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Hi guys, I’m recording artist Stevie B. You may know me from my hit songs Because I Love You, I Wanna Be the One, or Spring Love. My popularity in the 80s and 90s earned me the title “The King of Freestyle” and allowed me to perform in sold-out arenas all over the world. See proof HERE. This week, I’ve released my new album The King of Hearts ( with promising sales numbers and overwhelmingly positive fan feedback. The King of Freestyle has become the King of Hearts. Ask me anything!

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EricHill788 karma

Hey Stevie! I just wanted to say your music was a big part of my childhood growing up in Miami. It's what started my love for freestyle. When I heard party your body on power 96 for the first time it changed my life. I met my wife because of our love for freestyle :) Who is your favorite male and female freestyle artist?

steviebmusic5 karma

thank you for your support all these years. lol how can i answer that with out creating a problem lol. i do have some favorites and they who they are. shhhh

funeralwave5 karma

Hey Stevie I remember listening to your songs on rewind. Can you elaborate on how freestyle started out for you?

steviebmusic9 karma

listening to radio down in miami . and trying to break in with my own style . which eventually cought on . thank God

jerseybelle3 karma

Would you consider letting the #jerseybelle from @bravotv sing with you on stage on time? I'm a HUGE freestyle and and know every word... Just think about it. 😊

steviebmusic4 karma

absolutely!!!! shoot me your contact info [email protected]

HonestAbeRealist3 karma


steviebmusic5 karma

LOL! yellow american. I love it on my subs

bjs2293 karma

Miami! Saw you several times. Awesome! I used to live out in Davie and run into you at Su Shin. Do you remember that place? Love the new music!

steviebmusic4 karma

thank you. that was my favorite sushi spot fosho. sb

JacksonDanielson3 karma

Hey Stevie, my mom has me doing this because she's a HUGE fan! She wants to know what's the best place you've had the chance to perform? Again, thanks for doing this!

steviebmusic3 karma

That is why I am here! I have performed from Mami/Ft. Lauderdale (home) to Japan and Germany. My favorites places is probably either Dinsey Land or Madison Square or Home! Tell your mom tough question lol

Thisplayer13 karma

I'm a 90's baby and was introduced by your music by my family. Love your stuff brother! Any shows in so cal anytime soon?

steviebmusic9 karma

I have shows all the time! I use the juggernaut app ( to keep track of my events! get it and you can see when and where my upcoming concerts are!

rholmez3 karma

What kind shades & name the brand were you wearing at your freestyle 11 concert in san jose ca in june? Also can you tell me when will you making a short movie? I saw you yesterday on your SBTV LIVE talking about :) Thxs Ruben Holmes

steviebmusic7 karma

lol sup ruben . i lost them shades. forgot the brand.short is in the making. give your wife my best mr b

itsmepicasso2 karma

Stevie B! You've been one of my favourite artists since I was a kid listening to Hits 103.5 in Toronto. Tony Monaco's Freestyle Frenzy and your music in particular defined the music of my childhood, and now as a producer, I'm hoping for freestyle to make a comeback like house music has in the past few years. Being a lifelong fan, it was pretty much a dream come true when I saw you live at City Nightclub in 2011 ( after missing you at Summer Rush year after year.

Obviously Toronto loves Stevie B, but what does Stevie B think about Toronto? I have a few questions:

-How do the crowds compare to other cities?

-What do you think about our Canadian freestyle and eurodance?

-Any favourite Canadian artists? Mine is the Canadian King of Freestyle, Joee (second to you of course hahaha)!

steviebmusic2 karma

Canada has always been a great market for me since I started my career it has shown to be the most resilient market along with Brazil but it still reigns asone of the most popular. I love performing in Canada. Joey the Canadian freestyle super star and Tony Monaco but of course Stevie B is number 1 =)

bozobozo2 karma

You are the voice of my childhood free style skating days! Not really sure what to ask you...

What's your favorite dinosaur?

steviebmusic5 karma

Pterodactylus ! I have always been partial to flying!

ingmarbirdman2 karma

You ever listen to Haim? They're an all-female band that's blown up in the last couple of years, and their music seems to have a very strong freestyle influence. I was curious about your thoughts on them.

steviebmusic4 karma

They remind me of a modern Expose. I love it! where are they from?

ingmarbirdman2 karma

I believe they're from California.

steviebmusic3 karma

they are pretty great!

ingmarbirdman1 karma

I love that freestyle music lives on today. Thanks for pioneering a great genre!

steviebmusic2 karma

Your welcome! I plan on continuing to try to evolve the genre! I just released a new cd ( and will try to bring the younger generations freestyle!

steviebmusic2 karma

I have not heard of them! I will check them out now and get back to you on it!

