We are Canadian rock band Billy Talent. We just released a collection of our favorite songs we've released a record called HITS today, it's a collection of our favorite songs we've released over the years with a couple of new songs. ASK US ANYTHING!


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EDIT: We've gotta run now, but thanks for all your questions! You guys are amazing.

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samdje336 karma

Why are Germans so obsessed with you??

billytalentband826 karma

Because Germans have great taste in music! Ben

frantakiller271 karma

Can we get an official hair product from Ian?

billytalentband329 karma

Got2BGlued by Swarzkopf. Good stuff:)


reticulated_python76 karma

When did you first put your hair up into the cool sort of wall you have now?

billytalentband159 karma

2000 when I met Teddy, the bartender at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto Ian

toolsie26 karma

Love the Shoe

I-Argue-With-Myself23 karma

I tend to forget nights when I go there

billytalentband57 karma

Best place to grab a pint and watch a band in the city! ian

bubbling_buddy254 karma

Why did you decide to give your 4th album a different name and not stick to naming it Billy Talent IV?

billytalentband267 karma

We were tired of the number thing.... It was time for a change. -Jon

I-Argue-With-Myself124 karma

The first 3 albums used a "Led Zeppelin" naming approach. And my memory is foggy but I believe during an interview on 102.1 The Edge (Toronto Radio Station) they stated that there could only be one "IV", referring to Zeppelin IV

billytalentband233 karma

This is true. There can only be one IV. Aaron

xmakelele246 karma

Are you guys a fans of Rise Against?

billytalentband364 karma

Huge fans of Rise Against. Those guys are our bros. Aaron

billytalentband157 karma

Huge fans! Love those dudes…toured with them a lot and Tim and I always stay in touch…Ben

AnEnragedZombie237 karma

Did you ever figure out where the line was?

billytalentband169 karma

hahahah... Never! - Jon

billytalentband110 karma

Haha...comic gold. ian

BillyTalent12207 karma

Did THE EX ever react somehow about her beautiful song? :)

billytalentband289 karma

ha not really but needless to say we don't talk anymore. Ben

Yeahokitsme193 karma

This is for Aaron. Back just before you released BILLY TALENT II, you did a small secret warm up show in London, UK. I remember talking to you after about MS and how you were treating it as my aunty has suffered from it a long time and is unfortunately pretty bad with it. My question is, it's over 8 years since we spoke about it, how are you doing now? Is it having any effect on your ability to play? Also, any new FUMS merch to come out?

billytalentband265 karma

I have been battling MS for years now and I'm winning. I take it day by day and I am doing great. New FUMS merch is being talked about right now. Hopefully it won't be to long.


billy_talent94 karma

Hey Guys, thanks for doing this AMA, I was just wondering if you remember me at all. I won the contest to play with you guys on your 2012 tour. I have always been really into your tunes and to find out you are really cool guys as well was amazing. Funny story when Ian wrote out my name on the drum head you all signed, he spelled my name Riley, instead of Rylee. I was so damn nervous I just rolled with it. The all time coolest part was when I was at the concert I was front row and John would recognize me and give me the look, which was cool. Thanks guys I just wanted to share that with you. Just curious if you remember me?


billytalentband195 karma

Thanks Riley (Just Kidding)... Rylee. I remember you. Those jam sessions were fun to do. By the way... it's Jon. hahaha. - Jon

TheGeever92 karma

I've been DYING to hear "When I Was a Little Girl" live. Correct me if I'm wrong but you guys never play Pezz songs right? If that's the case why not?

billytalentband119 karma

The only PEZZ song we have have played live is Beach Balls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld6yMpaMPCc

We probably won't play Pezz anymore.


billytalentband94 karma

you never know what the future holds. Aaron

emmanrocks89 karma

Favourite pokemon?

billytalentband224 karma

Snorlax. His eyes are always closed. Aaron

DetroitPistons87 karma

My mother passed away last week and one I got to meet bens grandmother because of her. My mother was in Toronto General and Bens grandmother was in the bed beside hers. My mom told me who this lady was and that she had met Ben and he wouldn't be back as he just left to meet the rest of you in vancouver to record songs. Needless to say I was very jealous. Throughout the night Bens g-ma seemed to be uncomfortable, confused, and just generally irritated with being in that bed. I decided that I would play some of your songs to her from my iPod and she INSTANTLY changed. She became the most calm person, saying the most loving things about her grandson ben. It was so nice to be able to let her hear your music in that boring hospital room I just want you to know that even from that one small moment I could tell that she ADORED you AND your music. as for a question... do you guys plan on playing anywhere near toronto anytime in the near future?

billytalentband97 karma

Sorry to hear about your Mom. That's awful. Sending you all our love and support. I love my Grandmother more than anything. Thank you for making her feel comfortable in an uncomfortable place.

