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Andy-Cohen21 karma

1) I am an executive producer of ALL the Real Housewives shows, involved in hiring and firing and production of the shows. And I'm an EP of my own show. Otherwise, I am running my own production company and pitching shows to many networks.

2) It's usually whatever I'm watching at the moment, because i love them all.

3) I am friendly - I mean, I haven't been to many Housewives homes. I've been to Bethenny's, LuAnn's, Lisa Vanderpump, and that's all I can think of - Oh, Carol - and mainly, that's a function of, you know, geography. I'd like to think if I lived in Atlanta I'd be able to go to their houses too, or Jersey.

4) We have not made any plans relating to the future of the Jersey Housewives. The final reunion is airing tonight, and we'll go back and meet and talk and re-evaluate soon.

5) I have no clue. No clue. Keep watching.

mtndude2539 karma

What housewife do you regret casting?

Andy-Cohen31 karma

Well, I guess you can say that it would be among a pool of former Housewives - because if I regretted casting them, they wouldn't still be on the show.

quincampoix_24 karma

I'm obsessed with you, Wacha, and WWHL - thanks for the AMA!

Two questions for you:

  1. Is there any way for fans to get in to the Clubhouse?

  2. What was the most surprising reveal that you've gotten from Plead the Fifth?

Andy-Cohen37 karma

1) We need to figure out a way to make tickets somehow accessible. There are only 22 seats in the Clubhouse, so to say it is challenging is an understatement. If you're feeling charitable and rich, there are very often tickets for sale at charitybuzz.com

2) Too many to count! Susan Sarandon talking about smoking pot before awards shows... Jennifer Lopez talking about dressing Ben Affleck, on and on and on. Plead the Fifth is the gift that keeps on giving!

ShadyHousewives23 karma

Some of the earliest seasons of the Housewives franchises were much more light-hearted and fun. Some have pointed to Nene Leakes' infamous 'Close your legs to married men, Wig!' appearance on WWHL and Teresa's Giudice's table flip as the point where the women became hyper focused on one-upping each other's antics, which has slowly devolved into violence. What are your thoughts about where Housewives has been and where it's going?

Andy-Cohen12 karma

I think that, you know, I love the show. And I think occasionally, there have been moments where we've had to get them back on track. And I think that last season of BH was not its best, and when you see this season, it's kind of back to the things that people loved about it in season one. And so I think that there's always, you know, we're always listening to viewers and we're always trying to embrace the things about the Housewives shows that make them fun, and dramatic, and successful, in ALL of the best ways.

waikiki_sneaky22 karma

How tall is Jim Marchese in person? And is he really that big of a douche?

Andy-Cohen54 karma

He is probably... 5 feet 7?

And he is exactly as he appears on television.

brufleth19 karma

During your interview after the sentencing and the RHoNJ reunion it felt like you were attempting to give Teresa Giudice and Joe a chance to admit that they did something wrong and come clean. How do you feel about them continuing to be vague? Does this frustrate you? During the reunion Teresa even implied that the show had a hand in turning them towards criminal acts. What stopped you from pointing out that they were committing fraud before the show even started? In your first book you mention the NJ housewives having interesting questions about wire tapping and audits. So there was some legitimate foreshadowing.

How much joy do you get out of letting Wacha "terrorize" guests on WWHL? I sensed a bit of joy from you over how Nene was uncomfortable (and then spilled her water) because of Wacha. It made me like Nene more to see how she was when she was in a less ordered situation. In your first book you talk about taking joy in unlikely guest match-ups and situations. Do you intentionally include Wacha on WWHL because he adds to this or just because you want him around more?

My wife and I were lucky enough to be in the WWHL audience on Sunday. Thank you for taking the time to take a picture with us! We will be framing it and hanging it in a place of honor on our wall.

Andy-Cohen12 karma

I did point out that this had happened before we shot. And I think they answered all they felt they were capable of sharing.

I include him because I think it's fun to have him around, and it's - the show is an intimate, unique, authentic experience, and there are very few of those on television. And I think because i'm broadcasting out of a room that's meant to be my own little den, it makes sense that my dog would be running around. I am stressed, to some degree, when he's out there because he likes to get into things and chew paper, or cups, I don't want him to make any trouble! And so it can be a little tiring.

