I wrote the new book SCIENCE...FOR HER! and write for Parks & Recreation and I tweet LIKE A LOT under the username @meganamram. I literally am in love with you all!!! Ask me anything, as long as it's easily googleable!

my new book: www.amazon.com/Science-For-Her-Megan-Amram/dp/1476757887/


I HAD SO MUCH FUN GUYS, but I have to go get full body-waxed now!! LOVE YOU BABES!!! ;)

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darjeeeling343 karma

Do you think doing an AMA half an hour before Bette Midler risks splitting the gay vote?

MeganAmram172 karma

this is a perfect comment.

drinkywinky85 karma

Can we hear the origin of your beautiful Twitter photo?

MeganAmram139 karma

SURE!! when i was twenty one i went home with my friend natalie to her house in richmond, VA. we were very bored and decided to do glamor shots. that's why my makeup is up to my eyes. i can't make pretty faces in photos so it ended up being the PURE GOLD IT IS NOW -- jabba the hutt at his quinciniera!

emiloy76 karma

what smells better, adam scott's hair or nick offerman's moustache?

MeganAmram234 karma

nick offerman's mustache - it's like a cast-iron skillet. he's never washed it, so it's finely aged with every food he's ever eaten. there's a whole turkey leg in it!

robinsky162 karma

What is your favourite one liner you have come up with?

MeganAmram495 karma

My blod is typo

clonosaurus49 karma

Why should women even science?

MeganAmram146 karma

sorry for the typosjfg im drivinafg as i trype this - we ned to leanr how to drivee better!

harvardslut48 karma

have you slept with anyone on the set at P+R? Literally ON the set.

MeganAmram133 karma

no -- how soon can you get here??

Tob445 karma

How do you feel about Rob Delaney's penis?

MeganAmram142 karma

which one?

ComboForTheStorm42 karma

What's your main source of protein?

MeganAmram215 karma


mendigacabrona39 karma

Hi Megan, this is more of a "serious" question so I apologize if it's super boring. I met you last night at your book signing in LA and we talked about being bullied in school. Personally for me being made fun of didn't start or end in high school, and it's only recently that I've started rejecting the negative comments with better ease. I was wondering since the industry that you're thriving in is notorious for being anything but kind if you still find yourself in situations where you're put down, and how do you handle it now?

MeganAmram88 karma

HI! you are a literally doll! :) no apologies. i do, and like many people, i find it so difficult not to take it personally. i sometimes leave shows or work or parties feeling like such an outsider. but you need to know that you are so awesome (and beautiful! i know!), and everyone feels that way. they are coming from an insecure place and might have so many reasons to tease or act out. this isn't new advice, but you are you, for better or for worse, and we only get one little shot at this life so might as well say fuck it, im gonna have fun!

powertalons37 karma

What's the biggest difference between writing for Twitter and writing for a TV show?

MeganAmram213 karma

Twitter has 140 characters...Parks & Rec only has about 8 ;) ;) i love u babe!

MeganAmram92 karma

But for realsies: story is a very hard thing to write! Twitter is all about jokes; TV is about what happens when, the voice of individual characters, and on top of all that being funny! TV is hard and great!

pharbero26 karma

Which is your favourite chin?

MeganAmram62 karma

Definitely the middle of the seventeen. I feel like it's my middle child - you need to give it a little extra love!!!

AllThisPaperwork26 karma

Can you please link the youtube video made by a non-professional that made you laugh the hardest?

KurtVonnebutt24 karma

Whats the most painful Foam Corner-esque joke Harris Wittels has ever unleashed in the Parks and Rec writer's room?

thecricketnerd11 karma

I love this question.

MeganAmram55 karma

OOOH! he is incredible at bad word play. when we cut things in a script sometimes he sings "sweet / cut-of-lines" to the tune of neil diamond's "sweet caroline"

trivela22 karma

How many weeks will you continue the unrelenting death march that is your weekly tbt on instagram?

