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Is there a link to your video anywhere please?

Edit: forgot to ask politely. Added Please.

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Was the couch clean? I expect it to be riddled with stains.

Also, $525 for a scene? Rick always says $1000-$5000 a day. Do you feel like you got hosed?

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I knew the pay going in. I had to pretend that I believed his promises of a lot more for the purposes of the scene but I was never lied to. And yes, the couch was clean!

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$525 for one hour? Sign me up!

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Lol, it was actually closer to five hours after hair and make-up and wardrobe, plus lighting, plus a ton of other stuff.

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How did you feel about the girl who was in one of the casting couch films that ended up being ostracized and ultimately committing suicide? Did it affect you in any way and what advice can you give to women who think they can make it in porn that will make them think twice before considering it?

MichelleMisty10 karma

I hadn't heard of that until you just mentioned it. Very sad. :(

But... well, I highly doubt that it was her experience there that led her to suicide. Like I've said time and again? Those guys (Rick and Co.) are really nice. They DO NOT lie to you at all. I was told from the get-go that I didn't have to do a scene if I wanted to work for them. I volunteered. Afterwards? Rick really did try hard to get me more work off-camera. But I was young, I had no experience, so it was an uphill battle.

What I would say to women looking to get into the adult modeling industry? Be careful, obviously. And always know that you can walk away at any time if you decide it's not something you enjoy.

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What are you doing now and do you have any fear of this coming back to haunt you?

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I'm in grad school and I work as a paralegal. I doubt it will come back on me unless someone did some serious digging.

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How long did the scene take to shoot? Do your friends and family know of what you did?

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  • The scene itself was about fifty minutes long. But hair, make-up, lighting, etc. all took awhile. It was about six hours from the moment I got there to the moment I left.

  • I've told a couple of close friends. My brother knows, too, but that's a whole other story. Other than that? Nobody knows.

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Your brother knows? Did he umm.. Find out on accident? Because that could be awkward

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He confronted me about it about a year after the scene went online. I don't know how he found it. He still teases me about it to this day.

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What was the best thing about the couch?

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The brief hope that I was going to have an awesome job! "Rick" and the rest of them had told me that I'd have steady work off camera for a long time after doing the one scene and I believed them. In fairness? I think Rick really did try to get me work as a key-grip afterwards but nothing ever came up. I had zero experience, after all, so in hindsight I should have known better.

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Have you had a serious relationship with someone since doing the scene? If so, have you told them about it? If not, will you ever tell someone you're serious with about it?

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Yes, I've had several. Only one of them knows about that scene. My current boyfriend has no idea.

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Sooooo... What type of scene were you in?

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It was standard. Vag/oral/cum-shot. I agreed to try anal but Rick balked at that when I told him I'd never done it before.

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Will you be pursuing a career? Or are you seeking a different route?

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Nope! That one scene was it. Five years later and the only thing I've done that could be considered remotely close to that was strip. But now I'm working on my graduate degree and I have a good job as a paralegal. I have little interest in doing anything like that again.

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Was it a good couch or was it uncomfortable and weird?

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It was fine! It was very comfy.

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"Rick" and his backup were both very cool. We had fun joking around behind the scenes as everything was set up. They could tell I was really nervous and they were obviously used to that so they knew to treat me with kids gloves. Rick was honest-to-god a real sweetheart. His backup was a bit more... well, business-like. Let's just put it like that. But both were really nice.

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Why did you become a model in the first place?

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I needed work. I saw the listing on Craigslist, got to know rick (the producer) via e-mail, and because of my background in theater (high school drama club, woo!) he said he might be able to get me work as a key-grip for his partner-company.

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Wow, I was about to answer your questions but then you turned mean. Why did you do that?