Hi redditors! I'm Theo Rossi. I currently play Juice on FX's Sons of Anarchy.

Our final season kicks off Tuesday, September 9 at 10 p.m. If you need to catch up, Season 6 is available now on Blu-ray and DVD...

Today, I'm here to answer any questions that you may have... except Season 7 questions, because you know deep in your heart that you don't want me to ruin your ride on the greatest season ever. Victoria's helping me get started. Let's do this!


Thank you all so much for my first Reddit chat. I appreciate every single one of you crazy kids and I truly can't wait for you all to see what's in store for this final SOA season. If you're not caught up to the final one get your butt cheeks to the store and snatch up season 6 asap so no one ruins it for you. Much love and again thanks.

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asstasticbum71 karma

Hey Theo! Thanks for taking the time today to chat with us. Question and a comment if you will.

Question: SoA is an absolute favorite show (shameless plug for /r/sonsofanarchy), but another show that I love was "Jericho," which you had a great cameo in. What was the vibe like on set with as polarizing as it was between fans and the network?

Comment: Please stop crying; I can't take another season of Jucie crying.

Take care Theo.

Theo_Rossi59 karma

Awesome, awesome show... amazing people, and you know, I was SUPER surprised that it didn't hit the way I thought it was going to be. A really great show and a really great cast. Like you, I was surprised. I think that's why it was such a cult favorite. I'm just surprised it didn't take off mainstream.

Haha - thanks.

DJquack2763 karma

Who on the SOA set is most similar to their character in real life? Who is most different?

Theo_Rossi128 karma

I would say Bobby Elvis is the most. And Katey Segal is the most different.

Winnie_Cooper50 karma

Hi Theo,

Who is the biggest prankster on set?

Who is the most serious on set?

Theo_Rossi94 karma


I would say the most serious would be anyone who has a very intense day. That day. You know, we always know when somebody's got their headphones on, no jokes that day, they're in it, they are between scenes listening to whatever they are listening to - music is a huge part of my life as an actor and a lot of other people's. So whomever's avoiding the crowds, that's the serious person. It changes a lot.

mamaschickensalad36 karma

Mr. Rossi! Thank you for doing an AMA! Firstly, I have to tell you, you have left me weeping a few times in Sons of Anarchy. Thank you for moving me! Secondly, your efforts in providing support for wounded soldiers and soldiers effected by PTSD is so important, and I want to thank you for your kindness and generosity. My questions for you are:

1- Do you find it hard winding down after filming intense scenes with Sons? With some of the trouble you guys find your way into, or the personal struggles Juice experiences, do you struggle at all to switch out of Juice’s head and problems and go back to being happy, law-abiding Theo?

2- With Sons coming to a close, where would you like to see Juice at the end of it all?

3- What’s your favourite show on TV currently?

Thanks again for doing this AMA, and looking forward to your next projects!

Theo_Rossi68 karma

1) Wow. You know, you live with the character for 6 months a year, and since he's been born it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for Juice, but the greatest thing about acting is you do it, then you try to leave that stuff where it belongs on the set, and you try to just maintain as normal as you can. I learned the hard way a long time ago that it's better to be a law abiding citizen, so i try to do that.

2) Oh man, I would just love to see him at peace.

3) Besides SOA, because as weird as it sounds to people, I'm a huge fan of the show, even though sometimes Juice drives me crazy - Boardwalk Empire.

pant44433 karma

Did you know your character would be headed down such a crazy arch when you signed on to SOA??

Theo_Rossi82 karma

You know, my character has basically - I'm the luckiest person on television because I've gotten to play every single human emotion. He started as the funny, loyal guy and has become this psychopath, lost character. It's truly why you get into this business, to play every emotion, and I'm lucky enough to do it for one character on one series.

fede01_830 karma

How was working with Marilyn Manson? Is he very serious off camera or is he funny?

Theo_Rossi83 karma

He's very unique.

pattycakezo26 karma

Favorite episode ever of SoA?

Theo_Rossi112 karma

Hard question. Because I'm such a huge fan of the show. But I really really love the season 3 finale. And I also thought the season 6 finale was pretty incredible.

lawsmm25 karma

How many real tattoos do you have?

Theo_Rossi62 karma

8 There is also a site called soa tattoo stories that tells the stories behind the character tattoos.

sighingfawn24 karma

if you could change one choice that your character has made what would it be?

