I'm Pandora Boxx a drag queen/comedian/actor/how many slashes can I make (please also make the slashing noise when you say it) who was Miss Congeniality on RuPaul's Drag Race S2 and kind of grumpy on RPDR All Stars ;) My brand new music video "Different" will be out on August 5, 2014. It's dedicated to anyone who ever felt different.

www.pandoraboxx.com www.facebook.com/thepandoraboxx www.twitter.com/thepandoraboxx Instagram: pandoraboxx

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dariennelake405 karma

Will you ever quit doing drag?

pandoraboxx382 karma

I thought we'd be performing at the Drag Queen retirement home together. You'd be there first, of course, since you're older.

dariennelake134 karma

By 5 months, hag! See you Saturday. xoxo

pandoraboxx74 karma

Heh heh heh ;)

argylenavy161 karma

If I got a dog and named it Pandora Barxx, would you be honored or creeped out?

pandoraboxx136 karma

That is so cute!

krobin69 karma

I loved your Hermione performance at BOTS! Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

pandoraboxx81 karma


PM_MeYourCharizards67 karma

Hi Pandora! I've been a long time fan since Drag Race and I've been following you on Youtube ever since. Your incredible wit and charisma never fail to inspire me. You're always painted for filth, which brings me to a few questions:

  1. Approximately how long do you take for your makeup, especially to let the powder cook?

  2. What are a few makeup products you can't live without?

  3. Do you have any items in your makeup arsenal that normal drag queens don't use?

Thank you! Stay sweet, Miss Boxx. :)

pandoraboxx79 karma

Thank you!

  1. The powder doesn't really "cook" on me since I'm wall paint white. But generally it's 2hrs.
  2. Sugarpill eye shadows and OCC lip tars
  3. Spray paint? kidding.

paulflorez31 karma

  1. Spray paint? kidding.

or ARE you?

pandoraboxx40 karma

You took the potion!

Frajer59 karma

How do you feel about the controversy surrounding RuPaul using the word "tranny"?

pandoraboxx172 karma

I will certainly never use a word that offends a certain person to them but with this word it has meant different things to different people. Way before it became a derogatory word that uneducated people spew with hate. Those people will still do that. RuPaul has done so much for the LGBT community, in my opinion.

bertrivas51 karma

Hi Pandora! You are the reason why I started watching RPDR. I was deeply disappointed with your elimination on Season 2 but I have admired how relatable you are. My question to you is; From the reunion special when RuPaul mentions that there was a controversy and uproar over your elimination how did you truly feel at the moment hearing RuPaul say that to you?

pandoraboxx66 karma

A-mazing! I mean if ya gotta go that's the way to do it!

mintkupocream44 karma

Will you be doing any more video game cosplay sometime soon? I think I remember you once saying you like Lulu from FFX; will you ever cosplay as her?

pandoraboxx85 karma

Her outfit is difficult. All those belts! I'd love to do more, maybe Yuna or Rikku.

Chomperoni36 karma

I loved you in RPDR!

You and Ben De La Creme are 2 of my favorites, since you both are always so bright and happy.

You definitely deserved Miss Congeniality, but if you hadn't received the title who do you feel should have been the runner up?

pandoraboxx87 karma

Thank you :)

Jujubee :)

pdbootz31 karma

Hi Pandora! I am a long time fan. Question: If you and Mimi would have made it to RuPaul's Gaff-in, who do you think your celebrity duo would have been?

pandoraboxx39 karma

We didn't know exactly what the challenge would be, so if it were a "Snatch Game" I was going to do Paula Abdul. But since I've heard what this challenge was (I haven't watch the whole season, ha ha!) I probably would have changed it to Suze Ormann or Liza :)

LostinPittsburgh26 karma

Other than your new music video do you have any big projects coming up soon we should know about?

pandoraboxx110 karma

My new stand up show: Missed Connections. I'll be doing dramatic readings of Craiglist ads and then telling comedy stories after each one. :)

holeonfire26 karma

do you have a large drag family and drag daughters ?

pandoraboxx235 karma

Who can keep track? Drag queens are like gremlins, throw a little liquor on one and five more pop off.

mistermartian24 karma

Pandora! Much love from Mars!

