My new book is called The Best in the World.

Let's rock! Here at reddit HQ in New York... Ask away...I'll answer anything ya want as long as it's a question I feel like answering :]

Thanks you guys! All Jerichoholics are the GREATEST!!! Check out my new book "The Best In The World -At What I NO Idea" in stores now for more fun Y2J/Fozzy tales and we will see u SOON!!

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Cycopather887 karma

So... who is /u/MetsFan4Ever?

Chris_Jericho1177 karma

It's me. Shhhh....

NeilTheChamp822 karma

What do you think of Randy Orton becoming the latest internet hero with his #RKOVines videos?

Chris_Jericho887 karma


lotsohugs576 karma

Do you think Benoit should be in hall of fame?

Chris_Jericho1707 karma


AnarchyCakeEater386 karma

Do you feel like WWE dropped the ball on Bray Wyatt? I thought he looked like a complete joke in his feud with Cena so I appreciated that you took him more seriously.

Chris_Jericho810 karma

Bray will be a world champion within a year

LinuxNoob385 karma

Is there any WWE star that you've 'accidentally' slipped in a good punch? Repercussions?

Chris_Jericho974 karma

I punched HBK's wife in the face by accident for real. It was awful. I wrote all about it in my new book.

Pinkd56373 karma

Who owned the ass cream? You or Christian?

Chris_Jericho522 karma

That was his!!

Bluntobject07361 karma

Thoughts on the rapid rise of Dean Ambrose?

Chris_Jericho720 karma

Much deserved

DarkH3roX320 karma

How many light up jackets do you own?

Chris_Jericho558 karma


TehLoneWanderer101316 karma

Was yelling out "Oh my god, I killed Juvi!!" planned or improvised?

Chris_Jericho573 karma

improv baby

ArabianDisco294 karma

What happened to Lights Go Out being in WWE 2K15?

It's not listed in the official press release!

Chris_Jericho624 karma

Tell me about it. I'm pissed

i-like-ike261 karma

Are you the butcher or are you the cattle?

Chris_Jericho377 karma

I'm Y2J baby!

BAWguy250 karma

Most overrated wrestler ever? Underrated?

Chris_Jericho559 karma

Me. Me.

Wolfieboy333221 karma

Why did you cut your hair? I much preferred it longer

Chris_Jericho802 karma

It was a wig

naycrumors210 karma

What does Luke Harper smell like?

Chris_Jericho427 karma


schmoooopy186 karma

Hey Chris, huge fan of your work in WWE. You hinted at potentially getting Paige on your podcast soon. Any updates on that?

Chris_Jericho383 karma

Patience my child....

RoyalPrinceSoldier180 karma

What's your guilty pleasure?

Chris_Jericho585 karma

Early 90's rap....RICO SUAVE

luciferoverlondon174 karma

Did you ever manage to learn that elusive 1005th hold?

Chris_Jericho391 karma

I forgot most of them. I'm down to about 53 now

judomonkeykyle173 karma

What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Last album you bought?

Chris_Jericho397 karma

Guardians Of The Galaxy Texas Hippie Coalition-Ride On

ashgotti172 karma

Hey Chris! Long time listener, first time caller. Can you please release an "I'm from Winnipeg, you idiot!" shirt?

In all seriousness, have you gotten in trouble for anything you've said or done in the ring? Do any incidents stand out?

Chris_Jericho252 karma

Hahah ever heard of Brazil? Read it in my new book NOW

ArabianDisco165 karma

Thoughts on the release of Justin Roberts?

Chris_Jericho388 karma

Don't like it. Hear him on my podcast Talk Is Jericho this friday!

two_off133 karma

What over-the-top summary of one of the adventures in your book would you use to sell me on buying it?

Chris_Jericho226 karma

Michaels vs Jericho classic 2008 feud ....and Joe Perry calls me a douche. Nuff said!

judomonkeykyle125 karma

Avenged Sevenfold is on here tomorrow, can you give me an interesting story to bring up on their AMA?

Chris_Jericho307 karma

Ask Matt who Graham is.....

mrsantos24122 karma

What made you want to start Talk is Jericho? Also which of the new talent that WWE has signed would you love to work with?

Chris_Jericho208 karma

I love talking! I'm sure you've figured that out by now!

EatSleepConquer121 karma


Chris_Jericho215 karma

Don't give up and get in the best shape of your life!

ericdnelsonit113 karma

If you were to sit down and watch the WWE Network for a day, what would you binge on? A certain wrestler? Certain PPV? Time frame? Thanks!

Chris_Jericho405 karma


Nickjames164107 karma

Seth Rollins or Dean Ambrose?