Theo_Rossi96 karma

Absolutely nothing.

I truly think I love Kurt's ideas so much. Every single thing has led us to this point. So I wouldn't change a thing.

AS A CHARACTER, As Juice, I would change a bunch of things. OH MY GOD, as Juice, I would have told The Club what Roosevelt was trying to do with my Dad.

blackcatvixen23 karma

It's so awesome to see you team up with The Humane Society, an organization that actually makes a difference in promoting animal welfare. How did you become involve with them?

Theo_Rossi43 karma

It was such an honor, having 3 rescue dogs of my own. I've never lived a day in my life without a dog, or at least a dog and a lot of other animals. I became involved with them because it was a natural fit, because i've been trying to help out with a lot of other rescue organizations. So when they needed someone to be a street dog defender, I was so honored.

FrankieFrisco23 karma

What's it like behind the scenes when an actor on Sons Of Anarchy learns they're getting killed of?

Theo_Rossi49 karma

It's always absolutely heartbreaking, because we're such a huge family (which I think radiates on-screen, ya know?) so whenever we lose anybody - guest stars, small roles, we're all so close that we still see each other all the time, but it's just not in the show, and that's just heartbreaking.

Vinnnnnny23 karma

Do you have any plans thus far to be in Kurt's next show? And is the spin-off still possible?

Theo_Rossi58 karma

I believe Kurt has talked a lot about the prequel series, at one point or another. And right now there's a couple other things lined up. So I'm just excited about the future.

ubernubbkiller19 karma

Big fan Theo! What's the best story you can think of that happened on set between you and other SOA actors?

Theo_Rossi34 karma

Every day is the best story, because whenever - if I had to sum up the 7 years of this show, it's just constant laughter. We constantly go at each other, and nobody is spared of getting made fun of at least ten times a day. It's like being in high school and it's amazing. You laugh from beginning to end because we do so much stark stuff on the show, between "action" and "cut" we're doing all this crazy stuff, but after that we're having fun and laughing.

pant44418 karma

You gonna live to see the final episode or what?!

Theo_Rossi53 karma

Patience is a virtue.

lowsilverado18 karma

First I'd like to say that I've loved the show from the beginning. My question is, were you into motorcycles prior to the show? If not has it changed your feelings to them?

Theo_Rossi37 karma

Yes, I always was. But I didn't really ride. I had a license but I hadn't ridden until the show, in '08. And now I own 2 bikes and ride every day.

davefranco17 karma

Did you actually bite Katey's hand when you were filming?

Theo_Rossi34 karma

I did on one take by mistake.

curtincall8916 karma

Love your inspirational "Go Get It" hashtags on Twitter. What's the story behind it?

Theo_Rossi47 karma

Go Get It is how I decided to live my life. You know, by not being an extra in my own life. I try to just - motivation is a blessing, I believe. And I get it from all different places. And the hashtag just started because as much as they are tweeted out to other people, it's also for me. Go Get It has become a way of life for me and the people around me - it's about getting up and doing the best we can to make the world better, and the people around us.

Crazybay4691316 karma

What's your favorite color?

Theo_Rossi41 karma

It's generic, but probably black.

tonythfc15 karma

Hi Theo, how are you? Ever been to Argentina? sadly we dont have a broadcaster for SOA :( but any words for fans here? Thanks!

Theo_Rossi25 karma

I've gotten as far as Uruguay and Buenos Aires... yeah, I was there a couple years ago, and hopefully I would love to be back in South America sooner rather than later. I absolutely loved South America, it's an absolutely beautiful beautiful place. And I can't wait to go back!

Ali_Parker1714 karma

Boxers or Briefs? Socks or barefoot? Coffee or tea? Beach or mountains? Mani or pedi? :P

Theo_Rossi32 karma

Boxer briefs. Depends on where i'm at. Both. Beach. Manscape!

nikalias13 karma

How do you feel filming the last season of such an epic TV-show ? Any future plans ?

Theo_Rossi35 karma

Yes. A bunch of stuff that will all be announced soon. And super-excited about the next chapter. But at the same time... Sons is the greatest gig I've ever had in my life.

Vegoia13 karma

What made you want to go into acting? you did good with all the Staten Strong work and fundraising.