Oh good.

geo121318 karma

It seems there’s been a growing trend in the housewives shows to break the fourth wall, not just on Watch What Happens live, but within the show itself. Tamra talks about how she’s paid to entertain , Housewives talk about “production” arranging dates between them, etc. Do you think this is part of a larger trend within reality tv? Do you think it will continue to increase?

Andy-Cohen33 karma

I don't love the fourth wall being broken, and I think it's usually broken when someone is defensive about behavior that they are being held accountable for by the viewers.

I don't know if it's a trend. That just seems to be when it happens.

clementinekru16 karma

First of all, I absolutely adore you! If you were a real househusband, what would your tag line be? Also, which Cardinals player would you want to make out with most? Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do/see in St. Louis?

Andy-Cohen29 karma

Uh... it would be: "I didn't major in English, but i know how to read."

OOH! GOOD QUESTION! Oh my god... ALL OF THEM! I can't say, because then it's going to wind up on twitter, someone's going to DM that person, and then it would be creepy to go to Cardinal's games or meet that person. But basically if someone puts on a Cardinals hat, they become exponentially hotter to me. So it doesn't take much.

Just see my family! I love to see Jake's Leg, which is a Grateful Dead tribute band, I love them.

geo121316 karma

I loved Ladies of London. I’m sure why you didn’t brand it as part of the Real Housewives franchise? Is there a chance for a second season?

Andy-Cohen23 karma

Um... I think there is a chance for a second season, yeah!

szczygi414 karma

Biggest question from The Andy Cohen Diaries so far - have you pooped at work yet? #everybodypoops

Andy-Cohen26 karma

NO! Never never never!

ShadyHousewives14 karma

There have been a lot of absolute tragedies that the women on Housewives have encountered as a result of their relentless pursuit of, (to quote your idol) their '15 minutes.' Which one did you find the most difficult to approach as the executive producer of a reality series, and perhaps more so, as a reunion host?

Andy-Cohen17 karma

Well, I think what we're going to, what's happening now with Teresa and Joe, was challenging and unusual and just - you know - surprising. But I don't think that it's fair to say that there have been tragedies that have been associated with people's pursuit of fame. They have been things that have happened to these people - in other words, Teresa and Joe are being prosecuted for something that happened before they were even on the show.

PrettyPolkaDots13 karma

Hi Andy! I’m a huge fan of yours and so excited that you’re doing an AMA! My question(s) are 1. Who is/was the easiest Housewife to work with? 2. Where is your favorite place to eat when you’re in St. Louis?

Andy-Cohen19 karma

1) Easiest housewife? Um... let me think about that... well, there are many that are easy. I mean, there are a whole lot that are easy to work with, actually! I'd have to say Teresa, for all she's been through, has been very professional and easy to work with.

2) I like Manhattan Cafe, because i love thin-crust provel pizzas.

valmentos13 karma

Hey, Andy. Real question! You've had all the divas on the show, but not Madonna. When is that happening or can you make that happen?

Andy-Cohen19 karma

I would LOVE to. I'm hoping when her new CD comes out that I can make this happen.

ShadyHousewives13 karma

Hi Andy and thanks for doing this AMA! As a huge fan of yours, I often find myself passionately defending you against others who criticize the Real Housewives genre, and you in particular, characterizing you as a misogynist. I argue that you are a modern-day Euripides, holding a mirror back at contemporary culture. Surely you've heard such criticism, how do you respond to it?

Andy-Cohen17 karma

I talk about this in my book a little bit. And I think the Housewives are not for everyone. And for those who embrace them, they connect to the show because it is at best a "docu-soap-opera," but not all of the behavior presented on the shows is redeemable. Or advisable. You know, all in all, I think the shows present a slice of life look at a specific group of women in a specific town, they are not meant to represent every woman or every point of view.

jonemillard12 karma

Hey Andy, I have watched your show many times, but I have never laughed as much as I did when Kathy Bates was on. Was it difficult to have her for as a guest, due to laughing so much? I would not have been able to keep it together!

Andy-Cohen15 karma

SHE WAS PERFECT. And there were so many laughs, and it was an incredible show. I absolutely love her and can't wait to have her back!

