My short bio: Oh, hello. I'm Grace Helbig. I'm the creator and host of the youtube channel itsGrace. I recently wrote a book called Grace's Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up that's coming out October 21st. You can pre-order it at Please do so. I'm doing this AMA to finally feel something.

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thecricketnerd563 karma

Is it ego-inflating to know that everyone gives you a shoutout before dinner?

PS. You are consistently great on @midnight. Are you on the comedian path?

Edit: What! Gold? Thank you, generous stranger!

gracehelbig476 karma

I never want to stop laughing

gracehelbig398 karma

What do you want to know about myself or the book or yourself or the book?

Elisemaartje103 karma

hey grace, I can't wait to read your book! What was the hardest part of writing it? :)

gracehelbig233 karma

the hardest part was getting in done in the small window of time I gave myself to write it. did you know you can't stop time? it's, like, impossible. like tanya harding having a hit opera album. impossible. actually, well...

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LordPizza238 karma

Hi Grace! My girlfriend wants to know what a good drinking game would be for Halloween? Or what your favorite drinking game is? Either one.

Thanks and we love your videos!

gracehelbig844 karma

drink every time you see a kid who's probably going to grow up and be the costume they're dressed as. etc.

jumpeduppantrygirl196 karma

What was it like watching Mamrie fall off her Segway in Hey USA?

Also, when are you coming to Dallas?!

gracehelbig229 karma

best. moment.

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appleflop158 karma

Do Beanz and Goose get on?

gracehelbig242 karma

get it on? no. been in the same room? never.

iLiikeUnicorns139 karma

  1. I love you and have been following you for quite a lot of years. Also went to the #nofiltershow in London and I looooved it!

  2. Will there be any sightings of your mom in the future videos? Or better yet, will she finally start a youtube channel?

  3. You've done movies, books, comedy shows. What will you conquer next?

  4. I love you.

gracehelbig381 karma

  2. she contributed to the book! aaaaaand there might be some of her popping up at our future nofiltershows NO SPOILERS
  3. i'm drinking a jamba juice and a red bull I CAN DO ANYTHING
  4. i platonically appreciate all that you are

tumblr_geek13127 karma

Where you nervous to talk about your struggles with anxiety?

gracehelbig313 karma

was i anxious about sharing my anxiety? you bet. lolololololololololololololololololololol repress and i'm back. it's been helpful and hopefully helps someone else start a conversation about it. it takes a lot of the power out of the problem when you voice it.

onelifereminder113 karma

Hi Grace! I just ordered your book for 10 teens who I know could use guidance. The thing that inspires me the most is your work ethic and I've been a huge fan of your career for a while now. It seriously makes my brain start to smoke to think of how much content you've put out over the past 5+ years. What keeps you focused and going as much as you do?

gracehelbig162 karma

i've been a workaholic for a lot of my life - being social is the stuff i've been working on as an adult. i like making sh*t. if i don't have a few things happening at once i feel anxious. learned behavior from my dad i think.

JaSaw0105 karma

You, Mamrie, and Hannah create a YouTube channel documenting animals in relationships. What do you name it?

gracehelbig402 karma

gilmore girls

emilyl129498 karma

Are we allowed to go deep here or no?

gracehelbig333 karma

clean up when you're done

holytrinityy84 karma

Do you miss the horse with one eye from HeyUSA?

gracehelbig197 karma

how dare you

FluffyKittyKat80 karma

Grace, you've accomplished so much this year from Camp Takota to your own E! talk show pilot to this book! I just have one question for you...

How do you fluff a duck?

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nicolaspencer74 karma

Is there going to be a Grace and Michelle reunion soon??

((p.s are you uploading fridiary bc I need to know whether to sleep or not #blessed))

gracehelbig111 karma

hopefully soon! and FriDiary will probably become a SaturDiary! sorry - GO TO SLEEP

roseypolitics72 karma

I feel proud of you. You are making team internet look so good lately.

What is your favorite Hannah/Mamrie drinking story?

gracehelbig116 karma

THANK YOU, YOU ARE A HUMAN SWEET. there's been a lot of drinking stories but i definitely love my drunk pumpkin - look for part 2 coming soon on Hannah's channel!

larisssssa69 karma

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princessvoldemort53 karma

Hey Grace! I'm a huge fan of yours. My questions for you are: Which place do you want to to a No Filter Show where you haven't done one? And what made you decide to major in contemporary arts in college?

gracehelbig120 karma

Australia! and i knew i wanted to be creative but didn't know exactly which direction to go so i got a vague communications degree that proved to the professional world i was worthy of hiring.