Theo_Rossi28 karma

Because someone told me I couldn't do it. And for all the Staten Strong stuff, thank you so much... all the nonprofits we work with and charity work is honestly the greatest part of being able to do this.

pnutsplace713 karma

Hi Theo! Love u & love the show! How are you feeling, knowing the end of the show is near?

Theo_Rossi26 karma

It hasn't hit me yet. I don't think it'll hit me until the show stops airing in December. It hasn't hit me at all.

davefranco13 karma

Do you think Juice does his hit on his own or does he have a barber he frequents?

Theo_Rossi41 karma

Been doing my own the whole time. Love cutting that JuiceHawk

davefranco12 karma

Where did you acquire your dogs, and what's the story behind their names? They are the most handsome animals on the planet

Theo_Rossi26 karma

All rescues and street dogs. Never have lived a day of my life without at least two. Never plan to.

GRobit62512 karma

Mr.Rossi, thanks for doing this for the fans. Do you have a favorite dish/drink that you enjoy?

Theo_Rossi31 karma

Sweet iced tea and almond butter. It's true.

revetta11 karma

Hi, Theo! Sons can be a pretty dark and serious show. How do you guys maintain some levity when you're taping? Thanks for taking the time to talk to us!

Theo_Rossi23 karma

Just because the levity is maintained by - we talk about, we've now been together, all the time, for seven years. So we joke around, we talk about our families, our this, our that. We keep it, we know so much about each other, we're so tight at this point - when you're not shooting a scene, you're usually talking about everything else.

sacrehbluh10 karma

What was your initial reaction to when you read the script for the season 6 finale?

Theo_Rossi32 karma

Holy Bananas Batman!

linziapple10 karma

What's your favourite marvel movie? Thx : )

Theo_Rossi30 karma

I thought Guardians of the Galaxy was pretty great.

dov_sah_suun9 karma

Hey theo what would you say "juices" best and worst moments and have you ever felt truly connected with him as a character ? Juice is probably my favourite character for various reasons as well

Theo_Rossi13 karma

Always feel connected to that crazy bastard. No real Best and Worst. Truly find every move made with the character interesting and on point. So fun to play.

nymow9 karma

How has your relationship with other cast members changed over the course of the series?

Do cast members ever visit after their characters are killed off?

Theo_Rossi14 karma

100% and we've only grown closer.

RaoUlfr9 karma

Hey Theo! What's your favourite movie?

Theo_Rossi25 karma

I would say my favorite movie.. that's a tough one... I would say as a full movie, I think, yeah... The Godfather or Casablanca. They're both tied for me.

vincod8 karma

Hey Theo! I am a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy and cannot wait for season 7! Throughout the show's run, from Opie's death, and most recently to Clay's and Tara's death in Season 6, who were you most sad to see go and who do you miss the most being on the show? Thanks for doing this!!

Theo_Rossi9 karma

Every single character that has gone I've had a personal connection to as Juice and as Theo. It's always tough.

erinthezombie8 karma

What is your favourite alcoholic beverage and when are you coming visit the UK? :-)

Theo_Rossi8 karma

Hopefully sooner than later.

whitetadam8 karma

Hey Theo. Love your work. If you weren't an actor, what would have been your profession of choice?

Theo_Rossi20 karma

Synchronized Swimmer.

FirstLadySOA7 karma

Hey Theo! Thanks for doing this and taking time out today with the fans, commend you on this! First question is, how has being Sons Of Anarchy changed you as an actor? and maybe now you can tell us, can you do you know how to dance? Many would love to know some of your hidden talents

Theo_Rossi10 karma

  1. It's pushed me to places I never thought I could go.
  2. I've been known to cut a rug.
  3. I've been drawing since I was a little kid.

lawsmm7 karma

Did you know any of the actors on SOA prior to being on the show?

Theo_Rossi9 karma

Just their incredible library of work.

operation_hennessey7 karma

Hi Theo! I read that you do work and raise awareness for soldiers with PTSD. Can you tell us a little bit about this? I think it is a great cause.

Theo_Rossi10 karma

Please visit BOOTCAMPAIGN.com and see all we have going on.

do6an7 karma

Hey Theo,

Were you mad your bike got run over last season? I'm sure you were attached to it after riding since the first season. How do you like the new bike? Any favorite custom details that they made for Juice?

Shout out to UAlbany Alumni!

Theo_Rossi15 karma

Go Great Danes!