Much love


louiexihair82 karma

Will Dead Silence ever be played live?

billytalentband112 karma

Good Question.... I hope so. With some practice of course. - Jon

blue-variable67 karma

How was growing up in Mississauga/Streetsville ? Do you guys spend time there still ? Family, friends ?

I went to Mount Carmel highschool, and everyone talked about Pezz and the talent shows you guys did.

You're also my favorite band of all time. Every single song you guys produce is absolute gold.

Thank you for doing this ama

billytalentband58 karma

Mississauga had a huge impact on us. "You are a product of your environment." I still have family in Mississauga with nieces and nephews at OLMC. -Jon

ghostly515064 karma

I've been supporting your music for years! Thanks for doing this! Where are your favorite places to play? Also, are you ever coming back to Arizona!?

billytalentband76 karma

Thanks for the support! European music festivals are always a blast. Getting to play on the same stage as some of the biggest bands in the world is truly the best. Aaron

ldnwolf18 karma

Any European festivals in particular? You guys smashed it at London's Warped Tour last year! :D

papscrunt16 karma

Warped was amazing, really enjoyed it. Letting Cancer Bats do Hail Destroyer at Drownload was such a nice touch too.

billytalentband26 karma

bros before…well you know


billytalentband37 karma

I hope so so. I have a good buddy in Arizona. I.m sure we'll be there again. - Jon

billytalentband31 karma

I hope we get to go back to Arizona. We love it there.


trentklassen60 karma

What is your most embarrassing story from being on tour?

billytalentband141 karma

I once fell through a hole in an old stage (well one of my legs fell through, and i had to finish the song partially immersed in a stage). Aaron has an even more embarrassing story though :)


billytalentband308 karma

I was walking with my clean laundry down an alley in the Reeperbahn in Germany. I thought I dropped my socks so I picked up what was at my feet. it was a pair of panties covered in shit. Aaron

pixelcheesexo57 karma

Why is Ben so sexy?

billytalentband186 karma

Because he remembers to drink his Ovaltine -Ian

Mitch-Sorrenstein61 karma

Because Ben is love, Ben is life.

billytalentband129 karma

Hi guys and gals! Ben here…my mama made me that way.

rafaugm54 karma


billytalentband89 karma

Twice I've had the curtains dropped over top of me in mid song. Also, Tony from the BuzzCocks once poured ice down my pants while I was guesting on stage with them at our last Show in Atlanta on that tour. - Jon

billytalentband93 karma

I had half a hamburger thrown at me at the first show we played with Buzzcocks in LA. Aaron

IdioticTendency51 karma

As a small band that was just starting, what was it like having a lawsuit over the band's previous name?

billytalentband106 karma

We had no money and the named sucked anyway. It was good for us. Aaron

billytalentband83 karma

it wasn't really a law suit..they had the name first so we let them have it. We didn't like the name anyways


HelloDepression44 karma

How do you guys react when your music is put into video games? Do you ever play a game, hear your song, and react like "holy shit this is our song!?"

billytalentband114 karma

ha! that has happened when playing NHL. throws me off and I lose.


JabARecCow42 karma

Who was the most fun to tour with?

billytalentband160 karma

Alexisonfire was the funnest band to tour with. Aaron

billytalentband98 karma

+1 Alexisonfire -Ian

GamerGunner39 karma

Billy Talent was the first CD i ever bought and I've been hooked ever since. From one Torontonian to another how good are the leafs chances of making the playoffs this year?

billytalentband82 karma

they'll be fighting for that 8th spot all year but why do only care about making the playoffs?! I want a team that will contend for the Cup year in and year out!


billytalentband43 karma

30% chance. - Jon

Ian-Wears-A-Wig38 karma

Ian.. if you had to choose one of the following.. what would it be

Shaving the hair or losing a hand?

