My name is Daigo Umehara and I am the first professional fighting game player from Japan. I play for Team Mad Catz and specialize in 2D arcade fighting games, primarily from Capcom. Aside from publishing multiple best-selling books and manga, I also have a new manga for smartphone devices on the Georgia Coffee Weekly app. Please ask me anything and I will do my best to answer.

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If Game of Thrones was a fighting game, what character would you pick?


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Would you kiss Ryu on the mouth if he were a real person?

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Alfarin294 karma

How do you prevent yourself from hitting "the wall" when training?

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DaBloodyHulk267 karma

Do you ever see yourself stepping back from competing and moving more into an "Alex Valle" role of mentor/coach/team leader? P.s. I love you.

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Ihategoldenrods237 karma

What's the secret behind the Umeshoryu?

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ShakeTheWorm200 karma

Why did you stop playing Marvel ?

Are you intrested in playing another game outside of SF4 ?

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which character do you feel got nerfed to much in sf4? i say gen

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How good is Nemo?

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What sequel for an old fighting game would you want to see come out?

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VultureBike106 karma

Who are the biggest threats from around the world to you?

How is your relationship with Justin Wong?

How long do you train?

How do you feel about Skullgirls?

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Who is your favorite USF4 player to watch?

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how closely are you working with the guys doing your manga?

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who is your favorite Character in Game of Thrones? What do you think about it so far

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Do you remember beating Woolie?

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