You guys might know me from:

my music, or my work behind Piggly Wiggly near the dumpster.

Victoria from reddit will be assisting me today. AMA.

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Edit: Mama Ru gotta go right now, kiddies. But in the meantime, love yourself. Because if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen up in here?

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eedoubleyou895 karma

Can you PLEASE reprint "Lettin It All Hang Out" ?? It's going for $140 on Amazon and I'm unemployed and I haven't found it cheaper and I love you so much.

IamRuPaul1873 karma

It was selling at my popup store here in Hollywood for twenty bucks! If you PM me your email address, Victoria will help you get one from me.

lassidoggy835 karma

I have just one thing to say... Why does it gotta be black?

IamRuPaul710 karma


filthy_fuckin_gaijin822 karma

Hey RuPaul, extra question here, I'm a girl, can I be a Drag Queen? I get really jealous watching DragRace and I want to be one too!

IamRuPaul2685 karma

You're born naked, and the rest is drag! EVERYBODY is in drag. Whether you're a man or a woman. It just depends on how extreme you wanna go.

darjeeeling641 karma

It seems that every woman who has ever been on stage or screen has been called a gay icon at some point in her career, either by the LGBT community or the woman herself. Yet for a term that is bandied about with such abandon, the specific criteria seem to be rather vague. If anyone can give a straight answer on this, it's you. So Ru, what makes a gay icon?

IamRuPaul2639 karma

What makes a gay icon is someone who possesses both masculine and feminine qualities simultaneously. Someone with the power of Judy Garland and the vulnerability of Judy Garland is a shoe-in. The world we live in is made up of polar opposites, black/white, male/female, night/day, and a human being who possesses both masculine and feminine - vulnerability and strength - is intriguing to us, whether they be a singer or actor or dancer, intrigues us, because THAT Is who we really are. We are this world, all of it, and when we recognize it in other people - that person gets our attention.

That person becomes the representation of your own potential.

fitterr621 karma

Can you settle a bet for me? Where's the pickle in a Pickle Surprise?

IamRuPaul1091 karma

HAHAHAHAHAA. Oh my god. Do you realize that we filmed Pickle Surprise about twenty-five years ago? And the surprise in a pickle surprise is that there is no pickle! HAHAHA!

ltgc574 karma

I just wanted to thank you for being who you are. I still have a lot trouble fully accepting and loving myself like you often preach (amen) but you have helped me greatly in getting where I am now. When I’m having a dark day your love, compassion, and strength always shines a light and I’m sure countless others can say the same. I write this as I’m blaring The Beginning at work by the way. You are one hell of an example to follow and for providing that, again I thank you a hundred thousand times! What keeps you so happy, loving, and compassionate? Anything you do daily/when you’re feeling down?

IamRuPaul833 karma


I start the morning with my yoga stretches, prayer, and meditation. The main thing that motivates me is laughter, and colors, and music, and dancing! And I do all of the above every day.

KelliBuck507 karma

Hey Ru! I loved you in But I'm A Cheerleader. What was your favorite part of working on that film?

IamRuPaul896 karma

It would be watching Eddie Cibrian's booty in those cutoff jeans.

gayballsmcgee498 karma

Hey Ru! You're awesome and I love you.

Why did you decide to go by your real name, RuPaul, instead of taking on a drag name?

IamRuPaul1104 karma

Because I was stupid. It's important to use a stage name so that your real name doesn't appear on public records.

_apocalypse_meow382 karma

Hey mama, two questions:

When I saw Sharon Needles strut down the runway for the first time in her Rupocalyptic zombie outfit, I already adored her personality and sense of style. Did you know right then and there that she was something special?

Do you ever get fanmail from queens in countries where performing is either illegal or severely repressed? If so, how do you react to these letters?

I have two little sisters, ages 13 and 14, and we LOVE you and your show. I think that it has at least given them a different perspective on the LGBT community. So thank you for everything that you do!


IamRuPaul485 karma

I knew she was something special from her audition reel. She is a true original. Very sensitive, and very smart.

Actually, I don't get that many from places like that. Surely I've had a few, but my advice is always - get your ass over here!


BrodyApproved356 karma

I've got an artesian well on my property and the water pressure is lousy. Any suggestions?

