Hi Reddit! I’m Michael Bacon: Philly native, composer of scores for film and television, college lecturer, musician, and member of The Bacon Brothers band. I’m currently on tour with The Bacon Brothers and working on a campaign with Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon to become the most followed Bacon on Twitter (a daunting task admittedly). Ask me anything!

Proof - https://twitter.com/MichaelBacon36/status/479292445742874624

UPDATE - Thanks everyone who sent in questions, it's been great. I'm off to race my sailboat. Thanks!

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Frajer30 karma

Do you consider yourself 7 degrees away from every actor/actress?

michaelbacon3624 karma

Yes, I'll go with 7, but I'm really bad at the 6 degree game. And so is my brother.

ManicNotCrazy12 karma

What are 3 things we should know about you that we don't already know?

michaelbacon3629 karma

1 - I hate raisins so much I tell people I'm allergic to them. 2 - Last summer I flipped my hydroplane (a racing motorboat) in the Adirondacks. 3 - I have absolutely beautiful feet. My toes are in a perfect arc, my arches are high, size 9.5.

donegallite10 karma

Hey Mr. Bacon, thanks for doing this AMA! Suppose someone wanted to get further into the music industry, what steps would you recommend they take?

michaelbacon3623 karma

If you're looking to get into film scoring, you could start by taking my film scoring courses at Lehman College and Mannes College of Music.
Second, don't have a backup (parents hate when I say that). Third, practice hard, and persist.

If you want to start a band, start it with your brother - it's good if he's a movie star, too.

ChuckEye9 karma

Do you have a "go to" instrument that you prefer? When you have that "I've got a musical idea" moment, what guitar/keyboard/bass/bouzouki do you reach for?

michaelbacon3612 karma

Good for you, knowing what a bouzouki is!

I go to my guitar (usually my Taylor acoustic) for songwriting, keyboard for composition, and cello for improvisation.

ChuckEye4 karma

Good for you, knowing what a bouzouki is!

Heh. I used to jam with Beth Patterson at Irish festivals. :)

(And if the need for such instrumentation ever arises in your projects, you should totally hire her.)

ChuckEye4 karma

Also, I'd found a broken dobro in a junk pile and gave it to a friend who just added two friction tuners and turned it into an octave mandolin, so I had that on my mind this morning.

michaelbacon367 karma

I have a Yamaha that was burned in a fire, trash-picked by my wife. It's one of my favorite guitars.

Tianoccio7 karma

Why doesn't anyone know that Kevin has a brother? Is he ashamed of you?

michaelbacon3619 karma

He's threatened by my dancing prowess.

Bearbynight6 karma

Who would win in a fight, a bear or a lion?

michaelbacon3614 karma

I'd have to say if it's a grizzly bear, I'd go with the bear. If it's a teddy bear, I'd go with the lion.

Mantisbog6 karma

I thought your brother, Kevin, was the more famous one?

michaelbacon3611 karma

I thought so too.

i_am_a_mole6 karma

In regards to fame: Kevin > Michael
In regards to face: Kevin < Michael

michaelbacon3615 karma

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And you have a good eye.

produckplacement6 karma

Ok, I'll bite... do you realistically think you can get more followers than Kevin? What does he think of this pursuit? What is the most ridiculous thing you would actually do to get more followers?

michaelbacon3612 karma

I can dream, can't I? It's not over yet.

Kevin is running scared. No, really, he thinks the whole thing is great, he's been very supportive.

I don't know what the most ridiculous thing would be, but I'm open to suggestions...

produckplacement12 karma

He's threatened by my dancing prowess.
I'm twerking as we speak.

Twerking competition with Kevin (and as many random celeb friends you both have)... let's see how supportive he really is!

michaelbacon366 karma

Haha, that's a great idea.

dwcarr5 karma

Are the Bacon Brothers planning a show around the Kansas City area?

michaelbacon365 karma

It's looking like Ohio is the closest we'll get, but maybe next year.

hejqt5 karma

Do you prefer bacon made from pork or turkey?

