Thanks so much for the wonderful questions. I had a great time doing this, and would love to do it again. Please check out my album Hesitant Alien as I had a lot of fun making it and experimenting. And I hope to keep making more art, which is always made possible by all of you- so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lots of love, G

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Gerard-Way443 karma

I'm having a great time online.

giaface440 karma

Hi, Gerard! So my question goes waaay back to 2008 when MCR released The Black Parade Is Dead. On the DVD of the concert at Maxwell’s, there’s a song you guys played that’s simply listed as Untitled. You said on stage it had a definite title but you weren’t gonna tell us because if you changed it we’d all bitch about it. (A smart move.) But it’s been six years and we still don’t know the title. This keeps me awake at night. Can you please tell us the title of that elusive song?

Gerard-Way620 karma

The song was called "Someone Out There Loves You". To my knowledge it was never recorded in demo form- probably a sound check recording somewhere, besides the live performance on the DVD.

Gerard-Way358 karma

It was really freeing to be able to talk about gender identity btw

Giraffebuns281 karma

Hello, Gerard. I am Giraffebuns, a teen from a small town in North Carolina. Recently, I bought a pizza; a large 2 topping pizza from my friendly, neighborhood Domino's. Starving, I ran into the Domino's, paid for my delicious pie, and preceded to walk back to my car. On the way there I tripped and began to fall. I saw my life flash before my eyes, along with a box and various pizza toppings. After sustaining a painful blow to my knee, I glanced over only to see a horrific sight. The pizza was on the ground. I was devastated by the tragedy that laid before my eyes.

Have you ever felt such a pain, Gerard? If so, you have my most heartfelt sympathy.

Gerard-Way744 karma

One time I took an arrow to the knee...

Gerard-Way268 karma

I'm listening to Pulp

mutiescum205 karma

hey gerard, congratulations on hesitant alien! what a solid album, i’ve been jamming it since i woke up this morning and it’s fantastic. had a bit of a sniffle over “brother”. what a good song. i’ve always been really inspired by your style and how you incorporate a lil bit of glam, a lil bit of femme, into your aesthetic. in fact, they way you present on stage and in music videos helped me figure out my own gender identity as a teenager. who are your style icons? what was your inspiration for messing with masculinity in the ways that you do? thanks for everything :)

Gerard-Way448 karma

Wow! I'm so glad that helped in figuring out your gender identity. I have always been extremely sensitive to those that have gender identity issues as I feel like I have gone through it as well, if even on a smaller scale. I have always identified a fair amount with the female gender, and began at a certain point in MCR to express this through my look and performance style. So it's no surprise that all of my inspirations and style influences were pushing gender boundaries. Freddy Mercury, Bowie, Iggy, early glam, T-Rex. Masculinity to me has always made me feel like it wasn't right for me.

shikiroin180 karma

When can we expect to see the Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion? You and Gabriel create such an amazing world, I can't wait to see what comes next! By the way, I love the new album.

Gerard-Way183 karma

Right now I am awaiting notes on my layout for the whole series from editor Scott Allie- once those are back I can begin scripting

toastncheese157 karma

Do you still have the skeleton onesie?

Gerard-Way281 karma

Sadly I lost them in a move after a breakup.

rosestar130123 karma

Do you see yourself doing collaborations with frnkiero andthe cellabration/Electric Century? Or any collaborations at all?

And may I please have a virtual hug?

Gerard-Way201 karma

hug I don't know actually... I love all of the guys so much and love what they do musically. I think a collaboration between any of the MCR members is totally possible- just not sure when. It would have to materialize organically and right now everyone is busy with their solo work.

FameDV121 karma

If you could live in any fictional universe, which one would you choose?

Gerard-Way408 karma

Star Wars, forever and ever.

imkels2120 karma

What do you want to be for Halloween? And what is Bandit going to be dressed up as??

Gerard-Way361 karma

Bandit is going to be Princess Zelda, which is her favorite character right now.

vandelay82115 karma

Thanks for the years of great music ! You're the only musician I would stand around a bunch of screaming girls to listen to, my wife and I finally felt old going to your shows :) The new album is awesome and feels like a natural progression from your previous work.

  1. Have you thought about getting into game design ? Any favorite games you play now ? Video or board.

  2. Any chance of a Chicago show soon ?

  3. What are your thoughts on the decendents ? I just saw them live and have been revisiting their music until your album dropped.