Billy Talent, get your ass back to Hamilton!

billytalentband79 karma

Shaving the hair of course! Nobody wants to lose a hand...then I couldn't play guitar anymore


deddeed35 karma

What was your most interesting/special support band? Ps: pls come back to Germany. We miss you guys c:

billytalentband40 karma

I loved touring with Ruben. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNrcNFq7OuA They are no longer together but the singer started an amazing new band called Jamie Lenman. The album is called Muscle Memory. Half the album is soft and beautiful, the other half will rip your face off it's so heavy. Aaron

billytalentband25 karma

Jason Rouse... He's a stand up comedian. - Jon

stid9532 karma

Do you feel like it is hard to be still punk while growing up/old ?

billytalentband125 karma

Being old is punk. Aaron

billytalentband42 karma

getting older is the best.

PhiMa26 karma

Was there a specific reason you guys chose footage from Rock am Ring 2012 for the Viking Death March music video over other festivals?

billytalentband55 karma

The crowd at Rock am Ring is on another level. To have so many people into what's happening on stage is really special. We had to use that crowd for Viking. Aaron

billytalentband46 karma

because Rock Am Ring is this best!


AlbinoAssassin25 karma

What is the story behind Burn the Evidence?

billytalentband62 karma

A man gets into a car accident and ends up on his deathbed in the hospital reflecting on all the things he could have done differently in his life. -Ian

ebertek22 karma

I saw you July 2013 on the A38 Ship in Budapest. Was there anything special you liked about Hungary, or a special memory you could share with us? Are you planning to come back to Hungary during your next European tour?

billytalentband47 karma

That show was amazing. It was Canada Day (Canada's B-Day) and we had a big party on that ship after the show. We DJ'd only Canadian Artists while on a boat in Hungry. Good times. - Jon

billytalentband36 karma

"When I say Buda, you say Pest" One of the best shows we have played in Europe was that day on that boat. I remember because it was Canada day. Aaron

billytalentband32 karma

that was an awesome night! Can't wait to get back. when I say BUDA…you say PEST! BUDA...

Senior_CXC21 karma

1) Which of your albums would you guys say you like most?

2) Any favourite songs to preform live?

billytalentband41 karma

I like Billy Talent II and Dead Silence because I got to work with my engineer bros on both -Ian

billytalentband36 karma

1 - Dead Silence is my fav. 2 - Viking Death March, Cure for the Enemy, Prisoners of Today.... on and on... -Jon

chaosanc18 karma

HEY GUYS! Billy Talent was the first band I ever got into, around the age of 11, and I remember my younger brother asking our parents to buy the first CD despite having no other musical inclinations. I also remembering gasping at the edginess of "bastard's son", which seemed super inappropriate for our well behaved family.

I've loved your output ever since and I would kill to meet you guys or see you guys in a smaller setting (saw you guys at the ACC, Dundas Square, and Sound Academy last year! My first concert too!). Do you guys think you'll be playing any more intimate venus in Toronto soon (like Horseshoe Tavern, which I was too young for the first time around)?

Hope you guys realize what an influence you've had over getting kids into punk/hard rock/alternative, etc as my "Billy Talent-as-my-first-band" story seems fairly common here in Toronto. Keep on making kickass music!

Also I doubt you can answer this: what can we expect stylistically from the upcoming album and will it continue with the new 'named' album theme (rather than BT I or II or III)?

BONUS QUESTION (Edited in): Will you guys ever consider releasing more of your stuff on vinyl?

EDIT: Grammar is important!

billytalentband23 karma

All of our albums have a vinyl version. We often play a warm up show somewhere small or maybe a small charity show; so keep your eyes and ears open and I'm sure you'll get an opportunity to see us at a small venue. They are always fantastic shows. Thanks for all your support! -Jon

Barkerisonfire_18 karma

If you could eat one last meal what would it be?

billytalentband93 karma

an all you can eat buffet so that way I can keep eating forever.


billytalentband32 karma

Lobster. - Jon

billytalentband40 karma

Mac and cheese. Aaron

w4toosh17 karma

Would you come out on the town and let your Aussie fans shout you all multiple rounds of drinks during a tour down under? We are into summer soon and the beaches are great! :)

billytalentband27 karma

Ha. We love coming to Australia when it's your summer. Yes you can buy us drinks. Aaron

billytalentband20 karma

That sounds like fun... how about some surfing too? Last time we were there for Sound Wave I got to surf twice. We will be back in AUZ at some point. - jon

wirsinddie117 karma

Will you do an Europe Tour soon?

billytalentband41 karma

unfortunately not. As of now we have no shows booked and our main goal is too work on new music.


