At the end of the 20th Century, few guitar virtuosi were as respected and revered as MARTY FRIEDMAN. After first rising to prominence alongside fellow six-string whiz Jason Becker in the influential band Cacophony and via his well-received solo debut "Dragon's Kiss," FRIEDMAN joined Megadeth, with whom he soon wrote and recorded the thrash landmark "Rust In Peace." His 10-year tenure with the iconic group -- during which they sold more than 10 million albums worldwide and earned multiple Grammy nominations -- saw the band's dream lineup reach its greatest heights, and FRIEDMAN's unique sonic contributions became heavy metal DNA that to this day continues to inspire new generations of metal fans.

In a bold move, he left the legendary Megadeth to pursue new musical goals and has succeeded tremendously. Already speaking fluent Japanese, Friedman relocated to Japan where his many accomplishments make him currently the only musician to be a fixture in the top class of both the Japanese domestic as well as international music scene.

Now residing in Tokyo, Friedman has also become a fixture on mainstream TV in Japan, having appeared on well over 500 TV programs since hosting his first shoe, "Hebimeta-san" ("Mr. Heavy Metal")

FRIEDMAN  recently released the epic “Inferno,” his first studio album to come out simultaneously internationally in over 10 years.  The album was recorded mostly in Los Angeles with engineer Chris Rakestraw (Danzig, Children of Bodom) and mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Amon Amarth). Featuring notable guest appearances and collaborations with acts including Rodrigo y Gabriela, Jason Becker, Alexi Laiho (Children of Bodom), Dave Davidson (Revocation) and Danko Jones, the album features what FRIEDMAN describes as the heaviest and most intense playing and writing of his career. 

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fourpac70 karma

I was at one of your last shows with Megadeth in December of 1999 at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. I had won a Yahoo auction for a meet and greet before the show but I had car trouble and was running late and missed it. For the last 15 years, I have carried around a lot of guilt, imagining that you guys were all sitting around waiting for me and I no-showed. Shoot me straight - did that disappointment cause you to leave the band?

marty_friedman102 karma

It was a factor

shretit15 karma

Other than the music, the girls, the taxi cabs, the cleanliness, polite people and all the other usual stuff people like about Japan, what is the best thing about Japan you can't find in the US? And what do you miss about the US other than cereal?

marty_friedman20 karma

best thing by far is the music, and the wide variety of music available. I miss family and friends in the US.

AlexBerghe12 karma

Hey Marty !

Who's the person that inspires you the most ? :D

marty_friedman58 karma

Jason Becker.

shretit12 karma

Hi Marty, I made the request for this AMA and it has made my year that you decided to do this thingy. I'd really like to know whether there's a strong possibility for a Tokyo Jukebox 3, and if there is, will you do covers of older Japanese songs (like from the 90's, maybe some J.A.M?) ? Tokyo Jukebox 1 and 2 were absolutely fantastic and I loved your interpretations of the songs and how you rearranged them to truly make them your own.

I usually dislike the super saccharine nature of most J-pop vocals and the general production of the music with dance beats because I'm more of a rock/metal guy, and normally I dislike girl groups like Perfume or boy bands like SMAP even when the melodies are superb, because it's hard to ignore all those other things that make me dislike the song as a complete package. I think you did an amazing job in capturing the essence of the melody in those songs and made them really rock in your own style. It certainly helped me to appreciate Jpop more when listening to them through the filter of your interpretations. Those songs had been changed so drastically and uncompromisingly "Marty-fied" that those covers felt like Marty Friedman solo albums even when I had listened to the originals for comparison.

marty_friedman8 karma

Thanks! TJ3 is a possibility, but not on the top of the list now with Inferno things taking up a lot of 2015. I do love TJ 1 and 2 and even have several demos for TJ3. Spoiler-Misora Hibari, Kiroro, AKB48, Otsuka Ai are among the demos I`ve already started on.