How do you feel about how RPDR has grown since your season? For example, season 6 seemed a little more fast-paced and forced. Almost scripted at times. (in my opinion)

pandoraboxx71 karma

Teleport us to Mars, Teletubby! There's definitely more attention on the show now and there is a certain slickness to it. It's more polished but seems to have less heart. This also comes from contestants watching all the seasons past and knowing what to do or what they think they should do.

jalapenoo23 karma

What queen do you want to see on season 7?

pandoraboxx148 karma

Shangela! Ha ha ;)

captain-fur22 karma

How come you got to wear your sixties outfit for All Stars for that shot of all of you pointing at the wall but Mimi didn't? What's the T on that? I mean this

pandoraboxx33 karma

Mimi had be flown home but I live in LA so they asked me to come in and do that. I did.

honeyofabooboo20 karma

What was judge Merle of season 2 like off camera, before she got sucked into that endless chasm known as Michelle Visage's cleavage?

pandoraboxx36 karma

I really liked Merle! She was very nice & sweet off camera. So is Michelle, but don't tell her I told you! ha ha!

Mittens2319 karma

Pandora, Who would have been your ideal team-mate on All Stars?

pandoraboxx67 karma


fizzing_whizzbees19 karma

Hi Pandy! Since you shared such personal details about your experiences with depression on S2, do you get a lot of people telling you that you've helped them deal with their own depression? How does it feel?

pandoraboxx54 karma

I do, all the time. It's truly amazing that by being honest that I could help people. I really had never talked about it to a group of people before. I'm glad I did. It always helps to know that you aren't alone in your feelings. We are all much more alike in our minds than we realize, sometimes.

_Dandroid17 karma

Hi Pandora! Long time fan so I'm really happy you're doing this! Hoping you can clear something up. I've heard people say that you're occasionally 'mean' to fans. My question is how would you respond to comments like this, and do you ever find it hard to stay 'in character' with such a busy and tiring schedule? Like, do Michael and Pandora ever blend a little bit? Love you, thanks for doing this!

pandoraboxx56 karma

It honestly hurts my heart. I would never intentionally be mean to a fan! Why would I? It makes no sense. I love that I even have fans! It's tough sometimes when it's a crowded club, or I'm tired, or being pulled around so it can happen. I'm only human. Sometimes I make jokes too and in a noisy club may not come across as so. So sorry to anyone who ever felt that way!

Michael created Pandora so yes there is cross-over. Pandora is everything I wished I could be as a shy little boy.

mgranaa15 karma

Would you read drag race fan fics if they were about you?

pandoraboxx31 karma

I didn't even know that was a thing??

gardenofcucumbers32 karma


Enjoy supernatural conspiracies and halleloo-hexes.

pandoraboxx34 karma

Oh loooord! haha!

rachypeppers15 karma

Hi Pandora! My partner and I saw you perform this past year in Philly and we both loved you :) Thanks for this AMA! I have two questions:

Who are some of your comedy idols?

If you could go back to Drag Race, is there a moment you wish you could do over?

pandoraboxx32 karma

Thank you!

So many! Carol Burnett, Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho, Whoopi Goldberg, Wanda Sykes.

I wouldn't have worn that green dress.

Snutchy15 karma

I'm asking this for my wife, who is from Rochester, where is your favorite place to perform?

pandoraboxx42 karma


Anywhere that pays me :)

fauxpunk13 karma

What is your favorite outfit to wear, in and out of drag?

pandoraboxx27 karma

Out of drag: a quirky t-shirt and jeans.