CatchThisDrift48 karma

Hey there. Do you consciously hold your hands the way you do, fingers all stuck together like you're wearing socks on your hands, or does it just happen that way?

gracehelbig96 karma

it's been an organic development - i gesticulate a lot and i'm physically awkward - put that together and that's what you get

tumblr_geek1344 karma

Was there any part of the book you were hesitant about having the world read?

gracehelbig84 karma

relationship ish

saxxandviolins41 karma

Hi Grace!!! Just wondering, would you rather have a hook hand or a peg leg? Thanks ;)

gracehelbig98 karma

peg hand - i could hang so many coats on my hand. just one. one coat.

deadpool879032 karma

First and foremost, you're new cranky video came at a time when I was very cranky and needed a laugh. I subscribed to Tyler Oakly, thank you. I have so many questions. First of which are you ever coming to Phoenix, AZ for filter...extention of your book tour perhaps? Second, you mentioned sending your mom a copy of the book, was there anything she didn't know about in it? What were her feels upon reading it?

gracehelbig56 karma

i never told her specifics about the hotel weekend breakup story - EEP

Frajer31 karma

How much fun is it doing @midnight?

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tumblr_geek1331 karma

what are you most proud of? and what do you think your parents are most proud of you for?

gracehelbig114 karma

i'm always most proud when someone tells me i'm nice. it's the only thing my mom has ever really asked me to do in life. be nice and be humble. i hope i always am. and i hope you are too.

JazzyFizzle9430 karma

Lately I've been feeling super unmotivated with school, how do I get back in the groove?

gracehelbig108 karma

don't force it - try to look at the work from a different perspective - get creative and make it fun for yourself #vague #vague #vague

graduallemon30 karma

Grace, love your videos! You're really inspirational to aspiring comedians, and it's always great to watch what you'll come up with next.

That being said, what kind of camera/editing software/equipment do you use?


gracehelbig49 karma

canon 60D and final cut pro x

ShadUpJoe27 karma

Hey Grace- If you could single out one hilariously awkward moment from your life and watch it happen to someone else, what would it be and who would you want to watch?

gracehelbig60 karma

i fell on my head doing a back walkover in a comedy show so i'd love to see that happen to ...hmmm...maybe hannah? only on account of she watched it happen to me.

petitepute24 karma

What's your favorite cheese?

gracehelbig79 karma

hot dogs

sailsafe21 karma

hey grace! can't wait to get your book in the mail. what were some of your other book ideas before you landed on this one? or was this what you wanted to do all along? thanks and see you in minneapolis!

gracehelbig36 karma

i wanted to write a book but didn't know exactly what about and this hit me like a ham sandwich

disasterology1121 karma

If you were to ever be trapped in an elevator who are the two people you'd want to be stuck with?

gracehelbig79 karma

a sandwich and a bucket

popcorny2720 karma

Hey Grace! Been a fan for a few years now and I'm so excited to read your book!

What is your favorite part of the book?

gracehelbig57 karma

there's a lot in the book i really like (DIVA), but i really love the section on anxiety. i let you guys in on a part of my life i don't always talk about. WHOA.

Zorphio19 karma

Any upcoming podcast guests that you're excited for?

gracehelbig59 karma

both mamrie and hannah's eps haven't aired yet and they're really great

shadingtree19 karma

I've noticed that a lot of youtubers are using reddit to connect with their audiences (namely due to the poor structure of YouTube comments). So... 1. Have your relationship with your community been affected by YouTube comment or subscription algorithm? 2. Would you ever utilize reddit? Or does tumblr/twitter cover your bases? 3. Love your work! Can't wait for the book.

gracehelbig72 karma

i've always stayed away from reddit because redditors usually hate me but this isn't so bad

ownagegiga17 karma

Since you have a dog named Goose, how often do you quote Top Gun?

gracehelbig38 karma

never seen it

Philnoise17 karma

Hey Grace! Looking forward to the NYC No Filter Show next weekend - will there be any special guests on this run that you can announce?

gracehelbig48 karma

unfortunately no, you'll just have to deal with us three dilds

tumblr_geek1316 karma

do you think you will eventually stop making youtube videos? if so what do you think would be your reason for stopping?

gracehelbig66 karma

i don't know to be honest. i really love doing it. i guess if i ever really hate it i'd take a pause. but i can't imagine it would be forever. I JUST CAN'T QUIT YOU(TUBE) #momjoke

AudreyEB16 karma

Hello! I'm so excited to finally read the book and I am so glad that you and Mamrie will be visiting the southeast next month for TMGWY! My questions are: What is your favorite part of your book? Also, what drink would you recommend be their first on their 21st?

gracehelbig59 karma

you gotta get something real dumb as your first drink. something big and bright colored. it'll teach you very quickly that things that are loud and flashy are usually overcompensating and will often times leave you with a headache.

alexandrarubin15 karma

harry styles?

gracehelbig47 karma


chilldotcomslashcamp14 karma

Hi! First of all, thank you! I started watching youtube videos because my parents had just moved us to a whole different country where I didn't speak the language and it turns out the Internet is really great at connecting people. And then I grew up and kept watching and you were such an important part of that. So basically: I have been watching for a while and I love what your videos have turned into and I am continually inspired by what you put out. And I am so excited for the book to arrive soon! Here are my questions: 1) what would you tell yourself five years ago about your life now? 2) Best French bulldog Instagrams to follow? :) Also if you ever feel like bringing the #nofilter show to a kinda remote part of Tuscany, let me know!

gracehelbig26 karma

  1. keep going and never stop the silly
  2. manny the frenchie is pretty solid stuff


the best advice for someone who is trying to survive high school while battling with crippling anxiety and panic attacks?

