My short bio: I am a YouTuber with three different channels that have a combined 900,000+ subscribers. I also run a fairly successful Twitch channel with 360,000+ followers. Making me the 12th most followed in Twitch history. I am lucky enough to play video games for a living. Ask away! :D


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Edit: Thanks for all the questions guys! I really appreciate it. Was a good time. Have some other things I have to go do now, hope you all have a good night. I'll see if I can come back tomorrow and answer some more. <3

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ReMix302115 karma

What was your initial thought when your channel started growing? How did your family react once you actually started making a livable wage?

GoldGloveTV244 karma

My initial thought was definitely: why? Why me? I didn't think I was very unique or special. I was just having fun making videos.

My family was surprised/shocked more than anything. We live in a very different world now than my parents did growing up. They couldn't believe that making videos/playing video games all day could give me enough money to support myself. Now they're beyond supportive and sometimes my dad even jokes and say "get in that bedroom and play more video games, son." :P

iHardscopedJFK104 karma

What kind of income do you make off of such a successful following?

GoldGloveTV166 karma

I figured this would be a top question, so let's nail it early. I can't give you exact figures but I am decently well off. I am able to live comfortably while also saving some money for my future. I'm 23, so big purchases are starting to present themselves. House, newer cars, etc. Hopefully marriage and a family will follow a couple years after as well. So I'm just trying to take one thing at a time and be safe with my money. Hopefully that answered enough of the question. Sorry I can't give you exact numbers. Although if you do a little research, you can probably get a pretty good estimate of how much I take home.

ilmnti62 karma

When is YAGB episode 11 coming out?

GoldGloveTV61 karma

Man oh man, I wish it was today. I miss that group. It'd be a lot different now since I'm not 18 years old anymore. Sadly bud, probably never. RIP.

PoppyMcDaniels49 karma

Did Ally know the GoldGlove side of you when you guys first met?

GoldGloveTV61 karma

She knew about it but didn't really understand it at first. Once she saw it all in action, she was really cool with it.

The1MightyBouch39 karma

When you first told Ally you did YouTube and Twitch for a living what did she think and how did you eventually get her to consider the same kind of lifestyle?

GoldGloveTV50 karma

She was always pretty intrigued by it. I started showing her streams and the videos I made, she found them funny (or she was just being a nice girlfriend), and then since she was around it so often, she decided to give it a shot. It's nice to be able to spend time together while also being productive.

The1MightyBouch12 karma

As a fan of you both, it's awesome to see such an awesome dynamic duo do streams together with great chemistry :D P.S. any chance of couch streams coming back??

GoldGloveTV20 karma

Thanks! Couch streams will hopefully make a return when we move into a bigger place. :D

Trademark9733 karma

Hey, what other jobs did you have before youtube?

GoldGloveTV51 karma

I have actually never had another job outside of YouTube. I started young enough that I was still going to school and such when it started to take off. I kind of regret not doing a part job early on so that I could at least have experienced a normal job like others.

iamhipster33 karma

Is income from ~1,000,000 subs enough to supplant a full-time job?

GoldGloveTV61 karma

Income isn't related to the size of the channel. It's just about views. Some people with 1,000,000 subs aren't going to automatically make more money than someone with less than that.

It is my full time job, so most definitely!

UmbreonsRings28 karma

What do you do thats not video game related? And what do you offer that other videogame streamers dont?

GoldGloveTV45 karma

I really enjoy spending time with my family, movies galore, and when I get the chance, hiking. Really wish I had more time in the day to find some other hobbies I'd be interested in.

I think the major difference between myself and other streamers is the relationship I have with my viewers. I try to make it seem less like a stream and more like you're watching your friend play a game. I want to give my viewers of that in their living room on a summer night with their friends kind of feel. I like to have a good time, laugh, and just create a little family like atmosphere. I'm not professional by any means and that's what I like best about my stream/videos.

Patsfatcat1126 karma

How does your day go generally? Also how do you feel about Gamer Shore now?

GoldGloveTV51 karma

Wake up, get on PC, edit videos, upload videos, shower, get food, pet my cat, finish up video stuff, browse Reddit, tweet, pet my cat some more, stream for 4-8 hours, sit on Twitter, go to bed. Wake up and repeat it again.

Gamer Shore was an awesome concept but we just weren't the right guys to do it. I like my independence too much. I am not the sort of dude that would work well in a frat house.

MUFColin19 karma

Where do you see the gaming/streaming community, and even your channels in 5 years?