In: something pretty and sexy and Coven-esque

pherydust13 karma

Hi Pandora, where do you get the energy to do what you do, night after night? Do you have a certain routine to get energized?

pandoraboxx26 karma

Red bull, 5 hr energy, toss in some vodka. Go! It's tough sometimes but I always know that I'm doing something I love to do and making a living at it. Not everyone can do that, so it keeps me motivated.

TheCountCondor13 karma

Hey Pandora! I'm a big fan and I enjoyed you in Season 2 and in All Stars! I've asked many of my friends this, but you should have a unique perspective on this. What is your opinion on straight men performing drag? I've heard that it crosses a line and is only meant for the LGBTQ community, but I've also heard that it's okay as long as it is respected for the art that it should be. What are your thoughts on this?

pandoraboxx26 karma

Go for it! It's all about having fun.

mathetes7613 karma

Did you not look before posting the picture announcing this AMA? I can see you butt in the mirror! HA!

pandoraboxx44 karma

That was the whole point :)

welchy11112 karma

You were so funny when I saw you in Louisville at BOTS. The unicorn song was great!

Which queen throws the most shade behind the scenes?

pandoraboxx19 karma

Thanks! Unicorn will be out soon! Shooting a music video for that one soon.

Who do you think does? ;)

And actually MOST of the queens I've worked with are all fun. Bianca always has something shady/true to say. Love her.

ritabaneadonis12 karma

What camp queens of yesteryear would you say influenced you the most!? :) (I know everyone asks which comedienne's, but I'm a drag history afficionado, so I'm curious!! <3)

pandoraboxx26 karma

Dame Edna definitely since I think she probably was the first queen I ever knew about.

banananun12 karma

What's the shadiest thing that happened behind the scenes on your season(s) of drag race? With producers? Between the scenes? Something we fans never got to see. =)

pandoraboxx42 karma

I think I'd have to go into witness relocation if I told you.

SPRubster12 karma

Hi Pandy! Is your cherry pie still moist?

pandoraboxx25 karma

Especially today, it's humid in LA.

astrum198912 karma

What was your most and least favourite part of Drag Race?

Who's your favourite winner?

pandoraboxx31 karma

Making RuPaul laugh was a-mazing! Least favorite part was being eliminated.

That's tough! I do love me some Jinkx-y though.

idontwanton12 karma

Hi Pandora!! You're wonderful, and thank you for being you!

Could you tell us about one of your weirdest/creepiest/scariest moments in drag? As in.. fans-gone-bad, a funny/strange experience at a club, or just anything like that? Hopefully you don't have too many to choose from, but I love to hear people's WTF moments.

pandoraboxx24 karma

Someone bought a pair of my heels I wore during my show for $400. I thought he was kidding but he wasn't! He bought them for his girlfriend. Strange but he was very nice and that a nice chunk of change for shoes that did NOT cost that much.

goodvibes9211 karma

do you date other drag queens? if so, do you ever borrow, aka steal, each other's clothes?

pandoraboxx25 karma

I've been with my guy for 8yrs and he has NO interest in ever doing drag lol.

But my best friend is a girl and when we were roommates we did steal each other's stuff. lol

MrEvLo11 karma

Any tips for people just trying to get into drag? I'm talking new born, just trying to learn makeup but wondering how I'm gonna afford things like hair and material eventually.

pandoraboxx20 karma

YouTube tutorials! Petrilude!

starrynyght4 karma

I'll piggyback on your question because I'm wondering where to learn the make-up techniques. Where do you learn that stuff?! Its amazing how you can transform like that!

pandoraboxx9 karma

from practice and watching other queens. YouTube has amazing tutorials now.