PeeblesIsLurking11 karma

Hi Andy! Thanks for the AMA! Two questions:

  1. Will you adopt me?
  2. Who has your favorite WWHL guest been and why?


Andy-Cohen19 karma

1) I will adopt you, yes.

2) And too many favorites to count! I mean, I loved Martin Short, and Lisa Kudrow last week. I'm excited about - I think Naomi Judd is going to be HILARIOUS on Wednesday night - you know, there's usually a few a week that I'm really excited about. I'm an easily-excitable person, and I am an enthusiast.

geo121311 karma

Andy, what are your honest thoughts on Teresa Giudice? Does she “get it” now with what occurred and why she’s going to prison? Is she capable of being accountable for her actions? Do you believe that she truly didn’t know that her plea deal included the possibility of jail?

Andy-Cohen14 karma

I don't know the specifics of what she knew, when, but she seems very humbled by what the judge told her, and she seems to have been affected by that.

smittenwithparis11 karma

Hi Andy! I am such a huge fan of yours, I LOVED your first book (I can't wait to read your second one!), and I love, love, LOVE you and your show, I watch it every night! I also might be the only person in the world thats as big of a Snoopy fan and pop culture junkie as you are! I hope that you're coming back to Austin for SXSW and that you'll hopefully do a book signing for the Andy Cohen Diaries, because I would love to meet you. Anyways, my question for you is, if you could have your DREAM guest (alive or dead) on Watch What Happens Live who would it be, and what plead the fifth questions would you ask them?

Andy-Cohen18 karma

Oh my god! Alive or dead is too hard.

Um... I'm going to say...alive... Michelle Obama, and I wanna know what she really thinks of John Boehner.

azochz11 karma

Has there ever been a show that you loved as a fan, but couldn't keep on the air because, as a network executive and/or producer, it was getting poor ratings?

Andy-Cohen26 karma

Oh, many many many! Million Dollar Decorators, NYC Prep, and the list goes on and on.

wongcho10 karma

Hey Andy, I first wanna say thank you! When I was younger and still in the closet, your It Gets Better video was one of the first that I watched. It really made a difference to me and since then you've been a big role model in my life. You're one of my favorite people to watch because you always have such a warming and positive attitude. My question for you is how do always maintain such a positive attitude? Thanks for doing the AMA! :)

Andy-Cohen11 karma

I have nothing not to be positive about! I'm an optimist. I am an optimist. And so, you know, I always have fun. I have a lot of fun, and I've just always been a happy guy.

darjeeeling10 karma

Andy, do you regret not signing Valerie Cherish while you had the chance?

Andy-Cohen13 karma

There was a time - I really wanted to do THE COMEBACK on Bravo! So yes.

dany_barnstormer10 karma

Loved you on Howard this morning!

It's time for a Wack Pack reality show, and you are just the person to make it happen. Ever considered it?

Andy-Cohen13 karma

No, but that's a hilarious idea! I think, I mean - first of all, Howard already does that show, it's the Howard Stern Show, and the Wack Pack are a show within it. But I LOVE Howard's use of the Wack Pack, and if anyone was going to do it, it would be him!

ThursdayAddams10 karma

If you were a Real Housewife, what would your catchphrase be?

Andy-Cohen31 karma

"I may be a man, but I fight like a girl."

geo12139 karma

Hi Andy. Huge fan. I read your first book, and can’t wait to read the new one. It was so fun to see you on the premiere of the series return of The Comeback. Between that and you playing Zeus for Gaga, it seems as though your live has gone very meta. Does that weird you out?

Andy-Cohen14 karma

Yes! It excites me! And both of those experiences happened during the period that I was writing THE ANDY COHEN DIARIES, so you find out what happened behind-the-scenes during both of those pop culture moments. But I loved both of them, and The Comeback is one of my favorite shows of all time, so that was out of body, just incredible, being in a scene with Valerie Cherish. And being in a music video with Gaga, playing Zeus, is an experience that I still can't believe actually happened to me!

