After the floods in Assam and Meghalaya in September, since October 1st we reached out to 945 families in Assam, 1191 families in Meghalaya during #NEFloodRelief (Northeast India Flood Relief). We are currently distributing stationery kits to flood affected school children in Meghalaya.

Our tasks include identifying local volunteer organizations that work in flood affected areas; surveying areas and estimating required relief material; planning digital strategies; collection centers for clothes, cooking essentials and donation drives to raise funds to meet relief expenditure. Our group is diverse with multiple people in one team. All decisions are made after consultation with the team members.

Together our Team is V.O.I.C.E. - Volunteers Online for Impact in Crisis and Emergencies. V.O.I.C.E. is a 24/7 worldwide citizen-led relief coordination team during natural disasters in India. More about us here. Some pictures of our distribution work from our Facebook page: Garo Hills, Meghalaya, Kamrup district, Assam.

We are also the team that organized the largest citizen-led coordinated relief work during the 2014 Jammu & Kashmir floods.

Ask us anything about flood relief coordination efforts.


Proofs will be posted in shortly.

Name - Role in #NEFloodRelief - Proof

Anna Verve - On-ground, logistics coordination - /u/annaverb - proof

Bhanu Kamapantula - Digital team coordination, website-team, helping out with Reddit AMA - /u/bkamapantula - proof

Bhavana Upadhyaya - On-ground, logistics coordination - /u/earthwoman - proof

Pranveer Singh Rathore - Fundraising, digital coordination - /u/pranveer - proof

Vijaya Moorthy - On-ground, logistics coordination - /u/vmoorthy - proof

Mamta Dalal - On-ground, logistics, website-team coordination - /u/mamta_d - proof

There are many who actively contributed to #NEFloodRelief in different times but only few are participating here.


The team will answer questions at 3:15 pm GMT (8:45 pm Indian Standard Time)

About Us


Twitter: @incrisisrelief, #NEFloodRelief

Facebook: incrisisrelief

Update - 6 pm GMT | 11:30 pm IST

Thank you for the questions Reddit community and special thanks to /r/india mods for making it a stickied post!

We appreciate your time and genuine enthusiasm reflected in the questions you posed. Hope we will meet up again sometime to chat up on our next campaigns.

The flood relief effort would not be possible without our partner organizations: Goonj, Sajid Iqbal Foundation, Uday Foundation, Voluntary Health Association of Meghalaya (VHAM), Bakdil, Association for Inclusive Development and Research Centre (AIDRC).

Follow us on Twitter @IncrisisRelief, website - InCrisisRelief for updates.

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