Gerard-Way137 karma

Great questions- I have never thought about getting into video game design but I have given a lot of thought to developing pen and paper RPG's and board games.

I do plan on coming to Chicago. We tried to do it on this upcoming tour but the routing made it impossible.

I love the Descendents- probably since middle school.

whatsatexas109 karma

is this AMA haunted?

Gerard-Way264 karma

It's haunted as F. I feel like the last set of questions were answered by spirits.

Rad-loser92 karma

Hey Gerard!

How do you feel about the recent news of Pluto regaining its planet status? It's been eight years since the poor thing lost it. VIVA LA PLUTO!!

(Hesitant Alien is fab by the way and hugs to you and your family (_)/)

Gerard-Way200 karma

I always stood by Pluto.

oscarveli90 karma

What is your favorite song from Hesitant Alien?

Gerard-Way180 karma

No Shows is my favorite song off the album, but tied with Get The Gang Together mostly

ticktockbang26 karma

The saxophone solo in Get the Gang Together is just too cool.

Gerard-Way109 karma

The saxophone is my favorite part! I really wanted to bring it back a little with my album. I actually want a lot more brass and woodwind instruments on the next album.

hencementhol87 karma

Hi Gerard, huge fan, you're such an inspiration and I love the Killjoys comic and album. My question:

What was it like jumping from indie comic publisher Dark Horse over to Marvel in terms of creative freedom?

Gerard-Way124 karma

I don't feel like I've made a jump so much as playing in someone elses pool for an afternoon. One of the luxuries my day job affords me is not having to swear allegience to any one publisher, so I can really do what I feel like doing with whomever will have me.

Mayrway80 karma

As you see yourself in ten years? in all aspects

Gerard-Way273 karma

Getting much stranger, even more so than I am now, but dressed more conservatively.

beautilation75 karma

What scares you most about having a daughter?

Gerard-Way243 karma

I think the scariest thing for me was wondering if I was going to be a good enough father to her.

emojello72 karma

will you be meeting fans after your shows?

Gerard-Way165 karma

I sure hope to. There are no meet and greets or VIP things set up at all, so it will have to be by chance or if I manage to make it to the barricade after the show, or outside.

Garciava71 karma

How do you manage to create so much (art, music, and otherwise). How have you created an atmosphere that inspires you to be as creatively active as you are? And do you think that others can shape their surroundings to increase creative output, even if it's not part of your daily job? P.S. Thanks for being as badass as you are!

Gerard-Way177 karma

Thanks for saying that. On your question- One thing I have finally learned after all these years of making art, is that no matter how much you try and make your surroundings suitable for creativity, if the enviornment inside of you isn't creatively healthy then you won't be able to make the art you want. Being in tune with yourself and your inner truth, being at peace in there, is the best way to nurture your creativity. Then you can even make a bad enviornment a good one.

batterynotincluded66 karma

Hi G! How do you feel about Hesitant Alien being compared to Britpop so frequently?

What led you guys to scrap Conventional Weapons as the 4th MCR album?

What colour Power Ranger would you be?

Thanks so for doing this AMA and for all the music you've made. i've been a huge fan for the last 10 years and am looking forward to your tour here in the UK in Nov :)

Gerard-Way88 karma

It doesn't bother me that it gets compared to Britpop frequently, as it is one of the elements in the album. I just think if you listen deeper you can find lots of other influences as well

shakospeare63 karma

Who would you want to portray you in a movie based on your life?

Gerard-Way256 karma

Evan Peters- he's intense and one of my favorite actors.

Roastbeezy57 karma

Hey Gerard! Gotta say, I love the album! Especially love Drugstore Perfume, yet I don't know why...

A few questions: 1) A few weeks ago, at a show, I met Frank right after his set and we talked a bit about your album. He said, that he really digs it! What did you think of his?

2) What was it like doing a solo album compared to doing a MyChem album?

3) Finally, what is your all-time favourite Bowie album? I just gotta know!

Gerard-Way92 karma

I absolutely love Frank's album. It is one of the most refreshing things I have heard in a long time. So many things to discover and pick up on, so many things to lead you to other artists you may not have heard of.

2- I felt more relaxed because I personally put let stress on myself, as I was only thinking about how the music I made effected me personally.

3- Seriously this changes so much! Right now it's Low.

deannalorena54 karma

What inspired Lola?