Sputnik_One11 karma

What makeup do you use to create your look? Favorites you can't live without?

pandoraboxx16 karma

Sugarpill & OCC :)

goodbyesimone11 karma

Hi, Pandora! Do you like Battlestar Galactica? I just finished binge watching the entire series! You are already one of my favorites, but I love you even more knowing that you like to nerd out too!

pandoraboxx17 karma

Definitely! I own the dvds!

huntychaser11 karma

Who'd you rather slap first Mimi or Santino?

pandoraboxx41 karma

Ha! I think it would have been so much better TV if I had slapped Mimi when we were outside and said: Snap out of it!

AmyTHEHunty11 karma

I recently saw you wearing a fabulous Madonna's head-to-toe-white cowgirl pimp era look in an older doc about drag. Why didn't you wear THAT for the Country Queens runway?

pandoraboxx17 karma

I'm not sure. I always went back and forth with my choices. At least Tanya Tucker liked my outfit!

mistermartian10 karma

More Love From Mars!

How do you think your season of All Stars would have been different if they didn't stick you in duos?

pandoraboxx74 karma

People would have actually liked the show.

jd1z9 karma

What has been the biggest difference in your life after doing a couple reality tv shows?

pandoraboxx16 karma

Being a full time entertainer, something I always dreamed of doing.

genericke8 karma

Pandora, I think you're absolutely wonderful.

I remember during the rocker chicks episode, and the burlesque dance you were talking about how your heart was pounding in your chest and you were so nervous.

I want to do so many things too like stand up comedy, or other kinds of performances. How do you get over this kind of nervousness, and not only do it, but slay it when you do it?

pandoraboxx12 karma

You just believe in yourself and force yourself to do it. Eyes on the prize! Once on stage just live it!

Lalalandblah8 karma

Hi Pandora! Firstly, I love you and I adore your sense of humor <3 I love all your looks and music videos that i have them on repeat all the time. Okay, I always wondered, how did your drag name originated? Was it all you or had some help? Also are you excited/afraid/mix of both for the upcoming Capaldi potrayal of the Doctor?

pandoraboxx11 karma

All me, and Pandora is from Greek mythology :)

And I'd say I'm curious about it...

collyblom8 karma

What tips did you give to Darriene to help her to prepare for Drag Race?

pandoraboxx15 karma

Be fabulous, funny and bite your tongue sometimes.

DaleTremont5 karma

I know most of it was editing- but clearly Darienne did not heed your bite-the-tongue advice ;)

pandoraboxx8 karma

Well... I should have been more specific. Her snarky tone can seem real real bitchy if you don't know her.

jizzdoe8 karma

Hi Pandora,

Which of any past contestants are you closest to from the Drag Race network of queens?

In your opinion, are Sharon and Willam as frustrating to work with as many others have made them out to be (Bianca, the rest of DWV, etc.), or are they getting unfairly criticized?

edit: grammar

pandoraboxx29 karma

One of the best things about RPDR is getting to meet some amazingly talented and wonderful queens. I know certain queens better than others because I worked and work with them or traveled with them. Darienne and I have been friends for at least 20yrs. We we 2yrs old (Liza Minelli, LIES!)

And when you put a bunch of divas in a room together repeatedly, there will be drama. I, personally, have gotten along with Willam and Sharon.

k_sheep8 karma

One of my favorite things I've seen you do is the Geeking Out in March clips! I have three questions for you, the last is optional.

  1. What is your favorite Science Fiction movie and/or TV show?
  2. Have you ever done or considered doing cosplay? I feel like with all of your amazing outfits, you could definitely make some fun and creative costumes.

  3. (Only applies if you are a Buffy fan) Spike or Angel?

I can not wait until I can see you live!

pandoraboxx9 karma

Thanks! Those were fun and they wanted me to be a boy!

