Hi, we're New Found Glory, the best fucking band in the world, and we're here to talk to you guys and hang out. Thanks for being awesome.

UPDATE: (4:30PM PST) Thanks for participating in the AMA! Sorry we didn't get to a lot of your awesome questions...hopefully we can do this again soon! But, we have to go and rehearse now for the Glamour Kills Tour starting TOMORROW in San Diego, CA! Remember Resurrection is out on TUESDAY, October 7th. Thanks!

Along with this AMA, we are doing an advance stream of our new album Resurrection for one hour only (from 6pm - 7pm ET)! Start listening now here

We'll be here answering questions until 7pm ET!

Resurrection hits stores next Tuesday, October 7th! Pre-order it now from http://hopelessrecords.com/resurrection Also, don't miss us on the Glamour Kill Tour - which kicks off tomorrow in San Diego. Tickets are on sale here: www.glamourkills.com/gktour


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TDenverFan122 karma

Loving the new album! Have you guys ever considered doing a co-headliner with Yellowcard? I'd lose my shit over that

New-Found-Glory249 karma

hey its chad. ryan and i play magic the gathering together all the time. don't judge me. we definitely have talked about it. if timing works its a good possibility


First off I know you guys won't want to talk about Steve but I just wanna say I really respect how you handled the situation, and I'm especially thankful that you decided to carry on without him. I was heartbroken enough when I heard about it, can't even imagine what that was like for you guys!

On that note, how did the thought process go when you chose not to bring in another guitarist, was it difficult to find someone that you had the same chemistry with or did it just make more sense to stay as the four of you?

New-Found-Glory131 karma

as a four piece the band stays the same. if we added a member it would change. we pride ourselves having original lineup. we all love this band over everything so finding someone else seemed pointless. plus we all shred. thanks for the nice words

fishguts18259 karma

Will you guys have a second guitar player playing live or will Chad be the only guitarist?

New-Found-Glory369 karma

hey its chad. Ive been working out so now I'm the size of two people. so ill be playing two guitars. one in each hand. might even do key boards with my toes

Spanna18256 karma

Hey guys, I've been a massive fan since I was just starting at Secondary school aged 11, 12 years ago! I can't wait for Resurrection and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in the UK in November, Birmingham, England. Your songs got me through my teen years and I of course still listen to you today, favourite album being Coming Home.

My question to the band, is what do you love to do outside of NFG, so when you're not recording or touring or writing, what are your hobbies and interests?

New-Found-Glory66 karma

this is ian. i like to go to sporting events. esp baseball games when not on tour. i also like to sit around and do nothing

bikes4donuts50 karma

3rd show coming up. Can I play guitar at the VIP soundcheck for one song? http://imgur.com/sw1mHtw,tRRc3JG,xs2P27K,JpE2eNy SEE PICS :)

New-Found-Glory57 karma

Hey ! If there is enough time then yes! we haven't done one yet so have to see how it goes!

ander3jc43 karma

I love both of the From the Screen to Your Stereo albums. In fact, the first volume was the first album I heard by you guys. Any chance of a third volume?

New-Found-Glory72 karma

No plans as of right now. Ian keeps talking about a third one...to complete the trilogy, ya know?

aboxofsharpobjects36 karma

I'm pretty sure I know how you feel about people "borrowing" your music, but I'm wondering; How do you feel about other musicians doing honest covers of your songs?

New-Found-Glory95 karma

this is jordan here...DO IT! and put it on youtube

dazzy00732 karma

Guys the fans would like to know your thoughts on the new song by One Direction called 'Steal you girl' and are you convinced that the introduction is taken directly from the NFG song 'It's not your fault'???? Look forward to seeing you in Ireland!!! Getting Closer!! Cheers.

New-Found-Glory64 karma

Hey! we do not think it was blatantly stolen. we were tweeted about it from fans so chad made a joke about it. sound similar doesn't mean stealing. unfortunately the press needed a story and spun it out of control. no one in our band is concerned about it.

Frajer29 karma

Do you still pick your friends over her?