MeganAmram32 karma

until the grave, babe ;)


Dear Megan,

I'm a HUGE fan. I accidentally bought two copies of your book, but I'm going to keep them both - THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.

  • Where can I get one or both of them signed?

  • Who are some of your favorite absurdist comedians?

MeganAmram30 karma

OMG!! that's awesome, though i will personally refund you if you dont like it! i am traveling to toronto, ny, and boston this weekend (dates on my tumblr) and portland the weekend after. are you near any of those fine cities?

i love maria bamford, brent weinbach, tim and eric, andy kaufman. the greats!

ranchdepressing17 karma

It is always hard for women in comedy. If you're attractive, people think you gained success and/or a following because of your looks. If you're not, people ask, "why should I care?"

That being said, was your Twitter picture a conscious effort to avoid the male gaze and establish your humor?

MeganAmram38 karma

this is a great question, FYI (tell your family, you did it!!) yes. i first and foremost think it's funny, but i never wanted someone to be able to blame my popularity on attractiveness, even if that's a spurious claim. also, trolls love to call women fat and ugly on the internet, and if i'm already basically calling myself fat and ugly with my picture, they better think of a smarter insult.

rating_pending16 karma

Your twitter is the best of all of the twitters. Lots of Nazi jokes. Is there a reason behind the lots of Nazi jokes?

MeganAmram58 karma

THANK YOU! I do NAZI anything wrong with them ;) i love that the nazis had the swastika. it's just a little squiggle!! nazis were nothing but BIG BULLIES with a LIL DOODLE!!!!

Prufrock45116 karma

What's it like working on the last season of a show as great as P&R? Are you excited about the chance to wrap things up, sad it's ending? What's next?

MeganAmram32 karma

it's SO bittersweet. i've been here a significant amount of my twenties now -- it feels like a huge chapter of my life is ending. i've cried a TON at work! that's professional, right??

ifauve16 karma

You said on Facebook to ask yes or no questions. So here's one:

Will you marry me (I'm a Japanese sex doll with a big tentacle for a penis)?

MeganAmram23 karma

yes, where and when?

Frajer15 karma

is Rosie O'Donnell still mad about your twitter avatar?

MeganAmram128 karma

i think so? she keeps showing up at my house but i have a whistle that only she can hear and i blow it and she leaves!

3ranaldo2113 karma

Which do you like better? Meth, or your thigh gap?

MeganAmram91 karma

my thigh gap. it's the only thing i've ever worked for. i want to have an EGOT (emmy, grammy, oscar, thigh gap)

lockheedelectra11 karma

Will you go on WTF with Marc Maron?

MeganAmram9 karma

i would love to!

matthilarious10 karma


Would you explain the plotlines of the three musicals you wrote at Harvard, and talk a little bit about whether you focused on music, lyrics, book writing, some combination???

MeganAmram17 karma

any question about musicals is INSTANTLY at the top of my list!!! yes! i wrote the book and lyrics, with my friend alexandra, for three musicals. i focus on lyrics - it's my fave thing to write. one was about an advice columnist. one was called "Acropolis Now" and was about ancient greece. one was called "Commie Dearest" and was about the cold war!

Sisiwakanamaru10 karma

Hello, I have two questions for you:

  • How do you came up with the idea of "SCIENCE...FOR HER!"?

    Because when I was in middle school I slipped my tongue and I said Orgasms instead of Organisms

  • What is your favorite dessert?

Thank you

MeganAmram24 karma

  1. my best friend amanda also did in MS and i was SO horrified for her!! SCIENCE...FOR HER! came about me not understanding ANYTHING about science and trying to bring it to a fun level for us ladies. I discuss shopping, men, driving, boys, dicks, and weens!

  2. Salt & Straw ice cream!!!

awfulgoodness9 karma

Native American here, what's up with those murals and how can I get featured on one?

MeganAmram22 karma

omg OF COURSE. anything for you! i really think we white people owe you one :/

bdubaya9 karma

Did you ever find your lost masking tape?

jurvusbob9 karma

how is science for her different/worse than science for him?

