the top 3 people you want to collab with?

Where did you get the idea for Russell Westbrook on a Farm? That song is something else.

Can I pay you for a download of all the Hump Days songs?

Lil-Dicky395 karma

Top 3 people I want to collab with, in no particular order:

  1. Drake
  2. Kanye
  3. J Cole

Where did I get the idea for RWOAF?

I was actually in a text message convo with my best friend, where we were debating the upside of my rap career. This was about a month before I put the song out. My friend tries to keep my expectations tempered to some extent - but I was explaining to him how big I think this rap stuff is going to be, because I uncovered this talent that I didn't even know I had.

In the text convo, I remember saying, I honestly feel like LeBron, if he never played basketball and grew up on a farm or something, then one day in his mid twenties found a basketball court and saw what he was.

LeBron felt like too bold for the analogy though, I wanted to go with someone young, hungry and ferocious. So I went with Russ.

No, you can't pay for the hump day songs, they are all free on so go get them and enjoy. I'll charge you for stuff over the next decade, don't you worry ;)

xKosher139 karma

DAVE!!! I love your music. Saw ex-boyfriend on facebook when it came out and I loved it. Have been a big fan ever since.

I started rapping more seriously because of you, and your music is inspiration for me. My question is: how can someone starting out as a rapper develop better writing skills and lyrics?

Lil-Dicky185 karma

Just keep doing it. It works like a sport, the more you do it, the better you get. The stuff I was making leading up to So Hard was dogshit. Nobody would have cared. But I kept at it, and got better and better, and now I'm at a level I never thought I could be at.

Also - it's really helpful to have a couple of friends that you can send stuff to, and get their honest feedback. My process hasn't changed since I started. I make a song, send it to two of my best friends, and they are in complete control on whether or not it sees the light of day.

They're always honest, tell me what they like, what they don't like, and everything gets better as a result. Just make sure you respect their musical tastes, and know that they will be unquestionably honest with you at all times.

PlacentaSandwich101 karma

Finally! Hi Lil Dicky. I'm a big fan. My boyfriend and I like to play your videos (especially White Dude) over and over until our roommates' ears bleed. My question to you is when are you coming to VA so I can take you to Dickey's BBQ? It used to be a CiCi's Pizza and my heart aches for the friendly "WELCOME TO CICI'S" that greeted me yesteryear. I can still hear the faint echo of it in the walls. But I digress. Taco pizza may be gone forever but when Lil Dicky comes to town, it's a damn good day to be a BBQ joint called Dickey's.

PS: The rest of the food's kinda shitty but their fried okra is off the chain.

Edit: Just noticed you're doing an AMA at the same time as YouPorn. How does that make you feel?

Lil-Dicky108 karma

It makes me feel like I'm in great company, and am clearly thinking the right way. If my brain is aligned with the brains over there at youporn (which is a company that owns a lot of the best streaming porn sites on the web, mind you) - I'm clearly doing something right.

JamRel80 karma

Dicky, you are stranded on a desert island with a mermaid willing to do anything you want. Do you want her to be top half fish or bottom half?

Lil-Dicky142 karma

This is my favorite question of the day.

Obviously the top half needs to be human, I need to fall in love. I'm a face guy first and foremost. A pussy is just a weird hole if it's just below a fish. Even if it is a pussy.

schoonasaurus75 karma

hey dave! I met you in NYC and gave you directions to penn station - shame we didn't get to chat then but did you get your train in the end!?

Lil-Dicky122 karma

HOMIE! I owe you big time. I have such vivid memories of that. Are you british? I made the train, by like 45 seconds. Had I not met you that day, I don't make train. Then who knows what the butterfly effect of such a thing could be. I could be in jail by now if that alternate reality ended up taking shape.

HereticalSage72 karma

What did you do before the success of "Ex-Boyfriend"?

Lil-Dicky360 karma

I worked at an advertising agency. I was a copywriter, wrote commercials. Here's one I made.

Picked the clip, music, wrote the words.

IMakeMuney66 karma

The lie was "I'm not gay" huh?

Lil-Dicky101 karma

I've never tried 'Ye

DogeSoftball58 karma

What was you reaction to the Noisey interview? Seemed like we only got one side of the story there.

Edit: this one

Lil-Dicky188 karma

That article is completely misrepresentative of who I am as a person - I honestly hate acknowledging its existence. I could go on and on explaining how unfairly it was written, how paraphrased and misquoted it was, and how honestly outlandish it was, but I'll keep it simple.

The dude came in with an agenda. I sniffed it out right away, got combative as a result (because I really didn't respect the questions he was asking, they were horribly loaded questions), which caused him to hate me, and then he wrote the article. I think there was a complete lack of journalistic integrity.

