*I had so much fun chatting with all of you today.. But i have to head out now to get some work done and post this new vine on Love you all so very much. Talk to you soon!*

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WhySoFlash45 karma

Hi Amanda. Big fan. Uhmmmm are you single?

AmandaCerny57 karma

Hello! Aw thank you for your support! And maybe baby :p

IamTheCumBox28 karma

Who's your favorite viner to work with?

AmandaCerny9 karma


IamTheCumBox5 karma

How did the whole baby doll arms thing start?

AmandaCerny10 karma

Those were all Curtis' idea. haha

BerzzerK20 karma

Have you ever had any uncomfortable video/photo shoots?

AmandaCerny21 karma

I had this really creepy photographer once... Now I refuse to shoot with any "Eddies ".

Torched9020 karma

In relation to you being a playmate, how did you get discovered? And what kind of process must you go through?

AmandaCerny34 karma

I was in college at Florida State. I once never thought about becoming a playmate until I had two kids from my hometown insist that I pursue it. I was offended at this recommendation at first because I never posed nude before. After doing my research and discovering Marilyn Monroe was the first playmate, celebrity pictorials, and the history of Playboy along with Hugh Hefner, I understood that to become a playmate meant becoming a part of history. There are only twelve playmate centerfolds a year so I submitted my bikini modeling photos to an email address I found on their website thinking that I would never even receive a reply. Soon enough I found myself being flown out to Los Angeles for a test shoot to become a playmate centerfold.

pspness19 karma


AmandaCerny23 karma

Not at all! I would love to take a photo with you.

Methaphor14 karma

What's the easiest/hardest thing about being a playmate?

AmandaCerny30 karma

They model stereotype is always the most difficult... the easiest is finding a date.

DTOM82714 karma


AmandaCerny22 karma

CHOCOLATE!!!!! I know that's not considered a meal but... I could eat that stuff all day if it didn't give you diabetes <3

Kconnelly13 karma

How hard was it to become a playmate? Did you have to audition or anything? Can you make a solid living on jut being a playmate?

AmandaCerny18 karma

Playboy gets thousands of submissions a day. Becoming a playmate is definitely a great platform for a girl to start an even larger career. Playmates that focus purely on their playmate status can make a very decent living for themselves. It all depends on your goals.

Kevtavish13 karma


What are the differences between being an entertainer on YouTube and being one on Vine?

AmandaCerny12 karma

Both worlds are similar. I guess it is easier to express your ideas further on youtube. That is why you see a lot of vine stars and you tubers collaborating.

themadvillainn12 karma

How has being known as "Vine Famous" benefited you? If so, in what ways?

AmandaCerny15 karma

Social media is extremely powerful. My large following has given me an entire community of people to broadcast to every day. I love it!

GaberahamLincoln11 karma

How did you get involved with Brandon Dermer?

Link for those that don't know -

AmandaCerny8 karma

Brandon followed some of my social media accounts and reached out to me directly. I am so happy that he did because this man is super talented!

Cescoooo711 karma

What's your ideal guy? Or husband material for you? Btw huge fan of you're vines and you're gorgeous xoxo

AmandaCerny28 karma

Thank you :) Mmm Smart, funny, and interesting. Handsome doesn't hurt either but someone's appearance can easily change once you get to know their personality.

Itsjustmederek10 karma

Hey Amanda! Thanks for doing this AMA! Just wondering are you all natural? ;D

AmandaCerny36 karma

Naturally Delicious!

LordMcze10 karma

Do you know from where are your ancestors? (Bcs your last name is 100% european.)

AmandaCerny21 karma

Czech republic. Italy. Germany. Croatia

whisqey9 karma

How many times has Jake Paul gotten blue balls because of you?

AmandaCerny26 karma

ew.... Jake is like my little brother.

TheKingKong108 karma

Hey Amanda, I watch your snaps a lot, and you seem like a very active fun person. In your free time, what is your favorite thing to do?

AmandaCerny7 karma

Thank you. I love traveling or anything new and exciting really.

xWhiteKid8 karma

How many weird looks do you get in public when making your snapchat stories?

AmandaCerny17 karma

hahahaha plenty!

will_ostlund8 karma

Ms. Cerny, would you be willing to accompany a USMA cadet to a banquet on 13 March 2015?

AmandaCerny6 karma

That would be fun!

dese447 karma

Hey Amanda! Huge fan of yours. A few questions: What place have you most enjoyed visiting (anywhere in the world)? And what is your favorite part about living in Los Angeles? Thanks!