Sef_Maul11 karma

Hey,man. What is your favorite Megadeth memory?

marty_friedman27 karma

Rock in Rio, hanging with Mustaine and coming up with naughty new titles of Kiss songs

Mormon_Masturbator9 karma

Ive always thought this short excerpt was hilarious. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbPIuQrjAB4

Sort of a Chinese sounding thing. Two questions--whats the story behind/deal with the Asian man shaking his head 'no." Also, were you stoned or something during the filming of that entire instructional video?

marty_friedman19 karma

I wasn`t stoned as I quit getting high at 17. He was a stage hand there and someone thought it would be funny to stick him in.

ozzymustaine8 karma

Hi Marty.

I would like to know how different it is to play for several hundreds rather than several thousands. Do you miss playing for huge crowds from the times when you were in Megadeth?

Do you still talk with Dave, David and Nick?

Also I've met you 3 years ago in Madrid and you signed me a lot of stuff to the point that you respectfully stopped signing.

Do you concern about signing stuff that will eventually end up being sold on ebay?

I just want you to know that I kept every single item.

Of all the artists I've met I can say for sure that you were the nicest of all. You seem incredibly humble and friendly for someone so famous (。◕‿‿◕。)

marty_friedman14 karma

I miss the guys, but sometimes I play much bigger venues now than I did then. Ive played the Tokyo Dome and Budokan several times here and the biggest venues in Asia countless times. It really doesnt matter how many people you play for, you play all the time because you love what you are doing. Of course more is better though! But sometimes you make fans one at a time, sometimes more at a time. It`s all good.

Mormon_Masturbator7 karma

Do you plan on doing any more benefit shows for Jason Becker? I remember I went to the first one at Slims in San Francisco. Why did you play such a short set?? And despite being a throw-and-go (I assume) you showed up with the best tone of the whole night!! how??

marty_friedman12 karma

Tone is about 90% from the touch of the player. If you have a decent sounding guitar/amp that is enough to allow a good player to bring good sounds out of it. I could give a rats behind about settings and details. In my case, caring about that stuff saps important energy out of me that could be better used to emote the melodies the way Id like to.

juef6 karma

Greetings Marty! I must admit I have mostly heard your music through Megadeth, but I recently heard Dragon's Kiss and it blew me away. Thanks for the great music! Now for questions:

1) It seems like many musicians (I also have Paul Gilbert in mind) are fascinated by the japanese culture. What would you say the western world misses the most, musically, that is present in japanese music?

2) Given your impressive musical portfolio, would you consider joining a tour such as the G3 someday?

marty_friedman9 karma

  1. Music that is fun
  2. Happy to

shretit5 karma

I've heard that Japanese people can be very standoffish towards foreigners and that immigrants find it hard to assimilate. Did you feel treated like Charisma Man at at first? When was the point where you felt that you had truly assimilated?

marty_friedman10 karma

Ive had no problem at all, but I think its because I am fluent in Japanese. Like in any country, the locals will try to be friendly and help a foreigner who cant speak the language. But there are limits with that, and then that person becomes a pain in the ass. Even in the US, if you don`t speak English well, it can be tough.

o2q5 karma

What is your favorite story regarding your hair?

marty_friedman17 karma

I straightened it once but the top half went curly again in about 2 days. So any live shots around that time have the half straight-half curly look. Actually kinda cool...but actually it sucked

shretit5 karma

What led you to choose Megadeth as the band you wanted to join after Cacophony? How did you prepare for the audition? Did your hand injury affect your initial joining and the recording of Rust in Peace? With the touring to support the album, how did it manage to eventually heal?

marty_friedman8 karma

They were awesome! I learned a bunch of songs and every day the bastards told me different songs to learn and I learned about 10 or 12 songs. Day of the audition we only played the first 3 or 4 songs they originally asked. Didnt understand that then, but I sure get it now. My injury happened during RIP. I was told by the doctor to not play at all, but that wasnt gonna happen...I played only the least possible to get my parts done. It healed by 6 months of therapy and icing it down every night after playing live.

