Hi, I'm Jesse... and Mickey is sitting next to me... we're in the Reddit Offices in New York... Look forward to talking with you...


ask us anything.


edit: Later Skaterz... you guys are awesome... we love you... life is beautiful... good luck to you all in everything you're doing... keep rocking... don't stop the beat... we're all in this together... take care xo Jesse and Mickey.

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PhoenixPheather72 karma

Did the girl with the broken smile stay awhile?

RealMaroon5186 karma

she still hasn't left and it's getting annoying

thecrayonbox15 karma

that is hilarious.

RealMaroon586 karma

i'm like, fix your smile already, it's been 12 years m

Frodoholic28 karma

Hi Jesse and Mickey! My sister and I have been long time fans of Maroon 5, and it’s awesome that you guys are doing an AMA! I wanted to thank you for being so generous with your fans. We once saw you in Ithaca, New York. You came out after the show, took pictures, and signed autographs for fans like my sister and I who waited for you in the freezing cold. Thanks for that!

I’d like to ask you about the sound for this album. It seems like Maroon 5 is now solidly pop; what do you think about Maroon 5’s musical direction, and do you think we’ll see an album in the future that sounds more like Songs About Jane?

RealMaroon5103 karma

I hope that each album we make keeps sounding more and more different and that by the end of our career we are making korean minimal opera post disco funk rap j

Frajer26 karma

How do you feel about Adam being the public face of the band ?

RealMaroon555 karma

lucky- m

Thatvolunteer17 karma

Do you have any weird pre-show rituals?

RealMaroon557 karma

there is one with a goat that PETA has banned us from talking about but... it is awesome. j

waycooljen14 karma

I absolutely LOVE the song "How" from Hands All Over, but I don't think you've ever performed it live. Could you please, Please, PLEASE sing "How" in concert? Also ... welcome back Jesse!

RealMaroon519 karma

thanks! i'm so happy to be back! and I love that song HOW too... maybe we will play it next tour... j

blimping14 karma


RealMaroon524 karma

Led Zeppelin. And Daft Punk. And Blake Mills.

toinfinityandbeyon13 karma

Any advice for someone who has no idea what they want to do with their life?

RealMaroon556 karma

come play tambourine with us

RealMaroon515 karma

read Letters to a Young Poet by Rilke j

maivelous13 karma

what are the best advice you could give to a depressed person?

RealMaroon530 karma

i hear you... i'm glad you asked... cause the first thing I'd say is to not be afraid to talk about it... it's a serious issue and nothing to be ashamed about... it depends on serious someones' symptoms are but there is a whole spectrum of solutions... on the less extreme side of the spectrum I'd say that there are lots of good things to try in terms of practical things like looking into your diet/nutrition, sunlight exposure, your environment, people you hang out with, media you consume, try and laugh as much as possible with the help of funny movies... look into the research that's being done in the realm of Psychobiotics, which is the study of how probiotics and enzymes in the digestive system affect brain function and hormone production... get advice from professionals and know that you are loved and keep the faith!!!! xo j

RealMaroon523 karma

seek professional help, talk it through, try not to isolate yourself, and do some charity/volunteer work. depression is no joke, it's a sickness like any other and it requires treatment!! stay strong, we love you, for real !! m

galmog12 karma

Are you guys aware of how much we love you??????

RealMaroon520 karma

starting to be thank u we love you too m

galmog8 karma


RealMaroon516 karma

dude... Mickey... i love you too!!! j

ADIDASects9 karma

Please answer the following scenario. Stevie Wonder calls you guys up and says, "Big fan of what you guys are doing. I'd love to join the band. Only condition is you gotta kick out Adam." What is your answer? Also, we all know Adam will never read this AMA...

RealMaroon535 karma

GET OUTTA HERE ADAM WELCOME TO THE BAND STEVIE love you adam but, it's stevie wonder, nahmean?! m

ADIDASects8 karma

I was at a show of your about 10 years ago when you were starting to hit it big and Adam said, "How many of you have bought our album? Well, enough people already have, so go home and download that shit for free." Thoughts on piracy?

