I co host a comedy advice podcast on Maximumfun.org called My Brother, My Brother and Me! I also work as Technical Director at the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company! I also trained dogs, made sandwiches, studied psychology and sold electronics poorly! So ask me anything!


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HTHotline19 karma

Are you Ira Ray?

TravisMcElroy23 karma

Who wants to know?

commatipbot17 karma

I'm here to thank Travis for Travis.

What is your goal in the theater? Broadway? A TV show?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Really, I just wanna entertain people. I'd love to do more funny internet stuff and maybe a comedy tour. But a TV show would be pretty great.

Bloodychunker15 karma

Garfield-Head-Pam-Body, or Pam-Head-Garfield-Body?

TravisMcElroy15 karma

Pam head, garfield torso, Pam legs. Garfield butt.

DaveDrevello14 karma

What was a bit on MBMBaM that you thought was way too ridiculous but ended up being a hit with the listeners?

TravisMcElroy19 karma

All of them.

hazbaz13 karma

Hello Travis!

Every so often, I re-listen to the "Orb is Horse" goof, because it's one of my favourite bits of comedy ever. Just makes me laugh like nothing else.

What's the weirdest Jumbotron message you can remember? And what's your beverage of choice?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

There's was the one about the guy with cancer and his friend's wanted us to make jokes about it. Bev of choice is water. I drink that shit all the time. I also love coffee and beer.

NewYorkCitySalsa9 karma

Could Travis make a crazy ass bagel sandwich so big that not even Travis could eat it?

TravisMcElroy9 karma

Not so far!


Hi Travis! I just wanted to say thank you-you bring a brand of humor to the podcast that makes it something special. You've been responsible for so many laughs shared by my girlfriend and I. As for questions: what's your favorite video game, favorite TV show, and favorite play, and why?

TravisMcElroy11 karma

VG: Bioshock, TV Show: Spaced, Play: Terra Nova. Why? because they are all awesome.

Hachi-Machi8 karma

Do you think that humanity will evolve to the point where we can feel the emotions that currently only horses can?

TravisMcElroy11 karma


KombatPat8 karma

Love the show! And I'll fucking bite.

How is it being the middle child? I too am a middle child (two sisters) and I'd say I fit into the stereotype of being "the bad one/trouble maker" in my youth.

TravisMcElroy13 karma

I would say that I fell into "constantly requires attention" category of middle child. I was very dramatic and "ran away" several times.

MattPascual8 karma

How much do I have to pay you to do a show in London?

TravisMcElroy6 karma

We've talked about it a bajillion times. We'd probably need to crowd fund it, but the biggest issue is our schedules. We definitely want to do one though!

indigocarmyne8 karma

Hello Travis! Firstly, I just love you. You are so funny and sweet! Did you really cry listening to 'Fireworks' or was that a joke? Because the idea of it has brought me joy for years. How often would you say movies/music/art make you cry? I cry watching those emotional YouTube fanvids for shows I've never seen.

TravisMcElroy9 karma

I DID really cry. I was at the end of a LONG work week in which I was only sleeping 3 hours a night and felt like everything I was doing was wrong. Then the song came on. I have a tendency to sing along with stuff and when I sing along to songs with climaxes, I tend to cry. Most of the time, it's to musicals and I'm crying as if I was the actor, not because of personal emotion. But yes, I cry a lot.

quokkaflocka7 karma

Hi Travis! I'm coming out of lurking just for this AMA.

Why are you moving to LA??

TravisMcElroy5 karma

I want to work on projects that people are doing out there. Plus, I love LA and have a lot of friends there.

HudoKudo7 karma

Hey Travis. Do you struggle to come up with material or jokes at times on the podcast? The format of the show (being based on questions and emails) is clever, because there will always be ready-made topics, but is it a struggle to riff on them? I imagine your co-hosts being your brothers makes it easier to keep conversation flowing.

Also, just want to thank you and your brothers for your work on MBMBAM. I know them through Polygon and Besties, and am glad to get to know you (in a small way) through the podcast.