MeganAmram45 karma

SCIENCE...FOR HER! has much lighter, softer pages than a man's textbook, since our hands are MUCH smaller than a man's hands!! honestly it's hard to believe but a woman's hands could BOTH fit in the thumbnail of a man!

linalyle8 karma

Hi Viv!

Are you coming back for P&R's last season? We need you for a meta-episode in Ron's meta-cabin

MeganAmram10 karma


stonedimmaculate948 karma

when was the one moment when - as a woman, a writer, and a comedian - you thought 'I have truly made it'?

MeganAmram21 karma

gloria steinem blurbed the back cover of my book. i am so indebted to her, as a woman and a writer and a feminist, and it was already overwhelming enough that she helped me out. but the true MOMENT was that she sent me a HANDWRITTEN blurb on a piece of cardstock, and when you turn over the note you see that it's a letter katie couric had written to HER. she must've just reused the other side. so now i have a piece of stationary where one side is gloria's note to me, and the other is katie's note to gloria. thats when i knew I MADE IT!!

technicalityNDBO8 karma

What did you look like about 88 weeks ago?

MeganAmram13 karma

i was 64246 pounds and 2 feet tall!

demianjohnston7 karma

Have you tried to write too many dance scenes for Adam Scott after seeing him dance in Party Down?

MeganAmram21 karma

i wrote a scene in one of my episodes where ben and jerry dance a tango! it was a dream come true. ben wyatt is a little man with a LOT OF RHYTHM!

Knozis7 karma


MeganAmram69 karma

i've lied in every single reddit answer so far. like for instance, that was a lie.

ranchdepressing6 karma

Latkes: sour cream or apple sauce?

MeganAmram13 karma

both, babe ;)

bnuuug6 karma

I feel like Adam Scott on P&R was just playing a different version of himself. Is he the quintessential straight man in real life also?

MeganAmram41 karma

he is the best straight man of all time. i really as a rule do not associate with straight men, but adam is the top of the heap. note, i do not mean "the top of the heap," a sex move used in gay orgies.

linzy6 karma

How often do people attempt to sing your name to the tune of "Black Betty"?

MeganAmram6 karma

so much!!!!!

child_of_lightning6 karma

What horrifying, unspeakable childhood trauma inspired you to become interested in the delights of comedy writing?

MeganAmram75 karma

my twin brother FORCED me give him my holographic charizard pokemon card when we were in fifth grade. i've never recovered.

Guildnstern5 karma

How involved are the Parks and Rec actors in the writers room? Do they often improvise on the scripts?

MeganAmram15 karma

they aren't in the room as we write usually, and our scripts are less improvised than a lot of people think, but there are definitely a lot of improved lines that get in the show. so so many incredible improvisers in our cast. amy and pratt are especially incredible!

poadyum5 karma

Will you please go back to deleting all your twitter replies and RT's? There's too much clutter on your timeline and I just wanna see your jokes :(

MeganAmram23 karma

THIS IS MY GREATEST FEAR COME TRUE. i used to be so OCD about it and my friends made fun of me and i gave in!!! AHHHH!!!!!

mayecontreras5 karma

Wich is the craziest/funniest moment you had working in Parks and Recreation?

MeganAmram32 karma

chris pratt is one of the best humans on earth. i was filming an episode last year and he was supposed to hit a phone out of someone's hand, and instead he DROP KICKED A FAX MACHINE ACROSS THE SET. it hit a phone and you could so loudly hear the dial tone as it laid off the hook. i think it's the hardest i've ever laughed. didnt make it in the show, though :( :(

WeirdAlFan5 karma

So when are you going to stop posting that one photo every Thursday and why is the answer never?

MeganAmram11 karma

which photo? ;)

feministcelebasker5 karma

Do you consider yourself a feminist?

MeganAmram30 karma

oh HELL yes, bitches ;)

zipzipzipzip5 karma

What sitcom would you have loved to have worked on?