Gerard-Way77 karma

I was inspired by a lot of the albums from the 90's that would have these unexplained "mascots" you would see on everything from Jesus Jones albums to Kula Shaker. Just a surrealist image connected with the music. I literally did one drawing and was happy with it. I looked at masks from Asia and the theatre over there, like Kabuki in Japan.

SuperTyj54 karma

I never thought I would have the opportunity to say this to you personally, so thank you. You saved my life. I was in some really, really dark places (10/11 years ago, all the way up to probably 2011?), and the whole time your music made me want to fight back against it. You helped me find hope.

So, what would be the best way for me, and all the other people you've helped, to pay it forward?

Gerard-Way102 karma

Great question and very kind and thoughtful for your desire to give back. In basic terms, being an accepting and kind person. Helping others, making the world better, even through simple things.

1039PaperLanterns51 karma

What's your favorite hair color you've ever had?

Gerard-Way147 karma

simple bleach blonde

ImNotAWoodWorker51 karma

Thank you for doing an AMA! I’m a scientist, but have always enjoyed art as a creative outlet. I lost that somewhere in the mix of “life” but somehow your music reverted me back to the artist within me. What is your favorite medium to work in, and what was the most fun or most challenging? Thank you for your time and consideration, good luck with all future endeavors – Excellent job on the new album, it is one of my favorites now.

Gerard-Way112 karma

Thank you so much for saying that. I am thrilled to know that the music inspired you in some way. I think my favorite medium is music, with my main tools being my voice and a guitar. But I do find every other medium extremely fulfilling and useful in helping everything I do. Sometimes I need to make a song just for a comic. All of the art and mediums are connected for me. For Science!

nutmeg_luvs_u49 karma

If you could collaborate with anyone in the music industry who would it be?

Gerard-Way135 karma

I always say Bowie or Morrissey

Ohmygodeana46 karma

Hey, man. Love the new album. Will we ever see that photoshoot you needed a goth girl for? Thanks

Gerard-Way80 karma

Thanks! Yes- I am hoping you will get to see what the photos of the goth girl were for- just not yet

judog2444 karma

You seem like you know a thing or two about pancakes. Has a restaurant ever amazed you with its pancakes or is it best to make them at home?

Gerard-Way90 karma

Oh yeah- lots of restaraunts have amazing pancakes, I am actually always in awe of how perfect they look. I like looking at pancakes more than I like eating them.

Maryallenmcgregor43 karma

Afternoon! I am obsessed with hesitant alien and even my dad taps his fingers away when I play it in the car... And that's says something! He loves the drums and the bass the most, but my favorite part are the vocals! Congrats on your solo career!! I know you can make it to top 1 on the charts! Question- LA is so different from Jersey... Do you miss it there?

Gerard-Way86 karma

On missing NJ. I do miss it because I was so connected with it as a child. It's second nature for me. But I am extremely happy living in Los Angeles. I do miss the Fall though

ThatFunkyChickK42 karma

Are you planning on selling "hot pants" on your merch line?

Gerard-Way74 karma

Hahaha... I've seen some requests for hot pants. If I can find a way to make myself laugh in making them, I don't think anything is out of the possibility.

crosseyedwonder39 karma

Gerard! thanks for doing the AMA! You're a huge inspiration for me, thanks for doing what you do, man. What's your favorite cereal?

Gerard-Way81 karma

Honey Nut Cheerios

SafeTheKilljoy38 karma

What's your favorite historical period?

Gerard-Way115 karma

60's- space program, Kennedy, design, music

BookerSkelton36 karma

Hey, Gerard! Such a huge fan, you have inspired me in ways I cannot begin to list off. Also, Hesitant Alien is so fucking great. Congratulations, man. I've always been a huge "concept album" nerd, so bear with me, as these questions have to deal with your MCR work and, more specifically, the stories of the albums.

  1. This is something that has racked my brain for years. In the booklet that came with TBP special edition CD set, you mentioned a character called the Escape Artist. Who is that? What was their purpose in the Patient's journey? Were they ever realized through concept art or in one of the big photoshoots with all the characters?
  2. Danger Days was, hands down, the most linear concept in that it had a strict narrative with a beginning, end, and comic book series. Have you ever considered revisiting themes, characters, or stories from your previous musical work? Maybe putting together more linear narratives for the other concepts in comic form?
  3. Was there ever a strict "beginning to end" storyline for Bullets or Three Cheers?
  4. Are you considering any concept albums for your solo work?