It sucks that it's out there, and people may think I'm anything like the way it was portrayed, but it was a valuable learning lesson for me. My guard will be up in interviews now, and whenever I get frustrated, or competitive, I will now be killing people with kindness.

rackem062657 karma

How does it feel being the most talented rapper in the game?

Lil-Dicky268 karma

Honestly, you're talking to the wrong guy.

I was just in the studio with Chance the Rapper and his band - and was OVERWHELMED by the musical talent there. Like, they were playing back jam sessions where they just improvise for like an hour straight, and his freestyles were just incredible. I can't put legitimate sentences together when I freestyle, I end up saying gibberish. His stuff was completely coherent, sounded great, and was like amazing. Better than stuff I could even write.

I don't get blown away too easily, but I was sitting there thinking "damn, this is what musical genius is. In its most natural form." I'm not saying he's the most talented rapper in the game, but it showed me it's certainly not me.

Don't get me wrong, I think I have my own inherent strengths too, but they aren't so grounded in pure musicality. I think my talent is at its highest as a comedian/social commentator type.

trigg7356 karma

Yo dicky! I recent got my dorm hooked on you after my friend had an experience identical to Too High. My question is what has been your favorite thing that has come out of you being famous/in the rap game?

Lil-Dicky124 karma

To be honest, there hasn't been a lot of crazy perks to come along with it yet. I'm at such a minimal level of fame to where my life doesn't feel too different.

My favorite part is easily the fact that I get to do what I want to do, in life, for a living. Simple as that. I no longer have a boss, I no longer feel like I'm wasting years doing something I'm not insanely passionate about. I wake up every day with this subconscious feeling of supreme satisfaction that I am doing exactly what I want to do in life. And coming out of corporate america, I know not to take that for granted, and know how fortunate I am for working towards that.

Best_Zyra_LAN44 karma

Hey Mr. leftward sloping penis, thanks for doing this AMA! How much of David Burd exists in Lil Dicky? Is Lil Dicky a completely fictional character, or does he represent a part of your personality? Did you ever experiment with different perspectives in your writing?

Also, I thought you should know that “Lemme Freak” is on my sex playlist and it works really well!?

Lil-Dicky88 karma

I think a lot of David Burd exists in Lil Dicky. I would say Lil Dicky is a place where the joke is truly allowed to be put first, in front of all social norms/conventions.

If something is deemed funny by a large section of people, I think that is complete art, no matter who it offends, how inappropriate it is, etc. If someone can create something based around our society and get a subsection of our society to resonate with that, and laugh at it, I view it as an achievement.

So Lil Dicky is kind of my medium to put the joke first, and not worry about offending anyone. Dave can't really just do whatever he pleases, because he lives in this society. Lil Dicky can though. So it's kind of my most unfiltered version of myself. I never have Dicky do shit I don't in turn agree with or stand for. And I think there are times I'm writing it as Dave too, I don't know that it's even a character at this point. It's just more or less a rap spirit animal.

That's awesome about Lemme Freak being on your sex playlist, I actually can't have sex to music without feeling like I'm in a cliche movie or something.

darthe43 karma

How good would you say you are at making a smooth, well sculpted paper mache? Just like 1-10?

Lil-Dicky49 karma


ocnj38 karma

Yo Lil Dicky! Fellow Cheltonian here....did you play JJBL growing up? Also, do you miss Cheltenham/how did it at all affect who you are today?

Lil-Dicky65 karma

Bruh, you're talking to a 3 time champion, back to back MVP of the alumni league, big shot making, all time greats. I would be in the hall of fame.

I do miss cheltenham, and it impacted me in every which way as a person. Beyond that, it impacted me as a rapper. No way my ebonics are as on point without coming up in CHS.

limpdickskit38 karma

Ay dicky what's up boi?

But seriously. You're ridiculously relatable in your demeanor and a lot of your songs. The interviews I've seen of you and your style generally show you as an ordinary dude who's obvious ridiculous on the mic. My question for you is how have you managed your personal life with all this success that's been happening recently? Have you been able to keep in touch? It seems to have blown up so quickly, I was just curious how you'd manage to keep your friends with you and whatnot, considering.

Also, every time I try to order a Fuck Hitler shirt, you're sold out. Come do a show at the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC so I can buy one at the merch booth. :)

Lil-Dicky80 karma

Sorry about the fuck hitler shirt, it should be available now.

To be honest, I've kind of just given away my personal life completely since I started working on this stuff. So before it was even out, or successful, the sheer amount of time and energy it takes to create this stuff doesn't allow for that much else.

So I lost my girlfriend, don't get to go home as much, don't have much of as social life in LA...but it's completely what I expected to happen, and I've been mentally prepared for such a thing my whole life.

I've always known a day would come where I'd have to be completely selfish and live only for myself, and I'm happy now that I have such a cool excuse to do so.