RealMaroon516 karma

it's helped us mostly as long as you contribute to the work in other ways, via coming to shows, buying merch, it all comes out in the wash, more importantly, it just is what it is, there's no point in trying to fight it, it ain't stopping anytime soon we've been so lucky how could i begrudge anyone for anything anyway, nahmean?! m

Pingpongking19848 karma

How much influence did Cannibal Corpse have on you as musicians?

RealMaroon519 karma

not many people pick up on that influence... your ears are keen my friend... Mickey is whistling the song Hammer Smashed Face right now... j

zenithica7 karma

Are there any questions you want to be asked but no one ever asks? Also, are either of you good at drawing?

RealMaroon59 karma

mickey and james and matt and sam are all good at drawing j

RealMaroon57 karma

i always wished someone would ask whether jesse or i is good at drawing so thanks and no, we're both pretty bad m

StephanyWK7 karma

Hey Mickey and Jesse!! wanted to know if you will come to Brazil as well as all Brazilian marooners but I'll change the question, you already told every tour dates or may still have most any country in the list?

RealMaroon521 karma


fabianamorales306 karma

Hi guys I'm Fabiana from Venezuela and I must confess I love maroon 5 more than I love myself. Now my q is, do you have any plans of coming to South America?

RealMaroon516 karma

thank you... FINALLY!!! an appropriate level of love for our band!!! ps... we love you more than we love Maroon 5 j

zenithica6 karma

Mickey, has anyone told you that you look like that dude from Two and a half men?

RealMaroon527 karma

Not a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me that i look like ashton kutcher- m

Tessaaah6 karma

What do you guys do to entertain yourselves during long rides from city to city while on tour?

RealMaroon513 karma

iPod battles - m

thecrayonbox4 karma

What exactly is an iPod battle? Because it sounds kind of awesome.

RealMaroon522 karma

an iPod battle is a game (which can be played with any musical device) wherein one person begins by playing a song and when it is over the person next to them plays a song in "response" it can be any kind of response you want... but it is always interesting to see the phases of genres shifting and the sudden wild card... it's like tapping into the collective consciousness of a group and seeing what kind of DJ set comes out of it... plus discovering new music you might not have heard.... great way to pass hours... j

RealMaroon511 karma

we go song for song until someone 'wins' however- it's not a contest m

Alex123456789106 karma

Hey Jesse and Mickey, on behalf from r/Maroon 5 welcome! I’ve been a huge fan of Kara’s Flowers and Maroon 5 since I was 3 years old. All the music has changed me along the way for a very long time. I’m 20 now and it’s awesome to me how you guys still stuck around, especially since you’re still making music after all this time. I’ve never met the band despite many attempts with financial difficulty but to at least get nosebleeds seats, nonetheless amazing concerts. I wanted to say thank you very much for giving me this amazing gift I didn’t know I wanted but to still love today is awesome. P.S What’s it like to go on tours to so many cities?

RealMaroon510 karma

touring is amazing... so fun to see this world... it makes it feel smaller and bigger at the same time... thanks for being a fan since you were 3... i feel old now. j

maria77266 karma

What do you guys think of Blake Shelton?

RealMaroon513 karma

so tall, so charming m

galmog6 karma

I think I just missed my bus because I was too distracted by this?

RealMaroon511 karma


Boathead965 karma

If you could do a song with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

RealMaroon59 karma

method man j

nowisthetim34 karma

Have you guys kept up with Ryan Dusick since he left the band? How did his injury affect the group, and how did it affect your relationships with him?

RealMaroon56 karma

Ryan's departure from the band because of his injury was super intense and is still very emotional for all of us... I don't know exactly what's going to happen in the future in terms of us playing music together again but we all love each other and life is long and mysterious and there's no fate but what we make... we shall see... j

bumblebea634 karma

You're at Subway. You have two minutes. What do you order? specifics please

RealMaroon520 karma

can i have 2 and a half minutes? this question is stressing me out -m

selenasdaylight3 karma

Are you guys planning on adding more tour dates....like Egypt for example?

