Hello reddit! I'm very excited to be here! Since it's my first time, be sure to go slow and be gentle...

I decided to do a rigorous stretching and Jameson drinking routine to prepare

Ask me literally anything. I can't wait to dispense unauthorized advice. I have a PHD in unicorns. That is all.

Now that we're all best friends follow my twitter and instagrams @carriekeagan so we can hold digital hands and frolic into the sunset together! And if you're in the mood for something spicy www.NGTV.com

Who says girls can't take over late night TV?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuEUP6Y3EN0

While you're at it, check these out. Lady power! http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/carrie-keagan-women-in-late-night



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EDIT** Thank you so much! I had the best fucking time ever!!!

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numberr237 karma

Can we start a fan group called -

Fallen Under Carrie Keagan's Spell

and then you could refer to your fans as FUCKS?

Carrie_Keagan44 karma

GENIUS! I love you FUCKS!

SnowmanOlaf28 karma

Hey Carrie! Glad to see you on reddit and I hope you get addicted.

My question for you is: Fuck, marry or kill?

Between: Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera

Carrie_Keagan26 karma

oh son of a bitch! best question so far

Fuck- Michael Cera Marry- Seth Rogen Kill- Jonah Hill Party- with all of them!

jlg2727 karma

So I was at the price is right last summer and you were co-hosting. Needless to say I fell in love with your chesticles....bra size?

Carrie_Keagan39 karma


cywdrums19 karma

What question(s) do you get most tired of dealing with?

Carrie_Keagan37 karma

Are they real?

numberr213 karma

What can WE do to get you a late night show? (or any other show for that matter) P.S. I'm the guy who did the Queen of Unicorns photoshop

Carrie_Keagan15 karma

I LOVED THAT!!!! Can you photoshop me into a late night show? (add dragons please)

Ryeguy69513 karma

What's the best thing your cleavage ever got you?

Carrie_Keagan23 karma


ditch6712 karma

Would you make a movie with Christina Hendricks? What style would it be?

Carrie_Keagan69 karma

If you're asking me to do a porno with Christina Hendricks the answer is...ok

ImSomebodyNow11 karma

What was your experience like co-hosting AOTS? Were you a finalist for permanent co-host, and would you have accepted if it was offered?

Carrie_Keagan12 karma

It was motherfucking awesome. I would love to work with Kevin Pereira everyday if I could.

I just happened to be offered the VH1 Morning Show at the same time

Ryeguy69511 karma

What do you do when you realize you're interviewing a dud?

Carrie_Keagan30 karma

Why do we keep bringing up Bruce Willis?

chuckthemovieguy11 karma

Carrie, why were you not in The Hangover 2 and 3 when clearly the success of the first one was from your incredible performance?

Carrie_Keagan14 karma

That's a very good question!

Look for me in 4...

M3rc_Nate9 karma

Do you really want a Late Night TV job on a Network channel? Seems like you would be censored and homogenized just like every other host, where as a "Late night show" on the Internet or Showtime/HBO or at the very worst Cable, you could be yourself and be in charge.

Carrie_Keagan11 karma

Well you might be right about the tone of network TV, but at the end of the day the key is to take any platform and push it to its limits. Or at least to a place of complete absurdity.

jtaz348 karma

Are your Powergirl days behind you? :(

Carrie_Keagan11 karma

God I hope not

numberr27 karma

Any chance of taking over for Chelsea Handler?

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

Wouldn't that be cool?!!

ditch677 karma

You seem really open and in great shape, so why avoid anything even close to nudity? Playboy not pay much?

Carrie_Keagan20 karma

Thank you!!

Believe it or not, they actually offered me the opportunity, but like I told them: If you still want me, I'll do it when I'm 50!!

mindscrambler267 karma

From a boat on the water the angle of elevation of the top of a cliff is 31 degrees. From a point 300m closer to the cliff, the angle of elevation is 33 degrees. Find the height of the cliff?

Carrie_Keagan15 karma

2411 meters. got any other brain busters?

margeparge7 karma

Can you please do the #IceBucketChallenge? (For charity of course)

Carrie_Keagan11 karma

As a matter of fact I got challenged yesterday! Keep an eye out for that soon

rhcp886 karma

Do you love your boobs as much as your fans do?

Carrie_Keagan19 karma

Probably not

redwud33815 karma

Hi from the Buffalo area :-) Do you miss living around here at all?

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

I miss Mr. Pizza!!!!

chuckthemovieguy5 karma

When you are doing broadcast TV on a scale from one to ten, how difficult is it to suppress the “F” word? Then explain.

Carrie_Keagan9 karma

it's VERY fucking difficult

DrJohnDoh5 karma

I saw on Instagram that you were in Dublin last week. Did you do anything fun here?

Carrie_Keagan7 karma

I'm pretty sure I did. After the Jameson and Guinness tours I too had to check instagram to see how much fun I had. My Irish eyes were definitely smiling.

The Irish are very kind, generous and tell the best stories! Slainte!

gimpisgawd3 karma

How much Jameson do you drink per week and are any other whiskeys added in to the rotation?