AmandaCerny9 karma

I absolutely love Europe. Specifically Sweden, Amsterdam, Spain, Greece... Ugh It is all so amazing. But I enjoy traveling in general.

luke1087 karma

Is it hard being perfect?

AmandaCerny41 karma

I wouldn't know

fun87 karma

What is your favourite video game title or genre?

AmandaCerny14 karma

Call of Duty. I used to always play vice city when I was younger as well and the sims!

suruvi7 karma

How much money is made out of vine?

AmandaCerny17 karma

Depends how much you want to advertise really...

TheRealSugarRay7 karma

Love your vines and love seeing all the places you get to travel! who was your biggest inspiration to keep going in your career? And also, What has been your favorite place to do a shoot or vine?I love you! Stay beautiful!

AmandaCerny7 karma

Thank you! I love seeing the interaction from the people that have been following on me and continuing this journey with me. Getting their feedback really inspires me to do more. I like making people happy.

double_jab7 karma

What was your ideal job prior to becoming a playmate, Viner, Actress, and all that jazz? Did you major in anything specific in college?

AmandaCerny23 karma

International affairs. I wanted to be a top agent in the CIA.

Kevtavish6 karma

What do you look for in a man?

Excuse me while I take notes on this

AmandaCerny12 karma

Confident (but not overly) and funny!

AwesomeSauceJuice6 karma

Hi Amanda!

I remember you from high school and specifically from a local club thing that I saw you at way back when (I remember weird things)!

So I only have one question for you?

AmandaCerny2 karma

Hey! interesting.. Well it is always good to hear from people from my hometown <3 Whatsup?

Cesusa6 karma

How much do you get hit on daily?

AmandaCerny15 karma

Is this counting social media?

rafayzd6 karma

Hey would you like ever reply to a fan who sent you a picture on snapchat? If you did that would be a dream come true :') From pakistan with love :D

AmandaCerny10 karma

Yes. I have several times before. I like to keep it random. ;)

3meersyr6 karma

did it hurt when you fell from heaven ??

AmandaCerny28 karma

yes. still recovering.

ntssauce5 karma

You post a lot of workout and diet related videos on your YouTube channel. Can you give us a rundown of your weekly schedule of workout, free time and what you eat to stay fit ?

AmandaCerny10 karma

My diet consists of mostly vegetables. I snack on fresh veggies and fruits throughout the day. I love to hike and workout about 5 times a week.

LucidDreemz5 karma

What percentage of playmates would you say sleep with Hugh Hefner? Did you sleep with Hef?

AmandaCerny19 karma

That is an uneducated and stereotypical question ... I am happy to answer it for you though. No. I have not slept with Hef and the majority of playmates have not... The only girls Hef would sleep with would be his "girlfriends" and now he is married to the beautiful Crystal Hefner.

Underwater_Grilling4 karma

What kind of fertilizer do you use on your grapes? Nitrogen content?

AmandaCerny2 karma

interesting question it deserves a proper answer that my dear friend google can help you with.

sampppis4 karma

What does your parents think about your choice of carreer (as a playmate)? How did they react when they 'found out'?

AmandaCerny10 karma

I have always been very independent and made smart decisions. My mom was excited for me and supported me the entire way. My father on the other hand had to lecture me about my career path and how I would not be able to pursue my dream job if I did decide to become a playmate. After the lecture and understanding how persistent I can be, He rewarded me with his support. My parents are both amazing people. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

cam_pete4 karma

Whats up with the celery?

AmandaCerny9 karma

Its good for you! Eat up buttercup.

NuclearPlayboy3 karma

On a recent snap chat you said you had a few interviews - what for and how did they go?

AmandaCerny4 karma

Probably for my starring role in the new Fart Barf video directed by Brandon Dermer on youtube.

haiduz3 karma

How did you relatively recent rise to popularity really happen?

It seems like all they did was invite Paul Logan (super famous viner) to the playboy mansion and picked you to become his vine costar and the next thing you know, you're internet famous.

Was there more to it than that?

Anyways. Keep doing your thing. I think vine is amazingly hilarious (check out Britney furlan, my favorite viner) and provides a catalyst for hours of humor and creatively, six seconds at a time. Thanks for contributing.

The shift of social media has moved from following your shitty high school classmates and reading their dumb posts, to following hot chicks that put effort in making funny content. It's probably a better direction and a good wave to ride.