And, finally (unrelated to concepts) 5. I read somewhere that Drowning Lessons was your guys' least favorite song to play live and that the few times you did, something horrible happened each time. (This bums me out as it was probably my favorite song from Bullets). What bad things happened when you played it live?

Thank you so much for doing this, and I hope that one day, when I carry on through what I hope to be a professional career in the arts, our paths cross.

-- Booker Skelton,

Gerard-Way75 karma

  1. I believe the Escape Artist was originally The Patient, and that was his actual profession. I boiled the character down to a more simplified concept because I wanted The Patient to be more of a blank slate.

2.There are concepts and themes from Danger Days that I'm sure will continue to exist in my work as well as Shaun Simon's.

  1. There was in my head, the album is less linear because it was exciting to try so many different things.

4.I am sure that I will make another concept album some day. I'm actually thinking about a concept album at the momoent, even if it'sloose. I am definitely thinking of a new character.

  1. Just various stuff would go wrong, everything from starting the song at different times, to amps and drums breaking. It was also too personal for me to want to sing it live.

Maryallenmcgregor36 karma

Hey gerard! Like you said in your interview- we know practically nothing about you! Any weird fetishes you haven't revealed yet to us? Also- I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who hears this, but i get a Michael Jackson vibe from get the gang together towards the end. Whether intentional or unintentional, I LOVE IT!

Gerard-Way68 karma

Some things I must keep a mystery. But I feel like I do share a lot of what goes on in my brain on Twitter. I'm pretty raw on there. And yes- the end of Gang also reminded me of Michael Jackson when I recorded it- it made me laugh so I kept it.

musicalsausages33 karma

Hi Gerard,

What made you decide to debut Hesitant Alien at the Reading Festival?

Gerard-Way72 karma

Well, my manager and I felt it needed to start somewhere So we figured why not go for the biggest and potentially most high stress situation we could think on. I feel like choosing a date to play shows also helping with a release date for the album

Bbsandbigs33 karma

Tabletop questions! What's your favorite system? How many dice do you own? Favorite character type? Longest played character's name?

Gerard-Way71 karma

I always go back to DnD but have played everything from Gurps to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I don't know what the longest running character was but my first character was a Paladin named Caldon.

Hesitantwayli3n32 karma

Hi Gerard, what is the inspiration behind Maya The Physic? It's my fsvorite song but I don't really understand the lyrics yet?

Gerard-Way79 karma

The song is about mental illness. The title was inspired by an old manga called Mai The Psychic Girl, which is great

TheMinority8532 karma

What lyric from your new album are you a specially proud of? See you in London!

Gerard-Way79 karma

We got firecracker wishes that we can make

tharlk31 karma

Your vocal range is a lot bigger on HA. You get into head voice and even something like falsetto in some songs. We've seen this before in songs like Scarecrow but it's a lot more present in this album and with the song you did with Matt from kill Hannah in the backing vocals. What was that like? Was it a natural progression for your voice or did you do it intentionally as a specific stylistic choice? Did you seek out a vocal coach? I'm very interested to know.

edit for grammar

Gerard-Way59 karma

I feel like the music I wrote for Hesitant Alien allowed for far more experimentation vocally, both in hitting higher and lower registers. At the time it was a hard album to conceptualize vocally and to sing. Now it feels effortless live. Falsetto was always something I wanted to play with. I did not (but probably should) see a vocal coach- I have only ever been to one a couple of times to learn warm up exercises. I am lazier about my voice than I should be.

ifdianeyoung31 karma

Thanks for the IAMA How do you handle being a father, husband, and musician at the same time? Do you find it's been easy or hard to do?

Gerard-Way120 karma

Learning to be extremely disciplined has been the key for me. I work really hard during work hours and family really hard during family hours. Family does always come first though, in any situation. I don't sleep much. I am up early

SisterStereo28 karma

What's your go-to drink on airplanes?

Gerard-Way65 karma

Diet Coke

krissii7927 karma

Good evening Gerard. Is there one song that you wish you had put on the album but changed your mind at the last moment?

Gerard-Way109 karma

No, not on this one. The only time that ever happened was with Kill All Your Friends, as I really wanted that on Black Parade.

mindamonster27 karma

If you could be in any Quentin Tarantino movie, which one would you pick?

Gerard-Way70 karma

Kill Bill


Do you care at all about commercial success of this album or is it purely about making the music that you want to?

