Hey Reddit! We are Trampled By Turtles and we are here to answer any questions you might have. We just released our new album 'Wild Animals' and hope you all enjoy! Let's have a good time and keep it classy... sort of

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Update: Thanks to everyone for hanging out with us! We had a great time, let's do it again soon

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jackjack27268 karma

Would you rather be trampled by 100 turtle sized horses? Or one horse sized turtle?

Trampled-By-Turtles216 karma

The idea of 100 turtle sized horses sounds very cute! D.S. We would cuddle them! R.Y.

fromtheleftseat71 karma

Man they are really making you "Wait So Long" to get this answered.

jackjack2721 karma

I know. I might get "Bloodshot Eyes" from starting at the computer so long… yea, that's all I've got.

brownsfan76018 karma

You are not the only one so don't feel "Alone".

thomas_d11 karma

It's ok, I've got until "November" to sit here.

brownsfan76015 karma

So many people are adding witty posts I'm starting think "it's a war"

Trampled-By-Turtles36 karma

Sounds Like A Movie

donthinkitbelikeitis193 karma

Where did you get your name?

Trampled-By-Turtles862 karma


crazygrrl115 karma

If you could collaborate with another musician/band who who it be? Also as a fellow Minnesotan and avid fan, just wanted to say thanks for putting out great music!

Trampled-By-Turtles124 karma

Bruce Springsteen! D.S. Paris Hilton R.Y.

raviolini113 karma

What do you think about the way bluegrass is spilling into other genres of music more and more?

Trampled-By-Turtles301 karma

Music that doesn't absorb other music is a museum E.B.

Energetictrain488 karma


Trampled-By-Turtles100 karma

best question so far -ds

OneHandedPaperHanger88 karma

Anchor burger vs. Brewhouse wild rice burger

Whose is better (beer pairing notwithstanding)?

Trampled-By-Turtles258 karma

The Culvers by the mall.

pasta_batman67 karma

Duluth seems to play a large role both in your music and lives. I'm always fascinated by the role that place plays in art. Could you talk about why you guys love Duluth so much and how you think it influences the music?

Also, if Trampled by Turtles and their message had to be summarized in a sentence: what would you say was the thesis statement of TBT?

Trampled-By-Turtles107 karma

Thesis statement: "I dig music" - Russel Hammond (I'm from the band Stillwater)

Trampled-By-Turtles62 karma

Duluth has a huge arts community that we are all connected to, and the weather and the lake.

chaserjames59 karma

Be honest, don't you kind of want to punch those Mumford guys in the dick a little bit?

Trampled-By-Turtles121 karma


ducttape3632 karma


Trampled-By-Turtles77 karma

That is just not true.

ThePackageDeliverer31 karma

Way to go, TBT.

Trampled-By-Turtles53 karma

Thanks! Way to go you too, ThePackageDeliverer.

melawesome1354 karma

Can you please explain your inspiration behind "Alone?" It's the most beautiful song and I've cried every time I've seen you play it live!

Trampled-By-Turtles68 karma

I wish I could but I would rather leave that one up to you D.S.

everyone_getsa_beej48 karma

How do you usually respond when people try to pigeonhole you into choosing a genre or having someone else assign a genre to you? Do you get blow-back from "originalist" bluegrass fans that think your sound is too far outside the bluegrass tradition?

Trampled-By-Turtles66 karma

I think it's normal for people to try and pigeonhole music, and I don't really care if people are bothered by the music we play E.B.

Trampled-By-Turtles134 karma

cause it's the shit D.C.

RachFromMN46 karma

What's your favorite MN venue to play? Can't wait for your European tour! :)

Trampled-By-Turtles126 karma

First Avenue

rococotheme38 karma

Something that one might notice on the past few albums is the shift from break-neck fast songs to slower songs. Can you expand upon that and the stylistic change?

Trampled-By-Turtles50 karma

It's the music we felt like making at the time, every time D.S.

sueserna35 karma

Gotta ask: What happened to the tradition of Banjo Dave taking a crowd photo at the end of each show? Love you guys! (but you knew that)

Trampled-By-Turtles50 karma

good question. let's do that again. -ds

OklahomEnt34 karma

What bands or artists are you guys listening to the most right now?