New-Found-Glory66 karma

we pick our friends over EVERYTHING. even grilled cheese

mankvill28 karma

Hey guys! Long-time fan here - you were the first ever band I saw live opening for blink-182 in Kansas City back in 2001. I've been hooked ever since!

A while back, Mark Hoppus did an AMA on here. Someone asked him what he thought of the state of pop-punk, and he said he thought the scene seemed kind of stagnant and needed a kick. That was kind of disappointing, because I sincerely believe the pop punk scene over the past 6 or so years has been amazing and spawning some of the best bands around today. As a band who regularly takes out younger pop punk bands on tour, what do you think of the scene that you're partially (or wholly, really) responsible for creating?

Can't wait for the new album, guys. Loved Radiosurgery. :D

New-Found-Glory35 karma

I think the scene is awesome. lots of young bands with the same cool work hard tour hard be sincere mindset. we love how its growing

PunkZdoc25 karma

I've always wanted to know what you guys have ever thought about other bands that have used some of your lyrics as their band names (All Time Low, etc..)?

I have been a NFG fan since about 2004. My first concert was in Dallas, TX where you guys toured with Cartel and Hit the Lights. I'm gonna be at the Austin show this year kinda bummed yall are not coming to Dallas but I can't wait!!

I fuckin love you guys keep rocking! Pop Punk Isn't Dead!!

New-Found-Glory38 karma

We think it's awesome that there are bands out there that have been inspired enough by us to use our lyrics, songs, etc for their own bands. That's why we do this, to try and inspire others to do the same.

Mitchell-18223 karma

Why is Chad only wearing socks in the video for My Friends Over You?

New-Found-Glory72 karma

ian sold my shoes for a baseball bat on ebay

unlimitednachos22 karma

Have you been following the Joyce Manor/stage diving fiasco recently? What are your opinions on stage diving?

New-Found-Glory49 karma

I grew up going to shows where you showed a band how much you loved them by stage diving and there were so many rockstars playing on big stages that a stage dive meant the band and fans were one. I don't think people should jump to personally hurt anyone cause that sucks but dang let the people have their fun

Montgomeryi1118 karma

I just recently saw you guys play at Riot Fest in Chicago. You put on an amazing show. I feel that when bands have been around as long as you guys, they tend to look less excited about the music. But you guys surprised the hell out of me. You could tell that the passion was still there.Do you guys get worn out playing songs off of Sticks and Stones, or any of your older music?

New-Found-Glory33 karma

This is Cyrus. I think the trick with old songs is that we've been able to make them slightly different live, whether adding small parts or things like that. Although we've played some of these songs thousands of times, I think we always keep in mind that the songs are the reason why we are still here years later and it's hard to get tired of playing songs when you think of them that way!

Tophersvajayjay17 karma

Do you guys still like to eat at stunod niknud?

New-Found-Glory19 karma

Actually nowadays it's a lot more skcubrats

newfoundjimmy16 karma

I've been a NFG fan since the first time I saw you live in 2006. By far my favorite band. I was really crushed when I heard the news about Steve, whether the allegations are true or not it's a bummer situation. I have a few questions. I know it's not my or anyone else's business to know all the details of your personal lives, but I know that many NFG fans have always been happy that the 5 of you had been such close friends after so long. The radio-silence on you guys' end is kind of damning in the eyes of a lot of fans.

  • Are you guys still friends with Steve/talk to him? I don't need to know the details. If he is found innocent of the charges is there a chance he would be able to re-join the band?

  • Maybe it's coincidence but in your photo posted with this AMA announcement it looks like a certain space was left open... Was that intentionally left to show you're missing a piece?

  • Now that you are a four-piece, will Jordan be playing guitar live at all?

  • Any chances of your good friends The International Heroes of Hardcore reuinite? The world just isn't the same without Captain Edge and crew.

  • Personally, I liked Radiosurgery and love Coming Home (maybe my favorite NFG cd). How do you guys feel about criticisms of those albums, and is there any chance there will ever be more Coming Home songs played live?

EDIT: Just listened to "The Worst Person" It's pretty clear you're not friends at all. Woah.