gracehelbig53 karma

high school is only 4 years of a whole life - fuck dat shit

Maisiemc11 karma

I am really not sure what to ask you so how has your day been?

gracehelbig35 karma

can't complain - i ate sausage earlier

NewMediaWizard11 karma

What is the most important piece of advice you could give to someone looking to start creating YouTube videos? Aside of the cliche 'make what you want to make' or 'post regularly', what pearls of wisdom can you give?

gracehelbig39 karma

what do you like watching? what do you like doing? how can you translate that into youtube videos? take time to experiment and always, always make sure you're enjoying yourself.

shadingtree11 karma

What are your thoughts on long-distance relationships? How do you make it work?

gracehelbig94 karma

dick pics

n4shy10 karma

What is your favorite memory from AOTS?

gracehelbig19 karma

everyone was JUST SO NICE - very great humans all around

ohalexaandra9 karma

to be honest i just really want to know what kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? bc hair is always ON POINT

gracehelbig25 karma

my hair is a sticky temptress. i use a variety of sh*t - my hair lady gave me "big sexy hair" products - is that what they're called? they're very full of themselves

colleenhelbig9 karma

What were some obstacles you came across while writing the book, if any?

gracehelbig28 karma

balancing how much of my personal life I wanted to put in it - i really didn't want it to be a memoir

Fanzellino8 karma

Were there any specific events you look t as milestones or turning points in your career? Also, what is your giraffe torso's name?

gracehelbig30 karma

the biggest milestone was the night i decided i wanted to pursue comedy - twas a great night

the giraffe has no name and no gender - it can be whatever it wants

holytrinityy8 karma

Grace, do you think you'll ever be coming to Dallas?

gracehelbig23 karma

maaaaaaaybe #vague

lauren_w8 karma

How can I convince my mom to let me buy your new sweatshirt?

gracehelbig63 karma

tell her it's the sweatshirt or complete nudity - her choice

Lizzie10138 karma

What was the most challenging thing about becoming an author?

gracehelbig28 karma

remembering what writing was like - i've been making videos for so long I forgot about the sheer physical aspect of writing (i liked to handwrite all the chapters before i typed them out)

legendaryharto7 karma

What was the coolest part of writing your book?

gracehelbig21 karma

getting to be creative in a different way - i love writing - originally i wanted to be a screenwriter when i went to school so this was a welcome gift to put my voice on paper

AtNickk7 karma

Hi Grace, I pre-ordered your book. What is your process like while writing the live shows, or any comedy you write?

gracehelbig41 karma

for our live shows we usually sit around and brainstorm and when one of us says that one thing that makes us all go "that's so stupid" we write it down and put it in the show

life_of_lurking6 karma

Hi Grace, first off I would like to say thanks for the likes on Tumblr! Secondly, I live in Australia and was wondering if you, Mamrie and Hannah would consider coming to do a #NoFilterShow?

gracehelbig20 karma

we'd love to but don't have solid plans for it just yet

dirtysocknugget5 karma

What are you most looking forward to when in Chicago next week, being in the number one city for drinking or the comedy clubs?

gracehelbig24 karma

looking to hopefully put on a super fun show. OUR COSTUMES THIS TIME AROUND ARE MY FAVORITE

allular15 karma

Can you tell us about the hardest you ever laughed?

gracehelbig42 karma

there's been a lot of moments but when mamrie fell off that segway I laughed for DAYS

Maisiemc5 karma

top 3 reasons why everybody should buy your book?

gracehelbig17 karma

  1. youre not gonna die with money in your pockets
  2. there are a couple helpful nuggets in those pages
  3. a lot of people put a lot of effort into it (including my mom!)

_alex_ludwig_5 karma

Did you expect to be where you are today when you started youtube ?

gracehelbig30 karma

not a god damn chance

Catapottamus4 karma

Hi Grace! Love your podcast and Youtube channel. I'm excited for your book! My questions are:

If you could be sponsored by any company which would it be?

What's your favorite noodle?

gracehelbig21 karma

poopurri and pad thai (i'm so common)

colleenhelbig3 karma

I'm sad I can't go to your Boston book signing, but hopefully I'll meet you soon! what was your biggest inspiration behind the book? I love you!

gracehelbig12 karma

I've learned some stuff in life and I want to share it - I wish I had a book like this when I was in high school - it would have saved me a lot of nonsense. Then again you guys have the internet, so you'll be fine. But please buy the book.

holytrinityy3 karma

Do you miss New York at all, or do you prefer California?

gracehelbig14 karma

i like visiting new york now - it's like that friend that's really fun when you start drinking but when they get TOO drunk they're just angry and bitter and suddenly smell like a lot of farts

sarakhxmxs3 karma

did you take any days off from writing? because 6 weeks is a very short period

gracehelbig17 karma

i wrote very stream of consciousness and didn't have a writing schedule - just wrote as much as i could when the inspiration hit me - like this!

embraceimbalance3 karma

What should I put on my pizza im ordering?

gracehelbig12 karma

ham and potatoes