Carrie_Keagan9 karma

Depends on if I use it topically

Yamazaki, Auchentoshan, and Macallan

M3rc_Nate3 karma

Was it your decision to leave Buzz Live or VH1's? I thought it was close to a perfect fit and I loved the show (cause of you & your guests) a ton. No offense to NLachey but i find him to be very homogenized and plain so i stopped watching. You infused so much of yourself (the PG-13 version of you) into that show, BMBZ was Carrie Keagan IMO.

(AOTS fan, BMBL fan, NGTV fan, Scotch/Bourbon fan, Carrie Keagan fan :D )

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

Yes it was. Besides you can only filate yourself so many times on the same stage before you have to find a new one! On to the next!

ningrim3 karma

you were great on Craig Ferguson the other night

Do you have any desire to replace him if the job were offered to you?

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

I would've been honored, but I heard the position has been filled

dimplejuice3 karma

On Vh1 Classic countdowns, were there any bands/artists that you just couldn't stand and you had to fake being a fan?

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

Honestly, they're one hit wonders for a reason, BECAUSE THEY'RE FUCKING AWESOME!!

That being said, as a producer on the show we didn't include anyone I didn't like.

(Little known fact Bruce Willis had a one hit wonder himself...NEVER saw that one on the show, did you?)

rsgreddit3 karma

How often do you jog?

Carrie_Keagan19 karma

As often as my boobs can handle it


Hey Carrie Keagan,

Nicolas Cage, yay or nay?

Thank you for your time

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

I love independent film Nic Cage. Nuff said. (Vampire's Kiss)

He was also my very first A-list movie star interview. I was scared shitless, but I got him to laugh.

Also- I love his talk show Get In The Cage

dimplejuice3 karma

Last Vh1 classic question--- did you pick out your wardrobe or did some stylist tell you to always show cleavage while discussing .38 Special, ZZ Top, or Bananarama?

Carrie_Keagan6 karma

Thank you for noticing

numberr23 karma

What is your favorite pair of shoes/shoe designer?

Carrie_Keagan6 karma

Giuseppe Zanotti fo lyfe

I_have_the_reddit3 karma

Did you expect the entertainment industry to be as much work as it actually is?

Carrie_Keagan9 karma

I expected it to be hard work, but nothing can really prepare you for the madness behind the scenes. It's the stuff you don't expect that's the hard stuff.

However, I will say, it beats cleaning the bunny cages at the pet store I used to work at.

spankingasupermodel3 karma

PhD in Unicorns? What was Greg Gutfeld like as one of your professors?

Carrie_Keagan8 karma

In the world of swinging, no one understands the importance of a unicorn like Greg Gutfeld.


Tyrannotron3 karma

Which celebrity is the funniest behind the scenes?

Carrie_Keagan16 karma

Robin Williams, honestly. End of story.

Sca4ar3 karma

Do you think that the laughs on command is an issue in the talk shows ? I find them really annoying. I would love to have your opinion on as someone who have some experiences with american talk shows.

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

I know it sounds bizarre, but making a show is a lot different than watching a show. You need the energy in the room.


Ineedanewliver3 karma

So Carrie, having been seen spending many a night at New York hot spot Acme, who do you think is the hottest bartender there?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma


DrJohnDoh3 karma

Sad news that Robin Williams has died. Did you ever have the pleasure of interviewing/meeting him?

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

Many times. He was a genius. An oldie, but a goodie: http://youtu.be/I3-LJa1QGWA?t=45s

mpbems3 karma

Carrie! Big fan!

Favorite hole-in-the-wall bar in NYC?

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

Leave Rochelle Out Of It on Chrystie and Stanton

M3rc_Nate3 karma

If you had a boyfriend (you were sexually active with) and he was a nerd (like you), what cosplay outfit (superhero, villain movie/TV/video game character etc) would you want him to dress up as in the bedroom? And who would you be cosplaying as? or you'd rather not be in costume?

PS I know you get a LOT of attention regarding your boobs, and they are EPIC, but as a butt guy through and through, yours is FANTASTIC. I feel it deserves way more attention & praise. ;)

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

Now that Jason Momoa is Aqua Man things might get wet.

My butt thanks you.


Carrie! It's your twitter hubby DAREALGUMMY. When are we getting married, how can I avoid the divorce and what do you miss about AOTS the most?

Carrie_Keagan9 karma

Oh Hi, Gummy! Only if you meet me in Vegas right this second. OK GO!

The thing I miss the most is the fans. AOTS fans are awesome!

cywdrums3 karma

If you were a nut, what kind of nut would you be?

Carrie_Keagan21 karma

a CHEST-nut

jlg273 karma

And another brain buster; you have 3 jugs, 8 liters 5 liters and 3 liters. You want 4 liters of water for you and 4 for your friend. The 8 liter jug starts off full. How do you get 4 liters by pouring between the jugs? Aaand go

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

Watch Die Hard With A Vengeance

VintageDietMilk2 karma

Do you want to party with me? We can party as long as you like.

Carrie_Keagan6 karma

DUH! Can you keep up?!

adbhg2 karma


Carrie_Keagan6 karma

They're the one!