New-Found-Glory29 karma

we haven't talked to him since we parted ways. on to positive things. No that space was an accident and we even made fun of cyrus saying lets cut him out. lol. no jordan will be busy rocking out at the shows. plus we want to sound good. lol

ander3jc16 karma

Chad what Magic deck are you playing these days?

New-Found-Glory56 karma

so many just built a white and red cat deck. THUNDERCATS i call it. ps I'm a dork

jah8716 karma

If you could go back in time and tell yourselves as a band one thing what would it be?

New-Found-Glory93 karma

don't make that lame i don't wanna know video

shazbotabf14 karma

Hey guys, first of all I just want you to know that you’re one of my all time favorite bands, saw you with blink-182 on (I think) your first national tour, and the self titled album is the fourth record I ever bought. You guys have been a huge influence on me and my songwriting forever. Thanks for being there for so long for me.

Now my question is, how are you guys doing live shows without Steve in the band? I love the cut-out sound of the new record (so far), but in a bunch of older songs you guys play, got two guitars going. Are you handling that with a touring guitarist or what? (I volunteer as touring guitarist)

New-Found-Glory29 karma

We're continuing as a four piece. It actually sounds bigger and tighter. Come to a show and find out for yourself! We now all end on the same note...hahahaha

Probablyk14 karma

How do you guys keep sane on the road?

New-Found-Glory42 karma

hey this is jordan aka prune balloon, we like to do normal stuff, go to movies, olive garden, chills, and macaroni grill...throw in a water slide or two..

heeeeg13 karma

when is 'Coming Home' getting pressed on vinyl?

New-Found-Glory37 karma

trying to do a box set eventually

Liesser11 karma

First off, thank you for the years of music. From being 16 and getting 'Sticks and Stones' the day it came out, to having 'Coming Home' playing through my whole deployment, to having 'Kill it Live' for my commute now. It's amazing how much of a mental time travel your music gives me.

Listening to the new music, especially like 'Selfless' and 'Stubborn', there is a lot more live-friendly stuff on the album than say 'Coming Home' did. When you write and record, do you do it with performance in mind, or are studio and stage separate beast entirely?

Also, if you want, something I always find fascinating about musicians with longer careers is, what is it like playing a song that was written in such a drastically different time in your life? For instance, do 'Hit or Miss' or  'The Story So Far' even mean to you now what they did over a decade ago?


New-Found-Glory10 karma

i think resurrection has similar stuff to coming home and even nothing gold can stay. when releasing new songs its hard to show depth of the album but there are some slower jams on there to. as far as playing diverse stuff live different songs bring out different emotion so its like a fun flashback

Surfman16811 karma

Do you guys ever play an songs off "all about the girls" at your shows?

New-Found-Glory25 karma

hahaha this is jordan. without a doubt..NO.

bjclements10 karma

What do you say to the people that say pop punk is dying or dead ?

New-Found-Glory48 karma

punk rock and pop punk is supposed to be a part of a sub culture. so the idea that its dying doesn't really make sense to me. It was never mainstream besides a couple bands. if its dying i am happy to go down with it

whyalwaysjimbo8 karma

Well all the questions I've ever wanted to ask and I can currently only think of....

Where do the samples on Radiosurgery (I'm Not The One and Dumped) come from?

New-Found-Glory13 karma

Great question! All of the samples from Radiosurgery were found on the internet under public domain. There's lots of cool websites out there where you can find samples that are free to use.

Lawrawr377 karma

Is Jordan still as obsessed with Morrissey? What you think of his new stuff?

New-Found-Glory19 karma

this is ian. yes he is, but he is currently in the bathroom takin a dump

amandamaniac7 karma


being from south florida, you either love or hate the beach. what kind of relationship do you guys have with it?

after 27 years im still here and i couldn't imagine not living so close to the beach.

also. have you ever played 'golden' at a show? i have been to a dozen shows at least and always hope that maybe someday i will get a chance to see that song live. thoughts on the song?

thank you for being amazing, being from the same town, and just literally being my favorite band ever, since 6th grade, always and forever.

ian, personally i also want to thank you for being awesome and securing me setlists a few times! hoping to get my 9th one on 10/11 :)

New-Found-Glory11 karma

This is Cyrus. I recently relocated back to South Florida. I'm definitely a fan of the beach, but being on tour so much makes it hard to go a lot.