IamRuPaul702 karma

HAHAHA. Sissy that water!

BiancaDelThunder353 karma

Hi RuPaul! Dealing with anxiety I have repeated many of your quotes to myself, to keep going, to stop judging myself, etc. But sometimes the saboteur seems to be screaming so loud that I can't avoid it. When the saboteur gets too loud, how do you deal with it? Thank you for being so inspiring <3

IamRuPaul945 karma

You have to nurture another voice that counteracts the saboteur. And you have to also ask yourself - are you willing to give up the payoff you get from succumbing to the saboteur?

Bird_Or_The_Cage321 karma

Hey Rupaul I'm a huge fan!!!

1) How tight is your snatch? 2)Who would you impersonate on snatch game? 3) How do you manage fame and confidence without becoming egotistical?

IamRuPaul637 karma

1) HAHA 2) LaToya Jackson. 3) I've been doing this for a long, long time. And I've seen people come and go. And usually, people go or drop off the scene because they are undermined by their ego. Keeping my ego at bay, and remembering that this is all about the laughter, and the joy, and the creativity, and the collaboration - it's not just about me.

sahrey291 karma

Hey Ru, just wanted to say how happy Drag Race has made me! As a straight married woman, it has touched my inner drag queen and made me think about being confident and being myself. I love listening to you and Michelle on the podcast. My question is are you surprised by the new generation of fans that every new season seems to bring?

IamRuPaul321 karma

Yes, I am surprised. I'm surprised it took them so long to get to it! HAHAHAHAHA. It's just amazing to me that something so wonderful could exist and it's not all over the world, immediately!

HoserUSC286 karma

As someone who has creativity, uniqueness, nerve, and talent in spades, you must have an amazing home wifi network name; what is it???

IamRuPaul343 karma


collyblom282 karma

One of my favourite things about Drag Race is that it skewers other TV (and more specifically reality TV) shows. Which shows can we expect to be referenced in the upcoming season? Fans have been speculating about Shark Tank and Dancing with the Stars…

IamRuPaul745 karma

SCANDAL... It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia... and Workaholics.

Bird_Or_The_Cage265 karma

HEYY MAMA Love you darling!

Who would you like to guest judge on Drag Race?

And what is something we don't know about michelle visage?

IamRuPaul627 karma

Cher, Diana Ross, David Bowie.

It's such a huge organization nightmare to coordinate people's schedules!

That she's a biological woman.

chocolatechipbutt237 karma

what was it like meeting Kurt Cobain?

IamRuPaul775 karma

He was a real sweetheart. And he told me that he had come to see my nightclub act, in Seattle, but got there two hours too late! Haha! He had no idea that they put me on at the club so early. So he completely missed me. But he was a real sweetheart, a real kind soul. And he actually - we worked together again on SNL, you know, later on that same year. And he and the rest of the boys were absolutely fabulous, so lovely, and they really appreciated what I was doing, I think mainly because he thought outside the box and understood that, you know, what drag is at its core, totally punk-rock.

dilettwat228 karma

At the Season Five premiere party, you were giving an interview about the upcoming season, and your exact words were, "We discourage kai-kai, but two girls fall in love on the show."

In that spirit, could you tell us two lies and a truth about Season Seven? ;-)

IamRuPaul285 karma

Let's just say... season seven will rock your socks.

Sakura_7201 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

IamRuPaul622 karma

I love Superman. Because he represents the hero with 1,000 faces. And the potential that lies in every human on this planet.

brunosssaur199 karma

What's the fondest childhood memory you have?

IamRuPaul722 karma

The time my sister Renetta took me to the Canyon with a paper bag of cookies and a blanket, and told me "Ru-ru- this is a pic-nic."

I was 5 years old.

IamRuPaul767 karma

That's when I first learned about magic. Because to anyone else, it would be a paper bag and a blanket. But Renetta turned it into a magical event by calling it a pic-nic.

dickpics_192 karma

Hey mama! If you weren't a drag artist/supermodel of the world, what do you think you'd be doing as your career?

IamRuPaul547 karma

I would be a teacher. I love creativity, and watching people come into their own.

bridgebot185 karma

Greetings RuPaul! First of all, I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do. Your courage, uniqueness, nerve and talent have been a beacon of light for the world during the past 20+ years that you have been performing.

