Hey guys! I'm a YouTuber who's created, edited, and posted "My Drunk Kitchen" for the last three years. Now I'm publishing a book!

*** BUY IT IN STORES A WEEK FROM TODAY! BUT IT'S CHEAPER TO PRE-ORDER! http://hannahhart.com/book ***

Or if you wanna check out my channel where I talk about life while drunkenly cooking... check it out here: http://youtube.com/harto

Got any questions about the writing process? The YouTube process? The food process...er? AMA!

Here is proof, Mods! https://twitter.com/harto/status/496749807722303488

--->>EDIT: Thanks for that hour, guys! I'll be answering more throughout the day! :D

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boazpriestly001665 karma

processer? i barely know her!

MyDrunkKitchen380 karma


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Long time fan here. I personally tend to skew a little older (29) than your average viewer, which made a recent mention you'd like to do more adult or mature targeted content stick out to me.

What kind of content would you like to make if say, your audience was in the 25+ range? Meatier topics? Political? I hope what I mean is clear.

MyDrunkKitchen471 karma

Honestly, I think that the content I make is just for someone who I would want to hang out with... however old they are.

I just get frustrated when I meet people who aren't apart of the YT space and they say things like "BUT IT'S ALL A BUNCH OF 13-YR OLDS RIGHT??" and it's like "....le no."

However, any 13-yr-old that's also a Hartosexual must be pretty fucking rad if you ask me.

falafel_eater241 karma

Can you please do another episode of Tabletop?
You were so awesome there!

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USSWendy193 karma

Hello (boop boop) and thank you for doing this AMA! I only have two questions for you.

1) Who would you like to play you in a movie of your life?

2) Marry me so we can run away and make blanket forts with our babies?

MyDrunkKitchen315 karma

1) I would like Sean Bean to play me. 2) Aren't we married already though? E-polygomy is real.

tess_rach184 karma

Hi Hannah! What advice would you give to someone who's just coming out of the closet?

MyDrunkKitchen403 karma

Honestly, I think what's most important is remembering to love yourself first. You've got to be your own best friend before going out to face the world. This advice could go for anything though, really.

legendaryharto170 karma

What was your favorite part of writing your book?

MyDrunkKitchen632 karma

FINISHING. Writing a book is FUCKING HARD.

freud111981153 karma

Hi Hannah,

Thanks for doing this AMA! My Drunk Kitchen is hilarious. Who would win in a burping contest between You, Mamrie, and Grace?

MyDrunkKitchen286 karma

Most likely Mamrie... but that's because she would be burping out of both ends... if ya know what I mean. ;D

Lesleyestrada152 karma

Soup, am I right?

MyDrunkKitchen195 karma

I love soup so much. Soup might be the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Shea1988135 karma

Hannah, first of all thank you for being such an excellent role model for the LBGT community. What is your favorite food?

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thecheeseistrapped105 karma


First of all, you're the best. I am so glad that a couple years ago, I found a corner of the internet where a drunk girl makes poutine (which is NOT a really dirty word), puns, and ultimately a big delicious mess.

Second of all, my question – your recent-ish fashion video was incredibly great. I'm a girl currently in love with menswear – however I definitely have a budget to take into consideration, and as awesome as Kipper looks, it seems out of my price range. I have a wedding that I'm attending in the fall and I really want a sweet suit for it. Got any suggestions?

Third of all, you're the best. Just wanted to reiterate that.

MyDrunkKitchen124 karma

Honestly, one of my tricks is to go to the clearance are of any men's clothing selection and find a XS or S or whatever. HM is a great shop for that!

Right now it's really hard for women in our community to find menswear that fits well, but I hope that as it becomes more accepted people just start making styles that are unisex!

dreammarauder103 karma

What recipe would you make if you were trying to woo a woman?

MyDrunkKitchen185 karma

I have a recipe for seduction called "CAPRESE" which deals with all sorts of sexy things like...buffalo mozzarella... and.... more mozzarella.


Cassidyking1686 karma

Hey Hannah, what's your best advice for someone who feels like every day is a new low, and nothing will get better?

MyDrunkKitchen416 karma

Take a break from thinking about your own life and think about improving somebody else's.

Dinkleberg-_-83 karma

Do you have any plans for your post-youtube days? Or do you think it's something you will always continue to do so long as you have viewers? (which obvs your hartosexuals got your back)

MyDrunkKitchen146 karma

I think I will continue my YouTube channel as long as humanly possible. ;D

ChyorniyVolk80 karma

Would you ever seriously consider cosplaying as Sailor Uranus?

MyDrunkKitchen114 karma

I would seriously consider it yes. I would need mega tall heels though.

GChan12978 karma

Have you ever filmed an MDK that wasn't useable/ you never uploaded? If so how many?