Gerard-Way70 karma

I care in the sense that I would like to continue to make art by being able to do what I love and have that make it possible for me to support my family. But other than that, the way I gauge the success of the album is how well I feel like I've made the art I wanted to. I feel no strain or pressure to take over the world. I'd like to make people happy, show people a good time, and hopefully inspire some people.

my_uh_243126 karma

Would you ever consider, now with the solo project, going on warped tour ever again? And I'd like to say thank you because you have been a major role model in my life with art and your music! Thank you and lots of love to you!

Gerard-Way48 karma

Thank you as well. I love Kevin and the tour a great deal. I do get nostalgic for it from time to time, though I feel I have grown in a very different direction from it. It always has a special place with me.

Saraheckarad26 karma

Do you think you'll be coming to more american cities? like, near the south ?

Gerard-Way58 karma

Yes, absolutely. This run of shows in October is more of a debut/release type of tour. A full tour is being planned for next year in the US. And since I love playing everywhere in the states, I will try and hit anywhere I can.

Cardsfan153925 karma

Hi Gerard!

I just wanted your opinion/thoughts on MCR's decision to boycott performing in Arizona.

Elton John performed here and was quoted with saying, "We are all very pleased to be playing in Arizona. I have read that some of the artists won't come here. They are fuckwits! Let's face it: I still play in California, and as a gay man I have no legal rights whatsoever. So what's the fuck up with these people?"

Why punish an entire state of fans because of a few dumbass politicians? Are you still boycotting for a potential Hesitant Alien tour?

Gerard-Way83 karma

I'm glad you asked this. It was never meant to be a punishment to the people of Arizona, and it was a very difficult situation to be a part of. On one hand I thought about music fans that lived there, but I also thought about our fans in the Latin community. Over the years I personally have felt very connected to the fans of that community, so we saw it as a way to let them know we support them. I do plan on playing Arizona on any tours in the US. If I can do that and somehow still lend a hand, that would be best.

taylorLrice24 karma

what are you going to be for halloween??

Gerard-Way92 karma

A ghost

chbopales24 karma

D'you think aliens have ever visited earth without us knowing? :0

Gerard-Way67 karma

Well, I definitely believe aliens exist. I'm not sure they have visited us though.

hauntedvibes24 karma

What's going on with Fudge Lord?

Gerard-Way48 karma

I am actually developing it as a series because there has been some interest. One offer has been a short and another has been a partner in producing the show. I'm not really overthinking it though, and tend to make it up off the top of my head with Jon.

basketcaserebel24 karma

Do you have any covers planned for your live shows?

Gerard-Way46 karma

Yes! there are so many songs I'd like to cover- Sleater Kinney, Psychedelic Furs, Bowie, Iggy, Pulp, Supergrass

MayagastmanandGee23 karma

How did you decide the cover art for your album?

Gerard-Way51 karma

I was thinking a lot about the period of two musicians careers that influenced the solo album. David Bowie and Iggy Pop. Both spent time in Berlin recording and their albums covers were kind of similar. I looked at Heroes and The Idiot for inspiration but wanted to add some color, change things up a little, make it my own

LikeCoolStuff21 karma

What is your favorite tea?

Gerard-Way49 karma

PG Tips

msiiswicked20 karma

Favorite Morrissey song? Or album?

Gerard-Way39 karma

fav song- Boxers fav album- Southpaw Grammar

ifdianeyoung20 karma

Should we expect a big tour from Hesitant Alien ? Any ideas for a new album following hesitant alien? You've said with my chem you had always planned ahead any plans after HA?

Gerard-Way54 karma

We are planning an extensive tour but I don't think we plan to drive it into the ground, as I have been writing new material and would like to be back in the studio by next September.

KayleesAMonster19 karma

Where did the idea for Fudge Lord come from?

Gerard-Way47 karma

I was literally looking at old animation cells from He-Man and noticing how ridiculous they were, and thought it would be fun to make them more ridiculous.

punksjustexhausted18 karma

Hey Gerard! Is it weird touring without the rest of the band? Also, I'm going to see you perform at Soundwave Festival in Australia, are you looking forward to it? Anything special fans can look forward to?

Gerard-Way61 karma

It's not weird so much as it's different. It was a little weird in early rehearsals, but I think a lot of that had to do with The Hormones and I needing to connect with each other as musicians. It's a different thing. Obviously MCR had a magical chemistry and did a very specific thing- this does things in new ways.

whatsatexas18 karma

I loved how you talked about Sleater-Kinney in your zine! Do you think you could ever collaborate with Carrie Brownstein?