My question for you has to do with Drag Race. Have you ever considered having Drag Kings join the mix? Have you received submissions from Drag Kings before or is it exclusively Drag Queens that apply? I have always been curious and never heard the answer to this before! Again, thank you so much for what you do.

P.S.- What's the Tee is SO GOOD! Thank you to you and Michelle both for taking the time to record the podcast.

IamRuPaul426 karma

Huh. Drag Race for Drag Kings. That's a great idea...

PittsburghGirl22176 karma


First I would love to say that I adore you. My question to you is what is the greatest piece of advice you've gotten from anyone, famous or non?

IamRuPaul512 karma

My tenth grade teacher, Mr. Panell, told me "RuPaul, don't take life too effin' seriously."

I didn't fully understand it at the time, but boy, oh boy, do I understand that now.

thehouseofklaus168 karma

I have waited the entire internet for this. How long does filming actually last? Also, who's your favorite professional wrestler and when can we expect them on your show and why is it Chris Jericho?

IamRuPaul234 karma


If you include pre-production - it takes us about 6 weeks to film it, but pre-production lasts 3 months, and then post-production is, you know, 5 months. So it takes a long time. But it's a quite well-oiled machine at this point.

And my favorite professional wrestler would be... I'm going to say Triple H. And for some odd reason, he hasn't returned our calls.

Shadow541143 karma

Dear RuPaul, I'm a 19 year old male living in a no-name town in Maryland. I've struggled a lot in my life dealing with a lot of family issues for what honestly seems like forever; and on top of that I've dealt with a lot of bullying for being different but never really understanding why. I'm openly gay and have found a lot of strength and love from the gay community, and recently have learned about the drag community! (and I mean more than just watching RPDR). Drag is something that I've given a lot of serious consideration into and have even done myself up once or twice with my ~glamorous~ collection of Claire's Cosmetics!

Right now I'm at a point in my life where my extremely toxic family life has reached a boiling point and my family is out of money and I'm living paycheck to paycheck while giving what I can to my struggling family, and at the same time trying to get out of it all and achieve my dreams! Do you have any advice (or at least some love) for a struggling young gay man trying to make it in the world? Thank you for everything that you do! <3 <3 <3

IamRuPaul474 karma

Yes. There is another family waiting for you out there. You have to find your tribe. That doesn't mean that you have to abandon your birth family, but just know that your tribe is waiting for you. And it's up to you to find them.

Frajer140 karma

is your day to day self similar to your public persona ? what got you into drag ?

IamRuPaul685 karma

No, I am an introvert masquerading as an extrovert.

collyblom134 karma

Drag Race fans seem to be both very creative and rather obsessive. The show appeals to a specific niche market. Are you hoping to grow the audience and make it more mainstream? If yes, would you consider watering down the drag to make it more family friendly? (I hope not!)

IamRuPaul430 karma

HAHAHA - no, I could NEVER water down the drag. What makes it so appealing is that it's so dangerous. And it's so punk-rock. It's all of the things we were told, as little boys, NOT to do.

mizu5133 karma

Hey there. Love you. Lots. Little obsessed.

Was wondering, it is in bad taste to try drag for your first time during halloween?

IamRuPaul268 karma

No! Do it when you feel comfortable enough to do it. But I promise that it won't be your last time. Haha.

NumbrOneTheLarch133 karma

Mama Ru - long time watcher first time on this mothertucking reddit thing. Have you ever seen something on the show you wish you could "unsee"? (maybe something that never aired?)

IamRuPaul230 karma


I have no regrets.

ckris4467126 karma

Who is your comedy icon?

IamRuPaul467 karma

Joan Rivers!

HeyitsDuckman125 karma

How can I channel my inner queen to be successful in the workplace? Keeping in mind, I can only wear closed toe shoes and no heels.

Seriously, though.

IamRuPaul276 karma


Try sexy underwear.

parfumpoise119 karma

Hi Ru!!! Big fan! If you were on Judge Judy, what did you do to get yourself there?

IamRuPaul363 karma

HAHAHAHA um, let's see... it would probably be... gee, let's see...

