Hello Reddit!

We are Professional Mountain Bike riders competing in Red Bull Rampage on September 28th.

Laura will be relaying your questions and answers before our rider’s dinner on Monday. Ask us Anything!

EDIT: Thanks everybody for your questions! For more info on the athletes, interviews, and more check out http://www.redbull.com/rampage

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jhc141538 karma

How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?

RedBullShredditors55 karma

'cause he has a small penis. -Makken Hauger

los_pinas16 karma

What happens if you gotta take a dump when to get to the top of the run?

RedBullShredditors23 karma

it fucking sucks cause you just have to wait. -Dustin Schaad

RedBullShredditors23 karma

Its just a fear shit. -Jeff Herbertson

go_sens11 karma

Did Norbs get robbed?

RedBullShredditors12 karma

He did. -Dustin Schaad.

Avariance9 karma

Question for all of you! What do you do outside of biking to keep your adrenaline levels satisfied?

RedBullShredditors16 karma

Summer Mt. Biking is enough. In Winter, it's snowmobiling + Fire Ball. -Robbie Bourdon

George22168 karma

Do you keep your ketchup in a cupboard or the fridge?

RedBullShredditors14 karma

I keep mine in the gun safe. -Kristen Atkin

RedBullShredditors9 karma

Fridge. When its open. -Robbie Bourdon

waterisgoodforall8 karma

How closely do you have to attend to your diet?

I've never heard of you guys before but it's nice to meet you now. Have a good one.

RedBullShredditors44 karma

I eat everyday and am very serious about it. -Jeff Herbertson

NWCitizenX7 karma

Each of you has sick style and flow- how difficult is it to get to that place in your mind where fear cannot penetrate? What tricks do you use to help keep your mind confident and focused, ready for your run? I race 20" bmx (still,again) and XC, an answer would really help me win in Inter/Sport class.

Also, sponsorships. We have some awesome kids racing- what would be a few sure fire was to get these little rippers seen?

Thanks so much for doing an AMA, you boys are heroes to me and my kids. Awesome.

RedBullShredditors6 karma

Surround yourself with your friends and convince myself that it's gonna be fun. Confidence is key. -Kyle Jameson

hookeslaw7 karma

What are your thoughts on the emergence of electric assist mountain bikes? (Drawing a distinction between electric pedal assist bikes and electric motor bikes)

RedBullShredditors29 karma

It's stupid. You might as well put 10 bikes in a pick-up truck and ride down. -Robbie Bourdon

maxnelder5 karma

How much shit do you clean from your underpants post Rampage?

RedBullShredditors8 karma

I just change "my package." They hold tough. -Dustin Schaad

RedBullShredditors7 karma

Just a little bit. It's the bagged lunches. -Kyle Jameson

roboticsex4 karma

Is the course better than last year?

RedBullShredditors8 karma

The site is more condensed so it's forcing riders to get along and build together. -Niko Zink

RedBullShredditors5 karma

It feels a little short. -Kyle Jameson

Dipper994 karma

What's the first thing that goes through your head when you finish a perfect run at rampage? Thanks, good luck!

RedBullShredditors17 karma

When I finish a perfect run, I'll let you know. -Robbie Bourdon

Doubrava164 karma

How do you get mentally prepared for an event as big as this one?

RedBullShredditors9 karma

Drinking and thinking. I'm now with the Germans and that means if I am not into drinking with them than I should not have accepted the contract with them. - Robbie Bourdon

Brady_Bunch_274 karma

Hey guys, i was wondering who you had your first sponsorship with and if you have any tips for someone who is trying to get sponsored?

RedBullShredditors15 karma

American Idol is not how you become a good singer. -Jeff Herbertson

RedBullShredditors15 karma

Bike you bike and don't worry about it. -ALL

Gavelliott4 karma

I know you guys have already answered this but, all natural or wood features?

RedBullShredditors7 karma

If it was up to me, I'd go all natural. -Robbie Bourdon

ronqn3 karma

Are you sometimes afraid of the track before a race ?

RedBullShredditors8 karma

We are not racing but we are afraid. -Nico Vink

mcleodmaniac3 karma

Hey guys, questions for all of you I guess.

Which video or segment was the most fun for you to be a part of? Similarly, who's the funnest rider you've ever shot with?

How do you feel about sharing lines at an event like Rampage? Do you feel that every rider should have to dig all of their own lines and features, or do you think that sharing should be accepted as part of the event?

Last one, what's your worst crash you've ever caught on film?

Thanks for doing this guys, good luck at Rampage!

RedBullShredditors3 karma

The Fest Series. -Kyle J., Jeff H., Makken H., Niko Zink

lightningskuuuuuuull2 karma

What kind of support do you guys get from your sponsors during an event like Rampage? Say you blow up a critical bike component, are they going to make sure you get things working again in time for the event?

RedBullShredditors11 karma

What sponsors? -Robbie Bourdon

BridgeportBomber2 karma

How do I get tickets to the event?

two_off1 karma

What are your favourite hills to ride?

Apart from the competition itself, which aspect of an event do you look forward to the most?

RedBullShredditors2 karma

Kamloops BC. -Niko Zink