I've been having a tough time going through a breakup of a 4+ year relationship, and have been taking walks while listening to you guys by going backwards through the MBMBAM library to clear my head and be distracted. The three of you never fail to make me grin to myself like a crazy person (which I'm sure looks especially good when listening while commuting to NYC), or at the very least distract me from less happy thoughts, so--thanks, and keep being the middlest (I'm one too)!

TravisMcElroy6 karma

if I were doing the show by myself it would be a struggle. The nice thing about having two co-hosts with whom I have great chemistry and comic flow is that I only have to think of thing to say 1/3 of the time. Also, glad you like the show and glad we can help!

bassic77 karma

Can you please please make a sad lib for this AMA? We can respond with words to this comment.

Thank Travis for Travis!

And my word would be boombox.

edit: The Trav has spoken! Please comment with your sad lib words.

TravisMcElroy12 karma

Ok, you all win. I will write one later. Sometime this weekend. what would you like it to be about?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

If I get 30 DIFFERENT people reply to this with one word each, I'll write one.

Plumberduck7 karma

Hi Travis,

I've been listening since before the move to MaxFun, and I just wanted to thank you guys for the joy you bring into the world each week. WARNING: SUDDEN SHARP VEER INTO SAD TERRITORY FOLLOWS

My fiancee passed away very suddenly in May. Your show was the only podcast I was ever able to get her into. One of our favorite things to do was drive around, sharing a pair of earbuds, listening to you guys. When I listen to the show now, it helps me hold on to those happy moments, holding her hand and laughing. You made the most important person in my world laugh really, really hard, and I can't thank you and your brothers enough for it.

The reddit thing says I have to have a question, too, so... Favorite board game? Apologies for this post being all over the place, emotionally.

TravisMcElroy6 karma

I'm glad that we could be apart of such wonderful memories. My favorite board game would have to be Settlers of Catan. Or Firefly. Or Game of Thrones

jckelly6 karma

It seems like you guys have a great relationship now. When I was growing up with my brother, it was often a little strained, sometimes combative. (Though we're great now). Did you guys fight a lot?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

Justin and I fought like wild animals. From like age 8-15 (my ages not his). I think it was all natural scrapping and rough housing though. We never went for the face.

throwawaynuke6 karma

Will 'In Case of Emergency' be making a comeback anytime? I still listen to old episodes regularly and I miss the chemistry you guys had!

TravisMcElroy6 karma

Possibly, but if it does it'll most likely be a much different show. Especially since I'm moving to LA and Miranda and Jeremy are not.

Homard716 karma

Travis they say that the biggest critic towards a Carpenter is another Carpenter. Do you think this is the same in the Entertainment Business?

TravisMcElroy9 karma

As far as Theatre Carpentry goes? Oh yes, most def. If you are asking about the entertainment industry in general, also yes.

so_kendrawesome5 karma

Which brother do you get mistaken for the most often? Or vice-versa?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

EVERYONE thinks that I sound like Justin. Occasionally I hear it as well.

PaulMcGannsShoes5 karma

Hi Travis! Love the show!!

I'd like to know about the live shows. Did you guys get as burned out as you'd anticipated? How do you like them?

TravisMcElroy6 karma

I think we actually grow to love them every time we do another one. We're hoping to do a lot more in 2015.

AlexBerghe5 karma

What's your favorite song ? :D

TravisMcElroy7 karma

99 Problems by Jay-Z

internetryan5 karma

Favorite MBMBaM goof? What type of toothpaste do you use? Favorite historical president? What was your first car? Am I asking too many questions?

TravisMcElroy8 karma

Tim Curry Ice Cream Truck, Anything with baking soda and no flecks in it, Teddy Roosevelt, 2003 Hyundai Elantra, No

fennec3x54 karma

Hey Travis - Long time listener, first time caller. I wanted to ask you a little bit about your dad's influence on the podcast. Whenever he is a special guest, it's very clear that he has the same wit, sense of humor, and comedic timing that you all do. Those are always my favorite episodes (I still laugh whenever I heard the bit about what music he plays when gettin' busy). Was he supportive from the start with your ventures? Did you ever go to him for advice on broadcasting? I'll take my answer off the air.