Janikole17 karma

Dead Silence seems to have a much more social commentary than your previous albums, with songs like Man Alive!, Surprise, Surprise and Crooked Minds. What was it that prompted you guys to start discussing these themes in your music?

I also want to say that my entire family are fans of your work, we get tickets every time you guys visit Winnipeg!! Thank you for putting out great new music without losing that original Billy Talent style =)

billytalentband25 karma

Thank you and we love Winnipeg! I guess that album had a lot more social commentary because 2012 was a pretty important year with lots of doomsday talk + social uprisings happening around the world. It made for a lot of discussion within the band which ended up taking lyrical form on that album. -Ian

sambillytalent15 karma

Ben has anyone told you look like ryan gosling?? :)

billytalentband19 karma

ha yes. I'll take it!


Bicoastalshrimp15 karma

Hey guys! What are your favorite genres other than rock/punk?

billytalentband39 karma

I love all music.... If it has soul it doesn't matter the genre. -Jon

billytalentband36 karma

we love everything. Huge hip hop fans, Classic rock, reggae, jazz, blues, blue grass


billytalentband34 karma

Hip hop, Reggae, Rock, Metal. Aaron

hobbesnoob14 karma

What do you order at Tims?

billytalentband20 karma

Medium Coffee 1 milk, 1/2 sugar. -Jon

CrazyNinjaDJ12 karma

Ian! Is it possible to slice a lemon/orange using your hair?

billytalentband18 karma

No, I do not think that would be possible. Unless my hair was made of metal and sharp like a knife:) -Ian

Silvoc12 karma

Favourite album to make? And favorite colors?

billytalentband31 karma

The first album was the most fun to make because the experience was so new. I like Blue. -Jon

flekie11 karma

Ian, why and when did you start playing stratocasters?

billytalentband38 karma

I started playing Strats because I love the sound of them the best first-off, and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd used to play a black Strat with a maple fretboard. That's the guitar I wanted when I was 13


Neurosynia11 karma

I've been listening to you guys since I was 12. I'm now 23 (As of today! Best birthday present ever.), and it feels like I grew up on your music. Most other rock bands I grew up with now hate each other and have stopped making music somewhere between my entering middle school, high school, college, and medical school- what's kept you guys together and inspired after all these years?

billytalentband13 karma

hi there…good question. I think it all boils down to love for the music. We all respect what we each bring to the table and love what comes out.


augustholiday10 karma

Hey guys, huge fan!

What do you do if you hit writers block? Any rituals or activities that help get the inspiration flowing?

p.s. The song Cure For The Enemy has brought tears to my eyes. Amazing song.

billytalentband23 karma

Ian and I work relentlessly on lyrics…when things aren't working you need to step back and let the song sit for a while then go back to it with perhaps a new theme or topic


billytalentband15 karma

Writing is like working out, you gotta keep doing it or it gets hard to do again once you've stopped. That's where I think 'writer's block' generally comes from, as well as constantly doing and seeing things that keep you inspired.

LeesaSoCal10 karma

Love you guys! I have only seen you guys once! When are you coming back to the US, particularly Southern California?

billytalentband14 karma

hi there…once the new record is finished we will be touring the US and I can almost guarantee we will be playing in Southern Cali. We love it there. Thanks for the support. Ben

Anshin10 karma

I am totally fangirling right now. PLEASE COME TO NASHVILLE

billytalentband12 karma

love Nashville! Can't wait to go back


Gabo30209 karma

When are you coming to Latin America?

billytalentband13 karma

next record. Guaranteed!!!! Can't wait


Cpt_Waffle9 karma

Hey guys loving the music!! What's the the song that caused the most difficultly finishing?

billytalentband29 karma

Cure for the Enemy was around unfinished since the first record. We could never figure it out for some reason. - Jon

billytalentband19 karma

Cure for the Enemy for sure. That one took years to finish. Aaron

onionmaker9 karma

(Question for the whole band?) Out of all the albums the band has made, which song is your personal favourite (if you had to narrow it down) and why?

