Hello everyone. We are Dirty Heads. You might know us from one of our albums, songs, or maybe you’ve seen us perform live. We recently released our new album Sound of Change and just announced our fall/winter North American and European tour that kicks off in October. We are on the road and on tour now, playing a show tonight...in fact we’re playing shows for the next five nights straight. But right now, you can ask us anything!


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DirtyHeadsOfficial39 karma

Jared here from Dirty Heads! Ask me some questions, I'm under the weather and need some laughs : (

SabreJ36 karma

How much does it cost to have you play at a wedding!? Mind you it will be a kick ass wedding on the beach in southern California on 4/20! :) even if it's just for one song (our first dance!)???

DirtyHeadsOfficial48 karma

See you there!

DeemonSeehorse24 karma

Would you rather change gender every time you sneeze, or be unable to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?

...also how do you guys keep busy on the road?

DirtyHeadsOfficial69 karma

That's the best question I've ever head in my life. I wouldn't want to eat someones baby on accident because I was stoned and thought it was a muffin. So I would have to sacrifice and say sneeze. But I wouldn't want to sneeze because I just did that a minute ago and I'd be a chick. But I WOULD have tits so that would be rad.

pameluvin22 karma

Why are you so fuckin amazing?

DirtyHeadsOfficial50 karma

No you're fucking amazing. You fucking guy.

BigDaddyPaine19 karma

What was your favorite place to perform in? Also, on a scale of 1 to Snoop Dog, How much weed do you smoke in a day.

DirtyHeadsOfficial58 karma

Depends on the day. I'd say on a scale of one to Snoop Dog...Silent Bob.

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HEY GUYS!!! That was so much fun!!! Thank you all so much for coming to our Reddit interview! See you at the shows... <333

Megan_bee6415 karma

Hey guys! I’ve been a huge fan since Any Port dropped when I was in the 7th grade. I’m now a high school senior, and you guys are basically the soundtrack to my teenage years. I’ve partied to your music, I’ve cried to your music, I basically grew up with your music. I’ve also met tons of Wylees through you guys that I never in a million years would’ve met if we hadn’t been bonded by your music! Fangirling aside, the only question I really have is about Antelope. I’ve seen you guys 7 times and I’ve heard you guys play Antelope several times, but you guys always seem to skip over the verse referencing Neighborhood. Is there a particular reason why? The first time I thought it was just an accident that you skipped it, but I’ve seen you several times after and I’ve never heard that verse live. Thanks, much love! xx

DirtyHeadsOfficial24 karma

Because I used the same verse for neighborhood and I was lazy. Didn't want to be spitin the same shit twice! But now I do...

unicorn10-1012 karma

What is your favorite animal?

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DirtyHeadsOfficial42 karma

A sloth with cheetah speed!!

ladynred18211 karma

Jared, are you nervous about your upcoming wedding?

DirtyHeadsOfficial25 karma

No I'm not nervous at all I'm actually really excited!

PreciousPuritans9 karma

Why is your music exponentially better when listened to while camping? Also, when are you coming to Iowa?

DirtyHeadsOfficial12 karma

That's cool I love camping. Camping might be one of my favorite things in the world.

TeamYMD9 karma

What's up guys? so if a Wylee like me happens to bring some Piders to the show in Clifton Park, NY on October 30th, what's the chances we can wax poetic over some delicious treats?

DirtyHeadsOfficial13 karma

You should have a Pieder-off with Duddy.

che_mek9 karma

Sup guys. Simple question here : Do you ever plan on playing "Antelope" live? I've seen you three times, since way back when you opened for Sublime with Rome and you still haven't played it! That song rips!

Also, I feel the need to add - thanks for the music. Love your stuff.

Edit: thought it was just Dirty J's AMA, saw it on his twitter. Changed it to "guys"

DirtyHeadsOfficial10 karma

We play that song all the time live! Just bad timing pally.

jleet0248 karma

First off, I wanted to thank you guys for releasing some great music and bringing reggae back into people's living rooms with authority. It was much needed.

How have your lives changed since the release of Cabin by the Sea and the mainstream success that came with it?

Do people recognize you when you are out in public?

DirtyHeadsOfficial7 karma

Yeah, sometimes. We're still just doing it dudes!

bniss317 karma

What are your favorite foods?