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

Next time I'm in NY

numberr22 karma

Inside The Actor's Studio questions

  1. What is your favorite word?

  2. What is your least favorite word?

  3. What turns you on?

  4. What turns you off?

  5. What sound do you love?

  6. What sound do you hate?

  7. What is your favorite curse word?

  8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

  9. What profession would you not like to do?

  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

Carrie_Keagan11 karma

1- Anything that starts with an F: free, food, fuck 2- Baby want milky? 3- confidence 4- da haters 5- my kittens drinking water 6- stupid people 7- cock juggling thundercunt 8- zookeeper although there are days I feel like I'm doing that already. or dragon wrangler... 9- anything in a cubicle. my hat's off to the people that can do that everyday 10- Thanks for not fucking it up!

NDaveT2 karma

Hi, Carrie, I'm a fellow western New York native, and my question is: Buffalo style hot wings or Rochester style sweet & hot wings?

Carrie_Keagan7 karma

Duff's Hot Suicide Wings

justSFWthings2 karma

What video game release are you most looking forward to?

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

Halo 5: Guardians

I'm also waiting for the re-release of centipede

chuckthemovieguy2 karma

What is the chemical formula for sulfuric acid? And it’s molecular weight?

Carrie_Keagan6 karma

H2S04 and the weight is around 98

shaymack2 karma

In 2010 Jeff Fahey wanted to show you his "secret recipe" - did you sample that sauce & if so, how would you rate?

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

I give it a good 69

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

Where do you live? What's your address?

The_Captain_Spiff2 karma

what's your favorite memory from the set of Redeye?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

When we go out drinking after the show. Those are all pretty good.

cinelifter2 karma

Can you tell us one of your craziest moments with another celebrity at a party?

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

When I walked into the bathroom at Soho House and found XXX shitting in a urinal

smcgue222 karma

would you ever do a podcast? What is your favorite horror movie of all time?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

The Exorcist (CLASSIC) American Mary

M3rc_Nate2 karma

What are your favorite (or what are your favorite of all time) compliments to get? Both of your looks and of your personality/brains.

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

I love your huge naturals (the left and right cortex of my brain)

scotologic2 karma

Hi Carrie! Does your being smart hurt your career more than it helps?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

It hurts my brain, that's for sure...and then my boobs get jealous. It's a whole mess.

numberr22 karma

Favorite wrestler?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

Can you smellllllllll what The Rock is cookin?!?!?

D3ADRA_UDD3R52 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

Carrie_Keagan7 karma

I would never fight Howard The Duck. He fights dirty.

Also if I was faced with 100 duck sized horses I would keep them in my mini giraffe stable.

margeparge2 karma

Favorite Robin Williams movie? RIP

Carrie_Keagan11 karma

OMG I'm finding this out right now. He was one of my FAVORITE interviews of ALL TIME. He was a singular talent and I was blessed to have met him :( He will be incredibly missed. RIP

Doubtfire, Birdcage, Mork, Hook, honestly waaaay too many to name.

Nanu nanu, Robin

dimplejuice2 karma

I used to see you on VH1 Classic. Can VH1 revive the show "Bands Reunited" and you be the host? I loved the show and you would be so much better than Aamer Haleem (sp?).

Carrie_Keagan4 karma

I loved that show too and that would be awesome. My first task would be to get Extreme back together...it went so well the first time

nicholasbloom2 karma

how long have you been in acting?

Carrie_Keagan3 karma

Thank you for calling it acting, I appreciate that

GTown_Dave2 karma

Hi Carrie! Long time awed acolyte, fellow reddit virgin (be as rough as you like). I need to know: what's the story behind your abrupt departure from Big Morning Buzz Live? I LOVED that show, & felt it had so much of you in it. And honestly, I haven't cared to watch since you left. So, um ... what the fuck, VH1?

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

I spent 3 wonderful years with VH1, but it was time to spread my wings a little. I loved doing it, I'm so glad you were right there with me.

Kevin_Rubio2 karma

How were the #TeenChoiceAwards last night? Are you going to share your Jamesons Whisky with me? :-P

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

NEVER! Just kidding, tip up your cup and throw your hands up and let me hear the party saaaaay!!

TCA was a blast

ditch672 karma

What are you really doing as you read these questions? (Please be specific as to what TV show/movie you're watching.)

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

I'm in a Thai whorehouse listening to Stevie Wonder. Specifically- Superstitious

cywdrums2 karma

How many fingers... of Whiskey? Get your mind out of the gutter :)

Carrie_Keagan9 karma

I like fisting

KnickedUp2 karma

How hard is it to keep the twins down while running? Seems like working out while working out.

Carrie_Keagan7 karma

It's a job in itself. But like they say- no job duct tape, saran wrap, and gorilla glue can't fix

KomodoMoses2 karma


Carrie_Keagan6 karma

My brain

allthingscarrie1 karma

Have you ever been with a Furry or been a Furry? Inquiring minds want to know.

Carrie_Keagan2 karma

I sleep with 3 furries every night

camachj1 karma

Carrie, what is one of your fears?

Carrie_Keagan5 karma

The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!