queondasrbush5 karma

Hi Marty! huge fan here, I grew up listen to your music in all the different bands you were, Cacophony was especially mind blowing for me, you and Jason were an inspiration when I started playing guitar; I want to ask you:
1) Any music band or genre that is underrated or little-known that you'd like to recommend?
2) What do you do in your free time and what you like to do besides playing guitar?
3) Is there any instrument you would like to play or feel fascination besides guitar? (assuming you had infinte time to learn, etc)

Thank you very much for doing this AMA, cheers from Argentina!

marty_friedman14 karma

  1. Maximum The Hormone
  2. I never play guitar in my free time
  3. No, but it would be useful if I was better at piano than I am

tatsuyaouji5 karma

おはようございます! 今回のinfernoのmusic videoですが,最初にyou tubeに公式で挙げられていたものと日本発売版のDVD付きのinfernoのmusic videoは微妙に内容が違うと気が付いたのですが,どうして2パターンを作ることになったのですか?もちろん僕はどちらも素敵だと思います!

marty_friedman4 karma


Bart_the_Cat4 karma

What inspired you to move to Japan?

marty_friedman12 karma


cameronryanguitar3 karma

What age did you lose your virginity?

marty_friedman7 karma


miketri3 karma

Hello Marty, I have not only huge respect for your work as a musician, but also your decision to turn down one of the most influential metal bands of all-time to pursue your own dreams in Japan.

I would like to ask: have you ever thought about writing a book or autobiography? I think that your career-like your guitar work-has been unique and fascinating in its eclecticism.

Also, have you heard the new version of 猛烈宇宙交響曲・第七楽章「無限の愛」 featuring Yngwie Malmsteen? Your playing is totally more melodic, but it's awesome to see that you're setting the bar in J-pop guitar for someone who arguably set the bar in shred guitar.

Finally, Inferno kicks serious ass (and thanks for a vinyl release)! The inclusion of "Undertow" really gives the album some contrast and it's almost X Japan-ish how you put a ballad in a brutally heavy album (the break in Undertow even sounds a bit like "Tears" by X). Rock on!

marty_friedman9 karma

Working slowly on an autobiography now, takes time... Haven`t heard that yet. Love X Japan!

andreserm3 karma

Marty, I just want to say that one friend and I are DIE HARD Fans of all your work in Megadeth and solo, can you do me a favor?

Please write in your board some cheers for my friend Aref Alami, he will be in tears just to see your gift. and THANKS for all the inspiration that you gave to us. No words.

Sincerely, Andrés from Venezuela.

marty_friedman5 karma

Thank you, I hope to visit your country soon...

BushyDio3 karma

Hey Marty my sister is obsessed with everything Japanese but wont check your stuff out because you were in Megadeth, and I like Megadeth so she hates it. What do I do?

marty_friedman3 karma

I have 12 solo albums, nothing to do with Mega. Have her hear those.

Poets_and_Madmen3 karma

Hi Marty! Do you wash your hair everyday?

marty_friedman7 karma

No. It actually is healthy because I don`t over wash it.

paulbucketnunomarty2 karma

Love the Inferno PV. Easily the best video you've done. Love the energy and especially the girls. And, also enjoyed the Hyperdoom video that premiered today.

Why did you go with Hyperdoom as the second video? Any chance we'll see a video with one of the vocal tracks? Sociopaths or I can't relax?

marty_friedman2 karma

Next video is for Undertow. Maybe more songs later as we plan to keep working with Inferno for a while.

Bart_the_Cat2 karma

What is your haircare routine?

marty_friedman10 karma

Wen! I just shampoo with it-that`s it!! The stuff rocks.

EpicBreadMan2 karma

Who would win in a fight, Lemmy or God?

marty_friedman8 karma

That was a cool movie, so I know the answer!

jOgRoAr2 karma

Hello Mr. Friedman!