TravisMcElroy4 karma

We wouldn't be where we are with out dad's influence. He was so supportive and still is.

darotor4 karma

How is it being one of the top 5 Travises of all time?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Pretty great!

SketchyTerrry4 karma

Where do you get these wonderful toys?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Same place Batman does, Amazon.com.

AssRaptorz4 karma

What's your favorite beer? When will you visit Austin again? Do you share Justin and Griffin's love of video games and technology, and do they also have an interest in theater?

TravisMcElroy6 karma

Beer: Rivertown Helles. I'll hopefully visit again soon. My brother lives there! I do share their love of Video Games but not to the same degree. And yeah, they like theatre too!

spudtatsic4 karma

How often do you and Griffin get anything sent the PO Box?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

Not often! But I'm going to WV tomorrow so maybe Justin will give me something!

DidimusPrime4 karma

I was the one that had a baby boy on valentines day and named him Griffin! Question: were u upset I didn't name him Travis?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Nope! Griffin is a great name! Plus, I'm happy not to have the Travis-ly competition!

Im_Ready_I_Am4 karma

Do you still cry when Griffin says "Amelie"?

Amelie? A-may-lee?

TravisMcElroy11 karma

Nope! That was Justin's bit and it DESTROYED Griffin. I laughed super hard as well, but I think that's Griff's favorite bit.

Dngrmonkey4 karma

Are you surprised that you get REAL advice questions? You and the brothers two answered my question (Hormonally held hostage in CA), and the advice was thoughtful and useful.

TravisMcElroy5 karma

Not surprised really, but I do enjoy getting them! It's nice to know that people really do trust us with their problems.

sn34kypete4 karma

What is the most "atrocious" (read "delicious") thing you've eaten in 2014?

Also does Griffin play favorites with yahoo submitters? I gave him 5 solid questions last week and none of them beat Drew Davenport's stuff :(

TravisMcElroy4 karma

I've been eating really good lately! I had soft shell crab for the first time, does that count? I don't think he plays favorites, he can just only do 3-4 an episode. And Drew's are pretty go to awesome.

MildManneredMan3 karma

Is there anything you won't eat?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

We joke about it on the show, but I actually have excellent eating habits these days. Back in college however, if it was food I would eat it because I was almost always broke.

TheMadeStork3 karma

If you could rock any decade's style (totally 80s, 1880s, grunge ass 90s, etc.) which would suit you and why? Also thanks so much for the work y'all do, you Griff and J-Man got me through a very long summer office job last year, I might've gone insane without MBMBAM

TravisMcElroy7 karma

1940's or 50's, probably. They designed clothes for dudes built like me and I love the coats.

Taylor_says3 karma

Travis!! My boyfriend and I are long time fans of MBMBaM and I'm a long time fan of theatre (he's a recent convert). We have seen Hamlet, R & G are dead, and Two Noble Kinsmen at cinci shakes and we loved them all! The first two times we almost asked the cute New Zealand girl if we could meet you but we chickened out. Is that proper protocol? If I brought delicious baked goods could I give them to you? Do I need to sing Travis' Hymn to Travis first?

TravisMcElroy8 karma

Of course you can meet me/bring me stuff! But you'll need to hurry, I'm moving in the fall. If we meet, I've got a hug saved for you! Also, Miranda is Australian not NZ, but I won't tell her :)

ericnear3 karma

All That or Roundhouse?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

I remember liking Roundhouse more. Need to watch again.

tannrar3 karma

Hey Travis! MBMBaM is always a highlight of my week, and you're a huge part of why.

Do you have a favorite early episode? Like is there one you would classify as a "turning point" where you guys really hit your stride? Or was it more organic?

Thank you for being you, and good luck with the move to LA!

