My short bio: Hey, everyone. I'm Joel Edgerton, here doing my first Reddit AMA for the premiere of my new movie, Felony, in theatres here in the US and Canada, opening tomorrow.

My AMA is running from 3:15-3:45PM PDT, so get your questions in now! My Proof:

That's a wrap! Be sure to check out the film, opening in select cities TOMORROW, October 17th. And for those who can't find it in a theater nearby, you can get it at the iTunes link HERE:

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Joel_Edgerton12 karma

HEY all you good people. Thanks for the questions and SORRY i could not answer all... I gotta go frock up for the premiere and try to look sharp. I get nervous at red carpet events especially when I am behind the project, so I gotta go talk myself into a calm place. and have a vodka. ;) Thanks for the support. Appreciate it more than you guys know!!! Cheers Joel

TheEsko8 karma

Two questions, please:

--- Of all the characters you have played, which one burrowed under your skin most deeply? Which one did you have the most trouble shaking off after filming was over?

--- I first saw you perform in a Bell Shakespeare production when I was a school kid and I really enjoyed it. It was a revelation to me that Shakespeare could be cool. So thanks for that! I’m keen to see you take on another major Shakespearean role. Do you have any desire or plans to do that? Thank you!

Joel_Edgerton15 karma

  1. Warrior... very submersive experience and sad to leave it.

  2. WOW!!! Btw you me and everyone else here.. Haha... I do have a film in the works that is based on a shakespeare...

oscarveli8 karma

Who would win in an actual fight, you or Tom Hardy?

Joel_Edgerton15 karma

Tom. Hahaha... You put up the prize money... I'll put the shorts on.

kdrisck7 karma


You're the man. Do you still stand by your personal hygiene guidelines in Animal Kingdom?

Joel_Edgerton9 karma

I just returned from the mens room... Can report... yes. I washed.

goodandnotbad6 karma

do you like ass?

Joel_Edgerton13 karma

Depends what you mean. I appreciate checking out a good butt...

Weird question.

Frajer6 karma

What was it like working with Leo DiCaprio on The Great Gatsby?

Joel_Edgerton12 karma

Leo is a champ. Love him... great guy. Great actor.

robinsky15 karma

What is the best thing about working on Star Wars?

Joel_Edgerton12 karma

Working on Star Wars.

Seriously. The fact that I got to be apart of the world of Star Wars was one of the biggest treats I've ever had. And the call came on my 26th Bday. Best present ever.

MJSvis4 karma

Hey Joel, how long did it take you to get into shape for Warrior? And how intense were the scenes with Tom Hardy while in the cage? Thanks!

Joel_Edgerton13 karma

Two-three months of serious training and the hard part was keeping it going through the shoot... 12 hours a day shooting PLUS training. Lot of chickens lost their life... Fight scenes were intense, took a long time and a lot of accidental knocks... Kurt Angle can't pull his punches.. hahaha. You heard it first here.

necessaryevil133 karma

What do you think happens after the ending of Warrior?

Joel_Edgerton11 karma

Tommy and I go on a massive spending spree with the Prize money... limping all the way. What do you think. Its a great question... I think good movies live on beyond the credits. I think Warrior is one and I'm glad you asked this.

TheEsko3 karma

As a gifted screenwriter yourself, do you have any thoughts on the increasing use of ‘script evaluation systems’ in Hollywood to revise scripts based on performance algorithms and metrics with the aim of generating profits? (e.g., “Demons in horror movies can target people or be summoned. If it’s a targeting demon, you are likely to have much higher opening-weekend sales than if it’s summoned. So get rid of that Ouija Board scene.”) Do you consider this a useful business tool or a curb on creativity? Thank you!

Joel_Edgerton5 karma

I'm sure these systems are useful but I think... make what you are passionate about rather than thinking about the financial result...

p.s Stay away from targeting demons, and stop summoning them.

Tommyboy21243 karma

Hi Joel

How much training did you do for Zero Dark Thirty? and what was it like filming that ending bunker scene in Zero Dark Thirty?

Joel_Edgerton10 karma

The Bin Laden raid took 6 weeks of NIGHT SHOOTS... tough.

The training was short but intense. Suout out to the wonderful Navy Seals Mitch, Mike and Paul at Coronado for giving Chris Pratt and I some guidance... and the Military training facility in Jordan where the boys were trained up to look and move right.

Great experience. Kathryn B: great woman and film maker.

IOnlyDidItAsAJoke3 karma

Hi Joel! Love your work! you have undoubtedly been asked this before but just wanted to know what it was like training for the Warrior? and did you carry any of it on afterwards?

Joel_Edgerton6 karma

Still punch a bag every now and then.

Kree_RN3 karma

Hi Joel..I saw your movie, Felony, on itunes..really liked it..just wondering if you got any advice from police to help with your character( weapons training etc) and if you have anything else in the works?

Joel_Edgerton7 karma

Plenty in the works... Stay tuned.

Wonderful detectives in Sydney helped me... including reading our script for authenticity. Went on a ride around which was awesome.

VeteranG3 karma

Joel, your'e awesome. If I saw you in a bar, what sort of drink should I send down your way?

Joel_Edgerton7 karma

Anything with Vodka in it...