RealMaroon512 karma

dude i'm dying DYING to go to egypt, we will get there eventually, canNOT wait i've been dreaming of egypt since i was a little kid. i love the middle east . see you soon m

manuelabt2223 karma

Which song from the new album are you the most excited to perform??

RealMaroon510 karma

animals maybe? -m

apr3593 karma

What is your favorite song on V? Who is your favorite bandmate? Is Matt the greatest person you've ever met in your entire life?

RealMaroon514 karma

Sugar, Matt, and yes -M

ADIDASects2 karma

Can you guys get Adam to stop writing so much synth into songs? You all are actually very tight as a band and I feel like you should embrace those rock roots since you are instrumentally talented.

RealMaroon510 karma

when adam hands out the sheet music to a new song and has clearly marked SYNTH on most of the parts... we have to play what is on the page :) ps synths RULE!!! pps... rock music RULES tOO!!! ppps.... ALL MUSIC RULES!!!!!!!!! pppps... O'Doyle RULES!!!!


lisbet13882 karma

I have to disagree with the reply Mickey just gave. Shawn Tellez is not the sexiest man alive, that would be Fred Kharrazi. Are your eyes working?

RealMaroon53 karma

they're neck and neck for SMA, i'll give you that

maroon5lover12 karma

HI OH MY GOD JESUS CHRIST WOWIE OKYAAYA! hi my name is Sofia and ive been a fan for a while now, i was just wondering Jesse, will you ever have an album as a solo artist? and Mickey, hi jesus christ mickey fucking madden. How does it feel to be obsessed over 13-20 year old girls? i guess that question could go to Jesse too. Also would you ever make a fan account for yourself, join the maroon 5 fandom secretly and one day just unveil that its actually been you (Jesse, mickey) all along? you would fan girl over yourself, Adam, James, Matt, pj, Ryan and Sam without anyone knowing its actually you guys. hope you guys find a nice two dollar bill on the street one day or some lucky shit like that, lots and lots of love, sofia :)

RealMaroon53 karma

thanks sofia, you sound cool m

unicornnugs182 karma

Will you play in Germany any time soon? Im stationed at Ramstein Air Base and would love to see a live show.

RealMaroon57 karma

we'll be in Oberhausen at konig pilsener arena on June 9 next year pleez join

fightoffyourdenims2 karma

As a huge fan of your music and an avid record collector as well, I would like to ask: do you know of any plans to repress your older albums on vinyl?

RealMaroon55 karma

yeah prob someday?! i hope what's your favorite record?? m

escherbach2 karma

Is "Moves Like Jagger" supposed to be a serious lyric?

RealMaroon510 karma

DEADLY serious. Does that not come across? m

beauvaim2 karma

You're stranded on an island, what 3 items would you each have with you?

RealMaroon514 karma

I would have a copy of stevie wonder's Songs In The Key Of Life... an unlimited supply of food... and a yacht to take me home so I can play the album on a stereo... i love that record. j

dankeyes2 karma

Hey Mick! What are some of your favorite songs to play live? What up Jesse!? What are some of your favorite vintage synth sounds?

RealMaroon58 karma

DAN I LOVE YOU hey everyone this is one of my best friends in the world, dan keyes, he's a fucking prince among men and get ready for his new project SLEEPWALKER he's the BEST um i like playing lucky strike and secret (it's been awhile since we did that) jesse's fave synth is the prophet 5 and the moog voyager word up to herbie hancock love you dan

HiiJessy2 karma

Who is the funniest member?

RealMaroon55 karma

matt. j

blxncx2 karma

You guys are finally coming back to Spain (Madrid and Barcelona 2 cities yay) but in these days, 14 and 15 June, I have FINAL EXAMS (oh noooo) so I literally can't go. I have been really upset about this since you announced your tour, so could you please tell me something to make me a bit happier?

RealMaroon53 karma

drop out! jk but sorry :(

sund4ymorning1 karma

HEY GUYS!!! I'm from Brazil! We love you! Say hi to us, pls? ❤️

RealMaroon52 karma

hi guyz

lisbet13881 karma

Have you all given Shawn's beard a name? I'm sure it has one. It's basically another band member.