Iphone holder was a cool addition back in 08'

davefranco7 karma

Any plans on attending a Riders game with Kim soon?

Theo_Rossi11 karma

For sure and hopefully will happen. Go Riders!

LoLoLuvsYou7 karma

Theo, gonna miss that smile every week! With SOA ending, what do you think about spending time behind the camera?

Theo_Rossi11 karma

I found a major love for producing after my companies first film and I'm really excited about our upcoming projects. Acting will always be my first love creatively especially when it's material as brilliant as SOA.

daftingenuity6 karma

Hey Theo! Juice has consistently been my favorite character in SOA.

Is it difficult to balance the serious tone of the show and the humorous bits that Juice has throughout?

Theo_Rossi12 karma

The balance is the best part. The brilliance of what Kurt did with SOA is even in the darkest moments a second later you find yourself laughing at something said by one of the characters. Love it.

HoserUSC6 karma

If you had been imprisoned on the real Alcatraz, what would have been your plan to escape?

Theo_Rossi10 karma

Mattress boat and sheets sails.

Tarnachy6 karma

Hey Theo! Im a huge fan of SOA. Your character juice is my favorite character in the entire series. His problems with his father and his depression are all so close to me. How has portraying Juice changed you as a person? Thank you and I can't wait for this ride.

Theo_Rossi9 karma

It's made me grow tremendously as a person and actor. Super grateful.

NyRang226 karma

Hi Theo, can you describe in 4 words or less how you feel about working on SOA these past 7 years?

Theo_Rossi12 karma

Greatest Creative Experience Ever

Famousjane5 karma

Hi Theo! You do alot of charity work. What charities are you involved with?

Theo_Rossi19 karma

Boot Campaign, Humane Society, AVSP (A Very Special Place), I've done stuff for the USO, a couple USO tours, Louie's Legacy, Kim's organization, anybody who needs me. I do as much as I can.

notstar5 karma

Hi Theo! I have a question; How much of "Juice"(obviously the character not the beverage) do you take with you when you're off set?

Theo_Rossi8 karma

I for sure bring some of it home because sometimes it's hard not to. Hence why I don't leave my house, haha

Staaayfly5 karma

I was always interested in your character from the beginning because deep down I knew you were going to become an even bigger part of the show.

So, did you ever expect to go from wearing a diaper in one episode to being a rat and killing a brother in another? I know in almost every interview, you guys say you never know what to expect, and I love that, but especially with you, it was such a surprise

Theo_Rossi11 karma

An incredible journey. Fun fact actually, Juice has probably spoken to the cops less than almost any other character. Always intrigued by the RAT notion.

RaoUlfr4 karma

Theo, what car brand are you? And what's your favourite car?

Theo_Rossi9 karma

GTO. Any old school muscle cars.

Grasshound4 karma


Theo_Rossi34 karma

Watch one episode and you'll never stop. FACT

myrd4 karma

Hey man, what was your research into making Juice's character?

I just wanted to say that I have loved the descent of Juice into such a dark terrible place. He was so youthful and joyous in the beginning but now you have internalized all the pain and shit and transitioned into someone who kills without hesitation. It's familiar to me because the same change is something a lot of Marines go through from when they join to when they actually go to war. You stop thinking about the repercussions of the act and just do what must be done.

I think you've captured that mentality wonderfully, so from one actor to another, awesome job man. Truly.

I can't wait to see what you do after SOA.

Theo_Rossi10 karma

Thank You for the kind words.

linziapple3 karma

Hi Theo, can you tells us about any future dos dudes projects? Thx : )

Theo_Rossi5 karma

Bad Hurt will be hitting the upcoming festivals and our next few projects are underway and will hopefully be announced soon.

level_6_beastion3 karma

Juice! Man I've been a fan of the show since I first saw it, how do you deal with how your role has been progressing to?

Theo_Rossi7 karma

It's an honor and incredible as an actor to get to do.

amanda12113 karma

Theo, Since SOA has come to an end, are you planning on leaving LA altogether? What's your favorite seat on an airplane: window, aisle or middle?

Theo_Rossi9 karma

Always aisle. I live where I grew up in Staten Island,NY whenever I'm not filming.

RaoUlfr3 karma

Theo, are you excited about "Jones vs Gustafsson 2"? I know you're a big UFC fan, like me!