MeganAmram21 karma

30 ROCK!

for_theinsurance5 karma

I wanted to let you know your tweet about the top award in farting being the pull-it surprise is my favorite tweet of all time. How excited were you when you thought of this? How many other fart jokes are you sitting on that are not yet fit for us to discover?

MeganAmram5 karma

finally, someone gets me!!! i make so many puns but i am very embarrassed by them. every once in awhile one is good enough in my opinion that i GOTSTA share it with the world. i had one i liked that, when pluto was kicked out of the solar system, it was forced to by an organization called "Pared Planethood." oh god.

Midifinch5 karma

What's your all time favorite comedy?

MeganAmram22 karma

pee wees big adventure

dumbiedikes5 karma

Hey, Megan! Who was made you the happiest this year and how did he or she do it?

MeganAmram16 karma

hello kitty. she always knows how to make me happy :) ps she's a cat, not a girl.

Post-ironicDiscoStu5 karma

Which form of writing do you enjoy most: television, books, or tweets?

MeganAmram19 karma

they all go so well with each other, since they use different parts of your comedy brain! i think i'm most proud of tv, though, since it's longest form and can make you feel emotions, not just laughing! is laughing an emotion? i dont know science!

waldron764 karma

Congrats on being the funniest person on twitter. Your baby corn joke made me cringe/laugh in a way I didn't know was possible.

My question: who would win in a fight, you or Rob Delaney?

Follow-up question: who would win in a swimsuit competition, you or Rob Delaney?

MeganAmram10 karma

rob would CREAM me. literally. he would be a gross sexual deviant and cream me to death.

definitely me. i'd be willing to go full swastika body paint. he just has that stupid little banana hammock in his photo.

3ranaldo214 karma

Hi Megan!!! I'm actually asking on behalf of my girlfriend who idolizes you and loves all your work! She was wondering what your path to being a comedy writer is and what steps you took to have such an amazing job? Ps. We both love your book!

MeganAmram13 karma

thank you so much!! you are a GREAT gf or bf and she should marry you right now. i had an interesting path, starting with twitter, but i really believe if you just constantly MAKE THINGS and put them out there that the cream will rise! that being said, im a hack and only have like five jokes left in me. SORRY!

rambogizmo4 karma

Big Fan! thanks for doing this, I saw you perform a power point presentation at UCB in LA a few years back on "Smolking" I was wondering if you have ever posted this power point online?

MeganAmram11 karma

i haven't but i want to! i still perform it! maybe if my gralndma hadnt quit smolking she'd still be alive and not suicide-ed!

mnemoniker3 karma

You have, bar none, one of the most consistently funny twitter accounts. Since twitter doesn't pay you, do you have any reason to believe that it is a better outlet for some of your humor than other creative outlets, like a stand up routine or a TV show?

MeganAmram8 karma

thank you so much! i tried stand up when i first got to LA, but i really dont like the lifestyle. it's SO grueling. i have such respect for the people who do it. but i love to write and act and i can make three funny faces and do a 15%-good bill cosby impression, so there's a show there somewhere, right?

PremiereLife3 karma

What advice can you offer to a woman in science (FOR HER), since you've made your way in the male-dominated world of comedy?

MeganAmram15 karma

STRAP ONS. wear one at all time every day. it will intimidate the men, so you can sneak in and steal their promotions!!

Yeahokitsme3 karma

Megan! If you didn't have a Twitter account, what opportunities would you have missed out on? Or really what opportunities have you been given because of how popular you are on Twitter?

MeganAmram12 karma

truly everything. twitter has been SO good to me. it allowed me to showcase my work and reach an audience of people i never would've otherwise. i'm so grateful for it. omg now im crying on the karyboarde anahd igts alll sligppery!!

darianb10313 karma

  1. How is your last name pronounced?

  2. What is/are your favorite Parks and Rec episode(s)?

  3. Did you ever expect that your twitter would become as popular as it is now? Do you consider yourself "twitter famous"?