Don't think we've ever played 'Golden' at a show. Check setlist.com for the official word on that one. Ian in particular loves the idea of playing B-sides live, but we don't always remember how to play them so we have to rehearse them before we play them or else face a possible train wreck on stage!

jfleisch6 karma

Would you ever consider re-recording some of your oldest tracks? I Your equipment now compared to back then is so much better! Also, what are your favorite albums that you've recorded? My top 2 would be Nothing Gold Can Stay and Catalyst.

New-Found-Glory7 karma

this is ian. i would love to re record nothing gold can stay. it will prob never happen though.

New-Found-Glory3 karma

It's Cyrus. I remember us once mentioning trying to go back and re-recording "It's All About The Girls", but after really thinking about it, there's something about that recording (and other old stuff) that we would never be able to replicate and/or make better. So I think it's better to just leave those albums as is and look towards the future!

Cameroon626 karma

What up, NFG?! You guys have been such big influences in my teen years and are still my favorite band to this day. I seriously can't go a day without listening to one of your songs! So thank you for all the great times and for doing this AMA!

My question: Out of all the times you have been on tour, what has been the craziest shenanigans you guys have gotten into? I always enjoy hearing all the stories about the crazy shit bands do on tour.

New-Found-Glory22 karma

hey its jordan, my favorite thing we like to do is to buy fireworks and blow up port a pottys

happyseizure6 karma

What are the chances of any more ISHC material? That side project absolutely ruled!

New-Found-Glory18 karma

no talks about that yet, but this is ian and i pray for at least 1 more ep

Lord_Spliffington6 karma

who's better? blink or sum?

New-Found-Glory13 karma

this is ian. i like blink more, although both are good bands

RedDeadMedemption6 karma

Why are you guys so good at not selling out? Is it just that you're that good at resisting industry pressure? As a long-time pop-punk listener, it makes me kinda sad to listen to bands like Fall Out Boy and All Time Low these days. You were their inspiration in a lot of ways but you're still doing what you've always done while they've moved on.

EDIT: This is a flow chart my friends and I used to decide what we should listen to. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

And don't get me started on people calling 5SOS pop-punk.

New-Found-Glory16 karma

well it all comes from the point of being in our band. All of our favorite bands growing up were tiny punk and hardcore. the show was about experience and being sincere and part of a subculture. we always said if we got famous we would bring that mentality with us because it is a great way to live and not promoted in the mainstream. we love the music and the message and just want to tour. not matter how big our small

Cormel6 karma

The landscape of music is drastically different from when you guys first started as a band. Digital music is king and with apps like Spotify and Pandora music can be consumed at a low cost and minimal payment to the artist. Whats the one thing you would say you've done to adapt to these changes?

New-Found-Glory13 karma

This is Cyrus. You are correct that the music industry has shifted from physical to more digital and streaming formats. I think we've done lots of random things to adapt to these changes and try to make our music more accessible to everyone (check the YouTube stream of our album for more on that)...luckily for us the one thing that hasn't really changed is the live touring industry, and we've been going strong for almost 18 years now!

RobertB185 karma

Huge fan.. thank you for your music. Now to my questions...

What would you guys be doing if the band didn't work out?

Who is your favorite band you've toured with?

Finally, What is a band I probably don't know that you suggest I look up?

New-Found-Glory10 karma

This is Cyrus.

Honestly, have no clue what I would do if there was no NFG. It's been so long that this is the only thing I know!

Favorite band to tour with was Green Day by far. Huge shows, awesome band...it was like a dream come true.

Band I'm listening to right now that you might not have heard of? Dinosaur Pile-Up

Francis215 karma

Hey Guys -

My friends and I are massive fans, and we bought like 20 tickets to your Sticks and Stones Tour (our fav album) here in Toronto. We have no idea why you cancelled that show, but for the love of God - WHY HAVENT YOU COME BACK HERE YET?!

New-Found-Glory6 karma

so we booked a fest in montreal. we figured that was far enough away from toronto . that fest after months of both shows being on sale threatened us with some legal radius clause. so annoying. so we had to cancel the toronto show and are still trying to make it up. sorry about that

drinkblogrepeat5 karma

What's your thought process when putting together set lists for a given show, and what can we expect to hear on the GK tour?