AlexanderPiazza8 karma

Hi Andy, huge fan here! You're absolutely adorable and such an inspiration! 2 Questions... 1.) If you could be a cast member of any Housewives, which city would you pick? 2.) Can you tell us one thing about Lisa Vanderpump that we may be surprised to know?


Andy-Cohen6 karma

I think that her new restaurant, PUMP, is really good and really fun! That may not be surprising, but it really is!

geet848 karma

Hi Andy! I'm such a huge fan, great to see someone fully living their dream every day. Any advice for a mid-30s gal in NYC trying to get a start in TV?

Andy-Cohen10 karma

Get an internship, and network, and just look into every aspect of TV production. You know? Just explore every aspect of TV Production.

src19898 karma

Hi Andy! If you had to pick one of the Housewives (past or present) to run the world for one day, which one would it be and why?

Andy-Cohen15 karma

Um... I think it would be... Heather Thompson? Because she's really no nonsense, she's very smart, she's very direct, and she's not afraid to make a decision.

NukeTheEwoks8 karma

Hi Andy! My wife and I are big fans of WWHL.

Our question is, which guest was the worst to deal with?

Andy-Cohen9 karma

Um, you know... I tell a lot of stories in the book of great experiences & weird experiences, but i can't sell anybody down the river.

Jayonce8 karma

Hi Andy!

Loved your first book and can't wait to read this new one. What goes through your head when stuff goes off the rails on the reunions? Are you a little excited because it's good television or are you honestly shocked and nervous?

For example Kenya/Porscha

Andy-Cohen16 karma

Did not enjoy the Kenya/Porscha interaction at the reunion, I did not think it was a good look for anyone... And I was shocked. I was just thinking "This is bad. This is not good."

Smitty48 karma

What is the most outrageous gift someone seeking to either get onto or remain on one of the shows has gifted you? I've got to imagine it has happened.

Andy-Cohen9 karma

Um, people don't gift me that much. They're very... uh... nothing crazy.

UTruong218 karma

Tell Wacha I say hello! What are your other career aspirations that you've yet to achieve? Is there life after WWHL and Bravo? Or an expansion... if you can share? :)

Andy-Cohen7 karma

You know, I have my eyes on a couple other things, but WWHL is my heart & soul, so I want to continue as LONG as I can !

mandymans1237 karma

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Andy-Cohen10 karma

My favorite childhood memory... is... sigh

My favorite childhood memory is vacations with my family. Usually they were car trips, and it just always felt like an adventure. You would leave in the middle of the night, drive somewhere like Florida, and my sister and i would be camped out in the back of our station wagon, playing games. And it just all felt simple and fun and optimistic and happy.

MrsCountryNerd7 karma

Andy!! Holy crap, you're on Reddit! I'm such a huge fan!

You've done so much in your career, from interning at CBS News to now hosting your own late night show. So inspiring!

I have two questions:

Who is your favorite housewife?

What has been your absolute favorite thing to do? (This can be pertaining to your career or just life in general)

Thanks again for coming here and answering our questions!

Andy-Cohen11 karma

Oh, they're ALL my favorite!

My favorite thing to do... oh my god... laugh!

anonymousperson17 karma

Hi Andy! Thanks so much for doing this AMA! I couldn't be more excited! I am a huge fan of yours and love all that you're doing. Congrats on all your success! Here are my questions:

  1. How did you feel about Yolanda's claims that being gay is a choice? She said this at the RHOBH reunion show. Have you talked to her about it?

  2. Do you have any regrets as far as the 'wives or WWHL?

  3. Who have you had the most fun with on your shows? And who is most like they are portrayed on TV & least like their TV persona?

Andy-Cohen8 karma

1) We talked about it there... we talked about it there. I don't know, whatever conversation we had about it, we had it there.

2) No, I don't.

3) Everyone is pretty similar to how you see them on TV. and i have fun every night on the show. I find the fun in everyone, and that's why the show's so fun. It's pretty rare that I leave the show having had a bad time.

Inebriatta7 karma

Andy, how do you avoid getting crank calls on your show?

Andy-Cohen12 karma

That's a good question. We've gotten a couple, but we have a screener... who screens the questions. I think our viewers are just nice.

IndyHopHead7 karma

Hi Andy! Love you & WWHL! My question: if you could create any celebrity couple, who would it be and what would be their nickname?