  1. Star Wars
  2. Yes I have and will do more!
  3. I had a bf that looked like Angel, lol.

hereforthecrisps7 karma

What TV show would you snatch someone's wig off to be a part of?

pandoraboxx22 karma

American Horror Story

sfhunty7 karma

Hey Pandora, Can you give us any info on what went down while you were performing here in SF? The reddit was buzzing that the performance wasn't going well, and they kind of came and cut you short in your set and there was drama.. Is this true? Was it supposed to be a bit that didn't really work?

pandoraboxx13 karma

Ha! I was SO mad. And no the set was going well but they were running behind on time (we had a later show too). Peaches and Heklina were basically forced to go out there by the demand of someone on the crew. They did NOT want to. I almost left and didn't do the other show, only because I was afraid what you said is what people were going to think.

All awkward. Needless to say they did NOT do that to anyone else that night.

That person got fired. I felt bad but she made a judgement call without consulting anyone.

sfhunty3 karma

Eeeeek, sorry to hear about that whole situation.

pandoraboxx5 karma

Not fun for any of us.

BexandBlackcats7 karma

Hi Pandora! What is your favorite part of being a Ru girl? Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. You're the best! Hope to see you on the talking dead this October/November.

pandoraboxx13 karma

Being able to travel and be an entertainer! And that Ru even knows who I am!

BrookeStardust7 karma

Oh my goodness, Pandora! c:

One of my favourite parts of going to college in Rochester was the ability to see you live so often! You are completely entrancing on stage!

Which leads to the age old question of what is your favourite Rochester eatery? Follow up, garbage plates yay or nay?

pandoraboxx14 karma

Thank you!

I like the Gate House because they have a burger named after me :) I also like Edibles :)

I've never had a garbage plate so nay. They look like bum barf on noodles. lol

gjkooijman7 karma

What has been the hardest part business wise after RPDR? Can imagine that keeping track of bookings/taxes while on the road can be quite the hassle.

pandoraboxx5 karma

Not having a manager at first made it tough. But my manager has made my life easier. He does all that.

Peruvianart7 karma

Two questions: What did you think about Darriene Lake being on the show this last season? Were you happy with how she behaved/acted or the was she was edited?

pandoraboxx40 karma

I was thrilled! But sadly she did get the "bitch" edit. Darienne is very snarky and a total smart ass which came across more bitchy on TV.

chibookie7 karma

What videogames are you playing right now?

pandoraboxx28 karma

telltale's The Walking Dead, but waiting for the last episode! I just got Puppeteer, so fun! And Lego: Batman 2, Batman Arkham City and still trying to finish Dragon Age: Origins. Does it ever end? LOL

lo-li-ta3 karma

How did you feel about the most recent episode of The Walking Dead? At the end, I was just running around the room, trying to not hyperventilate and scream really loudly.

pandoraboxx3 karma


gardenofcucumbers6 karma

What music are you listening to recently? And how are you preparing yourself for the modern classic that is Sharknado 2? ;)

pandoraboxx14 karma

I just downloaded a bunch of new music from: Ariana Grande, Iggy Izalea, Ella Henderson, Charlie XCX, Sinead O'Connor. I generally listen to female artists, go figure.

pandoraboxx14 karma

I want to be in Sharknado 3! Can we make this happen?

RGT876 karma

Are you and Darien Lake still besties all these years after your Rickie Lake appearance?

pandoraboxx6 karma

Of course! We were before that show too!

gbinasia6 karma

Did you ever play in the Litter Boxx?

pandoraboxx13 karma

Ha! No! But we do keep in touch.

thefangirl6 karma

Whats your favourite Doctor Who episode? Mine is the 'empty child'.

pandoraboxx9 karma

hmmm. The Doctor's Wife. Or The Library.

metriko6 karma

Hey Pandora!

You are inspiring to me, and due to your style of drag it makes me want to get into drag myself. What would you recommend for a little gay kid in NYC to start?