GoldGloveTV27 karma

It's very hard to say. This entire medium is still so new. Most people still don't know about it. I really hope it continues to expand and grow as much as it has been the last few years. Only time will tell. In 5 years, I hope to be doing the same thing that I'm doing now but...look back on YouTube 5 years ago. That's how much could change. I'm just gonna roll with the punches.

uknown5617 karma


GoldGloveTV29 karma

I was 19 years old, going to college part time, not enjoying it or life at all. It gave me something to work towards and then it gave me a career/a future. Working on Twitch/YouTube has given me a true passion for something that makes others laugh/happy. I love entertaining people and if it wasn't for Twitch/YouTube I would have never discovered such an amazing passion of mine. I am so appreciative of such a spectacular experience.

LightDAce14 karma

How tall are you?

GoldGloveTV26 karma

I am 5'11! I couldn't grow that one more inch. :'(

IAmNorthKorea12 karma

Whats the story behind getting your YouTube account deleted then getting it back? I know some people had the same thing happen for the same reason to them but no luck getting their's back.

GoldGloveTV13 karma

I was able to get the original copyright claims removed off of my channel from back in 2009. So since those claims were removed, all my channels were reinstated.

ToFoolThemIn12 karma

Would you rather fight 1 Ally-sized duck or 100 duck sized Allys?

GoldGloveTV23 karma

One Ally is enough. I'll take the Ally sized Duck. 100 little Allys would be instant doom.

Lord_Amoux12 karma

Hey Goldy. I know you are an big fan of baseball, and it sucks that you injured your arm. How long do you think you would have kept playing baseball if you didn't injure your arm? Do you think you would have gotten into video games as much as you did, or would you have focused your life more on baseball?

P.S. I love your butt

GoldGloveTV11 karma

To be honest, it was a blessing in disguise. I loved baseball and I loved playing it but I still feel like my family wanted me to play it more than I actually did. It was their dream for me to play in college and beyond. If I hadn't hurt my arm, I probably would have kept playing through college. Never know though. If it wasn't for my injury, there is no way I would have spent so much time on video games and video making. At the time it was super depressing but I now know that everything happens for a reason.

kewl_br33z310 karma

What would be the best advice you have for a youtuber starting out or a person starting out on Twitch?

GoldGloveTV14 karma

There are a lot of you out there. It's very over saturated. BUT. Always remember that someone could be watching. Be yourself, be original, have fun, show your passion for what you do, and someone could notice. I look for people who just love playing games. That's why we're all on Twitch anyway, right?

vdgarcia10 karma

Hey Golden, huge fan of you and SeaNanners! I want to ask, who are your favorite YouTubers or streamers to work with? Any sweet collabs in the future we can look forward to?

GoldGloveTV12 karma

I've always been a very tight niche kind of guy. I like to consistently play with the same group because I feel that creates the best possible dynamic. I'd say my current favorite streamers/Tubers to work/make content with would have to be VernNotice (LoadingGodmode), Actabunnif00f00, BragoonTV, & Fairlight_Excalibur. We all just bounce off each other so well. Makes for some awesome content!

aidclu069 karma

Will you ever scale down the gaming activity in favour of a more "conventional job" or will it be "stream til you drop"? Also is it difficult to keep healthy with regards to exercise with such a heavy demand for lack of motion with gaming?

GoldGloveTV11 karma

I definitely need to start hitting the gym. It's hard to take 30/60 minutes out of an already jam packed day. I guess I could be at the gym instead of doing this AMA. lol

DavisAg8 karma

Hey Goldy! Do you have a favorite beer?

GoldGloveTV16 karma

Nothing beats a Blue Moon with an orange slice.

britannic1927 karma

Hey Goldy! Huge fan, subbed to you on Twitch and watch nearly every stream, just curious, if you were given the chance and the money, what kind of game would you make? Would it be a FPS, third person, survival, shooter, etc. and would it have a story or be a multiplayer only game. Keep up the awesome videos and streams dude!

GoldGloveTV11 karma

Oh man, such a good question. I am not too sure but I would definitely say something in the survival shooter area. I am such a lover of DayZ that it would probably be very similar. Imagine a game like DayZ but Mass Effect elements as well. I love Sci fi. So something in that area.

valombo7 karma

Hey goldy I remember you stating in a video that you weren't planning on doing youtube/twitch for too much longer and that you had been offered other jobs in the industry but turned them down. I was wondering how much longer do you think you are going to stream/youtube and when you decide to call it quits what kind of work are you thinking about doing afterwards?

Edit: What happened to Brothers to the End bi-weekly podcast?