Because I bailed some queen out of the pokey, and she has yet to pay me back!

Wolverine9116 karma

Of all the queens on Rupaul’s Drag Race, which one do you think has used the platform most effectively to propel their career and why?

IamRuPaul208 karma

I am SO proud of each of my girls.

DarcyMcCarbomb114 karma

OMG, RuPaul! I'm a die-hard fan and am so excited and grateful that you're here! I have a few questions:

  1. From music to the screen to being an omnipresent icon, you've never faltered from being at the top of your game. Many successful people would just rest on their laurels, so what would you say is your main motivator for continuing to do what you do?

  2. Has there been a Drag Race contestant who immediately amazed you with their raw star power?

IamRuPaul172 karma

1) I'm motivated by the laughter, honestly. It's really not about the money or being more famous. I really love creativity.

2) All of them, actually - because I've seen their auditions, hundreds of auditions, and I knew right off the bat that they had star quality.

MattBinYYC96 karma

Would you ever consider letting Canadian queens participate on Drag Race?

Who do you feel grew the most through the course of a season on DR? I met Adore and I feel she'd be a real contender.

Would you ever revisit an All-Stars format?

What advice would you give someone who wants to try drag? Even it is just once.

IamRuPaul192 karma

If they can get a work visa - they can come on 'cross the border!

And I'd love to, we just need to get the network to agree to it.

GO FOR IT. It's not gonna hurt ya!

whorecrux92 karma

Hi, mama!

Are there any new plans for doing a European Drag Race?

IamRuPaul309 karma

British television icon Jonathan Ross is trying to get it started in the UK.

420MenshevikIt83 karma

What is your favorite episode of Judge Judy?

IamRuPaul161 karma

I think the Earthquake episode.

Millybird81 karma

Hi, Ru! So as I kid, I always thought you were my dad. You see my father happens to be a tall black man like yourself. Then I thought, well I've never seen you two together, you must be him. My question is if you could claim a celebrity as your own child, who would it be and why?

IamRuPaul219 karma

I would claim Raven Symone, because i just love her SO MUCH.

parfumpoise80 karma

Hi Ru!! I love all the pop culture references you make on Drag Race. If you had to pick one movie for the whole world to watch, what would it be?

IamRuPaul208 karma

The Wizard of Oz. It says everything you need to know about what we are doing on this planet.

cetla72679 karma

Hi Ru!

Some of your most iconic photos come from the genderfuck style you presented earlier in your career. Are you surprised that during a challenge to emulate your most famous looks on the last season of Drag Race, none of the queens chose genderfuck Ru? How do you think it would have been received if someone had?

You've referenced before that you feel drag tends to come in and out of mainstream consciousness depending on the political and social environment of the time. At the moment could you see a resurgence of the Wigstock festival happening?

IamRuPaul124 karma

Well, I think the judges would have really appreciated it. Because I find most queens really want to look, you know, pretty and like Beyonce, or like Arianna Grande - very few queens are willing to, you know, look as edgy as genderf*ck requires.

I believe Wigstock could happen, now. But you know, that window of opportunity is relatively short. I mean, if you remember back, disco happened over the period of about 5 or 6 years.

alphang72 karma

Ru you and a friend once walked past me and my friend on Santa Monica Blvd and I was so shocked to actually be within your dragnificence that I froze and couldn't muster the courage to say hi and have regretted that ever since. So I guess what I'm asking is, will you adopt me?

IamRuPaul103 karma

HAHAHA. Dragsolutely.

Bird_Or_The_Cage66 karma

Hey Rupaul! love your show

1)How do you spend your free time? 2) other than drag, whats you favorite hobbie? 3) Whats your favorite food?

IamRuPaul151 karma

1) What free time?! HAHAHA

2) Well, drag really isn't a hobby of mine. It's something that I realized early on that I could do very well. And so I, you know, drove that sucker to the top! So I love music. I love compiling my playlists, listening to music, I love to hike, and I love to bike. I love doing cardio. So I do a lot of cardio while listening to music. HAHA

3) My favorite food is always something crunchy. I LOVE crunchy food, like popcorn... Captain Crunch, HAHAHA... I also, having grown up in San Diego, LUV Mexican food.