On a related note, do you think "My Friends Over You" will always remain your closer, or have you ever considered replacing it?

New-Found-Glory7 karma

We're busting out some songs that we haven't played in a while as well as the classics...oh, and we'll definitely play some new songs. It's like the Sizzler Buffet of sets...

Mrchainsaw664 karma

Hey guys! i saw you guys in austin last november in austin with you co-headline tour with alkaline trio. I was wondering if you could share any cool stories about that tour?

New-Found-Glory11 karma

It's Cyrus. I loved our Halloween show, because first off we had a Kiss cover band open for us, and then both AK3 and NFG dressed up for the night. We were The Ramones (and played a few Ramones songs as well), and AK3 were ZZ Top. It was definitely classic!

IWontBeSaved4 karma

What are the chances of you guys making a heavier song?

On a side note: love the new singles. Super stoked on the new album.

New-Found-Glory18 karma

the song Resurrection on Resurrecton is pretty heavy. Scott from terror sings on it

Gui1tyspark4 karma

Which Ninja Turtle is your favorite?

New-Found-Glory7 karma

This is Cyrus. I like leonardo. He's got a huge sword. Don't want to mess with that

bmpunk3 karma

dudes - if you could fight one Ian sized duck or 100 duck sized Ians, which would you choose and why?

also, thank you for making awesome music, putting on awesome shows, and being awesome people. just keep being awesome. \m/

p.s. except you cyrus - you've got no chance this week in fantasy football. don't be awesome there.

New-Found-Glory6 karma

This is Cyrus. I'm currently in 1st place in my AbsolutePunk Fantasy Football league in case you didn't know...definitely got lucky to be in 1st, but hopefully I'll continue that trend!

everglo3 karma

Do you guys play videogames? If so Xbox or Playstation.

If you have xbox what's your tags?

New-Found-Glory3 karma

this is ian. i hate xbox because they stopped making baseball. i'll never play xbox again

bradsonemanband3 karma

When you guys make are making a list of the songs to put on an album, is it "majority rules" or is it "if one person in the band doesn't want it then it's out?" What are some songs that an individual member of the band didn't want to put on an album?

New-Found-Glory9 karma

we always have a set written before we tour, we try it out the first few shows and see what works and what doesn't. we all collectively decide..this is jordan, i type slow

vigilantefranz12 karma

Thanks for doing this, guys! I started listening to you as I started high school 13 years ago, and felt like I matured along with your music through the years. Here's my question, with the departure of Steve, how did it affect your sound and song writing for this new album?

New-Found-Glory3 karma

as far as sound goes that was completely the same. The music side didn't change. We all contributed with lyrics in the past but now we felt way more freedom to write and sing about different things. without worrying about egos

RichHoey2 karma

Top 5, to you all obviously, pop punk bands in the game right now?

Who do you think is about to explode?

New-Found-Glory11 karma

hey its jordan, story so far, forever came calling, i think such gold is gonna get big

spocerz1 karma

Hey, thanks a lot for doing this AMA. I just have a few questions for you guys. You guys are touring with We Are The In Crowd and Fireworks this fall among several others. Opinions of the guys/gals and their music? What was your inspiration for writing this new album? What bands are you currently into? Any advice for aspiring musicians? I'm a huge fan. Can't wait to meet you all on October 19th!

New-Found-Glory2 karma

hey its jordan, sorry i type slow, love all the bands, thats why they are touring with us..we like to be with our friends on the road and have fun. we've done plenty of tours where the bands don't hang and its boring and at that point.."whats the point?" right now loving the new NOTHING record and the new WHIRR record and the new from indian lakes record...my advice is to play as many shows as you can even if its ion front of 2 people, write the best songs you can do, and go to shows and give bands your demo! thanks!!

JGinsberg1451 karma

Was the guitar verse right after Anthony on stubborn written by jack o'shea? If not then chad I'm digging some of these new sounds!

New-Found-Glory3 karma

Hey its chad! That was me shredding! thank you