Trampled-By-Turtles62 karma

The Louvin Brothers, The Hobo Nephews Of Uncle Frank, and Muddy Watters RY

Trampled-By-Turtles48 karma

Muddy Waters R.Y. War On Drugs D.S. Warpaint D.C. Miguel T.S.

lucas_roberts33 karma

Hey guys, been a listener for a few years. In fact, my band covers Wait So Long (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbm9aUH5tEY&t=0m17s) and we're on the lineup this year for Yonder Mountain String Band's Harvest Festival alongside you guys (though we're way closer to the bottom of the lineup than you).

I've always heard when you started the band that none of you had really touched bluegrass before. What influences from that genre did you start with?

Trampled-By-Turtles27 karma

For me personally, I didn't get exposed to bluegrass music as a kid. I had little to no bluegrass influences. I now like a few bluegrass musics - Doc Watson, Country Gentlemen, etc...

maxwellpage12 karma

Piggyback on this question: how does the band handle other people covering their songs and copyright issues? Free for all? Or a licensing fee?

Trampled-By-Turtles36 karma

You can cover tunes, but I think if you are going to put it on a record and sell it, you have to get permission.

MinnieSoooda28 karma

You all seem so normal and down to earth. Not affected by fame. Do you feel famous?

Also, I love your new song Winners, but what are the walls papered with? Mail? Maps? Meth? Ha ha. I can't figure out that line.

And finally, how did you manage to amazingly time that old, majestic ship coming into the harbor as you finished up your Bayfront concert this year? Luck?

Trampled-By-Turtles135 karma

When we walked out of Letterman the Paparazzi raised their cameras, and then put them back down... E.B.

Trampled-By-Turtles42 karma

Also, the walls are papered with Maps!

john_kuhn27 karma

I just want to say your cover of Shenandoah is absolutely wonderful


Trampled-By-Turtles22 karma

Awwww. Thanks!

yonderhusker26 karma

What is your favorite Trampled By Turtles song to play together?

What is your least favorite Trampled By Turtles song to play together?

What is your favorite cover to play together?

Trampled-By-Turtles33 karma

Favorites change for me. I'll be way into a song and then get sick of it at about the 4,731st time we play it, and something else will take it's place. Right now it's Repetition and Nobody Knows off of our newest record. As for older tunes, I still like playing Bloodshot Eyes and Burn For Free.

Nothing really is coming to mind for least favorite tunes. Whatever it may be at any point will soon become better. It's a constant flow.

Favorite cover: probably Oh La La right now, or If You Gotta Go (by Dylan)

everyone_getsa_beej26 karma

What's it like to hear the music you produced years ago, say ~2004, compared to what you're producing now?

Trampled-By-Turtles144 karma

It's like when you flush a toilet while you're sitting on it, and feeling little splashes of water on your butt.

Trampled-By-Turtles33 karma

weird. -ds

fromtheleftseat25 karma

Any plans to hire Dave Letterman as a full time back scratcher after he retires?

Trampled-By-Turtles41 karma

We probably cant afford him. He's very good, though. RY

numba1chief_rocka24 karma

Let me preface this by saying that I can't wait to see you guys at Red Rocks in August!

So my question: It seems like the band's members come from somewhat diverse musical backgrounds. What made you decide to start playing bluegrass together as opposed to another genre?

Trampled-By-Turtles117 karma

No drums

heytherehandsome24 karma

When you go to Pizza Lucé, what kind of pizza do you get?

Trampled-By-Turtles41 karma

The Wrangler, The Athena. They're all pretty damn good.

katsie22 karma

Dave Carroll, I picked up the banjo about a year ago and it's all your fault. Who are your greatest influences, and what song made you feel like you had climbed a mountain when you finally learned it?

PS - The new album is amazeballs, guys. Y'all make my heart happy.

Trampled-By-Turtles28 karma

I apologize for your neighbors! Just kidding. I played guitar for 10 years before ever picking up a banjo, so my influences came from guitar players. Jimmy Page was my favorite.

bransons_stache21 karma

I just caught you guys at NPR in DC- Thanks for making the one-day trip down here for that.

Is there a reason you guys don't play much from your 1st album anymore? I'd love to hear Outskirts and Ain't No Use in Tryin' but i've never heard them live. Why is that?

