I am Jhené Aiko - singer and songwriter. My latest album SOULED OUT is in stores now! (https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/souled-out-deluxe/id911912619).

Looking forward to your questions, AMA!



Fun chatting with you all today! Thank you for your questions and all the support! Wish I could stay longer, but i gotta go :( Until next time!!!!

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trg84622 karma

Will you marry me?

Jhene_Aiko997 karma


rdor5415 karma

Were you and CG high when you recorded Bed Peace?

Jhene_Aiko956 karma

we were high in the video. lol

chillwavee300 karma

Can you give me tips on getting a girlfriend? I think I kinda suck.

Also I love you so much, for real.

Jhene_Aiko896 karma

Just be yourself and wear deodorant :)

Kevwee1193 karma

How do you feel about touring with The Weeknd & ScHoolBoy Q? Are you nervous, excited etc...

Jhene_Aiko241 karma

i feel like its going to be a GREAT show :)

Vtakkin190 karma

What's the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Jhene_Aiko812 karma

" do not speak unless it improves on silence " -thich nhat hanh

olaoj181 karma

where did you learn to speak yoruba?

Jhene_Aiko259 karma

google :-D

kalinako153 karma

If you could only listen to only one album for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Jhene_Aiko499 karma


MediumRareLambShank128 karma

Hey Jhene!

I'm a huge fan. I love when you have other artists (Childish Gambino, Vince Staples, Drake) feature on your work, or when you feature on other artists' tracks.

My question is, if you could pick one artist that you haven't worked with to work with, who would it be?

Jhene_Aiko287 karma

John Mayer

okcafe120 karma

Will you drive me to McDonalds and take me to get some chicken nuggets? I'm really hungry right now :(

Jhene_Aiko379 karma

no, but I can take you to Chick-Fil-A

JustAPook114 karma

Do you play any video games? If you do, what are your favourite games?

Jhene_Aiko251 karma

tetris :-P lol

zombesus91 karma

How much fun did you have singing in the rain at Lollapalooza? How do those shows compare to smaller concert venues?

Jhene_Aiko132 karma

so much fun! my favorite performance to date!

janaeflower82 karma

Hi Jhene, What are some of your favorite movies? P.S. I love you and Souled out is perfect <3

Jhene_Aiko246 karma

Eternal Sunshine, Lion King, Remember the Titans!

diimey79 karma

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Jhene_Aiko197 karma

sleep :)

wrongjeanpool67 karma

Simply, in your terms, what qualities make a producer good to work with?

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carlo12345665 karma

Have you ever watched Community?

Jhene_Aiko120 karma


chizznotcheese56 karma

If you were an animal. What would you be?

Jhene_Aiko122 karma

cat :)

soulmate9443 karma

hey gurll!! lol I've been a fan of you since day 1 and I know you do a lot of festivals and small shows but when do you plan on doing your OWN headlining tour? I want to see just you, my #soulmate

Jhene_Aiko91 karma

very soon ;)

Tagoony36 karma

What's your goto dessert?

Jhene_Aiko90 karma

bread pudding!!

foiled_yet_again25 karma

What does Drake smell like?

Jhene_Aiko60 karma

white roses

OverdoseVo22 karma

What is your favorite color ?

What do you love to do during your spare time ?

What is your favorite song on your new album "Souled Out" ?

What is your absolute favorite song ?

What is your favorite kind of food ?

Can I see you when you come visit Toronto for the King of The Fall Tour with The Weeknd and get my albums signed and hug and picture by and with you PLEASE ? If not, it's okay, I just can't wait to see you perform with The Weeknd and Schoolboy Q.

P.S. The new album is just beautiful like yourself. I love it from your vocals to your lyrics. Best wishes !

Jhene_Aiko21 karma

Blue :)

Bowl_of_Rice2121 karma

Hi Jhené! I am a huge fan and love the new album! What events or people helped to inspire SOULED OUT?

Jhene_Aiko32 karma

thank you so much! I'm inspired by everyone and everything....the good and the bad... inspiration is everywhere

SPalma16 karma

What's your favorite thing to eat when you're high?

Jhene_Aiko45 karma

white chocolate magnum ice cream bar :)

Jackeexo511 karma

What does your tattoo on your shoulder mean? it's beautiful

Jhene_Aiko22 karma

thank you! its the dharma wheel and represents the "eightfold path"

bobbyboohan6 karma


Jhene_Aiko24 karma

ages, phases, stages... NO ENDS!

chizznotcheese6 karma

What would you say is your best food that you cook ?

Jhene_Aiko10 karma

golden curry

sailingbria5 karma

what is your guilty pleasure?

Jhene_Aiko12 karma

hot cheetos

ecritt3 karma

Do you consider yourself an indigo child? If so you when/how did you know?

Jhene_Aiko3 karma

yes... i guess its just a feeling

NiaFiaNia1 karma

Since your into astrology, do you like Virgo's? 👀 and how do you keep your edges so flawless?💁

Jhene_Aiko7 karma

I get along with Virgos for the most part, they are my complete opposite so we compliment each other well. And as far as the edges are concerned... toothbrush and edge control. lol

hmanders11 karma

Jhene, would u be interested in joining me to dinner tonight?

Jhene_Aiko8 karma