Savvicious64 karma

How do I gain confidence and new friends? I have recently graduated and now I am in college.

IamRuPaul290 karma

First, become your own best friend, and others will come to you.

MaestroMeowMix63 karma

What would you say is your most important piece of fashion advice?

IamRuPaul239 karma

Be yourself. Know your proportions. And have a good tailor.

tsubom3363 karma

I truly enjoy your philosophy on life. I thought I was holding myself together pretty well, but whenever I watch Drag Race or Drag U, I always find it uplifting and reinforcing to see you interact with others and listen to your views. You've helped me through a lot!

That being said; I know someone doesn't become wise through an easy life. It's through experience that you learn everything that you have; and I really look forward to buying your book when I can to learn more; but for now, I'd like to ask:

What was the toughest point of your career and how did you get through it? What have you carried with you from that experience?

Thanks so much for being here Mama Ru <3 Forever love.

IamRuPaul95 karma

Well, the toughest part of my career was during my "Saturn Returns" which happened at around the age of 28. I go into this period in depth in my first book, Letting It All Hang Out. But through it all, I emerged stronger and better than ever.

I took away from it to dig my feet in deep, and wait for the storm to pass.

jwoo160 karma

Hieeeeeee Ru ily! My biggest fear is losing both of my parents. How did you move forward in your life after you lost yours?

IamRuPaul279 karma

This is the important thing: it's important to stay in this moment right here, the now. This moment is the most important moment of your life. My parents are still with me. They're physically not here, but they live inside of me, in my heart.

HoserUSC58 karma

If you could add a sport/event to the Olympics that you would ABSOLUTELY(YYYYY) get a medal in, what would it be?

IamRuPaul290 karma


How about throwing shade?

GreatBallsOfH2057 karma

Have you ever had a wardrobe/wig malfunction while performing and how did you handle it?

IamRuPaul162 karma

Absolutely! I've had every situation happen. I've been onstage for over 30 years. So every time I go onstage, I imagine it's my mother's living room, when I was a kid. And I go out there to have fun, and just be natural, and be myself. So if something happens, I'll laugh it off and keep going!

parfumpoise55 karma

Hiiiieee! What must a lady always carry in her purse?

IamRuPaul240 karma


That's a good question. What do I always carry in my bag? How about... Glamazon perfume by RuPaul. In fact, I'm wearing it right now - I love it soooo much!

mamaswirl46 karma

Would you do another talk show? If yes in drag or no?

You are such an inspiration. You've helped me become a stronger woman. Thank you thank you a thousand times thank you.

IamRuPaul98 karma

You know, I'm always game for everything. What people don't understand is that the networks are who you have to get to take a chance on you. I wanna do it all. The trick is convincing a network to do it with you.

Kelock45 karma

Hi Ru, thanks for taking the time to do an AMA :) I'm from New Zealand and just this past Sunday, went to Bianca Del Rio's show and it was AMAZING!

Unfortunately, we don't get RuPaul's Drag Race on our TV screens in New Zealand... so we have to watch/keep up with the news other ways. Are there plans in the works for your show to hit NZ television screens?

Do you yourself have any plans to come to New Zealand? You have a really large following here.

Thank you :)

IamRuPaul67 karma

I've been to New Zealand once, and absolutely LOVED it. Such a beautiful country! No plans to go there right now, but it's always on my mind. RuPaul's Drag Race is available through Netflix there. Yeah!

ApronsAway45 karma

Why aren't you me and Michele Visage three best friends that hang out all the time and have sing-alongs and slumber parties here in LA?!

IamRuPaul91 karma

HAHAHAHAHAHAH... because usually Michelle and I are working somewhere. That mortgage doesn't pay itself.

TicTacPaddyWhack44 karma

Hi Hi from your hometown, Sunny San Diego!!!

  • How did you meet Henry Rollins?

  • When you are about to throw yourself into something new for the first time, what do you say to yourself to keep from quitting and just go for it?

(p.s. ---You are my spirit animal (a sexay cheetah with fresh breath, I'm pretty sure...) and I adore you for zillions of reasons. XO and positive thoughts your way)

IamRuPaul111 karma

I met him in a rehearsal space in the East Village of New York City. LOVELY person, very smart, very kind.