Trampled-By-Turtles30 karma

Good question. Those were written by 20 year olds. Bands evolve and write new songs, and we like playing our newer songs. Also we're promoting a new record so we are gonna play some of those at the expense of older tunes. But we do still play some of the golden oldies at shows.

yonderhusker4 karma

I caught Dave outside of The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, NE a few years ago and requested School Bus Driver. How often is that golden oldie brought down from the rafters?

Trampled-By-Turtles5 karma

We haven't played that one in years, but we may play it again in the future. The future is wide open.

jsaumer19 karma

Fellow Duluthian here -

What are some of your favorite memories from starting out here in town?

Trampled-By-Turtles24 karma

Lots of memories: Walking to rehearsals at Banjo Dave's house; learning a new Ween or Dylan song every Wednesday; playing with and for friends; carrying chairs over people's heads at crowded Luce shows; playing Bayfront for first time for a Hurricane Katrina benefit; playing acoustic at the NorShor mezzanine.

Trampled-By-Turtles19 karma

The lake is nice. Also the wonderful music and arts community that allowed such a thing to take place. How's the weather over there right now? - ds

SeaTriscuit19 karma

Not a music question, but do you guys hit up the Boundary Waters many times a year?

Trampled-By-Turtles57 karma

A few of us try to make it there once a year if we can. It's an amazing place, but don't tell anyone about it - it's better without humans there.

His_Hoppiness19 karma

Is Marc Gartman really THAT good?

Trampled-By-Turtles15 karma


sdwags18 karma

Much love from South Dakota! I remember the days when you would play sitting down in basement for about twenty of us. Glad to see you have made it so far! I have always wondered... what made you stand up?

Trampled-By-Turtles17 karma

It started because anyone standing behind the second person from the front would not be able to see anything. It became just more fun to move around. RY

spocow16 karma

Any plans for another show with Atmosphere (or a collaboration)? Unfortunately I missed last year's show in Duluth.

Also- Any favorite vacation spots in the northwoods? (MN/WI/U.P.)

Love the music, keep the good tunes coming!

Trampled-By-Turtles19 karma

There is no plan right now for anything with Atmosphere, but I would certainly be down for it.

The north shore of lake Superior is a beautiful place, and you pretty much can't go wrong. RY

Mlordlongshank15 karma

My favorite song has to be Blue Sky and the Devil and I was just wondering what the inspiration was for that song? What's the story behind it? It's an absolutely gorgeous piece of music and always pulls at me every time I hear it.

Trampled-By-Turtles12 karma

For anything that has inspiration behind it we like to keep it up to the listener D.S.

Frajer15 karma

What inspired you to cover Radiohead and The Pixies?

Trampled-By-Turtles25 karma

They make wonderful music - ds

Energetictrain414 karma

What was it like working with Alan Sparhawk? How did he shape the recording process?

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

Working with Alan was great. He helped us take some time and really think about getting a song to a place with which we were happy. - ds

deathdigitaldeath13 karma

You guys seem to have a super strong base of support here in Minnesota and Duluth, what are some of your guys' favorite artists also from here?

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

So many, but the short list includes Alan and the rest of Low, Charlie Parr, Haley Bonar, Hobo Nephews, Actual Wolf, Night Moves, Field Trip, there's tons more--go see live music.

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

So many to pick from I don't wanna leave anyone out. weak answer. -ds

Cunningben11 karma

How close were you to not coming back out on set during the recent Duluth-Bayfront concert?

Trampled-By-Turtles12 karma

As long as the people putting the show on would let us go back on stage we hadn't a doubt in our minds. -ds

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

If another half an hour or so had gone by without the lightning abating, that would have been that.

Trampled-By-Turtles10 karma

about 15 more minutes of lightning, and we would have probably had to call it off. I'm glad we got to play, though my fiddle got ruined.

escherbach11 karma

Is "Trampled By Turtles" a sexual euphemism or just wacky?

Trampled-By-Turtles15 karma

oooh you tell me - ds

syrush10 karma

First off thanks for all the great music so far, I am a big fan. I saw you guys last year in Orange County with Honey Honey and became a fan of their music as well because of you. Okay a couple questions 1.Any chance you are coming through Sacramento, CA anytime soon? 2. With so many new Bluegrass and Americana bands sprouting up which ones should we be paying attention to? Bonus Question: What bands do you like touring with?