Thanks for doing this. Big fan.

MeganAmram21 karma

  1. my name is pronounced "MIL-kuh," like the food "milk"!

  2. Favorite is probably "Rock Show"?? Or "Ron & Diane!"

  3. no way! i thought i would go down in flames and have to get a job as a hostess at the cheesecake factory. not that that's bad........

MeganAmram23 karma

  1. oh wait, just remembered, it's "AAM-ram"

sleeperc3ll3 karma

did the Holocaust happen? if so how do you feel about it?

MeganAmram20 karma


oh_no__notagain3 karma

Hi Megan - Most people don't know you for your beautiful poetry, but this poem has changed my life.

Can you speak about what it's like to switch between serious and silly work? Do you prefer one over the other?

MeganAmram11 karma

i am so so flattered! i love poetry more than almost anything. i often find myself on the verge of tears reading my favorite poems. in terms of things i love, it goes: singing > poetry > comedy.

i really do believe they feed into each other. comedy and poetry are both about surprise, and a nimbleness with language. both should have real emotion behind them! it's two sides of the same coin.

grova133 karma

I recently watched your episode of Drag U. Would you consider being a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race?

MeganAmram9 karma

i would LOVE LOVE LOVE TO. i'm well equipped. i've literally never met a straight person. i think they're urban legends.

king_khan3 karma

Amram I have you as my lock screen pic, does that mean we're due to get married soon?

MeganAmram10 karma

WHOA i have YOU as MINE!

tizzyneutron3 karma

How close are you and Edward Droste? How did you guys meet? I see you guys go back and forth on twitter and it cracks me up

MeganAmram7 karma

we are lovers in real life. we met at our arranged marriage thirty years ago.

omghair693 karma

Hi Megan! I have been a fan for a long time. Basically since like 2011. I love parks and rec and I LOVE your book. I even preordered hehe. I am a hairstylist in Ohio and I am not a writer or a comedian but you give me such inspiration to make my clients laugh all day and to remember that they are much more then the crazy beauty standards they stress about. I can't wait to see what else you are going to do!

My question is, when you are having a dry spell with your writing or jokes, where or who do you go to for inspiration? What helps your mind start generating your fresh, unique material you are so well-known for? Thanks again for being neat. Let me know when you are in Ohio so I can give you the blow dry(/job) of your life!

MeganAmram7 karma

Thank you so much!!! I will have to come to Ohio - i have VERY bad hair and NEED HELP!!!

i go to the MALL. i truly sincerely LOVE malls and i also find them very stimulating, with people watching and just browsing.

kathrynbigelow2 karma

Hi Megan! How did you celebrate your book coming out? Both appropriate and inappropriate!

MeganAmram13 karma

honest answer: went to the cheesecake factory in LA with a bunch of friends last night. had an oreo milkshake and a long island ice tea. i know how to party!!!!!!!

samsaspeedy2 karma

Hi megan! I've been following your career via twitter and it's been so cool watching you get these amazing gigs, and write a book, and just be generally excellent as a human being. I'm currently in college studying radio/tv/film, but I want to write comedy when I graduate. I have a few questions!!

  1. How much help did your alma mater help you when you graduated? aka does it matter what school you go to (i'm at a state school in the middle of nowhere holla)

  2. When did you know you were funny enough to be funny for a career?

  3. Does Mike Shur have a heavenly glow surrounding him at all times?

MeganAmram10 karma

that's awesome, and truly, best of luck!! i am a witch also, so who do you want me to curse???

  1. hmm. it helped, but the internet helped more. i went to harvard (the "harvard of the east") which is very well connected in the comedy world, but i didnt have a lot of "connections" when i moved to la. it all really came for me from the internet and twitter. so just keep making stuff and put it online if that's your jam!

  2. i never did, and still dont. i constantly wake up feeling like a fraud. but i love it, and im gonna keep doing this till they tell me i cant anymore ;)

  3. yes. it smells like boston baked beans and nomar garciaparra.

