Hi all, we are Nickel Creek (Sean Watkins, Sara Watkins, and Chris Thile). To celebrate our band's 25th anniversary this year, we released a new album, A Dotted Line, and are currently out on tour. Ask us (/u/ChrisThile, /u/SaraWatkins, and /u/SeanCWatkins) anything!

You can find our upcoming tour dates at http://nickelcreek.com and here are a few tracks from our latest album:



"21st of May"

Proof: https://twitter.com/SaraWatkins/status/492355311081385984

Edit: Thanks reddit, it's been great but we have to go soundcheck. For everyone in NYC, come out and see us tonight for free at Celebrate Brooklyn and for those elsewhere, you can visit http://nickelcreek.com to see if we're heading your way this summer.

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alien_cat16 karma

I have listened to your music ever since I was a little girl. I cannot tell you all how much your music has meant to me throughout my life. Thank you.

My question is: how do you begin to write a song? What is the song writing process like in Nickel Creek?

NickelCreek25 karma

Songwriting processes very a lot. For A Dotted Line, each of us brought song starts and we built on them together. When one person got stuck on an idea, an other usually had an idea of a direction to go. It was a really satisfying process. - Sara

throwaway4NC12 karma

Do you remember many of your fans that are recurring show-goers?

Does it get old having to stay after shows and talk with fans? I would imagine that it would get tiring.

NickelCreek27 karma

After 2 or 3 shows, absolutely. I love seeing familiar faces in the crowd, and sometimes it changes a performance. You can throw little inside jokes into improvised sections, for instance. - Chris