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They lost in a lightsaber duel and you should get a lightsaber. Lightsaber.

Sakura_77 karma

Who is your favorite superhero?

DirtyHeadsOfficial24 karma

Archangel and Gambit

dawng687 karma

If a Wylee has seen you ... oh say.... 6 times so far and is planning on seeing you in VT next weekend and then again in November... Do you consider that stalking or just really cool superfans who dig your music that makes them very happy ?

DirtyHeadsOfficial15 karma

I think it's fucking awesome and I want to hang out with you.

TubbyLubby7 karma

Velma or Daphne?

DirtyHeadsOfficial36 karma


LordCrow16 karma

I went to your concert last week and had a great time, super fun to watch you guys play my favorite songs. My two questions are 1. What has been your favorite moment intoxicated? 2. What are your favorite songs you guys have made, as well as favorite songs not by you?

DirtyHeadsOfficial3 karma

So many fun ones!

dawng685 karma

Are you always thinking about your next album and writing songs or are you just having fun touring and soaking in the success of the current tour right now?

DirtyHeadsOfficial39 karma

Right now I'm thinking about how many goldfish I can keep in my pockets.

bosoroni5 karma

where's your favorite spot to grab tacos/burritos in Orange County?

DirtyHeadsOfficial18 karma

It's a secret. Fuck it...fiesta grill.

lroha5 karma

How was Red Rocks Wednesday night? I went and it was an amazing show!

DirtyHeadsOfficial12 karma

It was life changing.

cody_spence5 karma

Hey guys! I was wondering why there are two versions of "I Got No Time". You released one on your website awhile back then another with more verses. Which one do you like more? (I dig the first one)

DirtyHeadsOfficial10 karma

I like the first one better too because producers are dickheads and they made us do that so we just skippity bop.

mpatty125 karma

What did you think of working with Tech N9ne? Did you guys have some Caribou Lou or KC Tea??

DirtyHeadsOfficial5 karma

Caribou Lou all day every day.

adrifern4 karma

Would you rather sneeze marbles or fart confetti?

DirtyHeadsOfficial13 karma

Fart confetti that's hilarious. I would fart in so many peoples faces! And I'd be a hit at birthday parties.

frakes14 karma

When you guys finish your tour this year, how long before you start working on your next album, and do you have any new ideas for said album?

DirtyHeadsOfficial11 karma

Not yet. This just came out!

gentle_lies4 karma

Did you ever expect things to turn this successful when you had barely released Any Port in a Storm?

Also, Fav Strain? I'd love to try whatever is inspiring you guys this much ;)

DirtyHeadsOfficial19 karma

Favorite strain is called Wacky Woo Woo Licky Loo Loo Take A Spoon of Poo Poo

leahniehaus3 karma

When can I hear Duddy "coming"? Bwahahaha had to,I'm in lust!

DirtyHeadsOfficial13 karma

Everytime Duddy comes an angel gets his wings torn off. He sounds like the combination of Big Foot and Barbara Streisand. His jizz is the color of tomato soup and his balls shrivel up like little raisins but you get a prize at the end of it.

stephb8103 karma

Dirty J... You asked a while back where you could get the best Huckelberry Pie when you are here in Idaho... I said that I could do just that.. but if I did.. how would I get it to you so that my husband and I could meet you? :)

DirtyHeadsOfficial8 karma

You have to hide your husband in the pie.

TheyCallMeMoocher3 karma

also if you had to go back in time and change the name of the band, what would you name it?

DirtyHeadsOfficial15 karma

Fist Full of Fishhooks - electronic death metal.

garrib102 karma

What is the best advice you got during your career in music so far ?? What is the best advice you would give to aspiring musicians that are in the beginning stages of forming a band??

DirtyHeadsOfficial6 karma

Play as many shows as you possibly can - doesn't matter where just get out there and tour.

TheyCallMeMoocher2 karma

whats the best 4am munchies?

DirtyHeadsOfficial5 karma

Del Taco - Put nacho cheese on doritos and put them in the microwave.

Gilffanclub2 karma

Out of all the guys you have toured with, Cypress hill, Pepper, Slightly Stoopid, Collie Budz and so on, who chiefs the hardest? Any good weed stories?