RealMaroon53 karma

shawn's beard has no name (yet) but i realized recently that shawn tellez is the sexiest man alive- M

IsabellaLilly1 karma

Will you all ever come back to West Virginia? My sister-in-law and I saw you guys at the Greenbrier Classic and were blown away! We are going to see you again once you all are back on tour, we stood right in front of Mickey!

RealMaroon55 karma

that show was so much fun we will be in DC on tour on march 2nd next year, that's the closest we'll get. come? m

MiniMoog1 karma

Who is the best vocal impressionist and why is it Adam Levine?

RealMaroon517 karma

your wording is objectionable from a legal standpoint... overruled... i'll let it stand... i want to see where she's going with this... mickey says it's jay pharaoh... but apparently it has already been proven that it is adam levine (see question above) seriously though... adam is an amazing impressionist... and his Australian accent is my favorite thing... j

Savannahhoudek1 karma

Hey Jesse guess what? I still haven't worn my shoes since you signed them. They're precious gold. Anywho are Mickey and you pumped for the tour this year? I'm saving for front row. I may sell a kidney.

RealMaroon59 karma

please don't sell a kidney... yes we are pumped up... sell your solid gold shoes and I'll sign a new pair for ya ;) j

Maroon5inpt1 karma

how excited are you about having your last show of the tour in Portugal???

RealMaroon53 karma


FationaGjikopulli1 karma

Hi! I'm Greek but I live in Italy. What makes you proud of your group? ❤️ Maps, is great! No... It's... Super Fantastic! I listen to it during all hours, especially at night. I downloaded the song and the video. I like, at night, under the blankets, with headphones in my ears at maximum volume, to listen to the video without looking at it. I like to listen to it because with the background noise, the screams, the wheels of the cars, the scene makes you the protagonist of the story... I love this song because it reflects me a lot, not directly, but I had a similar experience with which I dead inside. I'd love to see you one day and say: -Hey, I'm that Greek girl who lives in Italy. Do you remember me? I'd like to tell you how many emotions you send me only through a pair of headphones. I want to hug you one day, everyone. I love you guys, from Adam to continue with all the group. Kisses. 😘#ThatGreekgirlwholivesinItaly ❤️❤️❤️🎤🎧🎼🎵🎶

RealMaroon53 karma


butterflydbg1 karma

If everyone in the band was represented by an animal, what animals would they be?

RealMaroon59 karma

I would be a dolphin... mickey would be a koala... james would be a giraffe... adam would be a great white shark... matt would be a hyena... p.j. would be a panda... sam would be a horny toad... j

two_off1 karma

Do you have any side projects?

How has the success of Maroon 5 changed your lives?

RealMaroon55 karma

Yeah we actually all have side projects... mine is called 1863...


Maroon 5 has changed our lives in so many ways... it's all been incredible... j

5MaroonFlowers1 karma

Who or what inspires you on making more music? :D By the way,are ever coming on tour to Greece? c:

RealMaroon53 karma

i wish we were, i love Greece, your country rules, thanx m

toinfinityandbeyon1 karma

What's your favourite song, currently?

RealMaroon56 karma

Graceland by paul simon j

RealMaroon52 karma

PENDULUM by FKA TWIGS all love to twigs m

elkramj1 karma

Do you ever get tired of performing your music over the years, especially the older music?

RealMaroon57 karma

yeah def

RealMaroon54 karma

i honestly never get tired of playing any of our songs... each time we play i usually find some new thing to connect to... maybe it's someone singing along in the crowd or really tuning into to what someone else in the band is playing... j

Ron_Tam1 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing this AMA!

Important question. You have been sentenced to death for a crime you did not commit. What would you choose as your final meal?

RealMaroon510 karma

why does it matter if I didn't commit the crime? i think it'd probably be the same meal if i were guilty m

222Gabriel2221 karma

What is your favorite place?

RealMaroon53 karma

el matador beach ? that's a tough one -M