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Codename1332 karma

I don't know how to ask it, but are you okay with there being a Jewish state of Israel?

MrLiverpoolFC53 karma

Well, since I was born, there has been one. What I'm not ok with is there not being a Palestinian state. That's not ok with me.

GapToothGypsy29 karma

How would you like Palestine to be portrayed?

MrLiverpoolFC61 karma

Pretty much as not terrorists. There are some terrorists in Palestine, but that doesn't mean every single one of us is a terrorist.

Ravenman242346 karma

listen man, i don't know what your thoughts are about israel and israelis (although i can imagine they aren't too good and for good reason) but I just wanted you to know that not all of us think all of you are terrorists. I mean, a decent amount do and its really horrible but many of us completely understand that you all just want peace like most of us do. I know I'm not in any way responsible for any of this but I just kinda feel a need to apologize. I dunno.

MrLiverpoolFC54 karma

People like you make my day. Just like not all Palestinians are terrorist, not all Israelis are monsters. No need to apologize, but thank you.

AlbertDock27 karma

What's the best thing an ordinary person in the west could do to help Palestine?

MrLiverpoolFC21 karma

Probably donate to UNRWA.

Estee-May23 karma

What was it like as a child growing up amidst all the conflict? What is it like living there now as an adult?

MrLiverpoolFC59 karma

My parents did an excellent job raising me through war and trying to hide it from me, but I still experienced it. My most vivd memory was when I was a kid and I was playing football in the streets. An Israeli soldier came up and told us to leave. We didn't want to, so he shot our ball and pointed a gun at us.

matan12917 karma

What do you think about the people in Israel, in general?

MrLiverpoolFC38 karma

Most people I've met from there are nice, but some people are real dicks

Rogork15 karma

Could you tell us about any experiences with Israeli soldier(s)/person(s) being kind to you?

MrLiverpoolFC34 karma

I would if I had any

yerjakers15 karma

What did you think of You Don't Mess With The Zohan?

MrLiverpoolFC35 karma

To be honest, when I first watched it I didn't really understand it. Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors, and when I watched it again, I was laughing my ass off. But it's sad they portray Palestinian's that way.

GapToothGypsy13 karma

Do you believe there will ever be peace?

MrLiverpoolFC53 karma

Yes, all wars end with time. I don't think I'll live to see it though.

Anon-sama13 karma

Do you like peanut butter?

MrLiverpoolFC20 karma

Yeah, it's pretty good.

Anon-sama6 karma

What brand do you commonly eat?

MrLiverpoolFC25 karma

Some shitty fake Israeli peanut butter.

Massage-TheRapist5 karma


MrLiverpoolFC26 karma

I dunno, but it isn't as good as I would like it to be.

kevo5213 karma

How are the girls ?

MrLiverpoolFC1 karma

Fine I guess.

window512 karma

Is a person who lives in Gaza allowed to move to and live in the West Bank?

faisalra20 karma

OP's friend here. Israel doesn't allow that. the Israeli crossing does not allow civilians to cross, and Egypt rarely allows people to cross without an urgent reason. even if you managed to get into Egypt, you would still need to enter Jordan and hope the Israelis will let you through. so the answer is no.

MrLiverpoolFC9 karma


pugsntacos9 karma

What is your favorite food? :D

MrLiverpoolFC32 karma

Falafel and Tacos

window59 karma

Do a lot of people end up leaving Gaza and moving to Western countries?

MrLiverpoolFC30 karma

If Israelis let them move, then they do.

jeffislearning7 karma

What's your favorite kind of music?

MrLiverpoolFC7 karma

Old school rap. Biggie, snoop, dre, em, pac

MrSlipperyWizard4 karma

Why do you like Liverpool?

MrLiverpoolFC4 karma

My father is a huge football fan and supports liverpool, so I guess I was forced to.

ilia0543 karma

What do they teach you at school about israel?

MrLiverpoolFC14 karma

When I was in school, we wouldn't talk about these things. They told us to beware of the soldiers, but that was it.

inisinisinis-12 karma

how many rockets have you fired at israeli civilians?

MrLiverpoolFC11 karma

None. I know, surprising right?