AmandaCerny2 karma

Hahahahah NO WAY! I was relevant on social media before vine. Logan is probably one of the viners I shot with later on in my "vine stardom" if that is what they call it... Thanks for your support!

Bro76953 karma

What made you decide to be a Playmate/model?

AmandaCerny3 karma

The history behind the playmates, playboy and Hugh Hefner.

grahamreidx3 karma

When you make a vine with other well known people, do you specifically meet up to make a vine or just meet to hang out and just make one for the sake of it?

AmandaCerny7 karma

Ehh... It depends. Some are just meeting up purely to be productive and shoot some vines. While some are friends and we just become inspired and get creative.

jediwhiplash3 karma


AmandaCerny7 karma

do what?

MLCE2 karma


AmandaCerny12 karma

My friend Jimmy Tatro recommended it.

TianGaoHuangDiYuan2 karma

Hey Amanda you're my favorite playmate! Anyway, you enjoy traveling. What's your favorite country to visit and where do you want to go most that you haven't?

AmandaCerny2 karma

I love all of Europe. I would like to go to Bali or Thailand.

xMugix2 karma

What are some career paths that you considered before becoming a playmate?

AmandaCerny5 karma

I wanted to be in the CIA

coffee_eyes2 karma

How did you start in the Play foundation? Do you feel as if your growing social media presence has benefited the foundation?

AmandaCerny5 karma

I created the Play Foundation because I wanted to be able to do more. I have done a lot of charitable work in Haiti since 2010 and wanted to be even more involved. I definitely do. Awareness is always valuable.

Itwasntme172 karma

How long does it usually take to come up with then shoot a vine?

AmandaCerny7 karma

It depends. I shot one yesterday in about 10 seconds and sometimes they take an hour. Usually I just write my ideas down for later.

LolWhatAmIDoingHere2 karma

How many people see you snapchat stories and how did you get started with you snapchat stories and getting so many "followers" and attention?

AmandaCerny5 karma

I started creating random and unexpected stories every night. Now I have a few hundred thousand views on every 24 hour snapchat. Snapchat is a great way to create content without the pressure of editing. It is so organic.

FormulaShrimp1 karma

When did you become a vegan and could you ever go back to eating meat? Also I really enjoy your cerny stories :)

AmandaCerny6 karma

a year ago. I was vegetarian before I was vegan. I am not sure... If I needed to eat meat for health reasons, I would 100% I feel healthier than ever now though. I am so happy you like my snapchat stories! Thank you!

fuzz07251 karma

Hey girl! You're one of my biggest health/fitness inspirations! Other then your Youtube channel - do you have any plans to create/expand the fitness side of your business?

AmandaCerny4 karma

I do it more as a lifestyle. I have always been interested in the fitness industry so you never know..

Norredsg1 karma

What's your favorite work out to do?

AmandaCerny2 karma

I love planks. Running is great as well.

WTFBatman_1 karma

Hi, Amanda!

In the past, have you ever thought about pursuing something different from acting/modeling?

AmandaCerny3 karma

I wanted to be in the CIA :)

Lonely-lurker1 karma

Do you get recognized on the street often? What are some memorable encounters with fans? Or even famous people that recognize you?

AmandaCerny2 karma

Yes. It is crazy how large social media has grown. Vine has generated an entire new fan base for me of young girls. I was walking at the grove once and was mobbed by a bunch of selfie hungry chiclets .. They were aggressive but so sweet at the same time. I kinda loved meeting them. ha

ThatBoyWet1 karma

I'm all about your cooking videos. Are you making more?

AmandaCerny2 karma

Thank you! I definitely will be

Hockman1 karma

I follow you on vine, snapchat, twitter, and instagram. So my question is, why are you so awesome?

AmandaCerny4 karma

ahaha aww thank you. Because I have people like you to inspire me to do well every day. xxo

bozobozo1 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

AmandaCerny2 karma

T rex

AmandaCerny4 karma

ehhh actually idk... it would suck to have dysfunctional arms.

cash4karma1 karma

Can you be my playmate?

AmandaCerny2 karma

like kindergarden type playmate or inappropriate question kind of playmate...?

DbrowNick1 karma

Hey Amanda! First off let me say you are absolutely stunning and thanks for doing an AMA! My question is, being a playmate, are you ever forced or pressured into situations you feel uncomfortable with? Such as certain shoots or anything?

AmandaCerny4 karma

Thank you <3 Not at all. I get a lot of respect from the photographers I work with. Peer pressure doesn't work one me.