My question is what are your top 5 favorite Japanese foods you would recommend me to try?

marty_friedman4 karma

Sushi Una-Ju Monjayaki Okonomiyaki Japanese style Ramen

Dr_Nope2 karma

Hi Marty, thank you for being one of my biggest guitar influences ever. 1) What was the inspiration behind your guitar tone which you used in the 90s? 2) Is there a story behind the Tornado of Souls solo? if so what is it? 3) Favourite Judas Priest/Iron Maiden album? Also Inferno is awesome, keep it up.

marty_friedman6 karma

  1. None. Same as now, I just tell my tech to get me a good basic hard/heavy tone that any guy in a bar band could work with.
  2. Also none.
  3. Stained Class/Killers

shretit2 karma

This question is about your TV career in Japan. Do you see yourself being more heavily involved in TV in future, similar to the extent of "Rock Fujiyama"? Will there ever be Rock Fujiyama DVDs? Why do you think that the concept of a show like "Rock Fujiyama" is able to take off in Japan? I really can't see a similar show being developed in other countries, least of all the US, even though I would watch the hell out of it.

marty_friedman5 karma

We did 4 seasons of Fujiyama, 52 eps. It was a good run, but enough was enough. I loved it but the responsibilities on me were insane! I had to do every show and write and arrange everything. NO DVD because we destroyed so many songs it would be a copyright nightmare!

shretit2 karma

In the early 90's your albums Scenes and Introduction were really mellow and dreamy, with great clean tones. Did all the heavy distorted music you had to play with Megadeth influence your approach to having whole albums with less heavy, almost ambient sounding music to feel balanced out? Will we ever see songs that have a laidback feel like that in future, as opposed to the intense ballads and aggressive shredding/riffing on most of your songs? Also, what was it like to work with Kitaro? Does he continue to influence your songwriting and do you see yourself collaborating with him again in future?

marty_friedman2 karma

Yes, and Inferno has exactly what you describe. Most of it is balls out, but there is one dreamlike ballad. Would be honored to work with Kitaro again

shretit2 karma

What is the average song writing process like for you? You've described yourself to be a demanding perfectionist when recording guitar, do you find yourself placing as much emphasis on the bass and drums when it comes to your solo records? I understand that you hire guest musicians for the other instruments most of the time, do you closely collaborate with them in the songwriting process or do they just lay down their tracks based on your requests?

marty_friedman4 karma

I spend more time on bass and drums than I do guitar. The better your band is the better the guy on top comes off sounding. I give the musos an outline of what I want and tell them to do it their way, and do it better than what I requested. That is the point of hiring people you respect.

hampsheet2 karma

What advice would you give for aspiring musicians, who want to make a career of music? I'm passionate about building a music career, but the industry seems so complex and intimidating. Also, do you think one can do many different things, like for example composing for films or games or playing in a band, in the course of the same career? Obviously you have done loads of different things in music, so how could one avoid getting "typecast"?

You're my idol Marty, thanks for all the great music and inspiration!

marty_friedman9 karma

Not only "can you" but you "have to" do lots of things. The industry is the hardest part of a music career. Remember-you are attempting to make people PAY YOU to just make music! There are a lot of things to spend money on so why should I PAY John Smith to play music?! It is an endless hurdle, but the key is you have to be making the music anyway, whether people care or not, just because it is what you do. Then maybe you can figure out a way to make a living at it.

Mr_AO2 karma

  1. On the album Inferno, there is a shared melody between Resin and Wicked Panacea. I also noticed on Amagigoe, there is the melody from Elixer snuck in shortly around 1:20. Being on two different albums, was this subconscious or intentional, and have you done nods to other songs before with a melody?