Do you need to know the bar too?

hannahstorm53 karma

Would you rather:

  1. Have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?

  2. Have a dragon or be a dragon?

  3. Stand barefoot on an iceblock for 20 min or be tickled on your bare feet for 20 min?

Why for each? :P

Joel_Edgerton7 karma

  1. Leg sized fingers please. Like limp wolverine whip hands.

  2. Have one.

  3. Tickled... at least I have company... and Id do better kicking a person than an iceblock. Hurts less.

lena_hamilton3 karma

Hi Joel, I alove your work and think you're awesome, silly question, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where? Hugs from UK! :)

Joel_Edgerton9 karma

Everywhere. Thanks for the hugs. Not the tickles.

Joel_Edgerton5 karma

Yes. Massively ticklish.

Joel_Edgerton3 karma

Hey everyone! Joel's Mod here. He's running just a few minutes behind (premieres are busy things!), so we pushed the start back to 3:15/6:15 EDT. He's excited to get to your Q's though, so hang tight and he'll be right in!

JedgertonFans3 karma

Hey Joel! I'm a massive fan of your work. I'm from Scotland. Do you like having fans & do you know of any hardcores? Love Amanda Ps wil you marry me? Haha

Joel_Edgerton8 karma

Well Amanda P... you just asked to marry me without us ever meeting... I think you just entered the hardcore zone... congrats... Can I think about it?

LordNedStark2 karma

Who personifies success?

What would people be shocked to know about you?

What is your morning routine?

Joel_Edgerton7 karma

Tough question. Setting goals and at the very least staying true to working towards them even if you don't reach them. Trying.

  1. I'm awesome... Hahaha. I don't know.

  2. I wake up. I look around. I find out where I am... I call a cab. ;)

(or.Coffee. Excercise. Work.)

fuckhotsoup2 karma

Joel, do you have an end of the world/zombie apocalypse/ebola survival kit? If so, what is in the kit?

Joel_Edgerton6 karma

Dress up like a zombie, so they just think you are one of them...

GetFreeCash2 karma

Hi Joel! Happy to have you here on Reddit with us!

Two questions for you:

  • When you were a kid, who was your favourite superhero?

  • What's currently at the top of your bucket list? (Maybe Reddit can help make it happen for you!)

That's all! Thanks again for doing this AMA! :)

Joel_Edgerton7 karma



Bucket list... hmmm... Safari.

BronnyLane2 karma

Hey Joel – fellow Aussie, Gen X and writer here :) I just started working on my first screenplay and really admire your writing. I’d like to know if you write a prose version before going into script mode?

Joel_Edgerton5 karma

I always write a treatment. A good guide to fall back on.

Sh4ddow2 karma

Hi Joel, I'm a big fan since I first saw Warrior (gotta admit I wasnt really aware of you before, was a big surprise for me to read you were part of the Star Wars saga).

But afterwards I was even happier to see you back in a major role with The Great Gatsby. And! Apart from your own performances, which made me a fan, you happened to act together with two of my favorites now, Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Given that, here are my questions (couldnt decide for just one, sorry):

  1. as a kinda "new" fan of yours (if ~2-3 years counts as new) what work are you especially proud of and would suggest me to watch?

  2. Can you tell me one "funfact" about you a fan should know?

  3. How was it to work with Tom Hardy/Leonardo DiCaprio?

Joel_Edgerton9 karma

  1. Well. Warrior. See the Aussie movies. Animal Kingdom. The Square. Wish you were here... And now Felony...

  2. I hate spiders... My brothers short 'Spider' is partially inspired by an incident involving me, a highway and a huntsman spider.

  3. Love them both. Great honor to share the screen with both...

CarineDeschepper2 karma

Hey Joel ! Glad to see you here ! My questions: An anecdote from the shoot of "Felony" to share with us? Working on a film in USA, Europe or Australia, is it very different? What kind of role do you prefer playing ? Drama, horror, biopic, comedy... Thanks to take a time for answer ! Kiss from France. Carine.

Joel_Edgerton3 karma

I love playing complicated characters... the villains and the bullies. Tom B in Gatsby was so much fun.

All film making feels the same in a way. I love it all as long as the people are great, which they usually are. Its a real privilege to work on movies.

fuckhotsoup2 karma

Joel, Why haven't you shared more on twitter like you promised? lol

Joel_Edgerton4 karma

Hey there. Sorry. I'm trying. I'll tweet today in your honour.

missamandarahl2 karma

Hey Joel, what makes you laugh & what's something about you that we don't know, and would never guess? :)

Joel_Edgerton4 karma


Joel_Edgerton3 karma

Haha. Well, they do.

All sorts of stuff makes me laugh.

Steve Coogan.

bonerassault2 karma

You look like Jason Clark. Anyone ever brought this to your attention? Have you ever been told that you were good in "the ape movie"?

Joel_Edgerton5 karma

I'll sign autographs for anyone. HA. Saw Jason yesterday. We're buddies. I think he'll be offended. Ha

_-_-____---2 karma

Which character that you've played would win in a fight?

Joel_Edgerton5 karma

Brendan did win Sparta... ;)

lyona52 karma

First of all I want to say you first got in my actor radar in Zero Dark Thirty and I saw a few more of your movies. My favorite movie of you was in Warrior and I also loved you in Kinky Boots and King Arthur. I have a couple of questions for you. 1) How does it feel that more Australian films are going mainstream and hitting US theaters? 2) Will you ever want to direct a full length movie?

Joel_Edgerton3 karma

I love we are about to release an OZ film on US soil.. Plus VOD delivers movies who can't find them at cinemas nearby which makes me happy.

I do plan to direct.

[deleted]1 karma


Joel_Edgerton4 karma

Peter Hedges' idea was that its cool to reconstitute things rather than cut down living trees... Leaves from the ground, fallen and forgotten could be used to create something. Nice idea.