Gerard-Way31 karma

Wow- that would be a huge honor, and since both she and Mary Timony are in Wild Flag it would make sense to collaborate with them both if they would have me. My absolute heroes.

lucirocks17 karma

Hi Gerard! I loved your VyRT session. Is there any chance you'll have a VyRT concert?

Gerard-Way32 karma

I think there is absolutely a chance to do a Vyrt concert. I'd like to be more involved with Vyrt.

jake10house17 karma

What's this thing about your phone being haunted? I always see stuff about it but I don't know the origin.. Also the new album is my favorite thing ever.. Sorry for spamming your @ mentions on Twitter by constantly tweeting about it lol

Gerard-Way38 karma

It's just what was going on that day.

lamp_shade_rooster17 karma

What is your favorite shop to pick up comics at?

Gerard-Way39 karma

Secret Headquarters in Los Angeles.

Creature_Creep17 karma

Hey Gerard

I'm going to be applying to colleges soon and I've been wondering if I should try for SVA. I'm worried about the price and wether I should really go for it and take it head on or go there later in the future... What's your recommendation? Is it worth the experience to go across the US?

Gerard-Way49 karma

If your desire is to go now you should work on figuring out a way to do so. I was very happy with my expierience at SVA. I did have to take out an incredible amount of student loans and work while going to school in order to afford art supplies and books. I could not afford to live in the dorm unfortunately. That would have been an expierience.

DerKomissar9917 karma

If you could be any Olympian god, which would you choose and why?

Gerard-Way70 karma

Hermes because I like his fancy helmet and outfit.

oh-girl16 karma

Have you ever drawn inspiration from the B-52's? I see a lot of their influence in the aesthetics of the No Shows video.

Gerard-Way38 karma

Interesting! The video for No Shows came a lot from 70's television, and also Shock Treatment, a film by the people that made Rocky Horror. I have always like the "no rules" aspect to the B-52's though. I think maybe that's how you connect them, very free, very fun, no limitations.

Vcyias15 karma

Hey Gerard, what's your favourite movie?

Gerard-Way40 karma

The Fisher King

Kat678015 karma

I'm going to be a little selfish and first ask you to please come to INDIANA even though its a very boring state (I know I live here)

My question is: in starting this record did you know exactly how you wanted it to be or was it just one particular song that kind of gave you an idea as to what the rest of the album was going to be?

Gerard-Way31 karma

Once I wrote and recorded No Shows, I knew I was onto something more ambitious than I had planned. Before that I was simpy making music because I am always compelled to.

MCRMacke15 karma

Hello Gerard,

We all know –for the most part I assume– that you are on your twitter quite a bit. If I may ask, why is it that you prefer twitter over other social media?

If I could also be so kinda as to say I turn fourteen in ten days and I am more excited over Hesitant Alien than I am my own birthday.

Gerard-Way53 karma

I think I like the immediacy of Twitter. I like that you can get current events or current feelings from the larger world. Jimmy from MSI told me once that it's basically something you have to treat as graffiti, and I loved that perspective on it and find it very true since I have used it more to spread art, ideas, rather than opinions (though it's a good place for that too)

sarahshinx13 karma

What was your biggest struggle when creating Hesitant Alien? Love it BTW!

Gerard-Way45 karma

I think finding out what it was, was the biggest struggle. was it a new band? A solo album? Was it only going to be fuzz rock songs? Was it going to get more ambitious but more importantly would I allow myself to get more ambitious and take the ceiling off the project.

Laurenjadekinda10 karma

If you could taste a colour what colour would you want to taste? By the way hesitant alien is amazing I love drugstore perfume and zero zero!👽

Gerard-Way26 karma

I think tasting Red would be best.

Rikora8 karma

Hey Gerard! Thought I might ask a question not about your music, and ask something odd instead! I'm a Paranormal Investigator and always wonder whether other people believe in ghosts and if they have ever had any experiences they can't explain... I would love to know that from you? Thank you :) x

Gerard-Way27 karma

I believe in ghosts because I had a paranormal expierience once that was very personal. Though, every fiber in my being tries to convince me they don't exist.

Dannba7 karma

Do you have any plans for Mexico?

Gerard-Way29 karma

Yes, we are working on it- it's very important for me to get to Mexico.