  2. When will we see Marty Friedman with a beard?

  3. You've toured the world and have seen nearly everything in it, but can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

marty_friedman6 karma

!. You are perceptive. I like to do that just because it feels right sometimes. 2. Never 3. Cuz its friggin good!

doucheKing2 karma

Hi Marty, three questions: 1) Whatever happened to the Fanta Band project? It's kinda tough for a non-japanese fan to follow through every musical project you participate in (not even talking about the tv shows and such)

2) Are you at some point going to consider doing a South American tour again? I was too young the last time you went to Argentina and didn't have the chance to go

3) How do you feel when Mustaine says stuff like he sang you (and many other Megadeth former guitar players) most of the solos and stuff? Thank you, keep on being so awesome!

marty_friedman6 karma

  1. We did 2 years of TV commercials, press conferences and live events, 1 single and music video for "Fantastic Love" and that was it. Good fun, i`m still tight with everyone from that.
  2. Yes March/April 2015
  3. I have no clue what he talks about, I don`t read gossip or metal sites etc. so nothing he says would really come into my radar. All I have to go on about him was the time we were in the band together, which was super.

pabrah2 karma

1)I heard from a voice teacher named Phil (you may know him?) that you have memorized the phrases from you "99 Secret Phrases" dvd and your improv style is basically soloing through the endless combinations (in the correct key of course)... is this true or is there a bit more to your style?

2) Is it true that Jeff Loomis told you about the Megadeth gig and basically is the catalyst for all the legendary playing your known for in Megadeth?

3) Is it true that the Tornado of Souls solo was completely improvised on the spot?

4) Were you really tired or something when you were filming Melodic Control? I wanted to say stoned, but I saw your other response about not smoking since you were 17.

Love your playing btw, I think you're my all-time favorite soloist!

marty_friedman6 karma

  1. Absolutely not, no musician would say something like that
  2. Never heard that
  3. Yes
  4. Can you think of anything more boring than explaining music? To a camera?

imconstipated2 karma

Hi Marty, I got some questions to ask you.

  1. Please pardon my annoyance about you and Megadeth, but how is the relationship between you and Mustaine to this day?

  2. When I first heard "Forbidden City" from Dragon's Kiss, I literally fell in love the the complexity and arrangement of the instruments. How did you manage to get the idea of this song out?

marty_friedman6 karma

  1. Haven`t heard from him in years, but no problem whatsoever with him, love him like a brother.
  2. It helps knowing your drummer is Deen Castronovo, it allows you to go crazy as you want and still make it a reality.

StrangeWings2 karma

Hi Marty! I loved your newest album "Inferno" and I can definitely say it's my album of the year and some of the GREATEST stuff you've ever done. I have 2 questions.

1) In your Cacophony days, how was Peter Marrino chosen to become the singer? Great vocalist!

2) Can we expect some more collaborations with you and Jason Becker in the future? Great stuff! Thanks!

marty_friedman6 karma

  1. Mike Varney chose him. He was real quick in the studio.

  2. I hope so!

BangYourHead2 karma

Is it true that Megadeth had a security guard who would pull extremely offensive pranks, like drawing swastikas on your forehead while you were asleep?

Also did Nick Menza really hide gay porn all over the tour bus?

marty_friedman3 karma

Dont know where this came from, but someone else asked me too. It cant be true, because if anyone drew a swastika anywhere on me, I would have quit the band right then and there. Wouldn`t you?

Gay porn, however usually finds its way onto most tour busses as a gag though.

shretit2 karma

In your interviews you've mentioned bands/acts like KISS, Ramones, Elvis playing an important part in forming your early interest in music. I'm not very good at guitar so I don't really know how to say this well, but the kind of music you talked about doesn't have the "difficult sounding guitar" that your music often has. How did you come to develop this "shreddy" type of guitar playing you current complex guitar style despite being influenced by music that seems simple straight up rock and roll? I always liked that your aggressive solo work had a punk edge to it which made it sound different from other instrumental guitar music, like "Black Orchid" from Loudspeaker which you should totally play live more often. Do you identify as being more of a KISS/Black Sabbath guy or a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden guy?