Trampled-By-Turtles12 karma

Thanks! We love Honey Honey. I don't think we have anything in Sacramento right now but hopefully soon. I'd recommend Charlie Parr. Every band we've toured with has really been awesome. It's nice being able to play music with our friends. -ds

Faulknervous10 karma

I just saw you guys at NPR and you were amazing!! I was wondering what motivated you guys to include a cello in this album more so, it seems, than the other albums?

Important follow up question, is your cellist single?

Trampled-By-Turtles14 karma

It sounds sad and beautiful. Ooooohhhh (kissy sounds) - ds

ekarbeling10 karma

Who is your least favorite band member?

Trampled-By-Turtles32 karma


MagneticPsycho10 karma

Who would win in a fight between you guys and the Punch Brothers?

Trampled-By-Turtles30 karma

Those guys can punch. When they drink a little bit of that rye whiskey hoo boy!

emphas9 karma

How did you come up with the band name? And how/when did you become a band?

Trampled-By-Turtles29 karma

We saw a documentary on PBS about how people are laying down in turtle migration zones and letting turtles walk on them in order to increase their penis size. So we thought, huh - Trampled By Turtles would be a good band name. RY

Trampled-By-Turtles10 karma

A brain storming session. We started in the winter of 2002-03 and knew each other from around Duluth.

Podaroo9 karma

I've seen you play here in San Francisco twice -- once at a smallish club in my old neighborhood (The Independent) and once at the Fillmore. Both were great shows, but I preferred the smaller venue -- it was just more intimate and a tremendously high energy show.

Do you have a preference? Is it harder to connect with the audience at larger shows, or does the combined energy of the crowd make it even better? More importantly, when are you coming back?

Trampled-By-Turtles10 karma

Smaller venues by their nature harness energy differently; larger venues can have more energy to harness. Having played lots of different stages and rooms has been a tremendous blessing and it is interesting to compare and contrast them.

Specific to the Independent vs the Fillmore, both of those places are great fun to play and we've had great times at both. We will be in Oakland the next time we are in the Bay Area. That will be in October.

Trampled-By-Turtles7 karma

Each different type of venue has it's plusses and minuses. There are great things about playing large festival stages and great things about sweaty bars. Each are so fun. -ds

laurenagil8 karma

How has your music been influenced by the place where your band formed (in Duluth, MN, the birthplace of Bob Dylan)?

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

There's lots of hills and trees and rivers and lakes and snow and friends and family there. - ds

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

It's hard to say exactly, but we would be different if we were from somewhere else. There are some obvious lyrical references, but musically it's really impossible to say. Maybe if we were all from a different part of the world we'd be a terrible rock and roll band or a shitty hip hop group. Who knows?

Trampled-By-Turtles2 karma

There is lots of nature around, and lots of time staying out of the cold.

dister217 karma

Thanks for making such great music--it has pulled me through rough times and been along for the ride through the great.

My questions: What things do you miss most when you are on tour? Do you have any favorite venues to play? What was the first show that you guys started standing up at?(Was it in Crested Butte)

Can't wait to see you guys at Red Rocks in August. It's cool to see you on David Letterman; I remember talking to banjo Dave after a show one time and telling him I could picture you guys on the Letterman show, it is super cool to see it happening.(That was probably about 7 years ago.)

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

  1. Thanks!
  2. Personally I miss my family while on tour.
  3. Thanks!


Nukethewhalez7 karma

What is your favorite original song to play as well as your favorite cover tune? TBT 4 LIFE!

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

I don't have a favorite original, but my favorite cover is "Swimming Song" by Louden Wainwright III D.S.

Original: Hollow T.S.

poopslooshed7 karma

I saw you guys in Luxembourg last year, am from Duluth, and am moving to Luxembourg in August.

Will you please come back to Lux someday? the people there loved you and I'm sure I will be homesick!

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

I hope so. Lovely place, - ds

Trampled-By-Turtles8 karma

We would love to come back. Cross your fingers. Good luck with your move, that sounds exciting.

appy-polly-loggies7 karma

Dave - I saw you in Mishawaka a while back and really enjoyed your acoustic set. Do any of the other band members do any solo work?

Also, it kinda seems like as a band you're going toward a slower, more soulful sound than some of the fast-paced dance your ass off music of earlier albums. Any reason for this switch?

Lastly, not a question but you guys were great at Bonnaroo a couple of years back. Great cover of The Weight and a nice tribute to Levon Helm. You also signed my dugout which was cool!