What is your favorite dish with bacon?

michaelbacon3610 karma

Everything tastes better with either type of bacon. My favorite bacon dish is the classic BLT, and I can honestly say that turkey bacon makes the best BLT.

rememberuramazing5 karma

What was your favorite film and/or television show to compose for?

michaelbacon366 karma

The Kennedys which was a challenging and intense score for a PBS show, and Boy Interrupted, a really beautiful film, scored for a full orchestra.

produckplacement4 karma

What technical aspects of scoring a film / show are the most difficult? Also, what do you find easier, composing for film / tv or writing your own music?

michaelbacon367 karma

Creating a piece of music that reflects the emotion of a particular scene in the eyes of the director is the most difficult technical aspect.

As for film/television composition, the hardest thing to do is to write a good song.

bonshiquitalaf0ndira3 karma

Do you know what twerking is?

michaelbacon3615 karma

I'm twerking as we speak.

idontsmoke4203 karma

what is your favorite food?

michaelbacon3610 karma

I've been told I make the best caesar salad in the world, but my favorite food is anything my wife makes. She's better than any restaurant.

GrievingWilson2 karma


michaelbacon367 karma

No, but I'm a believer. Praise Bacon!

YourFavoriteMuffin2 karma

What is your favorite type of muffin?

michaelbacon365 karma

I'm really looking forward to trying the bruffin - it's a muffin-brioche hybrid you can get at the Smorgasburg in Brooklyn.

ScorchedEarth882 karma

How do you prefer your bacon? Crispy or less crispy?

michaelbacon363 karma


CelebornX2 karma

Hi Michael,

What's your favorite James Bond movie?

michaelbacon364 karma

I'd have to go with Goldfinger, but I'm more of a Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy kind of guy.

clarke412 karma

Will you tell your brother that when he has that epiphany digging in the basement in Stir Of Echoes and just says,"Tools.", it's pretty much my favorite thing ever? Also I have heard that your music is great. I think I'll go pick it up today!

michaelbacon362 karma

You should start with Philadelphia Road - it's sort of a best of collection.

ScorchedEarth882 karma

Have you ever considering acting and if so, what kind of character would you like to portray?

michaelbacon366 karma

If you've seen it, the commercial I shot for Oscar Mayer was the first acting I've ever done. I think Rex Frazier is the only character I'll ever play.

dwcarr2 karma

The song "Archie" reminds me of John Denver's music. You captured the sound of the ocean as in John Denver's song "Calypso". Has anyone ever told you that?

michaelbacon362 karma

No, but I'll check it out.

dwcarr1 karma

I am looking forward to the new cd. Any release date yet?

michaelbacon363 karma

Thanks for the support, it should be out in about a month. Things never go according to schedule, but I'm optimistic.

_thelop3251 karma

How has your role as a composer for film and television evolved in the last 10 years?

michaelbacon362 karma

Besides lots of new technology, it hasn't really changed too much. It's still about finding the right tone and emotion.

T-town041 karma

Hello, I had the pleasure of seeing The Bacon Brothers perform here in DC in March of this year, great show and great cause(Stand for the Troops), can you tell us what got you involved in that cause and what other organizations or causes are close to your heart?

michaelbacon363 karma

Glad you enjoyed the show!

I've always been interested in veteran-civilian dialogue. I've been doing events with Stand for the Troops and the USO for many years.

I've also been a supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and my brother's site http://www.sixdegrees.org

sippysippy131 karma

Can you think of one food that DOESN'T go with bacon?

michaelbacon364 karma

I thought it was ice cream, but I had bacon ice cream and it was pretty good.

Iamabird1231 karma

Are you a cat or dog person? Or any kind of pet lover in general?

michaelbacon363 karma

I love both of them, I love all animals in general.

I had a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel name Jerry - he was a great dog. We've also had a lot of cats over the years.

[deleted]1 karma


michaelbacon367 karma

We pretty much heard everything, but since I was a little chubby, Bacon Fat was number 1. Kids are so mean.

[deleted]1 karma


michaelbacon361 karma

Bacon Fat: Great Moments in Food Jokes, coming to a bookstore near you... someday.

yghiphoplover0 karma

is kevin in the band? im only teenager but love footloose with kevin bacon. you are related though?

michaelbacon362 karma

Been his brother all his life. And yes, he's in the band - you should check us out http://www.baconbros.com