Edit: Note to self, never use the word "shred" in any form when talking about guitar with Marty Friedman...

marty_friedman7 karma

really hate the term shredder

shretit1 karma

You've talked about how Japanese music/enka singing influenced your lead playing in interviews. Other than Japanese music, what other kinds of music from around the world do you listen to regularly, or had a significant impact on your playing? Do you listen to Chinese/Cantopop music from around the region? Any favorites for Chinese music?

marty_friedman2 karma

Yes!! Love C-pop! My all time fave is Jay Chou. I also love Kelly Chen, Cyndi, Dai Ai Ling, and I`ve done tons of shows with A-mei. Goosebumps music...

sonikku_ni1 karma

マティー・フリドマン センパイ!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I've been super in love with you, your music, and most things I can find that you do in Japan!! Also Inferno is one of the best albums I've heard in my life. By the way Scenes is in my top 10 albums of all time!! すこし日本語をはなせますね!

Anyway: 1. When are the US tour dates going to be announced? I am buying them and the meet and greets IMMEDIATELY whenever they go on sale! 2. What is your favorite food dish in Japan? 3. I noticed you got married to a Japanese cellist, is she the cellist on Inferno? If not do you ever plan on doing music with her? 4. How the HELL do I find EVERYTHING you've done on TV in Japan? Because I seriously want to see it! 5. When are you going to collaborate with Paul Gilbert? I love that he knows すこし日本語!

PS. When my friends and I see you live we're going to dress up as you and I'm gonna make a sign in Japanese! :3

THANKS <3 あいしてる!

marty_friedman2 karma

US dates will be announced within the next 3 to 4 weeks! Watch my site and social media etc. Can not wait to play in the US-

shretit1 karma

You've had Nick Menza do the drums on one of your past solo albums. Are you open to a collaboration with any of the ex-Megadeth members in future, Inferno style? Do you see yourself playing with Megadeth ever again for super special occasions, like say, if they ever get into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

marty_friedman5 karma

I don`t see anything like that now, but never say never. No probs with the guys at all. However I hold the history with them in very high regard, it would take something really special to want to consider revisiting it

cameronryanguitar1 karma

When will you be touring in the US?

marty_friedman2 karma

late this year! Watch my sites...

cedric1234561 karma

If you were to live in another asian country and be a part of their music scene, which country would it be and why?

marty_friedman2 karma

Love Chinese music, but couldn't live there as I don`t speak the language

shretit1 karma

You should totally sing live more often, I thought you did a really solid cover of Hound Dog live. Will you ever attempt singing on any of your solo material like Paul Gilbert has done or will you continue to stick with guest vocals?

marty_friedman2 karma

He is a much better singer than I am. I kill it on Hound Dog, but that`s about it

Gorgorutos1 karma

Hello Marty I love the music that you and AWK make, I really loved the single kiba, any plans on making and album with Andrew WK?

marty_friedman2 karma

He is a super fun positive guy, that project was a blast, the song is still heard every day in Pachinko parlors all over Japan. He was on 2 of my TV shows, I would love to work with him again.

shretit1 karma

This question is for a friend of mine who couldn't ask it. Before you left Megadeth, did you have any say in the picking of your successor? Is it true that you recommended Gus G for the job?

marty_friedman2 karma

Somewhat and yes

Styroman571 karma

How was it working with musicians like David Davidson that have such a different style to what us Americans have heard from you in the past?

Inferno (amazing by the way) was so ride-ranged in styles. I guess I just want to know how you felt transitioning to such different styles throughout the album?

(I'm a huge fan and a total spaz. So, I'm sorry if this was hard to understand)

marty_friedman2 karma

David is a good example of where the future of heavy guitar is going. So is Keshav Dhar. Interesting, well thought out and aggressive. Love it.

My stuff is always wide-ranged. The hard part is sticking to one theme.

ablaaa1 karma

Hi, Marty, and thanks for doing this AMA!

When people talk about your best solos in Megadeth, they usually say stuff like Tornado, Lucretia, Poison Was the Cure, Symphony.

Is there a solo of yours that you think is kinda underappreciated and deserves more attention?

marty_friedman2 karma

Never thought about that once. If you like anything Ive ever done, Im happy about it.

KingOvHell1 karma

How was working with Jorgen Munkeby? I feel he'd be pretty cool to work with collaboratively

marty_friedman2 karma

He is twisted in the best possible way, and very intelligent

dolebird1 karma

Just want to say I'm a massive fan. Everything from your Cacophony days, Megadeth and beyond. Your playing style is just so unique and awesome.