Thanks for all the laughs!

pandoraboxx8 karma

Just do it! Grab some fabric and a wig and have fun with it!

alextyrian6 karma

What made you want to make the "Different" video? I'm really excited for it.

pandoraboxx7 karma

I really love doing music and I wanted to do a song that was a tribute to all the people who have been picked on for being different.

adici5 karma

do you watch japanese anime / read manga too? if yes what's your fave?

pandoraboxx7 karma

I don't. But it's pretty cool!

dilettwat5 karma

What advice would you give the Season 7 queens over the next six months, to help them handle the gap between filming and broadcast?

What's been the most surreal/bizarre experience you've had on the BOTS tours? What's been the most gratifying?

pandoraboxx12 karma

Drink vodka.

Just performing for such amazing fans has been incredible! The audiences have been so fabulous.

georgecantwait5 karma


pandoraboxx7 karma

My new music video that comes out on 8/5/14! Beyond excited for that! And I'd love to do movies, tv and more music.

I have an idea for a horror/comedy movie that I am going to start writing soon.

walkingCropse5 karma

What was your most anxious moment on the show? ( and also, you should wear some fangs around Halloween and make yourself look like PAM from True Blood, you remind me of her drag sister ) Stay awesome and lookin fwd to seeing you in LA / San Diego

pandoraboxx4 karma

So many people say that! I really need to watch the show!

Most anxious moment: the runway. every time.

theresnopast5 karma

Hey Pandora!!

I absolutely love watching your Drag Center recaps on Logo and it has let me get to know your personality so much better!

After a show, what's your go to "I'm fucking starving and I need food now" meal?

pandoraboxx9 karma

Thank you! I have fun with them and hope others do too.

Pizza. :)

aftershaveocean5 karma

what challenge from another season do you think you would have excelled at?

pandoraboxx17 karma

I would have loved to do that Stand-up challenge and The Roast!

spoilz5 karma

Pandora! I honestly feel like you and Mimi could've been the best partners, but poor Mimi was under heavy scrutiny from everyone and you seem to just let it happen and wallow at your match. Do you think if you two had brushed it all of your shoulders, you could've gone further? Or was it really just too hard to work with Mimi.

pandoraboxx12 karma

Her doing my makeup was... challenging. But we had fun doing the shoot. And on the runway. I also did tell Mimi all I was feeling (you never saw that). I just felt as a team we were at a disadvantage from the get-go. I also felt some teams were immediately favored.

That back room debacle was awkward. I just didn't want to be there. And I was so sick that day of shooting.

Miss_Glittah_Stain5 karma

You were really funny in Charlie Hides' Trick Advisor video. Are you going to collaborate with any other Youtubers in the future?

pandoraboxx5 karma

I love Charlie Hides! We had been talking about doing something for awhile. I just did a little spot in one of Willam's videos coming out soon. And I'd love to do more with others. I'm planning on doing more on my own channel.

SugarSmak4 karma

I love your HuffPo pieces (as you know). Any plans for more long form writing - or a (gasp) book perhaps? (And come back to Atlanta!)

pandoraboxx8 karma

Thank you!

I started writing a scifi book but books are SO involved. I may go back to it. I have an idea for a comedy/horror/drag queen movie. I may start writing that soon :)

macutchi4 karma

Did you like the Macutchi remix of cover girl? I made it!

pandoraboxx6 karma

I haven't heard it! I'll have to listen to it now :)

collyblom4 karma

How did you meet Tori Amos? Did she know who you are? Was she nice?

pandoraboxx13 karma

I went to a meet and greet at her sound check. She was amazing! She didn't but she was very intuitive. She knew I was a writer. Love her! Her Little Earthquakes album was the soundtrack to my 20's.

Chubby8D4 karma

What was the challenge you couldn't wait to do in AS?

pandoraboxx6 karma

We didn't know what they would be. Sadly, all I got to do was a photo shoot in gray paint water.

NerfHerdess3 karma

Ms.Box! I saw you in Fargo, ND on your birthday! Your marker wasn't working during the social hour and I fixed it for you (allegedly by sticking in my lady bits).