DirtyHeadsOfficial8 karma

Cypress Hill! B-real smokes so much fucking weed. Rome smokes a lot of weed too. Duddy smokes a lot of weed too. People be cheifin.

jon1315172 karma

Guys, your music's original and amazing! Keep up the great work!

I have a few questions...

Who is/are your biggest influence(s) in music?

How did you guys get onto a record label?

Has anything really weird and unexpected happened at any shows?

How much does a tour usually cost?

Any advice for an aspiring musician or band?

DirtyHeadsOfficial1 karma

Play as many shows as you can!

beachfreek1012 karma

What kind of board do you ride? I freakin love the verse in neighborhood...I'd always bump it when I would be (maybe) heading to school after surf practice.

Were you on hbhs' surf team?

DirtyHeadsOfficial2 karma

Plan B or Darkstar

mnwild3962 karma

Can I stow away with your equipment on the 311 cruise? I need to find a way to get on that boat.

DirtyHeadsOfficial21 karma

Yes. Meet me at the dock at midnight. Wear a cat mask i'll be wearing a bird mask. The call sign will be Woot Woot Boy Boy Wucka Wucka Downtown Abby Uptown Dre Come around the corner roll in the hay. And we'll see what happens. Come alone.

DasBoss2 karma

How do you guys feel about bagels? What's your favorite kind?

DirtyHeadsOfficial7 karma

I'm against bagels once I found out that bagels are the equivalent of eating an entire loaf of bread. So Fuck BAGELS! I do like cream cheese doe.

Mitchzero2 karma

Hey man does it piss you guys off when you get turned off at cities that have noise ordinances ? I saw you guys at Janus live in st Pete with pepper and that happend I was worried that it would make you not want to come back

DirtyHeadsOfficial6 karma

The people at Jannus Live are super cool - can't blame them. They get fined through the ass through the city so it's not the venue it's the city. Can't hate on em. But yeah it sucked.

frakes12 karma

Out of all of the artists you all have worked with or toured with, who has been the most fun and craziest?

DirtyHeadsOfficial3 karma

This ones the craziest!

CaptainStoopid2 karma

You guys have been in my top favorite bands for years now alongside with Sublime and Pepper. I want to congratulate you on your success and hope you continue putting out stellar albums.

Also. Will you please for the love of all things that are good and holy please come back to Hawaii soon?

DirtyHeadsOfficial3 karma

Thank you very much and DONE! Be back as soon as possible.

gwachob2 karma

What do you think of karaoke? Specifically, what do you think of people singing Dirty Head songs at karaoke?

DirtyHeadsOfficial12 karma

I've never seen that happen. And I think karaoke is funny. I think I'm going to die.

Freakydeaky92 karma

Jared! Saw you guys in Reno this Monday with my bro. You guys, Katastro, AER, and Pepper were all excellent. I'm hoping to see you guys again when you get to Crystal Bay in October.

My two questions are did you like Reno, and would you guys like to come back to Reno and do more shows?

DirtyHeadsOfficial3 karma

Totes Magotes.

metobi1 karma

I catched you guys at Warped Europe in Berlin last year and it felt like there were about 20 people at your (really small) stage and you only played for about 15 minutes. How does it feel for someone who plays gigantic venues every week to go back to such a small concert?

DirtyHeadsOfficial6 karma

We're pros we've been doing that our whole lives that's nothing.

jsmith0523741 karma

Love ya'all! We love ur new album, change is good, , we will see u tonight vip deck signing, if they let me bring pieders, what flavor? And is it Hawaiian shirt night?

DirtyHeadsOfficial2 karma

AlohaFriday and what is a pie-a-rita?

funkyourself1 karma

Do you guys fuck with Game of Thrones?

DirtyHeadsOfficial8 karma

Yes. I would fuck everybody in the Game of Thrones. I read the first four books and saw the show and the show ruled so I stopped reading the books. The author was too detailed. I don't need to know every color on their fucking lapels. I love it.

Kimberxxberry1 karma

Hey guys! I went with some buddies to your St. Augustine show and loooooved it. My question is what kind of toll does touring take on y'all? It obviously can't be easy, so what helps you get through it?

DirtyHeadsOfficial6 karma

Yes touring can be rough. As I am writing this I am nursing a hangover with a Modelo, tomato soup and a grilled cheese. That was hand delivered to me by an angel with angel hair pasta for pubes.