  1. How have you managed to look the exact same age for the last 30 years?

  2. What is/was your favourite thing about the Jackson Kelly that made you prefer it over other guitars of the era? (Such as the KV)

  3. Did you go through a period of self reflection after Jason Becker's diagnosis with ALS?

  4. Do you still keep in touch with Nick Menza? What is/was he like personality wise? Seemed like a funny guy.

  5. Did you struggle to learn Japanese and how long did it take you to get fluent?

  6. Seriously where the fuck is the fountain of youth?

marty_friedman8 karma

Staying young=allows you to have lots of sex Lots of sex=keeps you young

Rinse, lather, repeat

premedboy1 karma

Hey Mr. Friedman, just a general question, is the story about Dave coming in to listen to your Tornado of Souls solo in the studio, hearing it, then shaking your hand without saying a word because he was awe-struck true? If not, it ought to be, its my favorite guitar solo of all time. Thank you for the great music, cheers!

marty_friedman3 karma

That was true.

HOYEAH1 karma

Hi Marty, I wanted to let you know I love you, and it makes me feel very warm and happy knowing that by reading this, you'll have known I existed in the world.

How do you keep yourself motivated? And does your wrist ever hurt when you play? I always feel bad watching you play cause it looks so painful!

marty_friedman2 karma

I dont have to be motivated. Im always making music. Actually its not painful at all. Looks goofy though.

NightOfTheSlunk1 karma

Hey Marty! I'm a huge fan, and I'm really loving Inferno. I was wondering, what was it like working with Momoiro Clover Z? Also, what is your opinion on shredders like Buckethead and Shawn Lane? Thanks!

marty_friedman3 karma

I doubt either of them would like that term assigned to them

MahjongNucleus1 karma

What was it like playing Wrestle Kingdom? How often do you and Jason keep in contact?

marty_friedman2 karma

Amazing! Tanahashi is one of the coolest guys ever. We had a blast doing the show and afterwards too.

shretit1 karma

Other than guitar/bass, do you see yourself taking up other instruments in your future albums, or including a wider variety of unique instrumentation like with the Japanese flute thing in Introduction or the Koto on 'Canon a la Koto'? I remember you mentioning Jay Chou in one of your interviews and one of the things I like about his music is that he is able to blend traditional Chinese instrumentation into modern Chinese pop/RnB songs and still make it work as a modern sounding pop song.

marty_friedman2 karma

I would hire someone to do other instruments. Get a pro. The koto player on Canon ala Koto is one of the best in Japan and that is saying a lot. My arrangement was so crazy that it would take 4 kotos in different tunings to play that song live. It was really well played.

Majestic1221 karma

Hello Marty!

First of all, thank you very much for all the wonderful music you've brought us throughout the years, not least of which Inferno. I really enjoy listening to it, it's an amazing album! It was a bit surprising to hear Hyper Doom on Inferno after it appeared as the outro to Chai Maxx on the Metal Clone X album in a slightly different form, but it's an awesome piece of music, so you can get away with it ;) Is there any track you're particularly fond or proud of on Inferno?

My favourite albums of yours are still probably the Jukeboxes, though. The mix of great melodies, heavy guitars and unmistakably Friedman-style solos worked out perfectly, in my opinion. It's really interesting to listen to the originals and try something different than metal, too. Is there any chance you'll make another pop melody-influenced album like the Jukeboxes and to an extent, Bad DNA, in the future?

Your music has also introduced me into the world of J-pop in general and Momoiro Clover Z in particular, which brings me to my next questions (please bear with me! :P). You of course collaborated with Momoclo on 'Mugen No Ai' and I was wondering whether you may be interested in working with them again in the future. I personally thought Naite Mo Iin Da Yo was slightly disappointing compared to the crazy and amazing GOUNN, so perhaps another dose of Marty wouldn't hurt ;) Finally, being a Momoclo fan, who is your favourite member? Although I like all five of them, if I had to pick one I'd say Momoka. She really has a wonderful voice, doesn't she?