I was wondering, what did you all get to do after the show that night? We had a couple queens ask us for places to go and wanted to see if you guys had an awesome evening!

pandoraboxx4 karma

I think we just all went back to the hotel. It was a long tour and I had a bad stomach flu for half of it. :)

krautrock3 karma

Who are some of your favorite drag queens who haven't been on the show?

pandoraboxx21 karma

So many! Sherry Vine, Jackie Beat, Coco Peru, Peaches Christ, Heklina, Miss Richfield 1981, all the legendary queens. I also really love Daisy Deadpetals, Nina West, Rhea Litre, Mayhem Miller, Derrick Barry, Kasha Davis all of who would be great on the show.

Mo3993 karma

Do you feel like you felt the wrong way about Mimi on All Stars? Like, do you regret being pissed cause she got paired up with you?

pandoraboxx15 karma

It was never her personally or her abilities. I was mad because I sort of saw the outcome of the show when people got paired. I knew we were at a disadvantage. I told all this to Mimi right after we were together :)

JasperPNewton3 karma

Hey Pandora! You are still my favorite queen from all the seasons, and I'm loving how your career is developing after RPDR (I've been following on Fb, reading your blogs, etc). Question: how do you feel about drag becoming more and more "mainstream entertainment" with RPDR's growing popularity, and how has this rise in attention affected/changed your career path? What do you like and dislike about this trend towards mainstream?

pandoraboxx8 karma

I love it! More work for all queens!

RPDR has allowed me to be a full time entertainer which I love :)

Letsshootthequeen3 karma

How did you enjoy your tour to Australia? Will you be telling other queens to come here too? (Btw. You skipped Brisbane, which is where I am :( )

pandoraboxx10 karma

I don't get to pick my tour dates or places :( But I loved Australia! I hope to come back. People have to tell the promoters to bring me back.

amshoe3 karma

Who (other than you of course) are your favorite Snatch Gamers? Who killed it? Who, um, maybe wasn't so great? Your season or others!

pandoraboxx14 karma

Jinkx! And this last season had so many good ones: Bianca, Adore, Darienne and Ben!

Um, do I need to tell you who was terrible? LOL! I think it's obvious.

maikeru_desu3 karma

How was the decision made to have Mimi lip sync for both of your lives? Did you ever consider pushing that button?

I hope you get to this but either way thanks for doing this Pandora! You are the only queen to have ever made my boyfriend laugh out loud unironically.

pandoraboxx10 karma

Mimi really wanted to do it. And I thought about it but I was afraid I was going to puke. I was SO sick that day of shooting, like huddled over a garbage can right before we walked on stage.

zer0ace3 karma

Hi Pandora! I haven't had a chance to see you live yet, but I have heard such great things about your performances! I was wondering, how do you come up with routines? Do you just work with things that you like, or try to build off things that are in/relevant nowadays? I am interested in hearing about your 'process' if you don't mind sharing!

pandoraboxx6 karma

I'm glad you've heard good things! And it's all of the above. If it's a lip-syncing mix I have a certain pattern/structure that works well with audiences that I just apply to different scenarios/characters. I like to attempt to do things I haven't seen before.

procedure033033 karma

Do you feel that RPDR is a good venue for queens with your skill set, or do you feel the format favors other types of queens? (i.e. did you even have a CHANCE?!) Love you Pandy. <3

pandoraboxx5 karma

I feel like now it is! Then it was definitely more: Top Model.

amshoe3 karma

How much do previous Ru Girls tend to know about what's happening next (who might be on the show, "plot" twists, etc.?) Like, is there an awesome queen phone tree where you'll hear from Juju and she'll say "hey spoilers but Willam totally pukes off the stage/BDLC gets eliminated/someone yet again tries to do Beyonce for Snatch Game!"?

pandoraboxx10 karma

Hmm. I think before I was doing Drag Center recaps there was a lot of that. But I'm sworn to secrecy now and see the episodes in advance ;)

doraemon863 karma

I was a huge fan of yours during season 2. Was obsessed with you and was so stocked when I heard you were gonna be on All stars.