I thought I would add and say thank you for all the years of music you have brought to me. Billy talent saved my life and got me through junior high and highschool. Again, thank you so much!

billytalentband42 karma

This is How it Goes. Super special song. First song on our first record and it means so much to play that song live. Aaron

cansini8 karma

When are you guys coming back to tour in Europe? and how it's possible to give you gifts?

billytalentband29 karma

Next year probably... you liking the band is gift enough. - Jon

papscrunt8 karma

After seeing you in the UK a few times over the years, I noticed something. Since George Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, he must very bored. Ive noticed him enjoying being a sound guy for you in his spare time. Its so lovely of you to help his boredom these days. How did you meet George? Mos Eisley? Alduran? Hoth?

billytalentband41 karma

*slowly waves hand.... This is not the band you are looking for. -Jon

billytalentband25 karma

I have no idea what you are talking about...but you're rather creative! Ian

I_drive_all_over8 karma

Being from Canada, are you guys ashamed of Nickelback or is that just an American thing?

billytalentband51 karma

Nickelback are hardworking dudes. I respect them. They take a lot of heat though, eh? - Jon

gswitzzz8 karma

Ben , What happend to Pezz? Is it true that after Billy talent you were told to tone down the screams for the second album?

billytalentband24 karma

haha no but that's really funny. No one has ever told me to tone down or do anything for that matter and if you're a fan of the band you know what my response would be to someone telling me what to do!


pixelcheesexo8 karma

How happy are you guys that Rob Ford isn't mayor for Toronto anymore?!

billytalentband23 karma

It's the best! Although regardless of what a horrible mayor he was we wish him all the best in his fight with cancer


billytalentband15 karma


billytalentband4 karma

I miss the controversy; but am very happy. -Jon

CrayonCommander7 karma

You guys were the reason I started listening to rock. That was back in 2007, I was like 11 back then. I saw fallen leaves video on mtv and was amazed. Asked for Billy Talent II for christmas that year and got it too. That album is the only physical album I own and I still love every bit of it. I got to see you live when you opened for Green Day in Estonia back in 2013. I sang every song word for word and you killed it, def topped green day in my book. I don't really have a question except for will you be coming back to Estonia some time? BT forever!

billytalentband10 karma

thank you for your support! Yes we will definitely be coming back to Estonia


Absered7 karma

Can you think of a particular event worth remembering that happened live?

I would just like to thank you guys for the water cannon in Heavy MTL a while back you had to force the Water cannon police to unleash on the crowd. It was very much appreciated.

Ps. Did the event guys get pissed when you aimed the cannon at the stage?

billytalentband9 karma

haha that was funny. No we didn't get mad I was asking for them to do it. Our crew guys were mad cause we soaked the stage but such is life!


vaultitup7 karma

If you could tour with anyone, who would it be?

billytalentband22 karma

Rage Against the Machine - Jon

newfiefan7 karma

Will you guys ever come back to Newfoundland? You have tons of fans here!

billytalentband10 karma

How could we not. I miss George Street.... - Jon

sleeping-booty5 karma

Plans for any new albums?

billytalentband12 karma

Working on it!


jro134 karma

How much do you enjoy doing shows in St Johns Newfoundland?

billytalentband4 karma

love St Johns. Great people and always a great time.


MrXtraSteve4 karma

What are your favourite bands? Greetings from Poland!

billytalentband14 karma

Rage Against The Machine Deftones Rancid Bad Religion NOFX Aaron

6579064 karma

Hey Jon what bass rig and eq settings do you use?

billytalentband14 karma

I use an Ampeg SVT-VR. 8x10 cabinet. I can't remember the EQ setting; but it's loud and I like to get some mid in there to cut through.

OtterOfLyf3 karma

If you were any type of vegan food, what would you be?

billytalentband11 karma

Mango. -Jon

TronCat9oblin3 karma

You guys are the reason I play music and thank you so much for that! What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

billytalentband4 karma

Honey Nut Cherrios. Aaron

AngelinaAbsolution3 karma

Can you guys call yourself a politically active citizens?

billytalentband8 karma

I think we are politically aware. it's good to know whats going on in the world. Ben

MrZix443 karma

Hey, you guys planning on coming down here to the southeast (like around Tennessee) any time soon?

billytalentband5 karma

We haven't been down to the south in a while, but we're looking to change that on the next record. We've been all over the U.S. and have great memories of shows down south. Thanks and hope we get to play for you guys soon. Ian

billytalentband3 karma

you bring the sour mash and we'll bring the music. deal?


kdalie3 karma

When are you next touring? I haven't seen you since BTturns10! Would it be a greatest hits tour by any chance? OR are you waiting for another album to be released to tour again? Start in Toronto again please :)

billytalentband11 karma

At this point we're not going to be doing anymore shows till we have new music. At of course we will be playing in TO. Go Raps…and Leafs!