Thanks for stopping by here and please continue to give it your all!

marty_friedman1 karma

See above about TJ3.

Id be happy to do more with Momoclo. They are having a great period of creative growth, lots of unique songs, big production numbers, cool guests like Hotei. Weve done a few TV shows since Mugen no Ai, could do more. I love all 5, can`t choose!

shretit1 karma

I've always felt that the drums in your solo albums have always been fantastic, from Deen Castronovo's immense drumming on Saturation Point and Jason Bittner's drumming on Toire No Kamisama which sounds really unusual in a way I can't explain, but it really, really suited the song. What is the level of your input with regard to the drum tracks, or do you just look for the craziest guy around and tell him to go nuts?

marty_friedman2 karma

Are you kidding? I must be the strictest guy on drummers in the world...ask any of these guys. I`m good at bringing out the best in drummers and making them do things they have never done before. I always work with the best guys too.

Mormon_Masturbator1 karma

I remember reading on your website that you get a lot of questions about your guitar tone on Rust in Peace, and that you can't remember what gear you used. And that Dave shook your hand after he came in and listened to your "Tornado" solo. Not that it isn't awesome, but I think your solo on "Lucretia" is wayyy sicker!! Which solo do you consider better? And can you not remember the tone you used because it was the Engineers job or whoever to set that stuff up?

marty_friedman3 karma

No idea about gear. All solos I`ve done then or now are the same in my book-just doing what felt right for the song in question. If it made it to the record, chances are that I was satisfied with it at the time.

CaptainAni1 karma

Hi! Really happy that you decided to do this IAmA! I have a few question to ask. 1. You recently released "Inferno". Amazing songs (especially 'Horrors')! How long did it take for you to come up with them? Where did you get your inspiration from? 2. How did you meet Takayoshi Ohmura? How did you pick him to be in your band? What was the process like? 3. Any plans on playing in Bulgaria again? Was there anything memorable that happened when you were here back in '11?

marty_friedman2 karma

Ive known takayoshi since he was a teen, he came to one of my clinics in Osaka and he jammed with me then. I dont remember but he tells me I told him to play more behind the beat instead of in front of it. He was already great then, and he just keeps getting better.

n0dsquad1 karma

Hey man! Just wondering, what made you want to quit Megadeth and stop playing metal to move to Japan and play j-pop or whatever? I'm not flaming, I'm just curious if your music taste just changed, or if you weren't really interested in metal that much while in Megadeth, then finally had enough of it and quit?

marty_friedman1 karma

I loved them, but after 10 years I thought there were people who would enjoy playing in Megadeth more than I did at the time. Megadeth did not need a Marty Friedman to do what they wanted to do at that time. Again, it was not personal in the slightest, and I`m their biggest supporter even now.

Bart_the_Cat1 karma

Which musicians would you most like to collaborate with in the future?

marty_friedman10 karma

Yoshiki, Tsunku, Hyadain, Devin Townsend, just too many to list.

KnowsPick1 karma

Mr. Friedman, If you were forced to forfeit all of your guitar-playing talent, in exchange for an equal level of proficiency in another instrument, which instrument would you choose, and why?

marty_friedman3 karma

vocal or violin, maybe cello. A good vocalist is SO useful...I love the sound of a well played violin or cello.

Ponsky1 karma

What is the most important non musical skill required to make it as an artist?

marty_friedman3 karma

people skills #1

TrollandDie1 karma

Hi Marty, huge fan!

The world of metal has changed a lot since the late 80's. A lot of the most technically proficient musicians of the genre are playing with much more extreme styles (ranging from tech-death to progressive metalcore).

Do you welcome this much more aggressive approach to intricate/complex metal? Or do you wish there were a larger number of traditional metal 'shredders' playing a more melodic style( i.e. more Jason Becker and less The Faceless)?

marty_friedman3 karma

Hate the term shredder