Quitting is not an option. The truth is - most things are probably gonna fail. But my failures bring me to the next thing. So in that regard, nothing's a failure, it's a continuation. So many times, people are afraid to start something because of fear of failing. But it can be fabulous - because it leads you to the next thing.

Tataku43 karma

Hey Ru! If you challenged Michelle to a Lip Sync For Your Life what song would you crush her with!?

IamRuPaul112 karma

Hahahaa. OH my GOD. I would LIVE to see her to do Lisette Melendez's "Together Forever." YESSSS. HAHAHAHA.

IamRuPaul102 karma

When Michelle and I worked at WKTU in New York, doing the Morning Drive, every time we played that song, Michelle would get up and start doing the dance from the video and start singing the song, because she knew it would crack me up because she did such a great job! And I love that song to this day because of Michelle Visage.

jojojimmy41 karma


IamRuPaul110 karma

I cannot give you an answer that your mind will be satisfied with. Your mind is looking for solid evidence.

But the evidence is something you must experience on a deeper level than your mind.

iloveapps340 karma

What do you think of reddit?

IamRuPaul108 karma

I love it! I love being so in touch with people. And feeling like one big family.

brunosssaur40 karma

What was the craziest experience you've ever had in drag?

IamRuPaul107 karma

Oh my god... I can't even talk about it on here, but I lived in the New York club scene... I worked the New York Club scene for many years in the 1980's, so I think you can probably imagine.

elementalrain37 karma

I'm really sad today, and your show always makes me happy. Thanks for doing this.

Who is your musical icon?

IamRuPaul72 karma

Let's say... Barry Gibb.

LeonaAssassina35 karma

Hi Mama Ru! What was your favorite snatch game impersonation from all seasons?

IamRuPaul150 karma

I loved Alaska as Lady Bunny.

HorrorMaster10135 karma

Heyyy GURL! I love you mama! hope you don't mind if i ask a few questions!

1) What made you want to get into drag? 2) Whats some off camera gossip that happens on Drag Race? 3)How do you stay so Fabulous?

IamRuPaul78 karma

1) I didn't choose the game, the game chose ME!


3) Wigwater!

spoilz33 karma

How many seasons of RuPaul's Drag Race can you imagine being head judge for?

IamRuPaul178 karma

Well, as long as it's called RuPaul's Drag Race...

SalvagerOfBastards31 karma

Hey Mama Ru! Would you ever entertain two cycles a year of Drag Race (a la Top Model and Dancing with the Stars)?

IamRuPaul74 karma

I would love to. We just have to get the network to greenlight it.

jwoo130 karma

Ru, you've said in your podcasts with Michelle that when it comes to social media you tune everything out and don't read the comments. Does that include the good with the bad?? Because you can't have one without the other

IamRuPaul119 karma

I read all of the tweets that I get. If it interests me, I will respond to it. But when it comes to comments sections, I don't read that, because that's a ticking time bomb that my saboteur wants to latch onto.

desmond_ishmael29 karma

Hey, Ru. Just one question: Can I get an amen?

IamRuPaul63 karma


Yes, honey, you can get several AMEN's!

quotefall27 karma

Did you ever help Marc Maron get an updated wardrobe? That is some footage I would pay to see if you haven't yet!

IamRuPaul39 karma

I did not get him to do an updated wardrobe, but I know that his television show has been renewed, so my guess is the wardrobe department will get him some new clothes.

fem_bot26 karma


I'm a huge fan of drag race and your podcast. You must watch countless audition tapes for the show, and I'm wondering if you can give us some examples of really memorable ones - moments where you stopped and thought this person must be on the show. How does one catch your attention?

Thanks Mama Ru! Counting down the days to season 7!

IamRuPaul56 karma

Honestly, it really is just being yourself. I respond to someone who is uniquely themselves. And I can always sniff out when someone is being what they think I want them to be, which is the complete opposite. I really want a queen to be herself. That way, we can fit her into the ensemble, you know.

bunny113824 karma

Hi Rupaul! How do you keep your skin looking so fabulous both in and out of makeup? What is your skincare routine like?

