As independent fundraisers, in the past years we've visited programs in Mali and Indonesia and facilitated popular Reddit AMA's with children in remote developing regions. This time we're fundraising via livestream from Ethiopia around Bahir Dar. We got to know a street child and thought Reddit might appreciate it if we set up an AMA with someone not yet reached by any programs to give a window into what life is like in absolute poverty.

(proof: )

(update: Internet is very spotty, as we're also trying to livestream, answers may come in slowly)

Update #2: We went to her mother's and will have an update soon. Since so many people are asking how they can support, we're doing a livestream marathon where all donations go directly to Save the Children and are multiplied x16 by USAID for Ethiopia at .

Update #3: Finally got the video uploaded!

(for context: )

Thanks for the support, Reddit.

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Hob-Dawgh1988 karma

What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

reese0152816 karma

(she has trouble answering this question)

GamingCurios1596 karma

How does your society perceive first-world countries?

reese0152818 karma

America is the best country. (note: this is really what she said)

GamingCurios1280 karma

Why America?

reese0152846 karma

(it's the only foreign country she knows)

Koibitoaa1505 karma

What is the happiest memory you have?

reese0153323 karma

My happiest time is today because I can share things about my life and people are very interested.

TaiigerBlue1452 karma

What is your name?

reese0152275 karma

Meseret Tigabie

RainyStorm1340 karma

What is the most valueable Thing she owns?

reese0152866 karma

We don't have a tv but we do have a tv stand.

Sape001264 karma

What is your biggest fear?

reese0152192 karma

Buildings. I'm afraid of falling down from them.

Tasmaniacs1178 karma

does she still have a short on water and food?

reese0152150 karma

Yes. (note: when we gave her water, we saw her go to give it to her brother)

shittyColouredWater1124 karma


reese0151888 karma

I want to have my own place at the market so I don't have to do pity trades any more.

cutiepaparazzi500 karma

How can you get a place at the market?

20rakah427 karma

presumably having a stall and paying for a spot.

redeyeddragon220 karma

I wonder how much one Of those spots cost.

dumbhatseo306 karma


ALWAYS_ANGRY7482 karma

How can we make this happen Translator Person

reese015897 karma

Unfortunately it wouldn't be legal for her to have a spot at the market at such a young age. But the parents would be able to get one. Space would be rented and would be very costly. In the center it can be around $300/month (for big businesses). Further away it'd be around $50.

tobybuk1103 karma

Do you know that there are people thousands and thousands of miles away that really care about you? x

reese0151571 karma

(she gets really shy when asked this question)

Tasmaniacs1050 karma

What have been her biggest challenge in life so far?

reese0151786 karma

Having no pens or books for school.

stijnhommes1034 karma

What sort of work do you do to support your family?

reese0151700 karma

I do pity trades to support my family but when I grow up I want to support them with my restaurant. (translator note: pity trades = selling little pendants etc)

stijnhommes803 karma

If you want to have a restaurant, you probably like to cook. What is your favorite dish to make?

reese0151360 karma

Meat with injera.

ImmortalChamp1033 karma

do you like to dance?

reese0151025 karma


elgrifo756 karma

Do you have any long-term goals your are working towards? Do you get a chance to think about and prepare for the future?

reese0151396 karma

I'd like to become a doctor. I'd also love to have a restaurant.

Horev737 karma

What are they learning in schools? What subjects do they teach?

reese0151199 karma

Maths, environmental science (note: for example hygiene and sanitation), Amharic (note: local language), art, English.

shittyColouredWater720 karma


reese0151807 karma

I have no question but I would like to say thank you.

Dwizzle69696 karma

Who is the biggest idol in your life?

reese0151327 karma

My father.

nofran695 karma

Does Athene scare you?

reese015900 karma


Nunzion630 karma

Does she have any favorite stories?

reese0151382 karma

My favorite story is the Tom & Jerry film, I'm watching it with people in the neighborhood.

tr3n628 karma

If you had a plane ticket for yourself and family, This ticket is open and you can go anywhere in the world. Where would you like to visit?

reese0151165 karma


ggcyalater604 karma

Are there people that are treating you badly when you are doing pity trades?

reese0151058 karma

They feel bad because I'm doing this while I'm very young.

geofj581 karma

Would you like to type on the keyboard?

reese015909 karma

I don't want to because I don't know anything about how to type on it.

lorenzoflux574 karma

How do you see your life in the future?

reese0151396 karma

I expect to have a good life in the future and I am dreaming that way.

Ace-san540 karma

A question to Athene, what exactly can we do to help this kid? Also the charity program is running for a while and this kid is still working on the street. I understand that you cant help everyone but are there any concrete projects in the planning of helping her and other kids who have to work on the street?

reese015604 karma

It is exactly because there are people like her that aren't reached yet that we're fundraising so that more of them can get helped. And the reason why we picked her is to raise awareness around the very common situations of all of those who aren't reached yet. This entire event and us traveling to Ethiopia and trying to livestream & fundraise is part of our efforts to actively do something about it.