Chris_Jericho500 karma

Seth Ambrose

ReignierCOC107 karma

Thank you for the AMA, Mr. Jericho. As for my question -

Who was your favorite talent to wrestle in WWE?

Chris_Jericho200 karma

HBK by far! Read all about our classic 2008 feud in #BITWAWIHNI

SlightlyJames101 karma

Have you ever sneezed/seen someone else sneeze in front of Vince? What was his reaction?

Chris_Jericho248 karma

He hates sneezing!

evancrss100 karma

You don't mention much in your book about your 2010 departure from the WWE. How did you put that storyline together? Were there plans for you to return and feud with Orton?

Chris_Jericho311 karma

the plan was for me to return and feud with Orton for Wrestlemania. I chose to do DANCING WITH STARS instead

hgoodman8184 karma

Do you think the wrestling business is better off now (PG, concussion awareness, no blood, etc) or during the peak Monday Night War era (better creatively, more jobs with three companies, worse medical checks in place, etc)?

Chris_Jericho150 karma

Better now.

bigjeffrey82 karma

Will there ever be legitimate competition to WWE?

Chris_Jericho188 karma

Doubt it

BAWguy72 karma

Biggest pop you've ever gotten at a WWE show?

Chris_Jericho173 karma

Royal Rumble 2013. I describe it in detail in my new book

wrathofrath69 karma

CHRIS! Huge fan of yours. I have to buy new WCW Monday Night Jericho shirts every two years or so when they get worn out. Your podcast is the nuts too!

1) I know you put a lot of praise behind DDPyoga and what it has done for you; I mean, after all, you're in your 40s and you're still jumping off the top of steel cages! Has DDPyoga actually been that large of a factor for why you can still compete at such a high level at your age?

2) Any plans on coming back to WWE after your current tour?

Chris_Jericho160 karma

DDP Yoga saved my life.

GamerSDG67 karma

Thanks for doing this.

Of your feuds, which one you feel was under rated?

Chris_Jericho172 karma

Mysterio 2009

joehbear67 karma

Hey Chris, any chance the famous top-pony-tail hair will ever return to my TV? For the kids, Chris

Chris_Jericho125 karma

It was a wig

MerchentofMeh65 karma

Who was your fav. member of the shield?

Chris_Jericho477 karma

Michael Chiklis

loufilerman60 karma

If you could liontame anyone in the public eye today, who would it be?

Chris_Jericho355 karma

I'll kick Ebola's ass

Havins59 karma

Awesome! Y2J!

What do you believe are the keys to putting on a five-star match and what do you consider your favorite match of all time (either one you were in or not)?

Chris_Jericho173 karma

Undertaker-Michaels WM 25

Rayquaza38457 karma

Hey Chris who's your favorite Superhero?

Chris_Jericho143 karma


bigmike6756 karma

what was it like winning @midnight ?

Chris_Jericho226 karma

Even better than winning musical chairs on Raw

coldpiece47 karma

Exactly how much does the Jeritron 6000 cost?

Chris_Jericho219 karma

One Billion Dollars (puts pinky to lip)....

bradrib66646 karma

What is the best movie you've ever seen?

Chris_Jericho222 karma

Big Lebowski

ArabianDisco46 karma

What is the situation with Paul Di Leo and Jeff Rouse in Fozzy?

Very confused as to what's going on.

Chris_Jericho81 karma

Jeff is in and he's amazing. Perfect fit for the band and a great guy! Paulie's split was mutual and amicable

ManiacalMF43 karma

Will we ever see the Nitro Dance and/or the Kentucky People?

Chris_Jericho86 karma

I need to find that video and post it asap.....

fishwithabunni40 karma

Hi Chris! I'm curious : Do you play video games at all? With your kids? I know that video games are pretty popular with wrestlers, because they travel a lot. What is your favorite video game of all time, if any?

Chris_Jericho142 karma

I was obsessed w Guitar Hero. Freebird was impossible!

angelsNinsects34 karma

Got 2 unrelated questions for you. 1. I live in Winnipeg and was wondering what your favorite thing about this city is? and 2. What do you think is the greatest Metal album of all time/your favorite of all time?

Chris_Jericho97 karma

Winnipeg rules! Metallica Master Of Puppets

bozobozo27 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

Chris_Jericho74 karma


shakedatbooty23 karma

What's the best story from your new book in your opinion?

Chris_Jericho66 karma

Too many to mention. Being stranded in a war zone in Iraq is up there tho!

stillguggin16 karma

How often do you come back home to Winnipeg? What in Winnipeg inspired you to become a wrestler? Also could you recommend a restaurant?