GoldGloveTV10 karma

I don't recall ever saying that I wouldn't be doing Twitch/YouTube much longer but maybe I said something that confused people. I was offered a few positions in the gaming industry during the times that my YouTube wasn't doing so well. I ended up turning them down because I still felt like I could make something out of YouTube. I ended up doing just that. I plan on doing this for as long as I can, then I'll figure out where to go from there.

eluigi687 karma

What's after YouTube & Twitch?

GoldGloveTV14 karma

Possibly working with a major game company? Starting my own company? I'm not sure, man. I've spent the last 5 years networking and meeting all sorts of people. Hopefully I can snag something if the time ever comes.

MrValentine17316 karma

Would you ever shave your head again for charity?

GoldGloveTV8 karma

Of course! It'll be a yearly tradition for Extra Life. Every year the goal will be raised but it'll be there. I'm thinking $15,000 this year for a head shave?

ceb366 karma

How hard is it juggling YouTube/Twitch and your actual life?

GoldGloveTV20 karma

YouTube/Twitch is my life. I have very little free time these days and when I do take a day off, I feel bad for not supplying my viewers with their daily entertainment. No complaints though. I like staying busy and I love what I do.

AWildRedditr6 karma

What is your favorite video that you have ever created? I've watched every single one since around 30k subs and cant even think of choosing.

GoldGloveTV26 karma

There are a few that come to mind but I think the best, un-scripted, craziest thing that ever happened in my videos is definitely when we kidnapped a poor kid in DayZ mod. Here it is for those who want to see:

chuckmorr5 karma

Hey Goldy! I love the streams. What's your favorite game to stream?

GoldGloveTV6 karma

Currently, DayZ. I just can't get over how awesome that game is/is going to be. I just love creating my own stories within a game.

Teahh5 karma

what is the worst game you've ever played?

GoldGloveTV35 karma


sunbro215 karma

Do you regret not going to college?

GoldGloveTV19 karma

Sometimes I wish I hadn't skipped out on the 4 year experience but I am in such a good position that I really can't be too upset. I have no debt and I didn't have to torture myself through 4 years of schooling that I didn't really wanna take part in. Will it come back to bite me in the ass? Only time will tell.

Also, stay in school.

CalebJayvee4 karma

Sorry if there's too many questions, answer any one(s) you like. 1.)What was your favorite event that's happened to you during your career & why? 2.)Any tips to aspiring YouTubers/gamers that are trying to follow in your footsteps?

GoldGloveTV12 karma

My favorite thing was going to Epic Games for the first time. I started doing YouTube in 2006, making Gears of War 1 videos and then years later, I found myself in the actual studio that created it. I have this photo of myself holding a lancer in their mocap area. Felt so surreal. Gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Hands down, my favorite moment.

Jake_The_Snake424 karma

My question for you is, what other things did you do or watch before you became popular on Twitch and YouTube. And are you stil able to do these things?

GoldGloveTV5 karma

I used to be a HUGE forum poster. I think I have something around 40-50k posts on IGN's gaming forums. :P I don't find the time to do that very often anymore.

internet_man_4154 karma

What's your opinion on "gamer girls" that go on twitch/youtube and play games and dress rather slutty and then get a few thousand in donations from guys?

GoldGloveTV22 karma

It's frustrating because there are so many solid female streamers who deserve more attention. It's the generation we live in. Sex sells. Kids love looking at some chick's cleavage while they have WoW in the corner. I don't get it. I used Google and searched boobs when I was their age. I mean damn, I even got to see some nip then!

Lord_Amoux3 karma

How has Ally impacted your streaming and video making career? (I mean this in a good way)

GoldGloveTV6 karma

Ever since Ally started being in videos and streams with us, I have seen a TON more female followers on YouTube and Twitch. I think they're finally getting the impression that it is okay to be a female gamer and people aren't going to give you a ton of shit for it. Ally is one of the bros and we love showing that she's just as big of a part of the group as anyone else.

kootra993 karma

What kind of car do you have?

GoldGloveTV6 karma

I currently drive a BMW 330i. Looking to upgrade soon though since I've had this one for a number of years now.

LucidDream013 karma

Hey what is your favorite game you like to play with your friends?

GoldGloveTV7 karma

All the different gametypes in Garry's Mod can take up 5-6 hours on any given night with the right group of friends. Love that game so much.

a3lius3 karma

Goldy! Big fan. Do you hope to achieve anything in particular within the next five years? (projects, changes to your channel, etc.)

Also, what's your relationship with SeaNanners like? From when you used to play with him more often, you two seemed closer than he was with the rest of the group.

GoldGloveTV10 karma

I have a lot of projects coming up but most of them, I can't talk about. Just know that they're gonna be awesome and I am super stoked! :D You guys will like them, promise.