Saturnix242 karma

Where can I donate? Which percentage of my donation will go in the hands of these people?

reese015553 karma

You can donate at , all donations go directly to Save the Children and here you have an overview of program expenses and where the money goes: (this is an independent charity auditing site).

epicmoustacheman524 karma

How much $ does she make?

reese015948 karma

One to two dollars per day. (note: total gross, not profit, she doesn't know what the profit is)

Tasmaniacs477 karma

How does she feel when people not from her town come to her town?

reese015862 karma

I feel good when people come from other places.

sambo1600449 karma

Would you like to come to Australia?

reese015922 karma

I don't know Australia.

Nejustinas442 karma

What and how do you get news about the world? Is it from other people or newspapers or some other way?

reese015723 karma

I get information talking to family and friends.

Aenetusvirescens408 karma

What's your favourite food?

reese015668 karma

Testy soya. (note: seems to be a brand name)

QuickDeScope332 karma

Does she enjoy life?

reese015713 karma

I'm happy with my life.

Tasmaniacs329 karma

Does she understand anything athene is saying?

reese015545 karma



do you know much about the electronics you see Athene using?

reese015468 karma

No, I haven't used any of those.

elecSplash323 karma

Where's the furthest place you've travelled?

reese015515 karma

I have travelled to a nearby district called Woreda.

Iwasapirateonce321 karma

Do many of your friends and extended family also street trade? Is it mostly young kids or do you find older people taking part?

reese015468 karma

Mostly adults. And also my older brother. (13yrs old)

ahuxer312 karma

Is there a school? Or can you even go to school?

to Athene: Even if people hate you for your online persona, keep doing what you are doing!

reese015470 karma

Yes. (note from translator: she goes to a public school, courses are free but the quality is not comparable to private schools)

geofj290 karma

How is the neighbourhood where you live, do you have a lot of friends, are the people friendly?

reese015498 karma

I have some friends but the I am not so close with the neighborhood. (note: relationship with the neighborhood is not friendly)

Imanoobganker288 karma

What is the life in Ethiopia?

reese015574 karma

It is not bad.

Gagethe1282 karma

Who does she live with?

reese015411 karma

With my family. (father, mother, three brothers)

I-ate-the-last-one278 karma

Where did she get her cool hat?

reese015486 karma

I got it from Vishna. (Save the Children worker who organized the trip for us)

Roamingkillerpanda267 karma

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

reese015546 karma

I'd like to have my own house.

its_jepi263 karma

What is your favorite super-hero (maybe there are local ones)? And why that one? Greetings from Vienna!

reese015742 karma

My father.

Plumberlicious242 karma

What do you know about astronomy and space?

reese015526 karma

I look at the moon and the stars but I don't know much about it.

Kadalash227 karma

Have you ever been to a hospital?

reese015285 karma


Tasmaniacs211 karma

What is their biggest dream?

reese015486 karma

My dream is to support my family.

immrdbag188 karma

What's the best thing that's ever happened to you and your family/friends?

reese015641 karma

The time I passed from grade 3 to grade 4.

Iwasapirateonce178 karma

How many hours a day do you spend at school, and do you have much free time? What do you like to do in your free time?

reese015357 karma

I go to school at 7 and at 12 I come back. From 12 to 5 I rest and help my family. From 5 to 9 I sell things.

Aquaris55151 karma

If you could change something in your town, What would it be?

reese015319 karma

I would love to change where I live.

Tasmaniacs151 karma

In what kind off house does she live in?

reese015269 karma

I'm living in government house that is given to poor people.

MayarKamal145 karma

What is the most thing you need?

reese015298 karma

Learning and attending class.

blakwoz117 karma

Away from your troubles, what keeps you going? That one thing you look forward to every single day.

reese015247 karma


clarque97 karma

Do you like animals? if yes, what is your favorite?

reese015233 karma

I like animals. The ones I like most are goats.

dontyoulikemyusrname96 karma

What do your parents do?

reese015164 karma

My mother makes and sells injera, my father sells wood that he brings from other places.

hairyelephantnipples93 karma

What do you sell at pity trades?

reese015181 karma

Chewing gum and tissue paper.

Mongolski77 karma

Does she even know how many people are watching her?

reese015177 karma

I am new to all this and don't really know what's happening but you told me many people are reading.

cutiepaparazzi65 karma

Where do you sleep? Who do you live with?

reese015123 karma

I have a bed that I share with my family.

shamanren40 karma

Did she ever see the ocean ? or the moutain or things like that ?

reese01563 karma

I have not seen these things.

fanderdeniz40 karma

From what age on did you start taking care of your family?

reese01585 karma

I started working at home since I was 6 and started pity trading last year.

LazarusRises27 karma

What do you think about the fact that many Americans aren't happy with their lives, even though they have so much?

reese01570 karma

(this is a difficult question for her, she has a hard time understanding it)

hammertownwins3 karma

Do you have access to a smartphone or pc?

reese01510 karma


coniform2 karma

Proof? Can we please have this kid hold up a card with their reddit username and current date please? How do we know that they are in rural Ethiopia?

This is just a photo of someone in a non-descriptive background standing in front of a laptop with reddit loaded up.

reese01531 karma

We're right now actually trying to livestream this and fundraise, connection is spotty but you can see us at . For more context:

domitek-1 karma

Did you drunk Coca Cola?

reese0152 karma


alexyaknow-2 karma

How old is she?

reese0153 karma

I'm 10.