What's up everyone? I play Safety for the Seattle Seahawks and part of the Legion of Boom. AMAA, after that, you can see a robot ask me many things: http://youtu.be/k5SZm4Q0wH8?list=UU3V6vcmjv20XJcK80g5K5ow

Here's proof of me being me: https://twitter.com/Earl_Thomas/status/530565492118159360

Proof 2: https://twitter.com/Earl_Thomas/status/532277007762350080

Edit: Ok, I'm taking off. It was fun, high five for friendship: http://www.oldspicehighfive.com/ Go Hawks!

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Aniluk745 karma

Hey Earl, other than yourself who else browses reddit on the team? Also if you have time go check out our sub /r/Seahawks. Thanks

EarlThomasLOB1027 karma

This is my first time browsing Reddit.

GhostfaceNoah1014 karma

No wonder he's such a great player. He's avoided the number one distraction in my life.

EarlThomasLOB1199 karma

If it don't help me grow, I don't listen to or see it. Growth is what I'm after. I'm self mastering a bunch of other stuff.

ChuckDeezNuts574 karma

Champions don't browse reddit!

EarlThomasLOB2878 karma

Until today.

steakontheside714 karma

Is Russell Wilson a robot?

EarlThomasLOB1870 karma

No, he's a time traveler.

andytheg706 karma

What is your favorite memory from the Super Bowl victory?

EarlThomasLOB2101 karma

The plane ride home. We was in the clouds, it felt like a movie, bro.

BigFishMcNish659 karma

Are you excited to match up with your college buddy Jamaal Charles next week? How do you game plan for speed like that? (Other than with your own speed).

EarlThomasLOB932 karma

Yes, I'm excited. We're like brothers, so it will be good in the off season to know that my preparation and strategy worked.

mijae233542 karma

What are the major differences between how Pete does things as a coach and other coaches you've had in the past?

EarlThomasLOB1009 karma

Instead of a coach, I think Pete is more of a teacher. He allows everyone to have their own personalities, but gives us the indicators that we need to succeed in growth.

Waddles77539 karma

Who on the team deserves more appreciation than they currently get?

EarlThomasLOB1549 karma

Probably Brandon Mebane, he's been there so long and he does a lot of the dirty work that nobody sees. He's the nose guard, he clogs up the holes and makes it hard for the opposing running game. He's put in a position that you can't really see but his impact is irreplaceable... because he's in the trenches.

Thruve508 karma

Who is the funniest dude on the team?

EarlThomasLOB1113 karma

Coach Carroll is the funniest guy on the team. The thing that makes him the funniest is that he may have multiple personalities that he actually believes. You can see it in his acting skills.

bambamkam31499 karma


Thanks for doing this AMA. What is your favorite song to listen to before games?

EarlThomasLOB1757 karma

I don't listen to music before games. I'll listen to an audio book. Maybe something like the Art of War. Even some old Mike Tyson stories to tap into my killer instinct.

IvelRelhok481 karma

You cut your hair and changed your jersey to read "Thomas III" during the same offseason. Was there a reason for this or was it just coincidence?

EarlThomasLOB936 karma

It was in the middle of the night, I still had my dreads, something told me to cut my dreads. I woke up in the middle of the night and cut my dreads.

The III I tried to get at the beginning of my rookie season, but they wouldn't allow it.

Miss-Chanandler-Dong455 karma


EarlThomasLOB636 karma

What makes me happy and football are intertwined, because that's my passion. Football is what I love. That's what makes me stand out. That love allows my spirit to seem greater than 99 men.

I have a daughter of my own, and excited to see what she'll be like when she's 7 years old.

skimask1424 karma

What is the funniest thing that's happened in the Seattle locker room since you've been on the team?

EarlThomasLOB1116 karma

The dance offs between Sherm and some of our D linemen.

andytheg380 karma

What former Seahawks player before your time would you have most liked to play with?

EarlThomasLOB877 karma

Steve Largent. I almost cried when I got his award, he's a small dude like me and he made plays. Got to respect that.

WeaponsGradeHotSauce278 karma


Thank you very much for doing this AMA! I browse Reddit occasionally, but I finally made an account to post here.