Kedeljer3 karma

What were some struggles of rising up as a group among the crowds in a more suburban area?

Excited to see my long-time favourite band doing an AMA. Love from Toronto! Any plans to come back for a concert anytime soon?

billytalentband5 karma

I think the main problem with the burbs is that there are no outlets/venues for people to play. We rented halls and played in basements and slowly worked our way to TO. I think if people gave bands outlets that it would be amazing for the community and amazing for the arts.


Tropod83 karma

I saw you guys in SF at Slim's 5-6 years ago and you guys were amazing!

Anyways, i bet my friends that you would play "Devil in a Midnight Mass" first and I won the bet and they haven't paid me... can you tell them to pay me?

Also, will there ever be anything like "Pezz" again? It's the most intriguing sounding music for rock/jazz and my friend occasionally plays it in a lounge.

billytalentband7 karma

PAY THE MAN! Pezz is behind us; but I would love to hear your buddies lounge versions. -Jon

Mitch-Sorrenstein3 karma

Hello, my name is Mitch A. from Calgary! I prepared this submission a day beforehand just because I love you guys so much. Some of these may not be questions, so bare with me as I have a lot to say to you guys. Alright now let's get to it.

  1. Can you guys release more demo tracks? This is something many of your fans including myself LOVE and I was kind of disappointed by the lack of them from Dead Silence (my favorite album). You teased us with a Kingdom of Zod demo and I wanna hear the whole thing. And that Red Flag one you were talking about in the interviews for HITS.

  2. Ben, can you give Ian a chance to sing more? I love your voice, Ben, don't get me wrong but there's something about Ian's that intrigues me.

  3. I think you guys should really play a wider range of your songs live. I've never got a chance to hear White Sparrows, The Dead Can't Testify or Cure For The Enemy

  4. My friend met you guys when you played in Calgary for the Dead Silence tour because she won a contest. Can I PLEASE meet you?!?!?! :D I'll do anything, seriously.

  5. I saw you guys live 3 times now (DS tour, BT1 turns 10 (I borrowed my friends ID cause I was only 16) and Stampede 2014) and I just gotta say it's an amazing experience. Ian, I was right in front of you at stampede!

  6. You guys are a huge inspiration to me and I feel like I really know you through your music. Ian your guitar skills are amazing and I love learning your songs. But could you release more official tabs? I find the ones online to be quite inaccurate at times.

  7. Can I please meet you? Pretty pretty please?

  8. I'm very sorry about your guys' recent loss and I will pray for you guys tonight.

  9. Chasing The Sun and Kingdom of Zod are amazing tracks and I can't wait to hear more from next years album.

  10. I love your guys' album artwork (all of them)

  11. Can you tell us something not too revealing that we don't know about the 2015 album?!

  12. You guys should record more with Cancer Bats and Anti Flag! Maybe do a song with Dallas Green?? Thanks for answering and listening, Ben, Jon, Ian and Aaron! I love you guys! Bye for now!

billytalentband2 karma

A lot of effort here so I'll try my best: 1- Maybe on some crazy box set. 2 - He sings so nice. 3 - Lots of songs to choose from; hopefully you'll hear them one day. 4 - We are accessible, as your friend can tell you. 5 - Nice! 6- It's best to learn songs by ear; it will make you a better musician. 7- It's not impossible. 8-Thank you. 9- Thank you. 10- Thank you. 11- It's not finished. 12- What about Dave Grohl and Paul McCartney too? -Jon

harshbizzle3 karma

Hey guys! Long time fan, first album I ever bought was BT2 and I just saw you guys at riot fest in Toronto for the first time. You guys killed it. My question is, would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

billytalentband8 karma

1 horsed sized duck or course


Billy-Talent-France3 karma

Do you know the french website www.billytalent.fr ?

billytalentband7 karma

Oui! -ian

woblingtv2 karma

How did you guys start out and what thing did you do to promote yourselves?

billytalentband5 karma

we tried everything but then slowly realized that if you write great songs and are a good live band then people will find you!


cookiesaretheanswer2 karma

I white sparrows is an all time favourite, always wondered if there is a story behind it?

billytalentband4 karma

Losing someone close to us. It's one of our favourite songs as well. Glad you love it as much as we do.