Theo_Rossi5 karma

So psyched for that fight!

rasliv3 karma

Hi Theo! BIG Fan- VERY excited for SOA. 2 questions... 1. Where is Kim? Ya'll need to do this AMA together! 2. How do you feel about the knicks this upcoming season?

Theo_Rossi8 karma

Kim and I will be doing a live podcast of some type very soon. Super excited about the Knicks this season and don't sleep on them.

soupastar3 karma

What was your face scene to film?

Theo_Rossi7 karma

The Doberman scene with Tig in Season 1 was my favorite because it was the first real introduction to my character.

ejdraper3 karma

Hey! I'm cheating a bit as I have two questions...

1) What was your favourite scene to film? 2) What was your favourite scene from the show that didn't involve Juice, either from being on-set and seeing it filmed live, or just from watching the episodes back?

Really looking forward to season 7! Thanks for doing the AMA.

Theo_Rossi7 karma

Gemma admitting the rape to Clay and Jax, and my favorite to film is the one I mentioned below with Tig.

onemildanarchist3 karma

Hi, Theo! Thanks for doing this AMA and all the work you do, both in acting and your philanthropic efforts. My questions, if you don't mind two are:

1) In photos you always look extremely happy, do you you have some sort of pheromone that makes others share your same joy for life?

2) Can you please share a quick workout tip? You've always been in great shape from what I've seen of you and I'm wondering if you have any advice.

Thanks for looking whether you answer these questions or not! I'm looking forward to seeing you live in season 7!

Theo_Rossi9 karma

Run: it's the greatest exercise for your body and your mind.

HoserUSC2 karma

Have you ever read a book or piece of material and said, "Holy shit, that's it, THAT'S the role I was born to play!" and if yes, what is it, man??

Theo_Rossi4 karma

I have a few up my sleeve that really interest me.

Pingpongking19842 karma

Do you personally like Katey Sagal better in Sons or married with children?

Theo_Rossi6 karma

Tough one. Too hard to answer.

jamodinho2 karma

If there was any show you could have a role from in the past, what show would it be?

Theo_Rossi10 karma

The Sopranos, The Wire or Three's Company.

Sakura_72 karma

What's your favorite animal?

Theo_Rossi4 karma

Every one of them.

countsh92 karma

If you could choose any other character on SoA to play, who would you choose to play?

Theo_Rossi11 karma


LoLoLuvsYou2 karma

What do you do to decompress? Favorite hobbies?

Theo_Rossi5 karma

Run races and marathons and support as many Non-Profits as possible.

AcaciaWildwood2 karma

Love the way your character has developed and grown throughout the series - excellent work. My question: How many nights do you go to bed running the lines from that day's scenes in your head and mentally adjusting how you delivered them? Does it ever cause you to lose sleep?

Theo_Rossi4 karma

Some of the best acting I do is on my motorcycle on the way home. You always feel you could have done things different and better. That's part of the deal.

RaoUlfr2 karma

Do you like comics? What's your favorite superhero?

Theo_Rossi8 karma

The Punisher.

Horse_trunk2 karma

How long does an episode on average take to film?

Theo_Rossi5 karma

Seven days.

jonelleknight2 karma

Theo what are your plans after sons of anarchy is finished?

Theo_Rossi6 karma

Really excited about the future. Not just as an actor, but also for my production company Dos Dudes Pictures which has a bunch of projects coming up.

DocDerry2 karma

Theo how does it feel to betray your brothers and your club?

Seriously though - I've loved juice since they stapled a sign to you put you in a diaper and left you for Hale/Taylor Sheridan to find. Keep up the emotional work man!

Theo_Rossi8 karma

He never betrayed anyone. Always just tried to the right thing but that never turned out the way it should have.

GarethOReilly2 karma

How do you feel as Juice, so many people hating you since season 6 because of how much you have changed and messed up? Do you like the change in your character?

Good luck Theo but hope Juice meets Mr. Mayhem very soon!

Theo_Rossi5 karma

People hating my character means you're doing something right and the writing is really good.

FuckAdam2 karma

Describe season 7 in one word?

Theo_Rossi6 karma


Tronberr1 karma

Hey Theo! You fan of video games? If so, which ones do you play?

Theo_Rossi2 karma

I used to be a crazy gamer, but haven't had the time in a while. Was always a big EA Sports and Halo guy.