TravisMcElroy6 karma

I don't remember a specific turning point. I would say that we try to grow a little bit every episode. So i guess organic is the word I'm looking for.

ajnack3 karma

Who is Kim Trails?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

That is the question!

samisalwayshungry3 karma

I don't have anything to ask. I just wanted to say that I love MBMBAM and I've finally caught up to the most recent episodes! You guys help a lonely American girl in the UK laugh on the daily.

Wait, can you say hi to my friend Barbara? You're her favorite brother and she introduced me to the podcast!

TravisMcElroy7 karma

Hi Barbara! Thank you so much for telling your friends about us! Thank to awesome listeners like you, we have continued to grow and reach new listeners. I really appreciate it and I think you're awesome!

cinnanexus3 karma

Favourite other Maximum Fun Podcast?

Favourite other non-MaxFun Podcast?

Least favourite?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

Favorite Other MF: Well, right now I'm listening pretty exclusively to Oh No Ross and Carrie. But I love SawBones, JJGo, JJHo, Throwing Shade, The Goosedown, and Wham Bam Pow. I;m a fan of all of them.

Non MF: Welcome to Nightvale, Thrilling Adventure Hour, How Did This Get Made and Uh Yeah Dude

Least Favorite: This podcast a reporter made/made me listen to while interviewing me

thetom3 karma

Hello from a Kentuckian, my mountain man friend! My wife got me into MBMBAM when we were dating and we now race to listen to the show every week.

A few questions for you, good sir:

  1. Who is you favorite Doctor?

  2. Favorite Ninja Turtle?

  3. What're some cool, off-the-beaten-path attractions to check out for a young couple visiting Cincinnati for a weekend afternoon?

  4. What would you say are the best attributes of Justin and Griffin?

Thank you and best of luck in LA.

TravisMcElroy3 karma

1: David Tennant 2. Donatello 3. Krohn Conservatory, OTR (Washington Park), Eden Park 4. Justin is the most thoughtful person I know and there's no one I'd rather have on my side if I was in trouble and Griffin is incredibly smart and he's super fun to be around

TheCrowg3 karma

Very important issue: why does Justin pronounce the word modern so that it sounds like "modren"?

TravisMcElroy10 karma

Because of Styx I think? "I am the modren man" I THINK? Who knows why that fool does what he does?

maullove3 karma

Do you have any more dad stories to share?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

Yep, but I'm gonna save them for my tell all book!

btentertain3 karma

What is one roll, acting wise, you've always wanted to play but have yet to?

TravisMcElroy7 karma

John Proctor in the Crucible, dream roll hands down.


Hey! I saw you at the Los Angeles live show (which was great fun, thanks!). Are you involved in any fitness activities, and if so, what? You were surprisingly buff (for lack of a better word, please insert a volley of insults here to offset gross word).

TravisMcElroy2 karma

I don't really do anything. I walk the dog and I build stuff. That's it. I wish I worked out more. I always want to, but I've got no will power!

[deleted]2 karma


TravisMcElroy4 karma

I'm a nice/funny guy that people seem to enjoy being around. And whatever the current market rate is sounds fair.

TheGripen2 karma

Hello Travis! Would it increase the chances of a Massachusetts live show if I said we just had a Magiquest built here?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

Which part of Mass.?

pat9652 karma

I realize you're not into video games as much as your brothers, but what's your favourite video game related memory with them?

Do you listen to any non-maximumfun comedy podcasts? I seem to recall you guys advertised comedy bang bang before, but I don't know if you guys watch/listen to it, or know what it is. Would you advertise for them or any other non maximumfun comedy podcast again if asked/paid to?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

I have a thousand wonderful Video Game memories with my brothers. Mario Kart/Goldeneye tournaments, Ocarina of Time play throughs, and Final Fantasy debates are some of my favorites. I listen to all kinds of other podcasts. Thrilling Adventure Hour and Welcome to Nightvale are some of my favorite non-maxfun casts.

princessbramblepelt2 karma

Ahhh! I'm excited! Hi Travis. I love MBMBAM(please note username ;), and you and your brothers have brought me many hours of entertainment and cheered up what would have otherwise been lonely days.