FriendlyCraig2 karma

Awesome to know you're still recording. I was just listening to your work in the car, and I'm quite a ways younger than most of your fans. I know you primarily as dance music. I much prefer EDM, but I don't mind a bit of Kylie, Depech Mode, and the like. What do you think about today's dance music? Any favorite artists?

steviebmusic3 karma

I think today's dance music is great! Another person jsut introduced me to HAIM which I now love. I also like an artist named Zedd (Female) she is fantastic. Also there are others that are doing decently well. The problem is we need to have more new artists come into this field. Most artists feel they will only make money doing hip-hop and that leaves the dance genre to die!

diddy00712 karma

Stevie, if you are still on here, I am a HUGE fan that still listens to your music all the time! I have gone to multiple freestyle concerts that you have performed at in Sacramento! I just want you to know that I grew up in a household that listened to you, the cover girls, Lil Suzy, Cynthia, Johnny O, Etc. I'm gonna be 32 in 2 days, and want you to know that until my last breath I will be a freestyle fan!

when are you coming back to Sacramento? And How the HELL do I get an autograph personally from you? I never get the chance to find out how. Also, on your freestyle DVD, you were exporting some NICE ass cars. Props!

steviebmusic3 karma

I am glad you are still a fan that is fantastic to hear! I am coming back probably next year! I am actually just selling my new cd (King of Hearts) that will be and signed with a personal note which you can get at Put a note in the order and email me [email protected] and I will put a special note on it for you!

diddy00711 karma

Awesome to hear! Hope to see you back in sactown soon!

And I'll definitely put in the order. On a related note, I think your most successful (as far as popularity goes) album was the DREAM ABOUT YOU with Thump Music Records. I dunno whatever happened to Thump, but I think that a lot of people found that disc to be the gateway to Freestyle Music. I remember in Junior high everyone talking about how Stevie B's new CD was the SHIT, and I felt like the hipster telling everyone "I listened to him before he was mainstream!" lol.

Does it ever strike you odd that you started out as a DJ to a singer to one of the most recognizable artists of Freestyle Music? I mean, if you think about Freestyle Music, you're usually the first person to pop into people's minds. IT always seems to me that success that comes so quickly is always so shocking! Nobody understands the music you create isn't just you, you have a WHOLE BAND that create the synth-pop beats that people listen to. No DJ backtracks for you! Also, I think I read somewhere that you were the main drive for Coro's popularity too. Once again, thanks for being the king of freestyle!

steviebmusic3 karma

I am actually surprised you know I am releasing a book about my life next month that will explain how I went from DJ to singer through a series of events... and Yes it was quite over night. However, just as fast as it comes, it then leaves too! 15 minutes of fame is a very true quote

jennyrivera2 karma

Hi Stevie, From your biggest hits which ones did you write yourself? Thanks!

steviebmusic2 karma

Party Your Body and Spring Love (which was originally supposed to be a duet) I wrote alone. Some with my good friend (Tolga Katas) Dreaming of Love In my Eyes etc. But a lot of people have difference of opinions when it comes to the "greatest hits". What are some of yours?

jennyrivera2 karma

Hi Stevie, My favorites are Spring Love and Because I Love you, were they written for anyone in particular?

steviebmusic2 karma

You can actually check out why I wrote some of my favorite songs on my site !

Yes, Spring Love was for a woman long, long ago before my wife!

misterthumbs2 karma


did the money you made in the 80s allow you to pursue music for the rest of your life without having to get other jobs? did it create a modest lifestyle or were you very comfortable? were the 80s very extravagant for you?

steviebmusic3 karma

Yes and no. I made enough not to have to get another job and persue music for the rest of my career but artists in Freestyle did not make the money that hip-hop artists or pop artists of today make

misterthumbs2 karma

did you feel like you had to cater to a record label or fan demands to keep your career going or did you feel like you were in charge of your artistic integrity and were making the music you truly wanted to make?

steviebmusic1 karma

no and yes. they tried at one point but put a halt to that very example was , i delivered children of tomorrow and they told me thats not what i should be writing about. i told them don't ever tell me what to write about. i write what inspires me.

rei_hiino1 karma

I remember "If You Leave Me Now" when I was growing up. One of my favorite tracks. Come to find out your vocals were on a SebastiAn (French Electro) track, Arabest, and it was wonderful! How do you feel about your influence crossing over to other genres of music?

steviebmusic2 karma

its always a complement to your work when it can cross into other genres . Its shows that you have a broad appeal.