Chris_Jericho42 karma

D-Jay's pizza...the best in the world!

danram20713 karma

Hey Chris! I work with VH1 and was so ticked they didn't let us know you were in the house yesterday! I had to watch from a TV at my desk like a fool.

Anyways, did you approach Asa Akira for the podcast or vice versa? Of all the people, she seems so random lol. You never fail to impress me with your guests!

Chris_Jericho30 karma

We have the same publishing agent and I thought she would be interesting. I was right

BigFraz6113 karma

If Fozzy had the opportunity to go on tour with Iron Maiden or Judas Priest, which one would you choose?

Chris_Jericho38 karma


seethekidwin12 karma

Any interest in working with Finn Balor?

Chris_Jericho22 karma


absolutepunt12 karma

Hey Chris when can I be your guest on Talk is Jericho?

Chris_Jericho57 karma

I have u booked for May 17, 2112

ThisAccountIsAVirus10 karma

Hey Chris, how many RUSH albums do you own?

Chris_Jericho27 karma

All of them!

bigtice9 karma

Hey Chris, I’ve been a long time fan back since your Lionheart days in WCW and am still holding out hope that you’ll get another title run in the WWE before you hang up your boots. Since you’ve been dabbling in entertaining us in all forms in one way or another, my question was just to ask if you’re going to be making any new “But I’m Chris Jericho” episodes? Thanks for doing this AMA with us and I still think your WWF debut was one of the best, if not the best, EEEVER.

Chris_Jericho11 karma

BICJ has won a slew of awards and I'd love to do more! In the mean time I just shot a web series called 'Code 5" for Comedy Central that is equally funny. Should be released early next year.

bigjeffrey8 karma

Did Vince McMahon really not recognize Ken Shamrock as one of Mickey Rourke's bodyguards?

Chris_Jericho27 karma

It was Frank Shamrock

ArabianDisco6 karma

Did the band ever consider playing Wormwood live or was it far too difficult to ever pull off?

Chris_Jericho13 karma

Too crazy!

brandmed5 karma

I've always had only a slight interest in wrestling, but I am a big fan of yours mostly from your appearances on VH1's "I Love the..." series. You were really funny on those. What was your experience like making those?

I recently began listening to your podcast too. Great entertainment while I'm running.

Chris_Jericho11 karma

Had a blast doing those! Im anxiously awaiting I Love The 10's

ZigglersHEEL4 karma

You've always been one of my favorite wrestlers. You're so god damn entertaining. How much fun were you having with the conspiracy angle?! You going to DC was absolute GOLD!!

Chris_Jericho14 karma

the DC vignette was All made up on the fly...

wheresjah874 karma

You're debut in the WWF ( then it was anyway) might be my favorite of all time. Did you come up with the Y2J idea and what happened that night in Chicago? If not, who did?

Chris_Jericho21 karma

Y2J and the countdown clock were mine. The rest was Vince's

crandamaniac2 karma

Love the new book and the podcast. Everybody always asks what is your favorite match, but what would you consider your most underrated match, the match that you had that you loved, that not a lot of people seemed to either know about or loved as much as you?

Chris_Jericho3 karma

Jericho vs Cena MSG Dec 2008

HonkyMahFah2 karma

Hey Chris -- thanks for making wrestling fun to watch! Been a fan since the Ralphus JPS days. Here's the question:

When you won The Dating Game back in WCW days, was that real and did you really go on the Hawaiian vacation with the blonde hottie?

Chris_Jericho3 karma


Bertigo2 karma

Do you have any hope for the future of TNA? Who would you like to see sign with WWE?

Chris_Jericho4 karma

I hope it survives and thrives

Call_Me_Tugboat2 karma

I love your show, but hate the cowbell.
How about a compromise....only one show a week with it?

Chris_Jericho13 karma

How about u eat my cowbell?

itsdilli2 karma

Which person has been your favourite to interview on your podcast?

Chris_Jericho5 karma

Kevin Smith, William Shatner, HHH, Ace Frehley, Chavo Guerrero

wmartin4282 karma

Did you like doing O&A this morning?

Edit -- Sorry, "Opie Radio".

Chris_Jericho4 karma

GREAT show!!

ArabianDisco1 karma

If you had to play a cover live other than Eat the Rich, what would you pick?

Chris_Jericho5 karma


RebJas1 karma

Chris, huge fan dating back to your ECW days. What do you think about Pearl Jam and/or The Black Keys?

Chris_Jericho4 karma

I'm a Mother Love Bone guy