What is your favorite sandwich? What kind of dogs did you train? What is your favorite part of being an Awesome Podcast Guy?

TravisMcElroy5 karma

I like a roast turkey on white hoagie with colby cheese, yellow mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and banana peppers. I trained all kinds of dogs! I was an obedience trainer at Petsmart. I like hearing about how much people enjoy our show. I really like making people laugh.

redpiano2 karma

Is Jeff Gerstmann's face as beautiful in real life as it is on video?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

I don't actually know who that is?

DoctorJazz2 karma

If there was ever a MBMBAM movie what would it be titled and what would it be about?

TravisMcElroy8 karma

It would be called "Bro Your Own Way" and it would probably be about us forming MBMBaM then getting in a huge fight and falling apart. Then, a triumphant reunion!

metropolisprime2 karma

Travis! I met you guys at the late NYC show (and asked you guys about Red Bull smoothies).

I just started a podcast. What advice can you give to someone who is just starting out in the world of podcasting?

PS: You are my favorite McElroy. Don't tell Justin or Griffin.

TravisMcElroy4 karma

Never TRY to be funny/entertaining. Just try to be be sincere and try to create a quality product.

aebennett262 karma

Would you enjoy more pastries made with "Thank Travis 4 Travis" on them? ;) (That cookie has made me the most popular sibling in my family...for once.)

TravisMcElroy2 karma

Yes please! And then please send them to our PO Box so I can eat them!

BeckyMartinez2 karma

I just got a reddit username just to ask you anything! Firstly, thanks for freeing us from those gypsy English overlords in 1776. Happy Independence Travis. You and your broz bring me much joy on a weekly basis. What's the most embarrassing brotherly story you are willing to share on this AMA? Have you guys ever discussed anything on the show that accidentally embarrassed someone and then they confronted you about it?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

To answer the last part first: not that I know of. As far as embarrassing stories go, not that I can think of. I'm sure there are a ton, but I don't tend to remember funny stories unless they happen to me.

jeremysmithcomedy2 karma

What advice to you have for someone who wants to start a podcast with a limited budget, equipment-wise? What can get us by for a while without dropping a lot of cash?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

When we started we used headsets with mics that we bought at walmart for 15 bucks. It sounded like shit, but it was cheap!

manofdairy882 karma

What has been your favorite podcast to record? Or the one that is most memorable

TravisMcElroy3 karma

Episode wise? Hmmm Well, I really enjoy the live shows. The 1st NYC show has probably been made my favorite so far. I also really loved the LA Show (yet to be released)

MrSpontaneous2 karma

Do you find it easier/better to record an episode with your brothers in the same room (a la Spaghettigeddon), or do you think that you get the best goofs when doing it remotely?

TravisMcElroy4 karma

I love doing episodes in the same room and I definitely notice a difference in the chemistry. That said, the nice thing about knowing each other as well as we do is that even when we're not in the same room, we can still picture each others faces and reactions.

goldenmonkey12 karma

Have you ever had a sponsor complain about your... 'unique' brand of advertising spots? To be honest, you guys are one of the few pods where I listen to the ads, because I consider it part of the show. Just wondering if some advertisers don't exactly see it that way.

TravisMcElroy3 karma

Nope! Our sponsors love us and we love them!

squirrelchips2 karma

What is it like being a technical director? Any advice for someone wanting to get into it as a career?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

It's great! Here's my advice: act like a professional. Even if you're a fun person who doesn't take themseleves too seriously and likes having a good time, you are still a professional. Too often "theatre people" forget that and wear the same clothes for days on end, they show up late and sleep on couches in the green room. Just remember to act professionally and people will respond to that.

Dngrmonkey1 karma

What was the reason for the demise of ICOE? Did you ever try to get it added to maxfun? When it left us you had mentioned you were working on another podcast, is that still happening? If so, any hints?

TravisMcElroy3 karma

It died out because our schedules were just too intense. Also, while we had a devoted fan base, it wasn't really growing. Since then, I have had several different ideas for podcasts and I'm still working to find another project I like.