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how does this work???

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I don't have a single clue


I became so excited when the rumors and teasers of your guys return became true, you wouldn't believe. I saw you on the farewell tour at the Detroit stop and bounced around up on stage with your guys, it was a wonderful night of my life so I want to sincerely thank you all.

Anyways, to my question: Is the reunion of Haste The Day going to perform the entire range of material the band has made? I really hope to hear "Substance" live one day thrown in with all my other favorites.

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Hey there! Thanks so much for sharing that man. That means a lot. As far as playing shows, we haven't quite gotten as far as making set lists. Right now we are working on writing a record. But its great to know that you want to hear Substance. This will help us consider putting it in the set list when the time comes. Thanks for your question.

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Hey Stephen! (And others?)

My question for you, perhaps it's already been made clear, but on this new album, will you AND Jimmy both be screaming and singing in songs together? Or will you each have your own songs?

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Both, actually. We will do songs together and we will have our own!

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Question: Are you guys aware of how much your fans appreciate you? We hope so!

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My mind is continuously blown at how awesome you guys are. Thanks so much.

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  1. Are the songs already written? If yes: What do they sound like? Is it "the good ol' Haste the Day" or did you try something different/new?
  2. When the album is done. Are you planning to tour through Europe?

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Hey Beefsteaker!

  1. We have only just started the writing process. The sound of the record hasn't quite taken shape yet. I'm sure after we get it going even more the record will come out sounding like haste the day. We are older now and our influence has changed slightly. So, i'm sure that will play a part but it probably won't change a lot.

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  1. We have no plans so far for a european tour. but who knows what will happen!

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I'm excited for the new album! But I have a random question about a past song from long ago: What is the song Mad Man about? It's my favorite but I can't figure out the lyrics

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Great question! The song is about a man who curses himself with solitude and lacks the comforts of community. He ends up driving himself insane in his own creativity.

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so what made you guys come back and make another album? was there any specific event? or did you guys just really want to make more music and it is really that simple

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I think the reunion show really lit a fire again for us. We all forgot how much fun we have playing together, and how much we truly missed each other. And so I think its as simple as us just wanting to play music together again.

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Hey HTD. Glad to see you doing an AMA.

  1. What is the likelihood of you going on a new album tour?
  2. What is your favorite song to preform live?
  3. What was the inspiration behind doing a cover of Meet Me Halfway?
  4. If the band was to be put in Thunderdome, who would be the one man to leave?

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  1. It is unlikely that we do a whole tour. We are all old now and have real jobs. So we are back to being Weekend Warriors!

  2. My favorite song was The Place Where Most Deny. It just had so much energy and the lyrics meant a lot to me.

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Hi guys, do plan on touring for the upcoming album other than the CD release shows? I'm from Montreal and I would be stoked to see you again.

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We know that we will play just a few shows to promote the new record but unfortunately we can't play everywhere and our normal lives don't allow us to go on the road for long periods of time. So we can't promise anything. Hopefully we at least play one close to you!

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We LOVED South Africa. It was so much fun. The people were so amazing.
And thank you so much. We love that album too.

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Any or all can answer: favorite Haste song ever recorded?

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White as snow hands down.

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Hi guys! Thanks for doing this. You have no idea how excited I am for the new record. Okay, well, you probably do. Anyways, here's a couple questions I haven't put much forethought into.

  1. What's your favorite song from your "era" of Haste the Day?

  2. What are you doing now for a "real" job?

  3. You're coming to Minnesota, right?

Okay, the last one is barely a question. Also, I touched Stephen once, so there's my claim to fame.

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  1. The more I think about it, the more I like The Place Where Most Deny on Attack of the Wolf King. It was my favorite live and in the studio. But White as Snow was also favorite...

  2. I run a recording studio in East Nashville. I produce bands and I also do film scores.

  3. Minnesota? What country is that in? Just kidding.... We don't know where our shows will be yet.

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Good questions! I'm sure each one of us had a song we didn't like playing. haha. It just happens because everyone has different opinions. The song that I felt obligated to play was American Love. And yes I got really tired of playing that song. The only thing that made it alright was that everyone loved it.

We have just started to write the new album. So we still have lots of work to do on it!

Yes Jason will be on one song with the original line up! i'm excited to hear that one.

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Can we expect a tour in the near future? If so, any chance of you coming to Jacksonville, FL?

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It is highly unlikely that we do a full tour again. We are all busy with our real lives. We won't be able to hit all the places we want to play but hopefully we will play a show close to you.