IamRuPaul50 karma

Thankfully, I have skin that isn't too sensitive. So I can wear makeup for long periods of time, and it doesn't bother me. In fact, I could use any moisturizer - from the most expensive one to the least expensive one - but I always wear a moisturizer.

headhunter7123 karma

ru, who are some of the past rpdr contestants that you feel could have/or should have gone a lot further in the competition?


p.s. thanks for being such an inspiration and positive role model to so many!

IamRuPaul44 karma

I always expect them all to go the distance.

I'm surprised when they do drop out.

jwoo122 karma

Is there anything left in your career that you haven't done but you still want to do??

IamRuPaul59 karma

I'd love to design a line of clothes. I would love to do that.

MrsGClooney17 karma

I adore you!! Do you truly realize the positive impact you have had on people being who they are without apology?

IamRuPaul30 karma

Well, there's no way I could really gather that and I LOVE that people say that about me. I think it's so beautiful and wonderful. But I gotta tell you, my motivation for being who I am and doing what i do is a selfish one. It's because i love to laugh, love to have fun, love to be creative, and I have to keep PREACHING the positive energy really for myself - being a sensitive soul, it's very easy for me to take on other people's energy, so my personal mantra is "Love yourself, love yourself, love yourself."

unicorn10-1013 karma

What's your favorite animal?

IamRuPaul24 karma

That's a good question. I love animals. But my favorite would have to be a chimpanzee. HAHAHAHA!

sandrastic9 karma

does santino rice still shake your dice?

IamRuPaul23 karma

HAHAHA. Yes. I think he is the most beautiful man on this planet. He looks like every nationality except, perhaps, asian. And he looks like he could be from any century of mankind on this planet. He is such a beautiful creature, to me.

xyatropos8 karma

What's your favorite thing that you've gotten to do, which you might not have ever experienced if not from your fame?

IamRuPaul15 karma

Ringing the Nasdaq bell while looking at my electronic billboard in Times Square.

AriaGalactica8 karma

Jimmy Choo or Louboutin?

IamRuPaul11 karma

Oh boy. I can't decide. Love 'em both.

piecreator8 karma

What were the things you liked most about working on skin wars? and were there any major differences judging skin wars compared to judging your show?

IamRuPaul10 karma

The best part of judging Skin Wars was the creativity. I LOVE creative people - it just makes my blood flow. And usually, the other judges and I were in complete agreement. There were only a few times where we didn't agree. But the creative process is what makes Skin Wars such an incredible show to be a part of. And it comes on tonight, as a matter of fact - on Game Show Network!

medaox7 karma

How is your day going?

IamRuPaul14 karma

AMAZING. I have been working all day long, and I could probably use a day off, but I don't see one coming in the near future.

ckris44676 karma

Hey Ru! Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite book?

IamRuPaul11 karma

I love A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. And I love a Return to Love by Marianne Williamson. I also love the Tom Perrotta books The Leftovers, and my all-time favorite book is Animal Farm by George Orwell.

prollylying6 karma

What is your favorite thing to do for fun?

IamRuPaul9 karma

I love to dance.

PanicAttackEm6 karma

Hey RuPaul!!!

HUGE fan here. You have been a role model of mine since I was 10

You have been ageless and flawless for so many years, what advice can you give us on skincare and make up application?

IamRuPaul14 karma

Love yourself. KNOW thyself. And be mindful of your thoughts.

LittleStarkBitch6 karma

My questions are: When did you first realize that you had influenced drag coming into mainstream and it being taken seriously? Is there anyone you've wanted to come on as a judge, but still haven't been able to get them on?


IamRuPaul11 karma

Well, I don't know if drag is taken seriously. Drag threatens people because it exposes and mocks identity. Because most people believe that they are what it says they are on their driver's license. But the truth is we are all born naked, and the rest is drag.

the_radsputin4 karma

Ru! Besides being fabulous what would your superpower be?

IamRuPaul9 karma


Jayke19814 karma

You are quite possibly the most famous drag artist in Hollywood. .. but how easy was it to get started, get known?

IamRuPaul6 karma

Trust me - everybody here is a drag artist. HAHA! Show business is a hard business. I would venture to say all businesses are tough businesses. But you have to have an extra-tough skin to deal with the rejection in show business.