phrazel1 karma

Your music made all the girls go wild back in the day. I think if some of your songs were re-released today, they would make it on the charts. I just want to say thank you for providing such great music. Were the beats made by you as well or did you just do lyrics? The bass in your songs was amazing. Nothing like blaring your music with my 15's late on those summer nights. Ahhh the memories man, thank you!!

steviebmusic2 karma

I co produced most of my tracks. Some of my best beats (party your body and dreaming of love dream about you) have to go out to my very good friend Tolga Katas. He is a legendary producer top notch

fromdabay1 karma

Do you have any new artist you are helping out or interested in?

steviebmusic1 karma

Well my son is trying to be an artist and a young artist named Paloma Michelle but I am looking for young new freestyle artists to bring back dance music !

sal7401 karma

Hi Stevie, I didn't see anyone here mention this so I might as well. Your music and freestyle was the soundtrack of many in my generation in Brooklyn, NY. Thank you for that. Other than Miami, is Brooklyn the home of your most fervent fan-base?

steviebmusic1 karma

In the. United States it's nyc. Caali and florida. But I have a much bigger fan base in Canada. Germany and Brazil!

lilcarpart1 karma

Young fan here. Your music was my fantasy life. I was wondering, will you continue to play freestyle or are you thinking of changing genres of music to keep up with a whole new generation?

steviebmusic1 karma

Thank you. I m always exploring and growing. I have never been one to get stuck in one type of expression of my inspired-vibration or inspiration. i love all types of music and hope to continue having an open mind to keep crossing over as they say.

justalurkerpassingby1 karma

Hey Stevie I just wanted to say your music was huge for me growing up and I still bump it when I go cruising. Do you ever get recognized by the younger crowd now a days?

steviebmusic3 karma

Some, which I still find awesome! Midwest my music (and freestyle in general) seems to still be alive! Also in the NJ NYC area thanks to KTU! And I am glad you still listen to my music! What is your favorite song?

justalurkerpassingby1 karma

That's awesome!! When I'm cruising it id have to say spring love but my all time fav is when I dream about you. It's funny cause when I sing along my gf is like how the hell do you know all the lyrics and all I can do is look at her and shake my head LOL. She a bit younger so I'll cut her some slack. If only she knew that your jams are the ultimate panty droppers!

steviebmusic3 karma

Lol don't play party your body in front of other girls then =)

beyondthface1 karma

Wait... no mention of "Diamond Girl"?! Classic jam - MEGA rotation on the Power 96 back in the day! Am I getting senile... that's your song right, Stevie?? Bring back freestyle, bring world peace! :D

steviebmusic1 karma

thats not my song! Big mis conception that is actually Nice and Wild.. good people!

stenioreis1 karma

The Last 3 questions 1-How was your reaction when you discovered that your tracks were the most played songs in the Rio de janeiro's Clubs? 2-How was your experience when you arrived for the first in Rio? 3-When will you record a dvd including tracks that did more success in Rio?

steviebmusic1 karma

It was a shock that I had that kind of succes in RIO. I was very well accepted. I am actually doing a tour in Brazil this fall which you can check out on my facebook!

khinzeer1 karma

You the man dog! Still bumping your shit. Almost caught your show with Lisa Lisa in Providence a few years ago, but I couldn't make it. When you touring the North East again?

steviebmusic2 karma

Sometime in the fall I will be back!

DorianNewgang1 karma

What's your favorite videogame?

steviebmusic2 karma

I'm old school! Super Mario 3 for NES! and no I will not say how old I was!

DorianNewgang1 karma

Fuck yea!

steviebmusic2 karma


misterthumbs1 karma

stevie b! i love your music and play it every now and then on a radio show i host bi-monthly at my show is called the swrv dujour at 8pm and is mostly 80s new wave and 80s freestyle. QUESTION - how hard did you party in the 80s?? i can imagine it was out.of.control.

steviebmusic3 karma

It was literally a blast. As you know the club scene was much different then than now (not many rules) and that was at the height of my popularity! you do the math!

diddy00711 karma

I just thought of another question! out of ALL of the other Freestyle artists, who would you consider your favorite? Talent wise, and professional wise? Also, What is your favorite freestyle song that isn't one of yours?

steviebmusic2 karma

Endless Nights by Cynthia

and other artists HM I love Shannon TKA Cyntha and Judy Torres

Iapetos1 karma

You were a big part of my high school and college soundtracks. Even now when Spring Love comes on, my volume goes up.

What's the best part of your day?

steviebmusic0 karma

waking up above ground, creating and documenting my legacy my way.