However, your attitude on all stars turned me off. The bubbly pandora that I saw on season 2 turned into this above it all diva.

I guess my question is... did you let fame get into your head a little bit? do you feel you're better than some queens?

I mean I still like you and all and still support you.. but i guess i just went froma superfan to a regular supporter

pandoraboxx9 karma

It definitely was not about how fabulous I thought I was or anything going to my head. I was irritated because I saw the whole outcome of the show once the pairs were picked. I also felt Mimi and I were facing an uphill battle since we were the "camp queens."

So no I've never let all this go to my head. I just came in so ready and it was like a punch in the stomach when they did teams. I think we all felt that way.

Mimi and I talked about out feelings but they, of course, never showed that.

wayiswho3 karma

How staged was that episode of AS Untucked you were in? The whole episode felt strange and like everything was planted or acted up.

pandoraboxx5 karma

It was weird. I felt like it was before they all came in the room. Mimi walking off was real. I didn't want to go after her or go outside (daylight! eek!) I feel like that sealed our fate since it was before the bottom two was announced.

Tree_Trunks3 karma

Do you regret working with Adam Barta?

pandoraboxx4 karma

lol. No I like Adam. I don't love all of his co-workers, ha ha. I'm happy with our parody we did. It was fun to do.

sgjolinar2 karma

Hello! Any thoughts on the things that came to light at Comic Con? Did you like Wonder Woman's costume? I liked the design but hate that color palate. It looks like she fell in a mud puddle. Love your work!

pandoraboxx5 karma

I love the Wonder Woman outfit! And I loved the Walking Dead preview!

meredithlaverne2 karma

Can we hang out next time you're in Louisville and become best friends?

pandoraboxx8 karma

Stalker! ;)

jump_oniT852 karma

When you transform into Pandora do you feel like you are different person from Michael or do you feel like Michael playing a role of a different person?

pandoraboxx6 karma

There's definitely a "Pandora mode" because it is a character. But it's still me too. :)

ldnfoxxy2 karma

Who was your biggest inspiration growing up and why?

pandoraboxx6 karma

My mom. She was supportive and tried to keep our home happy even though my father was a very negative force in our lives.

rupaul_drag_race2 karma

What are your favorite song/songs at the moment?

pandoraboxx4 karma

All About The Bass! I love the song and message!

AgentFear2 karma

Pandora Boxx! Thanks for doing an AMA.

Here's a question: What happened in Season 2 did we not get to see on air that you wish got on the air?

Bonus question: Season 2 girls were very.. aggravated.. with each other during filming, it seemed. (Raven vs Tati, Tyra vs Everyone, Mystique vs Morgan). Who else had some 'beef', or aggravation, that we didn't see air?

pandoraboxx7 karma

Me being funnier! They cut all my real funny bits. It was all about being a top model that season.

You got all of them! Oh maybe Everyone vs. The Food The Fed Us. #awful

RPDRNick2 karma

Hey Pandy.

It seems so many fantastic drag queens seem to come out of Rochester. What is it about that area that inspires so many great performers to do drag? And what is it about Rochester that makes audiences embrace drag perhaps more so than most other smaller cities?

Whatever happened to Stella Dora (from Ricki Lake's Get a Grip, Doll. You're Too Fat to Be a Drag Queen)?

pandoraboxx4 karma

Rochester is a very "arty" city. There's a lot of culture there which makes it a great environment to be an entertainer. We also worked really hard to build up a great drag scene that appealed to a straight audience. And it worked! If you build it, they will come.

Stella lives in Ohio and last I knew was a makeup artist but quit drag long ago.

rupaul_drag_race2 karma

Can I be your non-drag drag daughter? <3

pandoraboxx3 karma

Ha ha!