Nanners is one of the nicest guys I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I used to be a huge fan of his work and when I finally got the chance to play games with him, I was star struck. It was really hard to be myself around him at first because I was so nervous but over time, I realized he's just Adam and he's just another guy playin video games. Ever since, we've always been good friends. But at the end of the day, Never Trust Nanners.

Mcnks2 karma


GoldGloveTV6 karma

Number of viewers just isn't important. Viewers are attracted to a fun/entertaining stream. As long as we can play something fun, we can make the stream enjoyable for those watching.

Liam_Scully172 karma

Do you feel like H1Z1 will be an actual competitor for dayz? I remember when everyone was claiming the rust would "Dethrone" Dayz, but it was actually pretty shitty. Also, what do you feel like the future for unturned looks like? Cant wait for stream tonight!

GoldGloveTV2 karma

H1Z1 has incredible potential. It still has a long way to go but I definitely think it can be a fantastic game. I don't like to think of games as competitors. I think they can both exist together. They're great in their own ways. I'm excited for both DayZ & H1Z1 to be finished.

Birdgeek32 karma

What is your worst fear?

GoldGloveTV39 karma

Failure. Letting my family down. Having my dick cut off in the shower. You know, the usual stuff.

wolf555hound2 karma

Two questions if I may,

How many friends have you met from doing YouTube and Twitch? Have you ever been recognized just out in public such as at the store or on a Chipotle run?

GoldGloveTV5 karma

I have met so many amazing people from YouTube and Twitch. It's so nice to meet like minded people who just fucking love video games! There are too many awesome people to name. I've been recognized a few times in public, yeah. Once a kid recognized a group of us at In & Out and then it's happened a few times at my local Chipotle. It happens every once in a while and it's always nice to meet a fan.

Shuubawks2 karma


I'm Shuu37 in your chat, I assume you've seen me a few times since I'm in there from time to time - and have thrown in a few donation messages. My question is - what is it like to interact with developers of games, be it to try out a game early for them, or to promote games on your stream? Do you like doing it? Do you feel guilty?

Cheers, Shuu

GoldGloveTV2 karma

Hey Shuu! Thanks for your support man. Awesome to hear that I can entertain the people who are even making these awesome games I get to play. I love interacting with devs. They're even more passionate about gaming than I am most of the time. I love getting the opportunity to play games early but I'm also the type of person who is honest about said game. I don't sugar coat and tell my viewers a game is great when I actually think it's bad. I like to promote products that I actually find to be worth it. I try to avoid devs who want me to promote their game for a quick buck.

GoldGloveFan2 karma

Hi Brennon. I'm very happy for you and the success that you've been able to earn. I know what you do is hard work. Is there ever a time when you don't enjoy streaming/youtube? I believe that God has a purpose for all of us, and right now, I believe your purpose is to entertain and bring people joy every day. Thank you and God bless you!

GoldGloveTV4 karma

I think no matter who you are or what you do, you have bad days. Mine are few and far between but sometimes I get very irritable while streaming. Those are the days I usually end my stream earlier than normal and just take the rest of the evening off. Every day is a new day. Happens to the best of us!

sappercon2 karma

What is the point of your YouTube channel? I watched a couple vlogs and it really seemed like you spent the whole time promoting your image. Do you have any specific purpose, people you want to inspire, minds you want to change? If it's just to drive traffic to your website that's cool too I guess, just curious about what motivates you.

GoldGloveTV3 karma

You must have clicked on the wrong YouTube channel. I am not a vlogger by any means. My vlog channel (GoldGloveTV2) is for my die hard viewers/fans to keep up to date with what I'm doing IRL. My main channel is dedicated to gaming. ( My specific purpose is just to entertain and provide a place for kids to spend their time. So many kids get into trouble due to boredom. I try to create an atmosphere that kids can come and just relax and laugh a little bit while watching their favorite video games.

mrdec971 karma

What is your opinion on the direction new and upcoming games are going and the originality of them?

GoldGloveTV8 karma

Just give me ALL the games! I don't care if they're copies, new IPs, remakes. I just want any and all games. I am so done being overly critical about any game. I am just here to play them and have fun. If I like it, I'll play it. If I don't, I'll pass on it. It's just so simple and people tend to blow it out of proportion.

MonteSenpaiPls1 karma

hi golden glove love ur vids (btw uve realy chngd d00d)

If there was one thing you could change about your job (making videos, streaming, etc.) what would it be and why?

GoldGloveTV14 karma

I never want anyone to think I'm not grateful for what I have but man, editing 3-4 videos a day - 7 days a week, is killer. I sometimes wish I could just stream full time but no reason to burn that bridge.