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Did you know you are now basically the masked Magician of the optometry world?

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What is your favorite color?

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Iranisforlovers1 karma

I'm a student with limited funds, how can I get cheap contact lenses?

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Go online. Also, a lot of the contact lenses are repackaged. Most of them are made by Bausch and Lomb or Coopervision and put into whatever packaging they want for a particular price point.

I'd also massively recommend monthly lenses.

hurrahforkittens1 karma

Are monthly lenses more rigid? I've been using dailies for years and like them, but they're fucking expensive compared to monthlies. I currently pay £30 for a months worth

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Funny you should ask, there were lawsuits over this stuff.

I'd recommend giving monthlies a trial, a lot of opticians should do a month free.

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Do you have celiac disease?

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