Andy-Cohen10 karma

Oof... it would be me and Christiano Ronaldo. You tell ME what our name would be.

Amlesa867 karma

Hey Andy, so excited to see you in Atlanta on Saturday! You've had idols like Cher, Mariah, Oprah and Meryl on...who have you tried to bring on but it hasn't just worked out?

Andy-Cohen10 karma

Oh! SO many people! Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, I mean, we're still the little engine that could, we have a lot of big names left to conquer!

Smoody05237 karma

What’s you daily news cram routine? For example, when you wake up, what news sites/blogs do you visit to get updated on the latest entertainment news?

Andy-Cohen7 karma

I read SO much. I read Huffington Post, I read Towleroad, I get a lot from Twitter actually.

ChelleShell7 karma

Hi Andy, huge fan! I love watching WWHL as opposed to the nightly news.

Question - How do you decide what guests to pair up with each other on WWHL? Is it somewhat random? You have made some hysterical pairings!

Andy-Cohen6 karma

It's kind of a - I have an amazing talent department, who is constantly pitching ideas for various combinations of people, and you know, sometimes I think of them, sometimes my team does, and sometimes they are opportunities that present themselves based on availability, but we have a lot of fun doing it.

ItalianKick7 karma

Hey Andy! Do you miss working for news outlets such as CBS? If so/not, why? Thank you!

Andy-Cohen8 karma

I don't. I think that news and entertainment have been, you know - I think they are almost in the same bucket at this point? And I had a great run at CBS news for 10 years, and now I'm having a great run at Bravo.

jonemillard7 karma

Have you ever had an odd fan encounter?

Andy-Cohen9 karma

People come up to me all the time and try to pitch me TV shows, pitch me themselves on TV shows... there's actually a couple encounters with audience members from WWHL in the book that are really funny!

katiejj6 karma

What is the best or funniest thing Madonna has said to you?

Andy-Cohen8 karma

Everything she says is the best thing, because she's speaking to me. There's so many amazing - there are a few amazing interactions with her in the book. And I'm stunned to have had several with her in the course of a year that I can write about.

AsaKurai6 karma


I love that you're a huge Cardinals fan (so am I) and I love your dogs name. If you ever decided on another pet, which Cards player would you name him/her after next?

Andy-Cohen5 karma

That's a good question.

Maybe... Carp? For Matt Carpenter.

AGallagher4106 karma

What's your favorite ride in Disney?

Andy-Cohen8 karma

My favorite ride at Disney... It's a Small World.

matthewgarcia756 karma

If you could bring back one canceled Bravo show, what would it be and why?

Andy-Cohen23 karma

Um... one cancelled Bravo show and why... QUEER EYE, because it's the show that started it all!

mouseeeemama6 karma

Hi Andy! Just downloaded The Andy Cohen Diaries audiobook. Love that I can hear you reading it! You are absolutely amazing! I was a former Bravoholic. So, my question is... Since theBravoholic account won't be returning, what is the next great thing we should look forward to? Thanks Andy!

Andy-Cohen7 karma

Well, if you go on BravoTV.com, you will see that today they released HOUSEWIVES EMOJIS! And they are so cool!

waikiki_sneaky6 karma

Canada loves it's Real Housewives! Did you have anything to do with Real Housewives of Vancouver? If not, did you ever watch it?

Andy-Cohen13 karma

I didn't and I haven't seen it.

Frajer6 karma

is it ever hard keeping your cool while the housewives are yelling or throwing things?

Andy-Cohen15 karma

Yeah, I just go to a place of zen.

Jennydmb6 karma

You seem to have pretty good taste in music, I've heard you talk about the dead, and I also really enjoyed when you had the Mowgli's on your show when you were at SXSW last year. Who are your favorite bands to see live in concert?

Andy-Cohen10 karma

Oh my god, I LOVE SO many. I like classic rock, like the Eagles and Billy Joel, I've seen both of them in the last few months. I love the B-52's, I used to see the Grateful Dead when I was in college, I love Madonna tours, I'm pretty old school I guess. But i Love concerts and i go when invited.