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

I play solo instrumental sets at bars and coffee shops in Duluth.--EB

Trampled-By-Turtles11 karma

Ryan here: I'm finishing up a record with my band called the Fiddle Heirs. It's 5 fiddle players and a bass player from Minnesota.

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

Thanks! As far as what our music sounds like now vs what it sounded like years ago all I can say is that we're still doing the exact same thing we always have - recording the songs we like at the time. -ds

Hopper136 karma

Hey guys, congrats on the new album. I used to hang out with you a bit in the Bemidji days at Hard Times.

My question is, will you ever be pressing Songs From A Ghost Town on vinyl? It's one of my desert island albums.

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

There are no plans right now, but we might in the future. Who knows?

kiddynamite906 karma

What made you decide to put on the Festival Palomino? Has it always been a dream of yours? Really excited for that and it's on my birthday :)

Also, I was recently on a flight with y'all from Minneapolis to LaGuaradia in the beginning of June. As bad as I wanted to fan out, tell you guys how much I love you, and how "Wait So Long" is by far the most played song on my iPod... it was like, a 7AM flight (that we both made to the gate just in time) so I thought it would be too early for all that. But I think I got caught by your tour manager casually having my friends take of picture of me next to guys while waiting for our baggage at the carousel in NYC haha

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

The fest sounded like a fun thing to try. Hope it works out alright for your bday. ha I saw that picture -ds

dullyouth6 karma

Why didn't Don Ness accept that 25% raise?

Trampled-By-Turtles8 karma

Because he's the man!

qgoat4 karma

Of course you like 'em all, but any personal favorite tracks from the new album? Any good backstories we should know about?

Thank you, and pretty please keep making music! Come back to Indiana soon!

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

None you should know about :) thanks - we will as long as we can - ds

brain_police3 karma

How'd your instruments fare through all the rain at the Bayfront Park show couple weeks back? Did you guys expect to get totally soaked?

Trampled-By-Turtles10 karma

My fiddle actually came apart after that show. It was so humid and damp that the glue actually gave out. Needless to say, I was bummed. RY

ibelieveguy3 karma

Ryan--do you still keep in touch with the guys from Pert Near? Was there any hard feelings when you left them?

Trampled-By-Turtles7 karma

Oh yea. I play shows with them when I can and record with them often too. Nate Sipe is in a band with me called the Fiddle Heirs, along with a few other fiddlers and a bass player. We are actually almost done with our first record. Anyhoo- I don't think I was their favorite person when I left, but it's all good now. I love those guys and miss them a lot actually.

baldeagle17763 karma

Whoa, I've been sitting here refreshing waiting for three and you guys started early!

Huge fan here, I'm going to your show on Friday at Pisgah Brewery and had a custom hat made for your band, would I be able to get it signed?

Also, Will you play The Night they Drove Ole Dixie Down? Thanks! Cant wait to see yall!

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

We're planning on rehearsing it. We'll see if it works out.

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

i'd say probably to both

Dinker313 karma

You guys are my all time favorite band and you are what got me into Bluegrass! Can't wait to see you in Philly in September.

I've heard Dead Man Winter stuff, and though I know a lot of you guys have backgrounds with other genres. What has it been that has kept you going in the bluegrass scene? Especially considering how some of the purists won't even call it bluegrass...

Trampled-By-Turtles10 karma

We don't call it bluegrass either. We have a banjo player and a fiddler and all so it's easy to see why people call us bluegrass. It's understandable and an easy umbrella to put us under.

We just play what we play and write what we write and let you decide what we are and what it all means. RY

0ut0fc0ntr0l3 karma

Can you get me tickets to your sold out Red Rocks show?? It's on my birthday and I missed the chance to buy em... :D Love y'all guys!!

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

I wish I could. You just have to act sooner next time :) RY

meowmeowmn2 karma

Hey guys! I sold you booze once at a liquor store in Duluth when you first started out. I don't remember what you bought because it was 10 years ago and that would be creepy. What's your drop these days?

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

Cheap whiskey - ds

fromtheleftseat2 karma

Big fan here. What's one thing you have learned from the success of the band that carries over into life at home?

Trampled-By-Turtles9 karma

That no matter how many people may have been at my show the night before I still have to get up to change my kids stinky diaper. And to remember what's important to me creatively and personally and not spend a waking moment on the rest. - ds

dullyouth2 karma

Why didn't I appreciate you guys more when you'd play all those free shows for us at UMD?