PS. smiley face.

MyDrunkKitchen115 karma

Yep! It was called "Carrot Cake" and was the hottest of messes.


Yaudio869 karma

Hi hannah! I live in Peru and I bought my ticket for the San Fran No Filter show already. I'm going all the way from Peru just to see you guys!!! Will every copy of your book sold at the NOFILTER shows will be signed? Also, what do you prefer to wear... v neck shirts or tank tops?

thank you, love you soo much. thanks for helping me get through tough moments in my life. THANK YOU.

MyDrunkKitchen100 karma


Thank you for coming!!!!

Shea198854 karma

Who is your favorite doctor and what is your favorite episode of Dr. Who?

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watchova51 karma

Everyone has to flee L.A. and you spot Grace and Goose on the side of the road. You only have space for one of them, who do you pick?

Too cruel?

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murdererofewoks48 karma

What's your favorite kind of rain, and how does it make you feel?

MyDrunkKitchen148 karma

My favorite kind of rain is when there are intermittent downpours. Basically I love it when you have to stay inside that day and do whatever you want in the cozy comfort of your own home... And you don't feel bad about it because everybody has to! Due to warnings of flash-flooding.... but then everything is fine! And there were no floods! And everyone was happy. :)

free2bEmma44 karma

Hannah, You are doing an AMA on my birthday! Thanks for making my day, even though it was completely unintentional. What is your favorite part of YouTubing?

MyDrunkKitchen66 karma

Happy birthday!!

And my favorite part of YouTubing is meeting interesting people. Turns out that the internet is full of them! :D

slegary41 karma

Will you guys bring #nofilter to Canada? Specifically Ontario. More specifically Windsor?

MyDrunkKitchen46 karma

We did last Christmas! But only on Vancouver and Victoria... Maybe next year! :D


Death_By_Jazz_Hands38 karma

Girl, how you so fly?

TwerkingKoi32 karma

Is baking still incredibly hard for you?

MyDrunkKitchen100 karma

JUST SO HARD. But also I'm oddly the best at baking...??? Like everything that I bake tastes good???

beeraholikchik30 karma

Ay girl!

Even though you don't go into detail about the hardships you've had in your past, what did you do to cope with everything? How did you get through it and become as awesome/successful as you are today?

What do you honestly think you'd be doing if you hadn't gotten into YouTube?

What TV show are you really into right now?

What food/drink are you craving at the moment.

PS: You're awesome.

MyDrunkKitchen74 karma

I've been really blessed. I've been through my fair share of it... but then again, hasn't everybody? I feel like we all have different burdens/baggage, and we just have to choose the way we want to live our lives without judging ourselves or each other.

If I hadn't gotten into the YT stuff... I think I would have been a bit lost still... That's one of the reasons I'm so grateful. I feel like my community has given me a purpose and that's all I have ever wanted. Just somebody/somebodies to make proud.

Draculoid29 karma

Hey Hannah! I always watch your videos to help me cheer up when I'm feeling pretty down. My question is, how the hell do you stay so positive? It's something I really admire!

Congrats on the book, by the way! I can't wait to read it!!!! :D

MyDrunkKitchen88 karma

The truth of the matter is that I have to work to stay positive. It's a daily thing. It's not a passive action, it's a conscious effort to try and find a bright side.

NuclearSunrise25 karma

Hello Harto! Have you had any recent revelations in your daily life? (Ie WTF corn is a grain?!)

MyDrunkKitchen52 karma


TIL that Elon Musk wants to live on Mars??

briannaG2421 karma

Hi Hannah! Me and my girlfriend are huge fans of you, and are going to #NoFilter DC. Will there be a meet up with you and the other girls?

MyDrunkKitchen25 karma

I will be signing books after the show! Let's hug! :D


BabbySlenderman21 karma

Hi Hannah! What did you think of Dan (NerdCubed) when you met him?

MyDrunkKitchen26 karma

Honestly, he was one of my favorite people to collaborate with. What a total sweetheart. <3


Katemnl20 karma


MyDrunkKitchen58 karma

In ten years, I would love to have a dog and a cat and a couple of baby Hartos. That's where I see myself. :D

And I believe that Hartosexuals are a nascent community and a way of life! I think my demos range from old to young, male to female (and others), and basically consist of a group of smart, thoughtful, and positive bunch.

We are good company!

elDarto17 karma

Hey Hannah, thanks for doing this, I wanted to know can Vloctober please make a dramatic comeback this October??!

MyDrunkKitchen44 karma

You know what... that's a brilliant idea! I'm literally writing that down right now.