Hopeconspiracy6 karma

Literally the only late night show that I watch because you seriously bring out certain kind of realness in your guest that I just love. Liam Neeson as NeNe is the most amazing moment on TV ever.

So my question to you is why do you think so many people love to hate the Kardashians?

Also can I bartend for you?

Andy-Cohen7 karma

I don't know. I think people love to hate the Housewives too. So, you know, I guess it's par for the course. And you never know about bar tending!

Buffaloalice5 karma

Hi Andy! What's the worst gift you've ever gotten?

Andy-Cohen4 karma

Um... there's no gift that's a bad gift, because it's a present.

sheltielvr5 karma

Hi Andy...love you and BRAVO! How do you feel about Stassi's seemingly new direction away from Vanderpump Rules?

Andy-Cohen8 karma

I think it will be great watching her evolution this season.

cookiesandwine5 karma

andy!!!! what is the best & worst part about having a live show?

Andy-Cohen14 karma

The best part is everything. The worst part is I know where i have to be every night at 11 o'clock.

baskiceballer4 karma

Hi Andy! What has been your favorite vacation that any of the real housewives have taken together?

Andy-Cohen15 karma

The best vacation that the Housewives? I think Scary Island was pretty incredible, on the NY Housewives!

cmac884 karma

Are you adding any more cities to the RH franchise?

Andy-Cohen5 karma

Not right now.

michellebandes4 karma

What's Wacha's favorite treat? Does he chew a lot of things he's not supposed to at home too or is it because he's anxious on camera?

Andy-Cohen7 karma

Um...I think he's pretty good about chewing what he's supposed to chew? Like at my apartment, he doesn't get into things he's not supposed to have. But he's very - when he goes on the set, he's looking for something - he's just hunting around, you have to understand, it's a small room and there's a total of 35 people in there, and so there's a lot going on and it's hard for him to just go in there and play with a toy. Maybe as he gets older he'll do that.

Kristin14153 karma

Hi Andy, Housewives is my guilty pleasure, but I'm proud to admit it! What is YOUR guilty pleasure?!

Andy-Cohen7 karma

Oh, my guilty pleasure... is... I guess THE COMEBACK is not a guilty pleasure, and DOWNTON ABBEY is not a guilty pleasure... OH! Dark chocolate is my guilty pleasure.

charliebean33 karma

From any series, including WWHL, what do you think has been the most shocking moment on Bravo?

Andy-Cohen4 karma

Too many to count. Too many to count. Again.

StewieIsMyCat3 karma

Hi Andy! I love WWHL and all the Real Housewives. I've been watching since day one. I ordered your new book and I can't wait to read it. I've been to the clubhouse and got super drunk - it was awesome. I do have one question for you, why did you go from pronouncing the word gif to pronouncing it like "jif" and then back to pronouncing it like "gif" again? Hard hitting question.

Andy-Cohen6 karma

Um, it was announced by the inventor of the gif that it was pronounced like the peanut butter, so that's why I pronounced it that way, and then I got so many irritating tweets from people telling me that i was wrong that i just pronounced it the other way.

Amlesa863 karma

What's you fav show to binge watch? (Besides Friday night lights) ;)

Andy-Cohen4 karma

Oh my god! ALPHA HOUSE I'm watching now, on Amazon.

givemenutella3 karma

Andy, what does SJP smell like?

Andy-Cohen5 karma

She smells gorgeous. She has her own, kind of... smell and it's great. I don't know what it is, but I love it!

mouseeeemama3 karma

Hi Andy, if someone can't make it to one of your book signings, is there any other way to get a signed copy of The Andy Cohen Diaries?

Andy-Cohen4 karma

I know that Target is selling signed copies right now? I signed THOUSANDS of them a few weeks ago. So I know that Target has some. And they should also be available at some B&Ns as well as some local independent bookstores.

CanTouchThisK2 karma

My friends and I do some really stupid/fun/crazy/watchable stuff. We are young, single, professionals living in Tampa Bay.

We always say we should have a reality show. You are always our first choice to produce it.

What's your advice on us actually getting one?!

Ps: your dog is adorable!

Andy-Cohen9 karma

I think you should be really sure that it's what you want.

You know? And figure out why you want to be on a reality show. Because it may actually not wind up going your way.