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chunner37 karma

How many fights have ended with a handshake?

McCroryBareKnuckle75 karma

Every single one.

Ruffles_Baked14 karma

Wow, I just watched and really enjoyed the Vice documentary featuring you! My question is, why did you show up to the championship fight so late? Was it planned to make a big entrance and keep the opponent waiting? Or, were you considering not showing up?

Thanks for the AMA and great fight!

McCroryBareKnuckle20 karma

The people who were supposed to be picking me up and taking me to the fight were late, and that's what happened. It wasn't about creating suspense - good if it did that anyways!

clarky8910 karma

What's the worst injury you have received from a fight?

McCroryBareKnuckle23 karma

Broken eye-socket from being punched in the face by Dave Radford.

McCroryBareKnuckle28 karma

Although, I tend to have really bad memory from punches to the face.

ricgalbraith10 karma

Have you ever felt genuinely angry and that you really wanted to hurt someone when going into a fight, if so, how did they wind you up in the first place, and if you won, did you feel any remorse after you had knocked the shit out of them?

McCroryBareKnuckle15 karma

No, absolutely not. It could be me knocking them out if I don't knock them out. If you hit someone by accident you feel guilty, but boxings my job.

McCroryBareKnuckle13 karma

Also, if you lose your temper then your whole strategy and game plan goes out the window. You can't get too angry in a fight, you need to keep your cool and focus on your fighting strategy.

Mr_Quail8 karma

Have you ever considered transitioning into a more regulated sport like MMA?

Also do you ever worry about the possibilities of long lasting damage to you body/brain?

McCroryBareKnuckle9 karma

No, I think i'm too old for that. If there money was there I would do it.

gimpfish8 karma

How much longer do you think you'll keep fighting for?

McCroryBareKnuckle11 karma

Not long, my family absolutely hate it so I won't be doing it for too much longer.

I've been fighting since I was 10 years, so that's 21 years of bare knuckle boxing.

4waystreet7 karma

Aren't you worried about brain injury, concussions?

McCroryBareKnuckle20 karma

I've got really bad memory from getting punches to the head. And yes, I do worry, i've been fighting for 21 years now.

kiancaster6 karma

James, do you reckon you could take any of the Irish kings of travellers such as Big joe? Factoring in that joe is ould now but back in his day

McCroryBareKnuckle14 karma

At the end of the day, the best man on the day wins in the fight.

SpinachSlam6 karma

What's the longest fight you have ever been in?

From the documentary it looks like fights can go awhile.

McCroryBareKnuckle14 karma

19 minutes with Dave Bradford has probably been the longest fight that i've been in.

grebis106 karma


McCroryBareKnuckle9 karma

I'd start going to a boxing gym, it's exactly the same rules but without the gloves.

call_me_the_dude6 karma

If you headkick someone, is that frowned upon?

McCroryBareKnuckle15 karma

I would never do that, of course - it's frowned upon.

fast_lloris4 karma

How many fighters are Irish travellers?

McCroryBareKnuckle10 karma

That's quite hard to count...

AlexBerghe3 karma

What's your worst experience as a bare-knuckle boxer ? :D

McCroryBareKnuckle8 karma

I haven't really had any bad experiences.

I've obviously had broken bones, eye sockets, hands, wrists, nose (11 times).

Getting beaten is just a learning curve - I haven't had bad experiences from losing. I love it.

MDR882 karma

You like dags? My serious question: what is the path that brought you to bare knuckle?

McCroryBareKnuckle9 karma

I started settling scores, then word started travelling that I was a good fighter and it all started from there really.

MDR885 karma

Personal scores or were you hired muscle?

McCroryBareKnuckle9 karma

Personal scores, in fields, car parks, in pubs, barnyards – a bare-knuckle boxing match can take place anywhere.

No, I wasn't hired muscle.

MDR883 karma

That's very interesting. Glad you're making money doing it. It has to be thrilling. Good luck in all your future fights.

McCroryBareKnuckle6 karma

Thank you very much! Appreciate it.

drewdrew42472 karma

Do you think the English gangster movies are accurate portrayals?

McCroryBareKnuckle6 karma

Haha. No, absolutely not.