I do some vloggin sometimes... and it's on http://youtube.com/yourharto

Depukel417 karma

Hey Hannah, thanks for doing this! I really appreciate how you (and Grace and Mamrie!) do your best to interact with us as much as possible on things like this, Tumblr, and other mediums. How do you think hartosexuals, trinititties, and others should establish what is the line that shouldn't be crossed when posting or commenting about you guys and your personal lives? Love you! :)

MyDrunkKitchen24 karma

I think that people do a good job of respecting boundaries. We are lucky to have a good group of peeps in our community. :)

anastasiagowan17 karma

Would you ever dye your hair another color that isn't blonde or brown? If so, Which color?

MyDrunkKitchen45 karma

Ooooh... maybe black? That would be so bad-ass!

sjrose15 karma

Hi Hannah! I preordered your book and can't wait for it to come in the mail!

When and how did you first start to realize that MDK was getting big and becoming a sensation?

MyDrunkKitchen35 karma

It still shocks me to this day. I think the only time I really started to believe that this was all really happening was when I met the President... O_O


nnn33114 karma

Of all the places you've traveled, which would you most recommend for someone to visit?

MyDrunkKitchen48 karma

I really wanna go to Iceland... I would recommend people go there and then tell me about it!

Also, Japan... but the countryside. Not Tokyo. It's just got a lot of beauty and ancient-soul-type feelings...


greyarea10113 karma

What is the best thing about your new book? The worst thing?

MyDrunkKitchen61 karma

I would say that maybe the best thing is about new book is probably the way it smells. It smells like book.

Dunno about a worst thing.

blunderbusstree11 karma

How did you find an agent? Were you approached because of your success on youtube or did you seek them out? I'm currently attempting to find one myself and I hope that you would have some advice about the process.

MyDrunkKitchen21 karma

I was approached! But honestly... agents... meh. I think it's better to find a self-sustaining form of entertainment.

rixhx11 karma

Will you be doing any Hello Harto tours in countries other than the US or UK or Australia? :D

MyDrunkKitchen26 karma

Only if I ran another crowdfunding campaign...

gypsysoulwandering10 karma

Hi Hannah! What is your favourite recipe in your book? I tried PB and J and PC and I have to say I didn't hate it lol Looking forward to trying more :)

MyDrunkKitchen23 karma

Did you think it tasted like Chinese food???

tinalemon9 karma

Have you ever thought about writing an autobiography? Also what your favorite pun?

MyDrunkKitchen20 karma

The book is a lot like an autobiography actually... just with recipes to match each life experience. :)



no1partyanthem9 karma

Have you considered making another film? Would the tone be different to Camp Takota?

MyDrunkKitchen51 karma

I actually just finished my first screenplay! The tone is different... more akin to Little Miss Sunshine or something that's like... heartfelt...and indie...


browncd89 karma

Tuna Melt Madness or Variety Show? (Fart Soundboard)

MyDrunkKitchen37 karma


cupcakebond8 karma

Will you sign my drunk kitchen book?

MyDrunkKitchen23 karma

Sure! I will be signing a lot of them!

alittlewibble8 karma

How do you deal with writers block?

MyDrunkKitchen41 karma

Sit down. Cry. Bleed from forehead. Hope that the drops form words.

And then do it all over again the next day! :D

p.s. writing is really really hard... but deeply rewarding... I would say the best/only way to deal with writer's block is to muscle through it as much as possible. Don't leave your desk until you've written SOMETHING. No matter how terrible it is! At least you're getting the juices flowing.

starlightzone7 karma

Hey Hannah! I've been a big time fan of yours. And I'd love to know the best and worst experience you've had while doing this show, what type of starbucks drink would you be, and what kind of games do you like playing?

MyDrunkKitchen16 karma




weederthanyou7 karma

Hey Hannah! What was your favorite memory in Berkeley and where did you like to hang out?

MyDrunkKitchen20 karma

I loved living in the co-ops while at school. :)

And my favorite place to hang out... maybe that coffee shop on the north side? I can't remember the name right now...but it was great!

003255 karma

you're a lot of people's style inspirations. who's yours?

MyDrunkKitchen29 karma

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt


laughingbuildsabs4 karma

Hey Hannah!

What's your favourite lazy person recipe that isn't included in your book?

PS. Love you

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Ilikehoohill4 karma


MyDrunkKitchen19 karma

I skimmed them... but I clicked check!

D3Xii4 karma

What what your motivation to write your book and will there be another?

MyDrunkKitchen27 karma

I've always, always wanted to write a book. And I really hope to write another one some day soon.

My motivation... was basically that I wanted to make sure that even if/when My Drunk Kitchen stopped being a weekly show... there was tangible evidence of some of the messages that mattered most to me.

Cheekypol4 karma

What's the best way of advertising your YouTube channel when you first start out?

MyDrunkKitchen9 karma