The key is to just remain myself, and remember that there is in fact more to life than this shit. It is being put on hold for now, but as long as I remember to get back to reality by like, age 32, I'll be straight.


Do you agree with the route the Sixers are going? Do you hate Ruben Amaro Jr as much as us? Wheres your go to spot of Cheesesteaks when you're back in the area?

Lil-Dicky60 karma

Wholeheartedly agree. Love it. We would have been sitting in mediocrity forever had we gone about our usual business. Post Iverson, it was the same thing for the last decade. Average, to below average, but not bad enough. And in the NBA, talent reigns supreme. So you just have to suck to get a shot at talent. I'm fully on board, Sam Hinkie is that dude.

I don't hate Ruben as much as you, but in fairness, since I moved to the west coast in 2010, my phillies knowledge has dipped exponentially. It's hard to stay up with things when they're playing every day at 4 pm, and you're at work and can't watch.

When it comes to the Phillies - I'm just always appreciate of 2008, because as a sports fan, that's my only chip.

Steve's Steaks. Pat's is dope too, but too much of a shlep for me.

Loon3y_Tunes18 karma

Have you ever attempted to beat off with hot sauce, jerked off with your jeans on, or met someone grimey as a gooch?

Lil-Dicky62 karma

I'm personally as grimy as a gooch, I have actually jerked off with my jeans on for sure (one time I was in school, and just unfairly horny, and it was 8th period, and my student teacher was hot, so I put my arms in my shirt like I was cold and just jerked off with my jeans on).

myboyscallmeash18 karma

Hey Dicky, Ive been a huge fan ever since I first saw the music video for Ex-Boyfriend and I love everything you've come out with since. One thing that really impressed me about the video was how high quality it was. Since this was really your first music video (as I understand it), how did you create one of such high quality, including the two actors that worked with you. How much did that cost?

Lil-Dicky35 karma

Gotta thank the current state of technology for this one. All it was was a 5D camera, a guy holding it, me, and actors. Nothing else. That's all you need to make a high quality video these days.

I think being able to visualize everything beforehand, and being really good in the edit is the key. It only cost me 2,000 bucks, in and out.

JohnGastev13 karma

Do you have anything to say in response to claims that you created multiple accounts to promote yourself on Reddit?

Lil-Dicky16 karma

Yeah it's all complete nonsense, I addressed it yesterday in the white crime postings, go look them up.

brunub5 karma

LD, huge fan ever since I first saw White Dude! I got your mixtape and then was hooked. I was hugely bummed to miss you coming out to Boston recently, what can I do to make it up to you?

Also, what's your favorite snack in the studio? Do you like string cheese?

Lil-Dicky9 karma

Fuck with string cheese for sure.

York peppermint patties. Chex mix.

thebryguy1 karma

Hey Dave, big Dickhead right here. I really love your Hunpday stuff you post on soundcloud, it's sounds like some real professional rap shit. Plus I loved the Michael Christmas feature, love it since I'm from Boston.

Anyway, my question for you: did you fuck any of the models from your videos?

Lil-Dicky2 karma

not one

zzy3351 karma

LD - when did you start getting into hiphop and who were your earliest influences?

Lil-Dicky3 karma

I think I've always been into it, from the moment I started listening to music. I just loved the way it made me feel. Like you can't touch me, I'm the man type of vibe.

Earliest influences are probably guys like Nas, Jay Z, Ludacris, and even Kid Rock. I used to love Devil Without a Cause.

PullUpOrChutUp1 karma

Whats next for LD?

Btw thanks for being so chill with your fans. You came up and talked and had shots with us when you were in dallas last year. Shame you didnt get a chance to perform.

Lil-Dicky2 karma

I gotta finish up my Professional Rapper project, I'll probably hit the road shortly thereafter, and then I'm going to really focus on the comedy side of my career for a few months.

HAYD3N601 karma

Hey Dicky! Love your music and personality as an artist! My question is: Will you ever do a show in Pittsburgh?

Also not a question but I hate how people got mad at you for putting the use of coke in suburbs in your video. Other rappers can do that shit, why not Dicky? Ya know?

Anyways you're killing shit as always, keep it up!

Lil-Dicky3 karma

I did a show at pittsburgh already, you missed it. It was on my tour. But I'm coming back soon.

Yeah, well I kind of get it just because I too get weirded out by coke sometimes, I've never even done it. So I think people thought omg, he's bragging about doing coke, that's not at all who I thought he was.

And that's totally true - I would never ever brag or gloat about doing drugs, especially not one I've never tried and am so disinterested in. But the inclusion of coke in white crime was more a subtle statement that even though a lot of these suburban "crimes" are trivial and harmless, there's still some ish going down there that is in fact dangerous, in a different kind of way.