We have been Seahawks season ticket holders since the early 90’s. It is difficult to describe how much the Super Bowl XLVIII victory meant to the City of Seattle, after years and years of heart break and despair (losing the Sonics, Mariners perpetual mediocrity, Behring’s attempted relocation of the Hawks, Super Bowl XL, etc.) it was truly amazing watching the complete domination of the Broncos in the Super Bowl. My father cried during the Lombardi trophy presentation. I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen my father cry. We are all so very grateful, Earl.

When you were drafted in the first round by the Hawks, I sent an email to my colleague who is a UT alum and self-confessed Longhorn fanatic. I did not have the opportunity to watch you play in college, and I was interested to hear his thoughts. He responded with a recent article from the Austin American-Statesman. I was half expecting him to send some rah-rah football stuff, but I was blown away by the article. Many great articles have been written about you since (it was almost five years ago), but I haven’t forgotten that article and my introduction to you as a person. I decided to Bing that article and post here: http://www.statesman.com/news/sports/college/miracle-child-thomas-has-been-a-blessing-for-horns/nRcYJ/


Did Kam really tell you Vernon Davis’s soul was the most delicious he’s eaten? http://youtu.be/VIUMlwP3bDk

What is your favorite football movie and why is it Any Given Sunday?http://youtu.be/R9CD7uj2TL0

To the best of your knowledge, has Sherm ever opted for a clip-on bow tie, and from which comic book supervillain does he draw fashion inspiration?

Do you have a nickname (Kamtrak, BamBam, etc.) for Kam we may not know about?

Stay healthy and know we all love and support you. Thank you again! GO HAWKS!

Edit: Formatting

Edit 2: Thanks a million for the gold! GO HAWKS!

EarlThomasLOB230 karma

In regards to the first question, the impact of the two hits were big momentum swings.

ahulitzky243 karma

Earl, what made you choose #29?

EarlThomasLOB621 karma

My freshman year at UT I wore #29, but I eventually changed to #12 but being drafted by Seattle, obviously I couldn't wear #12 for two reasons:

  1. #12 belongs to our fan base
  2. They don't allow defensive players to wear low numbers in the NFL

discOHsteve236 karma

Hey Earl huge fan thanks for doing this. What is more satisfying, grabbing an INT, or laying a big hit to stop a drive?

EarlThomasLOB507 karma

I think what's satisfying to me and the most rewarding feeling is how the INT occurred. I'd rather it be a team effort where it was a tip, or a block that made the INT happen. I look at the bigger picture of how we're playing together. That's where our energy comes from.

BradleyHitlerSmith227 karma

Hi Earl! Hawks fan since the 90s here. What's your favorite pre-game meal?

EarlThomasLOB493 karma

I don't eat before a game. I have a big dinner the night before the game because I don't want to have anything in my stomach.

fortunefighting218 karma

Got any free safety advice for navigating the troll-infested waters of reddit?

EarlThomasLOB513 karma

Use good judgement.

rayvinriley207 karma

Hook em Horns! Bigtime Texas fan here! Loved watching you in college. My question is what is the first big purchase you made when you got into the NFL? Good luck the rest of this season, and I'm glad to see you in the NFL!

EarlThomasLOB464 karma

A range rover. White on white. Pure.

soccerperson181 karma

Was 4th & Touchdown as strange to shoot as I imagine it was?

EarlThomasLOB265 karma

It wasn't that strange to me. It was pure, it wasn't scripted.

andytheg150 karma

Have you ever thought about the day you'll get to raise the 12th Man Flag?

EarlThomasLOB328 karma

Great question. I haven't thought about it but I see it before every game and it's a very emotional experience. I put that along with seeing my name dropped in the rafters. Something like a goal.

isabeldwy140 karma

Who is your favorite rapper?

EarlThomasLOB294 karma


supercredible137 karma

What's your favorite meal after a game?

EarlThomasLOB282 karma

I normally have a feast back at my house, listen to music and hangout.

namelessbanana129 karma

How does it feel to have a Hallmark Christmas Ornament in your likeness and will you have the ornament on your Christmas Tree?

EarlThomasLOB206 karma

It feels great, Christmas is warm and positive and I'm being associated with it and a part of the platform. And it's connected to being a good example.

andytheg103 karma

What is the hardest hit you've ever given out?

EarlThomasLOB232 karma

I have given out a lot of hard hits, but the few I love the most are like hitting a homerun. You don't feel anything at all.

CleverOldMan2 karma

Dear Earl: Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized horses?

EarlThomasLOB19 karma

One horse-sized duck.