MollyLindquist2 karma

Will you write a sequel to "Scienceā€¦ For Her!"?

MeganAmram6 karma

i would love to! thinking "SPORTS...FOR HER!" or "SCIENCE...FOR HER...FOR HIM!"

professorcomic2 karma

Hi Megan! Superb job on Parks and Recreation. Do you have any tips or advice to aspiring female comedy writers? Thanks!

MeganAmram2 karma

write as much as you possibly can! you need to write a lot in order to find out what you like, and what type of writing you're good at. don't afraid to be "girly" or a "feminist" -- it's our prerogative to be whoever we are as women, and not try to change our lifestyles to "hang with guys." that being said, guys also should feel free to be girly. lets all be ourselves and love each other and like cool stuff!

awwwpeas2 karma

What's your fav Parks episode written by you? I love Ron and Diane. The part where Tammy spreads her legs at the table will kill me each time I see it! Is it more fun to write for the personalities on Parks or the kooks on Kroll Show?

MeganAmram3 karma

i think ron & diane is mine, too! it was such a special episode, hopefully very funny and emotional, too. i love all my episodes, though. flu season 2 was a big one last year! i love writing for parks because it's longer form, but nick kroll is one of the funniest people ive ever met. I LOVE TV!!!


Hey! I saw you on Carson Daly the other night, you were hilarious! How was the potato?

MeganAmram8 karma

THANK YOU! it was DISGUSTING! i thought a raw potato tasted like potato salad. spoiler alert: they cook those ones!!

lockheedelectra2 karma

How can I get boys to talk to me?

MeganAmram17 karma

become a 911 operator and set their houses on fire!! theyll be BEGGING to talk to you! ;)

gwaace2 karma

what is your favorite food in the whole wide world?

MeganAmram2 karma

baby carrots, no bit!!!

atlantafalcon12 karma

Have you ever wanted to try out performing, whether on stage or television?

MeganAmram4 karma

yes! for most of my life i was in musicals all the time. all i want is to be on broadway.

iwishiwasaunicorn2 karma

yes or no?

MeganAmram9 karma


fembottom2 karma

What is your favorite sitcom of all time? Why?

MeganAmram4 karma

honestly, i think the original The Comeback is a PERFECT show. it's so funny and tragic at the same time. Lisa Kudrow is a genius!!!

lockheedelectra2 karma

Do you like chunky apple sauce?

MeganAmram3 karma

yes, but only if the chunks are peanuts

jbailz2 karma

Hey Megan. Love all your work. Signed up just to ask you this question.

There are a lot of great professional writers out there, but you're one whose work seems to consistently rise above. Everyone knows you have to work hard to succeed, but what else goes into developing (or protecting?) a truly unique delivery?

MeganAmram10 karma

first of all, thank you so much!! i love your work, too!!

i think you just need to trust your internal comedic compass. my book is very odd and specific, but i knew it was exactly what i wanted to do and didnt want to compromise about the premise. you should be open to constructive criticism of course, but you dont need to write things just because you think they'll be popular!

scatmandooo2 karma

Can you tell Chris Pratt that I want to be friends with him? He seems really damn funny and an awesome person to drink with.

MeganAmram12 karma

sure! can i give him your name/SSN??

kathrynbigelow2 karma

What is your relationship with Rob Delaney like? brother/sister? lover/lover? dad/daughter? cat person/dog person?

MeganAmram17 karma

front of human centipede/middle of human centipede

ajk12 karma

will you have any more acting bits in the new season? I loved you in the episode as potential buyers for Ron's cabin

MeganAmram4 karma

i play leslie this year!!

cianomahony2 karma

HEY BABE ;) I love your new brook even though I haven't gotten it yet. Do you have any other brook ideas? Also, when are you coming to Ireland?

MeganAmram3 karma

BABE!!!! I WROTE THIS BROOK JUST FOR U - U R MY BEST FRIEND!!!!! i need to come to ireland! i hear they have sex on the other side of the road there ;)