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Which company is suing the state of Vermont?

teozagar219 karma

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (which represents most of the big food companies), the International Dairy Foods Association, Snack Food Association, and the National Association of Manufacturers.

norml329181 karma

Are you considering putting a statement such as, "GMOs have not been shown to pose any health risks to consumers" on the labeling as well? This would only be fair.

teozagar140 karma

Yes, this is in the bill. Our Attorney General has the authority to require a line that essentially states the FDA's determination that GMO is no different than other foods.

northkato94 karma

Are you receiving political contributions from any organic food producers?

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Slippery_Slope_Guy49 karma

I read your bio on your website. What is it in your past of skateboarding and film making that qualifies you to serve on the agriculture committee?

teozagar54 karma

Vermont has a part-time citizen legislature. I was assigned to the Agriculture Committee by the Speaker of the House. This was a surprise to me. However, living in a rural community with a vibrant agricultural scene and being friends with many farmers helps inform my decision-making on agricultural issues.

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Everybody but big business wants labeling. What do we need to do to help?