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

cause you were young and free and wild and dumb :) -ds

Trampled-By-Turtles5 karma

Because one makes regretable choices in college sometimes.

VanillaRaccoon2 karma

My band plays a cover of Codeine by you guys. And after playing the song dozens of times, I still have no idea what its about. Why would a bunch of banjo-plucking fellas such as yourselves write a song about a drug popularized by shitty rappers?

Trampled-By-Turtles5 karma

Listen to more Townes Van Zandt

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

The inspiration came from Townes Van Zandt "Waiting around to Die."

Marcfatuation2 karma

You all obviously love Longmont Potion Castle. Any other other comedians you all agree on?

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

Louis CK, Mitch Hedburg, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan

dr_w2 karma

Who were the two extra guys that played with you on Letterman?

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

Eamonn McLain on cello - who is with us on the regular now, and Alan Sparhawk played that mean ass tambourine - ds

jvargaszabo2 karma

As I understand, you guys came from a various genres. What made the band stick with bluegrass?

Additionally, did the band explore any other genres prior to bluegrass?

Excited to see you guys in Rochester tomorrow!

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

i don't think we really play bluegrass or have stuck to much. we stayed with our instrumentation because it was a fun and new challenge coming from other lineups. -ds

jwatts-852 karma

Are you playing any of the old stuff this weekend at pisgah???

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma


Joebordello2 karma

Trampled, the bayfront show was truly epic, one for the history books.

I need everyone in the band in on this question; Whats your favorite local craft beer here in Duluth and why is it BentPaddle?

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma


GeezerMuldoon2 karma

What's your favorite Weird Al song?

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

Twister RY

liquidcloud92 karma

Can you describe the groups songwriting process? Before cutting an album, do you try to consciously determine the direction you want to take, or do you just start writing and see where it takes you?

Trampled-By-Turtles4 karma

There isn't often a conscious decision on an album's direction. It's more influenced by how the songs are arranged at that particular time. We usually don't know what it's gonna be till it's done. -ds

salapeno2 karma

Hey guys, big fan. I've seen you a couple times in Winnipeg now and loved every minute. So high energy.

What I want to know is, which of the guys is the best to travel with on the road? The worst? Tell us a tour story?

Trampled-By-Turtles6 karma

We all get along very well on tour, actually. Wouldn't have made it this long otherwise. Thinking of a tour story...

Energetictrain41 karma

How would you describe Trampled by Turtles' "Swagger"?

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

See the name of the band D.S. By our shoes E.B.

wtkpika1 karma

Dave, you've inspired me to pick up the banjo. What kind of banjo do you play? How long did it take you to be able to play incredibly fast?

When you write new material (especially your breakneck pace stuff) do you jam as a band or compose individually first?

Loved your concert at Red Wing Roots! Thanks for the encore.

Trampled-By-Turtles2 karma

I mainly play a Stelling Golden Cross. I played guitar for about 10 years before starting on the banjo so I already had a style that I just switched to the banjo and it seemed to work for this band. If any of us write, it is usually alone, then it is brought to the band. Thanks!

Trampled-By-Turtles2 karma

The songs (words and chords) are written ahead of time. The arrangement and sometimes the speed of the song are worked out when we all get our hands on it. RY

fishsticks_aj1 karma

If you had no choice but to axe a member of the band and replace them with any musician dead or alive, who would get axed and who would replace them?

Trampled-By-Turtles2 karma

We'd axe all of us and replace us with Mickey, Davey, Peter and Michael.

What a horrible question! If you could axe any member of your family and replace them with anybody, living or dead, who would you axe and who would replace them?

McGruppIsADog1 karma

How long did it take you to mesh into the cohesive unit you guys are today? Are there any specific elements in your practice sessions that you do to create the fluidity on stage?

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

We're still working on it. -ds

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

From the get go we've always had a good chemistry that thankfully has gotten better with age (we hope). We just try to be good and warmed up and stretched out before going onstage.

misty_mountaineer1 karma

Thanks for making a rainy night in Duluth worth it. When will you be back?

Trampled-By-Turtles3 karma

We don't have any date booked, but we will be back soon. Keep your ear to the ground, they are often unannounced. Become friends with a Skeeves!